Justin Chambers and family visit the pumpkin patch

10/07/2007 at 07:41 AM ET

Grey’s Anatomy actor Justin Chambers, 37, and wife Keisha take their five children to the pumpkin patch this weekend. The couple have five children; Isabella, 10, fraternal twins Maya and Kaila, 8, Eva, 6, and Jackson, 5.



Photos by Flynet.

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Emeline on

thanks for posting this photos!!
such a beautiful family and beautiful children.

Miss155 on

This is a beautiful family. I love large families.

Maddy on

Does anyone know why neither of the parents wear their wedding bands?

Samia on

I love this family..
Justin is gorgeous!!

guinness416 on

Their children really are beautiful kids. Good to see that he’s surrounded by women. It’s strange to imagine him having a 12 year old daughter, he seems so young.

Tracie on

According to IMDb.com Isabella was born in 1997, so maybe she isnt really 12 years old.

Becky on

I don’t know if there’s any reason in particular that they don’t wear their wedding bands, but some people just don’t. My parents never have and they’ve been married 40 years. It never meant that they loved each other any less.

Alex on

Yeah, my parents have been married for 30 something years, and they don’t wear bands either. But I think it’s mostly because my dad lost his, so then my mom took her’s off…heh.

This is a pretty awesome family. They all look like their mom, I think.

On a side note, I remember Justin saying on Ellen Degeneres that he was a twin. He said he didn’t believe what doctors said about twins because, they’re suppose to skip a generation, and it’s only suppose to run on the mother’s side. I thought that was kind of funny.

sulley on

I like Justin, but he obviously hasn’t picked up any of the medical knowledge from his show. It’s not biologically possible for (fraternal) twins to run through the father’s side.

Ivey on

Well twins run on Keisha’s side now, even if she’s the first. It is a bit mind blowing that he is a fraternal twin, and has fraternal twins, that has to be highly unusual.

Such a beautiful family, their daughter is trying to hide under a winter hat–did she bring it with her in case they ran into photogs? Too cute.

Emily on

Such beautiful names all their children have!

Jamie on

“I like Justin, but he obviously hasn’t picked up any of the medical knowledge from his show. It’s not biologically possible for (fraternal) twins to run through the father’s side.”

Why on earth would a normal person be expected to pick that knowledge up? He’s an actor and a father commenting on his unusual family tendency toward twins.

emily on

Wow you would never look at her and think she’s had 5 children! They are all so beautiful.

Sam on

Keisha is gorgeous! I cannot believe she’s had five children. Beautiful family.

Amanda on

Justin is one of my favorite actors. I just love this family. What beautiful kids! They certainly take after their gorgeous parents.

Abby on

Isabella Chambers (Justin Chamber’s daughter) is my bffl!!!!!!! she used to go to our school but doesn’t anymore. she visited a while ago and might visit this friday, the last day of school.
<3 ToOdLeS <3

Abby on

OH YEA and i just read the comments and u ppl commented this like last year. for me, this is 2008 so Isabella is now 13… she WAS 12 then… thats to that person who thought she wasn’t 12 then, bc she WAS! just thought i should let ya know. 🙂
<3 - Abby <3