Taylor Dayne talks about being a mom to twins

10/05/2007 at 06:49 PM ET

Singer Taylor Dayne, best known for her 1988 hit Tell It To My Heart, has been working on a return to the music world. In the meantime, her 5-year-old twins — daughter Astaria and son Levi — are keeping her plenty busy. Taylor became a mom to the twins five years ago via surrogate and the 45-year-old has no regrets.

Some women love being pregnant, but I didn’t need that. Theidea of not being in a relationship and carrying a child was not anoption because then I wouldn’t be viable for a relationship. I didn’tfeel that any man was going to love me while I was carrying anotherman’s child.

Taylor has her hands full with the twins and her current battle is sleeping arrangements.

They share a room, and they have a twin thing happening. I told Astariathat she was a girl and it was time she started thinking about her ownroom. And she said, "No, I sleep with Levi." Levi was ready for his ownspace, but she was not having it.

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When did you decide that it was time to separate your multiples or siblings in different bedrooms? Did they fight the decision?

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Mimi on

Glad that she was able to become a mother and all, but her comment about not wanting to be pregnant is a bit odd…especially the part about not being “viable” for a relationship if she was carrying “another man’s baby.”

And anyway, what about all of the women in this country who are dealing with infertility and require the use of a donor so that they can have a much desired baby with their husbands? Do these husbands love their wives any less, or their baby any less? Her comments just turned me off in a big way.

Nicole on

“The idea of not being in a relationship and carrying a child was not an option because then I wouldn’t be viable for a relationship. I didn’t feel that any man was going to love me while I was carrying another man’s child.”

HUH?? A pregnancy only lasts 9 months!! And if a man isn’t going to love you because you had children with someone else, then he’s not worth it. A woman’s children are a package deal, am I right?

I am so perplexed by the whole statement. I mean, if she didn’t want/wasn’t able to be pregnant, fine….To each her own. But, to not do it because a man MIGHT come along that MIGHT not like you being pregnant…. Weird.

Maya on

I have no idea who this woman is (although I do like that song), but I really liked her perspective on things. Her statement that “The idea of not being in a relationship and carrying a child was not an option because then I wouldn’t be viable for a relationship” is very true and I think that surrogacy is a great option for women who want a biological child but don’t have the need to experience pregnancy (although I am not one of those women :))

Cheryl on

Our boy/girl twins just turned 6 in September and are still happily sharing the same room.

They just started kindergarten this fall. Whenever we’ve asked if they “want their own rooms” we’re always told resoundingly they like sharing the same space.

We’re in no rush for the split as we have a very “cozy” house…if they’re happy sharing, so are we—for now!

Ivey on

Her first quote is very strange, was she worried that during those nine months she would find the love of her life? Or was she involved at the time? Maybe it was taken out of context.

Anyway the twin thing, I don’t see any problems with boy/girl twins sharing a room, they are brother/sister and will eventually want their own space!!

morgan on

Haha, its STILL another mans baby no matter WHO carries it( her or a surrogate) I think she was misquoted or her comments didnt translate to paper well because it doesnt sound right.

Maya on

Nicole: Of course a woman and her children are a package deal, but you can’t ignore the fact that many men wouldn’t date a pregnant woman and if she was seeking a relationship at the time, then being pregnant would surely have put her at a disadvantage, IMO.

Nicole on

I have to comment again…

A pregnancy is 9 months, not 10 years. And the babies are another man’s baby whether she carried them or not. I just don’t get it. She doesn’t want to carry the babies, fine. But to say it’s because of a man that doesn’t exist…just odd to me.

Kate2 on

“And anyway, what about all of the women in this country who are dealing with infertility and require the use of a donor so that they can have a much desired baby with their husbands? Do these husbands love their wives any less, or their baby any less?”

That’s like comparing apples to oranges. It’s totally different to be in the situation within a marriage with a partner who chose to be a part of that situation from the beginning and a new person coming into the situation. I doubt that she meant anything negative towards people struggling with inferitity.

And I think it’s quite likely that these comments were taken completely out of context. Interviewers like to take things out of context so they’ll end up sounding as controversial as possible. For all we know they could have taken two totally seperate comments and stuck them together to create the most dramatic effect.

Jen on

One of my boy twins decided he wanted his own room at around four. We played musical beds for a while,then he finally settled on a room and we decorated it. They are now nearly seven, and have gone back to sharing a bed. I find that during stressful times for them such as starting school, new baby, etc is when they go back to sharing. We don’t have a problem with it. However I could have saved the hundreds of pounds spent on furniture! 🙂


Simone on

If a man can`t love a woman b\c she is pregnant with another mans child\children then i would be seriously worried about why the man is with me in the first place and how he is going to feel towards the baby\babies once it\they are born.

There are a lot of women that met the man they ended up getting married to while they were pregnant with someone elses baby and the men love those kids maybe more than the biological fathers would.

mermaid on

I have twin girls who are 5 and also a 3 year old daughter. All of my girls used to share a room because we lived in quite a small hosue but now we are in a bigger house we offered the twins the option of having seperate rooms because the youngest child was also having her own room. They were not too keen on the idea as they like to always be near each other. Now 5 months on they are coming round to the idea and as they are completely different personalities the tidier twin wants to have her own room as she is sick of the mess the other twin makes. I think it’s good for twins to be independant because too often they loose a bit of their personlity when referred to as THE TWINS but also when the children are perfectly happy to be in the smae room as each other then they should be allowed as long as they wish.

Lilybett on

I don’t know about twin sleeping arrangements but I slept in the same room with my younger brother (and an older sister) until I was 8 and we moved to a bigger house where we each had our own room. We shared a weekend room (and bunk beds) at my dad’s place until I was about 17! If it’s a space thing, you just deal with it. I don’t think gender was ever an issue.

Elle on

Right, it’s not just as easy a decision as “oh I’ll have a surrogate do it.” There’s months of contract negotiations, it’s expensive, you must provide for her living expenses, not to mention trust this person enough to avoid drugs, alcohol, follow all the doctors orders. You miss out on that prenatal bonding experience with your child(ren), which granted is not something everyone has or experiences. But you loose the chance entirely to feel their first movements, and you enter another person into their lives, possibly a bit of confusion into their existence. If you have run out of options or if it would be dangerous to carry a pregnancy, then surrogacy is a wonderful option that allows people to become parents, but it is not without it’s costs. To do it simply to keep yourself open to the dating pool is unfathomable to me.

But perhaps it was something that she really did need to do, and she uses these things as justification for herself that really she prefers things this way, sort of making it her first choice thing. I hope so.

Michelle on

When I read the article in People, I thought that whole quote about her “viability” was really odd. I mean, if a man doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you because you are pregnant, will he want to be in a relationship with you when you are a single mom raising the children?

I’m not going to judge – however a woman comes to be a mother is so personal, and such an individual process, who are we to look down on someone’s else’s journey? But that reasoning just seemed so strange.

Melanie F. on

I still love her music even though it’s kinda old. I can see what she is trying to say, she should have worded it different. I have four healthy, smart, beautiful children and I will definitely be a surrogate mother maybe three times starting in the next year. My daughters one 14 *will be 15 next mth. and the other 8, actually just got seperate rooms this past weekend and it was because my 14 year old wanted too, she’s older, has always made A’s so I gave in, well they all make straight A’s but I’m sensing she wanted a little independency. I wish her luck and I love her children’s names. =) (sp)

Jay on

I’m a long time fan. Sometimes Taylor shoots from the hip and consequently is misquoted or misrepresented. She did what was right for her and her reasons for doing so must have been right for her also. We can always comment but unless you are walking in someone’s shoes you really never know what led them to choose the path they are on. I,for one, am looking forward to her new single called “Beautiful” in Novemeber and then the full length cd “Satisfied” in February. Viva Taylor !

donna on

My youngest son was not named for 10 days after his birth. We just could not come up with an agreed name. Fed up, I took him to have his PKU test and on the way, Taylor sang “And I’ll Always Love You” on the radio. On the birth certificate at the hospital I wrote Dayne as his first of four names. It works…he works and I thank Taylor to this day for singing that song to me that time on the car radio. As for kids in the same room, millions of children all over the world sleep in one room their whole lives. Millions sleep in their parents only room their whole lives. If the family is lucky enough to provide more bedrooms it is always figured out by the children. Twins are especially hard but easier when they are of a different sex. It will all come out in the wash….

Adam on

Just listened to Taylor Dayne’s Love Will Lead You Back. Then, I read the comments below. I think everything anyone says shouldn’t be scrutinized or vilified. Unfortunately, our society has chosen to “put in our 2 cents” on everything, including someone’s personal thoughts or statements. Can’t we respect Taylor or anyone else that discusses their own, true feelings, without finding fault? Live – and let live.