Robert Plant regrets time away from his children

10/04/2007 at 10:32 PM ET

Robert Plant, frontman of the legendary band Led Zepplin, admitted he regrets staying on tour throughout the 1970’s because he feels his daughter grew up without knowing who he was. Robert, 59, claimed his now 39 year old daughter, Carmen, once mistook him for a burglar after he came home from a particularly long tour.

What I recall for the first two years is my daughter not really knowing who I was and getting rather agitated when I came back off tour, as she thought I’d come to rob the house.

Robert has two other children, Logan Romero, 28, and Jesse Lee, 16. Robert’s first son, Karac, died of stomach infection at age 6 in 1977.

Source: Contact Music


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Sasha on

Wow, that’s just awful about his son Karac. I do hope though that his family can forgive him for his absences, and that he can forgive himself and now make up for that lost time. He has made an incredible artistic contribution to the world, largely without scandal, and there should be no guilt involved with that, I think.

Daze on

I have been a huge Robert Plant fan since I was 12. I remember that he had a son who died very young. Didn’t Eric Clapton also have a son to die as a small child? I am also glad he was able to have two more children after Karac died. Robert is a rock icon and made huge contributions to music and culture. I hope he can regain lost ground in his relationships with his children.

Sarah on

Eric Clapton’s son Connor died at age 4 when he fell out of his mother’s apartment window in NYC. He was also the basis of ‘Tears In HEaven’.

Ivey on

Who is Jesse’s mom, anyone know? If I remember correctly Carmen married one of her dads’ bandmates.

Lisa on

Wow, his son is as cute as he was at that age. I love Robert Plant and am excited at the news of the Led Zep reunion. Carmen, his daughter, did marry someone in Robert’s band. He toured with them back when Page/Plant toured. His name is Charlie. I am curious to know who Jesse’s mom is too. Robert has written several songs about the loss of his son, particularly the Led Zep classic…All of my Love

Sami on

Wow, that is one handsome son he has!!!

essie on

I have to laugh at stories like this. NOW he regrets leaving his children for long periods of time. Being famous was more important than children. Maybe he should have waited to have them.

And people criticize Angelina and Brad for insisting on taking their children with them where ever they go. At least they will never regret not spending time with their kids when the kids are adults.

Dawn on

“I have to laugh at stories like this. NOW he regrets leaving his children for long periods of time. Being famous was more important than children. Maybe he should have waited to have them.”

Don’t be so judgmental Essie. Although my father wasn’t a rock star and on the road a lot as was the case with Robert, he was gone most of my waking hours due to the shifts that he had to work to SUPPORT me. It doesn’t mean that he and mum should have waited to have me, it was just how things were. Being a travelling musician (not being famous as you put it) was Robert’s job. You don’t quit your job just because you have children, you just do the best that you can.

Ian Matrin on

Also Robert Plants daughter is married to Charlie Jones who was his bassist and the Page & Plant bassist in the 1990’s. He now plays with the disco band Goldfrapp.

Ian Martin on

Jesse’s mum is the singer of the 1980’s hit “Black Velvet”. Her and Robert had a romance when her band supported his in the late 1980’s. Robert’s song 29 Palms is about this relationship.

Nikki on

As silly as this may sound, I’m just curious if anyone has ever seen a photo of Robert Plant himself as a little baby.
Wonder what a little cutie he must have been!

michelle on

Robert Plant was first married to Maureen Wilson, together they had karac, Carmen and Logan. They separated in 1983. Robert began dating Maureen’s sister Shirley and together had Jesse; they seperated in 1990.

Fiona on

Yes, it is true, Shirley Wilson,younger sister of Maureen Plant is Jesse Lees mother,Robert dated her after he divorced Maureen,and had a son Jesse in 91.Jesse plays drums in a band,’Aura’ and looks very much like Logan.
Roberts kids are all gorgeous and he should’nt be hard on them having spent so much time away.

After all the ‘Zep’ rule!

marcus on

Hey “People,”

The name of the legendary band of which you write is spelled “Led Zeppelin” not “Led Zepplin” .