Christina Aguilera attends Mark Ronson concert

10/04/2007 at 10:04 AM ET

Someone’s belly has popped! Songstress Christina Aguilera, 26, was photographed on her way into the Mark Ronson concert last evening at El Rey — she is due in January.


Photos by Ramey.

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Tracy on

Definitely can’t deny it now! She looks beautiful!

A little less blush perhaps, but beautiful all the same!

Chloe on

Well at least she isn’t trying to hide that big bump now! She looks superb!

ella on

She does look gorgeous–but in every single picture of her I’ve seen since she’s been pregnant, she just looks depressed. Have we seen any pics of her smiling? I hope everything is okay…

Sarah’s note: Yes, we have.

Adri on

She looks really beautiful!
Her baby bump is very cute <3

amelita on

She’s lovely- a bit too much makeup perhaps…but she sure does glow!

Liss on

WOW she got big quick! I think her make up looks much better than it has been. She doesn’t look very happy but she is probably just tired.

Calleiah on

She definately doenst look very happy. It’s very odd, but many of the pictures I’ve seen of her, even some of the first when she was seen coming out of the dr’s office, she looks very stressed out and depressed. I know pregnancy can be an emotional time, but it does make me wonder if everything is ok. Maybe thats why they havent announced anything?

I hope everything is ok!

PSB on

Sorry to jump on the too much makeup bandwagon, but jeez! She’s such a pretty girl, she does not need to shalac that stuff on like she does. It’s almost hiding her wonderful pregnancy glow.

Maggie on

It’s so funny how so many people can be so judgemental after seeing a photograph of a celebrity or reading a story from some gossip site. Does anyone realize that out of the thousands of photos that are taken of this poor girl, these are the ones the paparazzi wants us (the public) to see. In addition, I’d probably look like that too if I had cameras shoved in my face at every moment each time I stepped out out of my home.

finnaryn on

While it does like her belly got big overnight, I wonder if she didn’t do what I did during my last pregnancy. I compleatly changed my posture to hide the pregnancy from my nosy co-workers. Tuck the hips, hunch the sholders. I was able to hide it until I was 6 months. Once everyone knew, I relaxed and walked in a more comfortable pregnant lady waddle. Everyone started commenting “WOW! You grew overnight!”

silvee on

She looks different. She looks really pretty though. She looks unhappy because she is probably tired of all the paparazzis been everywhere her and her husband are at. that must be very stressful. She can’t even enjoy her pregnancy.

Michelle on

Hormones, swelling, the way the makeup is applied as well as having people in your face all the time wanting a picture will definately put an expression like hers on any pregnant woman’s face. I’m due the same time as her and am on a hormonal rollercoaster right now, I know if I had people following me to get my picture all the time a sour look on my face isn’t all they’d see.

Amanda on

This doesnt even look like her!!!

FC on

I don’t know. Now that I got a clear picture of her bump, she and Nicole look to have almost the same bump size. I’d flip if they just happen to deliver the same time or close together somehow.

Still too much tanner/makeup, but she looks adorable!

Maya on

I was going to comment on the makeup, but I see others have beaten me to it… (Great minds think alike 🙂 )

tatum on

I think that she looks unconfortable not sad i think because she is so tiny in stature that the pregnancy is making her very unconfortable. I also have noticed that she seems to wear more and more makeup as the pregnancy progresses and i wounder is she is having hormonal skin issues and she is trying to cover it… just a thought

Giovanna on

I agree with Maggie, how excited would you be if you had a thousand flashing cameras in your face. Some celebrities don’t mind and welcome the attention and some don’t. Then again, Christina could’ve had something on her mind. We really don’t know from looking at one picture. Either way she looks nice.

morgan on

Wow she looks gorgeous! She does seem to wear a bit too much makeup but some people just like to wear lots. Im a natrualist, i hardly wear any make-up but i have a friend who puts a full face on just to go lay out at the pool.

Cristina is absolutly glowing thru all that foundation though!

Melissa on

Is it just me or are her lips bigger? Maybe it’s just the lipstick.

michelle on

She doesn’t look like herself at all – she’s so much prettier without all the goop.

Jax on

She looks incredible! I’m glad she has “officially” announced her pregnancy. It’s not a show it’s her personal life. Some things are just private…it’s not like we’re all going to be in the delivery room with her.

Jenn on

Did no one notice that she seems to have something in her right ear??? You can’t see it in the 1st pic but you can in the second. I wonder if she has an ear infection or something and is just feeling miserable but promised to be there so she went anyways.

I do agree she has too much makeup on but I know what pregnancy hormones can do to your skin…she could be trying to hide that.
She does look gorgeous pregnant though!!

Stacey on

I think she looks good but i think shes not smiling because maybe she wanted this to be something for just her and her hubby. Shes a singer its her job as a singer to announce the debut of a new album,and not mild stones that occur in her personal life. I know it has to be nerve wrecking for her to have to deal with the fact that the world feels like she is supposed to give them a play by play of her personal life when her professional life is what gaind her fame, and wht does she have to tell especially now, its not a tumor and she didtn gain weight anywhere else on her body, common sence tells you shes pregnant.just a thought but id be mad too if it was me.

Brit on

I think she looks so good here!! she has a bit more makeup than she needs..(she looks amazing with none at all i think) but she was going out maybe she felt like just putting some on to feel glamourous.. i cant imagine you feel so hot when you’re pregnant lol.
in most of her pics she looks grumpy..but she has been like that for a long tiem.. if you see a vid on TMZ shes just ignoring the camera and so she looks upset. but she still waves once in awhile or smiles, so you know shes ok lol
someone pointed out her lips looking bigger..i think its her gloss. she does that a lot..and people are always like ohhh..lip, its lipgloss lol. 🙂

olivia on

i think it just shine from cameras that make it look like there is something in her ears.

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

I love Christina and think she is totally beautiful pregnant or otherwise… but I really don’t like what she is waring here or her make-up.

Bairon on

Yo she looks cute jaja she does she looks amazing I wish she would go to a TV show and give us the news that we all know. To answer a question ask before she is not depress she is just stress for the fact that there is always some one following her so I think thats why she never smiles in some of this pictures beacus this people get in her face to be able to face to be able to get the right picture but she always looks great and beautiful and I love her I wish her the best in everything and I hope a spanish albun comes soon. That would be great.

Tasha on

She’s too pretty for that much make-up. She would look so much nicer with less.

Sara on

I don’t blame her for looking glum lately, I can imagine there are some things about being pregnant that aren’t pleasant! Morning sickness, clothes not fitting, hormones changing. Sheesh! Kudos to her for not donning sweats 24/7!

Marlene on

God bless Christina and her family, she is just out living her life. I wish them the best

I do not understand why some harp on her making an “official announcement”. Why is there a need for that? She’s not saying she isn’t pregnant she just doesn’t see the need to “announce” it

Miss Linn on

Anybody notice how much she looks like Anna Nicole Smith? I love Christina anyways and shes beautiful but she looks like Anna Nicole in these pics…

carolina on

I think Christina looks great. She’s very sexy and very Old Hollywood. Way mature for her age I think. Maybe she doesn’t look to happy because pregnancy is draining. I mean Morning sickness, hormones, clothing not feeling right. I mean she has to try to be as sexy as her long as her body allows it. Also the media and public have been so on top of celebrity pregnancy that is a whole stress of it’s own. Maybe she’s having a girl? who knows. Oh and I think that thing we see in her ear is an ear piece she’s being smart since it’s a live show.

terri on

She looks beautiful and she seems in a pleasant mood to me. Who is always smiling anyway?

hey on

she´s fucking diying of boredoom

gianna on

I agree she doesn’t smile much, but in general even before pregnancy she has one of those faces that doesn’t tend to smile a lot. She looks great pregnant and I think it’s a boy, but wow does she wear a lot of makeup. I bet to give birth, she will wear her whole face of makeup lol.

Jenny on

She looks sad because she gained weight and he looks mad that she gained weight.

Natalie S. on

Wow she’s got a great tan..and WOW Jordan is very pale in comparison..but I’m loving the belly..cute.

Barbara on

I know when I was expecting I was over the moon about it & so was my husband. Christina hasn’t ever looked happy in any of the pictures that I have seen of her. And she has never announced that she is expecting either. Wonder why??? It’s really sad. 😦

theresa on

wow she looks very beautiful as usual and im happy 4 her

Daze on

At least Xtina is remaining classy during her pregnancy. I loved her duet with Tony Bennett.

Tessa on

Good Lord the makeup on her is nasty. Who is her stylist? And I question why she never looks happy during her pregnancy. She definately doesnt have the pregnancy glow…and she’s using a ton of makeup to cover it up.

Joe on

I don’t see why everyone is commenting on her makeup or facial expression. She looks beautiful and compared to a lot of the other celebs, her makeup really isn’t that thick, its the way its photographed that makes it look like that. I notice that she doesn’t look too happy in the pics but all her fans know that when it comes to the media she is always sexed up, and not shy ; however she is not out promoting an album. Christina is a very private person and takes every step of her life seriously, and the pregnancy is something she wants to keep between herself and family, she isn’t Nicole Richie out in bathing suits smiling and waving to the camera, she hasn’t even announced her pregnancy herself, she wants to keep it low key. She has my blessings, she’s beautiful!

PSB on

Joe –

What’s wrong with the way Nicole Ritchie is? I like that she seems happy and smiling and doesn’t mind when the papps take her photos. Why is that bad? She’s a different person than Christina. It doesn’t make her wrong for showing her excitement about her pregnancy in a different may. Not everybody is private.

Christina is entitled to be disgruntled by the photographers – if she even is, who knows? She could just have a stomach ache or tight shoes in this pic, we have NO idea why she isn’t “smiling” and I don’t really think it matters! She doesn’t have to smile all the time – this is one second in time, maybe she smiles all the time and this was an off-moment? Doesn’t matter.

As for the makeup—-I stand by what I said. She wears a lot. This is not just the photo making it look that way. Very few other celebrities look THIS made up in photos, so that reasoning doesn’t make sense – photography does not make you look more dolled up. I think she just likes a lot of makeup, which is her perogative. I jut don’t think she needs it, because she’s already very pretty on her own. It’s not my face though, so she can enjoy all the blush she likes :>

Lia on

I think Christina looks so beautiful, she certainly has the pregnancy glow. I do think that she wears way too much makeup and she is so naturally pretty that it is not neccessary, but I remember when my best friend was pregnant, and her face broke out qiute a lot after her first trimester, so maybe the makeup is trying to cover up the “hormonal skin issue”.

Jenny on

As a comment to Ella, she has smiled in many pictures. In these pictures in particular though, she looks very tired. She must be exhausted from the pregnancy, or still trying to look beautiful walking around in those heels with that ever-growing belly!

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Bratman!

Diana on

I certainly don’t blame her for not smiling. I’m sure being pregnant she doesn’t want a camera shoved in her face all the time. And I would guess that since she has been pregnant they have become even more pushy. I do have to say that I have noticed that it seems like she has been wearing more makeup lately, but who knows like someone else said she may be having problems with acne or something due to the extra hormones.

Campbell on

She looks beautiful. In this particular snapshot I think her face screams “please, just let us go about our evening!” lol. I think I’ve posted before that I believe she said in an interview that she “hides” behind her makeup. It helps her feel less vulnerable. If she is wearing more than usual at this time in her life that would certainly explain why. Love the hair extensions on her. I always like when she does the straight-long look. She had the look in a video she did w/ Sean Combs. She looks stylish.

Misti on

I think Christina looks great. I’m very happy for her. When I was pregnant, I started wearing makeup regularly again for the first time since my teens because I didn’t feel very attractive. It made me feel a little better to put on some mascara to try to detract fromt he bulges. Pregnancy is hard, not only on the body but also on a woman’s state of mind, IMHO. We just do different things to cope.

Trisha on

Why isn’t her husband wearing his wedding ring?

Sarah’s note: He wears it in a special interlocking box on his neck. She explained it when they got married. I can’t remember the exact story, but maybe someone else can…

Joe on


Not to argue, but it could very well be the makeup she is wearing. I’m personally a makeup artist for MAC cosmetics, the makeup that Christina publicly admits to wearing and the foundations that she could be using could in fact cause her face to look as made up as it is, I’m not denying the fact that she has a lot on, but the camera makes it look a lot heavier than it really is. And as far as Nicole Richie goes, I’m not hating on her at all, she is very different than Christina, not nearly as classy and sophiticated and who knows what she’s doing as she carries that baby, the girl has a lot of nasty drug and alcohol habbits that are hard to kick. At least Christina isn’t facing jail time while pregnant, cheers to that!

Joe on


Not to argue, but it could very well be the makeup she is wearing. I’m personally a makeup artist for MAC cosmetics, the makeup that Christina publicly admits to wearing and the foundations that she could be using could in fact cause her face to look as made up as it is, I’m not denying the fact that she has a lot on, but the camera makes it look a lot heavier than it really is. Its not the camera its the flash lighting that does it, but you wouldn’t know that obviously if your saying my reasoning doesn’t make sense, whilst I’m a makeup artist, hmmm ok? And as far as Nicole Richie goes, I’m not hating on her at all, she is very different than Christina, not nearly as classy/sophiticated. Who knows what she’s doing as she carries that baby, the girl has a lot of nasty drug and alcohol habbits that are hard to kick. At least Christina isn’t facing jail time while pregnant, cheers to that!

Ellie on

I think she looks beautiful, she still has a great body even though she’s 6 months. Angelina Jolie was way too thin and, in my opinion, didn’t look good and Britney was too fat and didn’t look good either. Christina takes care of herself thats also why it was hard to see if she was pregnant. Pregnancy drains a lot and she’s been working hard this past year and got sick. She probably just needs to take it easy. As for the make-up, I like it, when you go out for a night event, you usually wear heavier make-up. I love the pink shade on her, it’s more delicate. Look at the pics with her and her niece, then judge if she smiles or if the make-up is too much or if she’s trying to cover her skin. God, how many thing do people come up with? Leave the girl alone.

i on

i think she looks amazing, as always. yeeah maybe with a little less blush but her eyes and lips are very nice. why does everyone keep saying she grew over night? i’ve seen pictures like this for a while now. amazing c.a

lee on

r u on facebook? test your celeb gossip knowledge in the Celeb Quiz. Challenge me… It’s fun!

Shannon & laura on

Hiia I Think Youre Really Pretty You Dont Need a Little Less Blush =]
Love You
Shannon & Laura *

residence on

you are veriy nice girl. The most beautiful girl in Worl