Greg Vaughan and Touriya Haoud introduce Jathan James

09/30/2007 at 06:26 PM ET

Touriya_cbbGeneral Hospital‘s Greg Vaughan, 34, and his wife Touriya Haoud, 30, welcomed their son Jathan James on May 4th, and now the couple has introduced their boy, 5 months on Tuesday, in Touriya’s native Dutch, via Story magazine.

Click below for the photo and interview highlights.

Speaking to the journalist about Jathan, who was displaying a different side to his personality during the interview:

This is him. Four months old already. You see, he is neverrestless or crying, and now that you are coming he is! I have the suspicionthat Mr. is going through some growing pains — he eats the entireday!

On enjoying her son while he’s small:

For now everything is all about the little one, and that is theway it should be. You often hear other moms say that those first yearsare gone before you know it, also because it is all sohectic, of course. So I am sucking up every experience as well as I can.


Touriya jokes with her Dutch fans about the fact that Jathan has a nanny for a few hours a day to give her time to exercise and run errands.

We have a nanny — thatโ€™s American, right? But you know, otherwise I wouldnever have time for myself. Greg is working the entire day at ‘GeneralHospital,’ so I care for Jathan. That’s why we have a babysitterevery weekday from 7 am till 1 pm, so I can at least exercise, etc. I haveto; otherwise, I will never get my old figure back!

On making friends:

I have met one girl [in Los Angeles] and she also has a little child, so we makeplaydates.

On she and Greg’s life together as a whole:

I have a wonderful life and am blissful with Greg and the littleone. That is the only thing that counts for me.


Source: Story, issue 37, September 18th issue, p. 12-13

Thanks to CBB reader Lisette for the translation and photos.

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Martina on

I am a fan of GH, so this was really nice to be able to see Greg and his family. The baby is adorable.

Southern girl on

I don’t watch any soaps so don’t really know who this is…but all three of them are GORGEOUS!!!

Chris on

Wow! They are just beautiful.

nancy on

Is the name JATHAN, pronounced like Nathan with a J? If so, it sounds like you are saying “Jason” with a lisp!! Cute family though!

gianna on

Greg is so hot, love him on GH. His baby is so cute.

Sylvana on

Aww, Its good to see Touriya again.
Really miss her.
Jathan is a sweety.

Sarita on

They also showed the baby and his nursery on TV here in the Netherlands only days after he was born.

They seemed like very nice people and Jathan is cute, not a big fan of the name though.

Philippa on

already luved greg years ago in charmed, and also really luv touriya!
their baby is just adorable. he’s so gorgeous!!!! *melts*

Harley on

Absolutely adorable!

There are a few “origins” for Jathan. One being a Greek form of Jason and one being ja’-than (Iathan; Nathan): For “Jonathas” in the King James Version, which is the Latin form for the Hebrew “Jonathan.”

So you’re guess on which view they took on the name is about as good as mine.

Nikki on

I love Greg on GH.

The baby looks EXACTLY like him ๐Ÿ™‚

Jennifer on

I’m a huge fan of GH, so it’s wonderful to see photos of Greg and his family. Jathan is such a cutie! ๐Ÿ™‚

Marie on

Love the hole family!

Abby on

I am trying to find the photographer that did Greg and Touriya’s wedding. Does anyone know???