Bridget and John Moynahan go to Mass on Sunday

09/30/2007 at 06:46 PM ET

Actress Bridget Moynahan, 36, brings her son John Edward Thomas, 5 weeks, to Mass with her on Sunday. More photos available at Splash News Online.


Photos by Flynet; Pacific Coast News; Splash News.

Click below for more images and fashion/gear.



John rides in the carseat portion of Orbit Baby’s Orbit Infant System in mocha/khaki ($900).

Picture_1Bridget wears Tali Gillette’s large ‘mama’ pendant necklace in 14K gold ($550).

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B on

Why is there a C as the middle intial of the monogram?

Sarah’s note: That’s an E.

JK on

Bridget & John look great. Her figure looks nearly back to normal. Both are just beautiful.

Megan on

Well John is just the cutest little pumpkin! I love seeing pictures of him and Bridget looks amazing a month after giving birth…he’s definitely gonna be a big strapping boy that’s for sure…he’s just gorgeous!

Cindy on

Ohhhhh, he is so darn sweet! I just love this baby boy. It’s cute how laid back he seems, by the way he’s always draped over his Mommy’s shoulder. It’s too cute. And Bridget looks great. Better every time I see her. I love the dress she’s wearing. Very “Mommyish”. I’m glad to see she’s starting young John off on the right foot, by taking him to church.

brooke on

I hope CBB can figure out where she got these burp cloths!! They are adorable, and would be a great gift.

Hollister on

Beautiful baby! I want to go put a sun hat on him!

brannon on

I received some of those from Blueberry Babies as gifts. I also had some made — took fine white linen burp cloths to local monogrammer and picked out my favorite colors, fonts and designs 🙂

Emily on

She gets out of the car, walks into Church and back out to the car, a little sun won’t kill him, its good for him occasionally.

Pearl on

Sarah, you do great work and you are appreciated. Keep getting this information out on John and Mommy. He is adorable and loved obviously. All the photos you chose of John’s debut were heartwarming

Sarah, you have a way about you that is sensitive and fair. I caught you on another blog and I immediately detected your caring about your profession in getting it right the first time!! I hope CBB appreciates you as well.

terri on

I don’t see a “C” in his monogram. It’s JME.

I wonder what the tattoo on her ankle is. She looks great as does her baby boy. I love her dress.

jean on

That is a beautiful dress Bridget is wearing. It was such a beautiful day in So Cal and poor John was either sleeping on Mommy’s shoulder or squinting from the brightness. I love how churches encourage newborns attendance. So glad that Bridget is so at peace, she has come through this 9 months shining. What a star she is!

ks on

Thanks for the Bridget and John pictures. He is precious, and Bridget looks so comfortable as a mom…and of course beautiful. I love her dress and her cute ponytail!

dana on

Isn’t she Jewish? i’m assuming she going to a Christian or Catolic mass…

gianna on

Aww cute

telli on

dana, seriously? You can’t possibly have a more Irish (and less Jewish) name than Bridget Moynahan.

Maya on

dana: There’s no way she’s Jewish; Moynahan is an Irish name and everybody knows that Tom Brady is a “devout” catholic…

olivia on

terri the tattoo she has on her ankle is little moon.
wow they look great!

Elaine on

Aww he is just gorgeous. I didn’t know that his parents are catholics, not that it matters really. BM looks great as well.
CBB – Can you confirm if the offer for the necklace is available to UK readers? I just love that necklace, and I have a birthday coming up. Thanks!

Sarah’s note: Tali said, ‘Yes, but only via regular is post otherwise its an extra 150 with customs and duties. Post has been fine.’

anniebabe on

Can i just point out that your surname does not indicate your religion/nationality/occupation. Many many years ago it did but not today.

Very cute baby.

JP on

Love Bridget’s dress – she sure looks great for just having a baby. Little John looks so content being held by his momma.

(I wonder what grandma & grandpa Brady think when they see Bridget going to church with their little grandson. Tom Sr. studied to be a priest.)

Kate on

If someone goes to “mass”, they are Catholic

kropisia on

Maya, you just killed me with Tom being “devout” Catholic.;);) Bridget looks great and so does her son.

daphneesmith on

Right, Kate: “Mass” is Catholics, like me, go to. How great that she (1) is taking him! and (2) actually goes herself. Very few celebs are seen attending any kind of faith services, and if someone is an atheist that is certainly fine, but most people are not, and it’s rare to see a celeb attending religious worship (of any kind). I just read that Christy Turlington is also a practicing Catholic and has a tight relationship with her parish. I find this encouraging.

jean on

Sarah, any date on the baptism? Seems like it would be any day. Last week she was seen coming out of a possibly baptismal class.

If it’s soon, I guess it’d be done without the father, unless he can “lobby for time off”. Are there more pictures coming?

Sarah’s note: Probably in the next few weeks. That’s what all her meeting at church have been about. We’ll have a few more images in a few hours, I am waiting to receive them.


on one site it showed her…coming out of church..with a man and a woman(last week)…and i was wondwering if she wasn’t getting ready to baptist him…and those were the future godparents……could I be correct…my thinking…the person who agree’s to be a godparent..has to be very responsible…..anyway…he looks like he is doing just great….and so does she..I just hope she is able to give him a normal…stable upbringing……being a celebrity isn’t always what it appears to be……

Brittany on

Tom’s/Bridget’s son is so absolutely adorable! What a big boy he is…Bridget looks great for a just having a baby 2 weeks late none the less!

Jenny on

Uuum….my last name is McMullin and I am Jewish. My dad converted and my mom is Jewish, so by Jewish law I am Jewish, plus both my parents are Jewish…..and my name is still McMullin….and I am also Irish. Even if BOTH my parents were Irish, being Jewish is a belief, not a surname.

Nikki on

Isnt he just a little angel

Megan on

Shouldn’t babies so young spend more time at home, as opposed to being flung over shoulders and being taken from pillar to post? Oh I forgot – PR opportunity.

Ivey on

Damn I need to introduce myself to a sit-up!! HA HA, she looks so good for 5weeks post-pardum, it must be nice.

Also she is working those monogrammed burp cloths, is she trying to make a statement?

kl on

Am I the only one that thinks she holds him a little odd?
Nothing against her, as I am sure she is an amazing mother, and he is beautiful, but he just seems to sit so high up when she is holding him.

monika on

Maya sure, he’s a devout catholic. Any wya, it doesnt matter how catholic or any other religion someone is, one cn always find love out of their little box.

Rebecca on

Ivey, what’s wrong with her using a monogrammed burp cloth? He’s an infant, spit up happens, especially if they’re not exclusively breastfed (given bottles of breastmilk, not formula is what I’m saying, I don’t know if she’s switched to formula.) I have quite a few burp cloths from when my 2 year old was a baby that were embroidered, gifts from my mother-in-law, and I used them a lot. Who knows, maybe she only has monogrammed burp cloths?

jean on

Love the picture of John in the carseat. So cute and sleeping soundly. Babies alway look so small when tucked into their seats!

So nice that Bridget’s going about her daily life like us normal people. Glad that she has a full-time professional helping her out. People don’t like that she has one, but they are the same that either never had children or they had a partner helping them. It really helped the first few weeks (especially after a C-section)at nights to have someone bring the baby to the bed for feedings. My husband was great about that, as soon as my son cried, he went and brought him to me and I breastfed laying down. Then he would bring my son back to the crib and I never had to get up so I was able to fall back asleep.

Bridget doesn’t have that and her Mom probably has her own life to resume. It’s great for her that this person is there.

Thanks Sarah, these pictures are adorable.


plus if your a working mom…and she may someday..get back to her career……if you can afford a is better than a day care…that most working mothers have to do…face it…more mothers are having to work these days..whether married or not….and I think…it is best to get a nanny…and let the baby..get to know that family..which most become….when mom has to go out… left with someone…he is secure with……this nanny…may be in his life..for many a year…….do you know what I like about Bridget…you usually see her…as a normal… ..most of you here….she is never dressed…trampie…looks neat..and sweet……and you don’t read about her doing…anything…she would be ashamed of….and those who will say something to that…I don’t think she is ashamed of her baby…..

FC on

He already takes up his Bridget’s entire shoulder and torso. I bet he’s either going to be as big as his father or maybe a tad bigger than him when he gets to be older. 🙂


Getting a nanny early…makes it so the baby…grows to love the nanny like family…so when Mom has to leave…he doesn’t get upset…bet every working mom..wishes she had one…..the nanny may be a part of this family for years…Bridget may some day decide to go back to work…I like how..Bridget..when out…always looks sweet and natural…

Cindy on

Gosh, I just love this little guy. He looks like such a cuddle-bunny. I hadn’t seen the car seat shot. Look at the way his brow is furrowed. He seems to be pondering something, LOL. BM looks great, as always.

hya on

Tom Brady is a “devout” catholic….that made my day.

Lauren on

“Ivey, what’s wrong with her using a monogrammed burp cloth? He’s an infant, spit up happens, especially if they’re not exclusively breastfed”

I believe Ivey was hinting at the idea that perhaps Bridget was using the monogrammed burp cloth to make a statement regarding John’s name and the fact that he isn’t a Brady.

Melle on

Just want to note: “Mass” is not just for Catholics. I am Episcopalian and we go to Mass too. (Yes, Episcopalian is Catholic-lite). I’m just saying.

I do not want to start a theological debate, but can someone tell me what the opinion of the Catholic church is on an unwed mother? Can she have the baby baptized in the Catholic church when she was not married to the father? I have no problem with it at all, just a curiosity.

Tricia on

Melle, that’s a good question. As a former Catholic (but by no means an expert, so if anyone is they can feel free to correct me!), I’d think the Church would be less than thrilled by the unwed status, but this sacrament is about the baby, not the parents. I don’t think they would deny the child. If Mom wants to receive Communion, for example, she (like most parishoners) would go to confession first.

jean on

Funny the same question was discussed on the Splash blog. At first someone said that the Catholic church requires both parents to be at the baptism. I just received confirmation from my Priest that the church encourages both parents but they do not discriminate against people’s live style choices.

He also said that if the parent who is having the child baptized is Catholic and is doing all the preparation, then he said that is a blessing in itself. Lastly he said that God does not discriminate.

shirley58 on

Tom is not a devout catholic. Devout catholics live their faith. He does not! Cute baby though, looks just like his runaway daddy.

anais on

I’m all for a helper who passes the scrutiny of a loving parent. Nice to have whenever she’s called to work or needs some time for herself (we all do, even or perhaps especially parents of young children). The result is that then every minute the parent and the child spend together is quality time.

anais on

I’m sure BM will soon find a good man that will cherish her for who she is. BM looks hotter than the panty model, whose biggest asset is not her looks but her walk, overly confident but fluid.

Sarah on

The pic with him sleeping is cute!