Jolie-Pitt family visit Kidville in NYC

09/29/2007 at 07:53 PM ET

Actors Brad Pitt, 43, and Angelina Jolie, 32, take their four children — Maddox Chivan, 6, Pax Thien, 3 1/2, Zahara Marley, 2 1/2, and Shiloh Nouvel, 16 months — to Kidville in New York City this afternoon. More photos available at Just Jared.

Photos by INF.

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Brooke on

They are such a beautiful family. I always look forward to seeing pictures of their adventures. What beautiful children!

Leigh on

I spy a tooth!

Brenda on

They are my favorite Hollywood family. Brad and Angie seem like great hands on parents and all the children are crazy adorable. Check out Shiloh’s little tooth!

Preesi on

Angies shoes always freak me out. They make her feet look like Barbie plastic feet.

Shis gotta toofy! So cute!

gianna on

Shiloh is so cute

FC on

Aww! I love how the girls are matching and have little clips/bows in their hair. Precious! I seriously love this family too much. 🙂

Do I see some teeth in Shi’s mouth in that closeup shot of her? That’d be the first time there’s been a shot close enough to show that…lol.

(LOVE- J ) on

Such a good -looking family….

Megan on

WOW…my first thought is that those paps got pretty close–at least in LENS to Shiloh–my second thought is…I am speechless at how stunning she is–close up like that is almost taking my breath away…she is dad with mom’s lips…she is seriously STUNNING…

i love this family–they are quite the group but they manage to live a RELATIVELY normal life–if that includes a million cameras of course–but in general, they seem like normal parents just being parents…adorable family–and i love how Shiloh and Z always seem to have matching, or at least similar outfits on…those sisters are too cute!

J.M. on

I love Shi’s outfit and her little tooth! So cute. That baby is just gorgeous and I’m not saying that bc she comes from two of the most gorgeous celebs! She really is stunning!

Colleen on

Love this whole family! Nice to see Zahara walking!

Annoyomus on

AWWWWWWWW, cuteness overload! The close-up of Shiloh is just adorable! She looks so grown-up in that picture! The other kids are adorable as well. I have to chuckle at the fact that in the last Jolie-Pitt post with pictures of Miss Z (the first, and so far only, pictures we’ve seen of Angie, Zahara, and Pax taking Maddox to school) everyone was commenting on how she and Pax always seem to be carried, and she’s the one who seems to be carried the most….and here she is in these pictures walking!

Angie and Brad must read CBB! LOL!

Judy on

Nice to see Z walking? I’ve seen pictures of her running. She’s like any other energetic two-year-old.

Cute matching outfits on her and her little sister.

Sasha on

Angie is my new style icon for sure~ She has class.

Ivey on

All the girls are in matching black and white, Brad and Pax came close and Maddox went and did his own thing.

What amazes me the most when its the whole family, no one is having a melt down they always seem so calm.

Nikki on

Shiloh is stylin’! Lol

Brandi on

That close up seems to be from a different outing – there is a pink collar on her dress and no hair clippy. Still cute though.

Sarah’s note: The pink is her blanket. Not sure if it’s from a different outing or not though. It was with this set, anyway!

Annoyomus on

I also want to add….Is it just me, or does Angie look like she’s gained some weight? IMO, she doesn’t look so scary skinny anymore!

Nausicaa on

I love this family beyond reason, but I need to ask this: why do the paps always do the close-ups on only Shiloh? I find it rather creepy. We get it, Shiloh is beautiful, but so are the other Jolie-Pitts! I’d love a close-up like that of one of the other kids.

Alex on

Maddox looks so big!! Shiloh’s eyes are really blue…and her and Zahara are matching. that’s too cute. Pax has a really sweet face. This family is just beautiful.

Annoyomus on

Brandi- I am guessing that either the clip fell out of Shi’s hair (her hair doesn’t look like the type of hair that would hold a clippy very well, to be honest), or that she is like her sis Z and likes to take her clippys out whenevr she gets the chance (Angie once said that most of the time, when they try to style Z’s hair and put clippys in it, she just pulls them out! LOL!). 🙂

oly on

Love them. They’re adorable.

alia on

Omg…this family can not get more adorable!!!
I can’t stand how gorgeous little Shi is….she’s gotten so big:)…
and maddox just gets cuter by the day…
All of the little ones are adorable….
What a nice family…

BTW: Z is always carried b/c she has hip dysplasia….It is hard for the little one to walk/run….I know, sad…
But I think she may be getting surgery for it….she’s ok now thanks to her mommy and daddy:)

Jade on

I love this family so much! I hope some day one of those kids will tell us or write a book about how it was growing up in the Jolie Pitt family ! All the children are cute. I can’t believe how big Maddox is. I still remember when he was Shiloh’s age! Little Shi makes me wish they’ll have another bio kid. How sweet is she?

Emmy on

Precious, precious children. I think Shi is wearing the same shirt/dress she wore to the Children’s Zoo in August, paired with black leggings. Mad and Pax just rock – those little guys are cool without even trying. Wish we could see more of Zahara, what a sweetie she is with those little piggytails!

Nausicaa – there is also a gorgeous solo shot of Zahara at Just Jared, so the photographers don’t just focus on Shi. Sometimes it’s a matter of which photos the web/mags decide to publish. Also, if you check out the original photo of Shiloh at JJ, it’s not the extreme close up we see here (they’ve cropped it so only her face is visible, the original photo wasn’t so close).

Sarah’s note: Yes, the Zahara one she looked kind of annoyed, so we didn’t post it. We also crop extraneous stuff (like the guys shoulder/head) out of all our photos we purchase, so it does appear closer.

Emmy on

Sarah – sure, I totally get why you crop the pictures, it’s fine! 🙂 I was just trying to explain why it sometimes seems that the photogs are focusing in, when it’s not always the case.

Sarah’s note: I understand! Sorry if it came across as me being short, didn’t mean it that way. 🙂 From this set also, seems the pics were shot from in/across the street. The lenses they have are unbelievable.

morgan on

Ok, CBB is killing me with cuteness tonite. I have never seen such a close-up of Shiloh! I love how maddox is turning into such a little man too…so cute!!

wenn on

LOL alia, Zahara doesnt have hip dysplasia or whatever. it was from a tabloid and their rep denied it.

Annoynomus on

Alia- I think the hip dysplasia thing is just a rumor. I know that the rumor about her possibly getting hip surgery was in Star magazine, so I am guessing that’s also when/where the hip dysplasia thing is mentioned. Since Star is a tabloid, I’m taking those rumors with a grain of salt.

From the pictures I’ve seen of Z, it certainly doesn’t look like she has difficulty running, let alone walking! 🙂

Anne on

Love this family. I spy a tooth with Shiloh, and I love Z’s hairbands!

Lola on

I love this family I think they are the best parents in Hollywood! I love how hands on they are, some celebs aren’t seen without nannies for 1, 2 or 3 kids. These two often take all 4 out for a day with their parents – which is what it is all about!
They are wonderful!

Hea on

Glad to see Z is walking. I was starting to think she had trouble doing so. Gorgeous family!

Hollywood Royalty on

LUV this Family, Shi-Shi is soooooooooooo cute!!!!! The whole family is beautiful

alelx on

I think that everytime Shiloh is out with the family – – she just outshines everyone else — including BP and AJ.

What a beauty!

Adore1 on

In the pic without the clip, they were getting out of the truck, about to enter Kidville and Brad was holding her.

ma74 on

So adorable!!Shiloh is absolutely gorgeous.I love Z face.She has wonderful expressions.Also she does seem annoyed by the papz.

KD Griffin on

This Kidville sounds like blast. Hopefully they’ll spread the franchise to other places in the country. Love Shiloh’s outfit.

Autumn on

Aw adorible pics indeed! All the kids are cute, but I especially love that closeup pic of Shiloh, such blue eyes!

Anyway, Jade mentioned how she wished A & B would have another bio kid and Anonymus mentioned how Angelina didn’t look as scary skinny anymore, well I wonder if they already are? I only wonder because I agree about Angie’s weight, but also there’ve been a few other “possible” clues…

* The vague statement Brad made about having a 5th child someday.

* Angie momentarily forgetting Brad’s name, or more what to call him (she almost said “My Husband”, but then was at a loss for words), at a charity event.

* Angie becoming overly emotional at another event, over the plight of an 8 yr old African boy.

So who knows if momentary memory loss, becoming easily emotional, and a possible slight weight gain would equal another pregnancy or not, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Annie on

Love them! Shiloh is always wearing such cute clothes too.

DL on

Did I just see a picture of Zahara walking? Wow, that’s great! Most pictures I’ve seen of her showed her being carried so it is a treat to see one of her walking. Such a lovely family and fun to see them doing what every family does, normal, fun things!

Annoyomus on

Autumn- I was afraid that my comment about Angie not looking so scary skinny anymore would start pregnancy rumors! Personally, I don’t think she is. I can’t see any sign of a “bump” on her. When I said that she doesn’t look scary skinny anymore, I meant just that. She looks like she has simply finally gained a bit of weight back, which is a good thing.

Also, I’m not at all surprised to hear that Angie became over-emotinal over the plight of the 8 year old African boy. It is obvious that she cares deeply about the plights of people who are far less fortunate than her, especially kids. Her adoptions of Mad, Pax, and Z are proof of that, as well as the Humantarian work she does.

As for momentarily forgeting Brad’s name and almost calling him “my husband”….If I had a nickle for everytime I or someone I know has momentarily forgotten someone’s name, I’d be rich! LOL!

All of that said…Yes, Brad did make that comment about being ready for a 5th child. However, keep in mind that they have mentioned wanting more bio AND more adopted kids. Therefore, they may decide to adopt their 5th child.

My gut feeling is that they will adopt an African girl for Z (just as they adopted Pax for Maddox) and then have another bio child. 🙂

All of this said, I apologize if I sounded snappy or defensive. It just really bothers me when people assume that if a female celeb of child-bearing age is not scary skinny, she must be pregnant.

Alexis B on

Those fabulous hairclips on Zahara and Shi are from accessory designer Faigie at!!! Most adorable looks ever.