Camryn and Milo Manheim arrive at CelEBration on the Pier

09/29/2007 at 09:29 PM ET

Actress Camryn Manheim, 46, and son Milo Jacob, 6 1/2, arrive at the CelEBration on the Pier to benefit theEB Medical Research Foundation on September 29th at the SantaMonica Pier in Santa Monica, CA.


Photo by Frazer Harrison for GettyImages.

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Robin M. on

Wow – when did she become so slim? She looks great!

Natasha on

Just a little big to be carried

momo on

Why is she carrying him? He’s almost seven years old, i think thats a bit old to be carried on the red carpet, its not like it was a long day of walking or something. just my opinion.

ally on

Camryn looks great! I can’t believe she’s 46. Milo is a cutie.

Lauren22 on

I have to agree…he is a tad too old to still be getting picked up/carried. I stopped carrying my kids when they were about 3 1/2 years old. If it was just for a photo op…she should have gone down to his level and had the pic taken.

Anyway…both Mom and son look great! 🙂

Annoyomus on

I’m guessing that she probably wasn’t actually carrying him, but rather holding him for the picture. She probably put him down a minute or so after the pic was taken.

bell on

Maybe she only picked him up for aminute to show how big he was getting. We do that in our family sometimes to show the kids have gotten so long they hang to our knees when held. Maybe if she wants to hold her son it’s her choice. Good grief it isn’t like she is pulling him up the red carpet by the hair of the head. Either way he is cute and she looks great.

meg on


that was my exact thought too. it also looks odd, there is something aesthetically wrong looking with it, that i cant work out.

gianna on

Yea after the age of 4, most kids look silly being carried lol.

gargoylegurl on

What does it matter if she is carrying him? Geez, some people just have to pick, pick, pick…

taylor on

she looks fantastic!

Renee on

I’m not shocked to see the comments about him being too big to carry. Some people here don’t like it when people carry their two year olds! I feel like, it’s their kid and if they want to enjoy holding their kid in their arms before they become really too big aka teenagers then who am I to say they shouldn’t do that. Kids grow up so fast. Anyhow, she looks great and her son does too.It’s very rare when I see pics of her out that her son isn’t far behind.

zaoli on

Wow she looks fantastic! (Carrying your six year old does wonders for your waistline!) She has always been so crazy about that little Milo, motherhood agrees with her in every way!

Anne on

Milo looks so amazing as does Camryn!

Hea on

What is it about Americans carrying their big kids around? You almost never see this in scandinavia.

Anna on

Ha! When I saw the number of comments to this post I just KNEW there would be a discussion going on about Camryn holding/carrying her child.
Some commenters always rant about other peoples parenting choices and they base their judgment on maybe a handful of pictures.
To me, that seems very self righteous.
Maybe we could all agree to NOT JUDGE others in their personal choices. I think it’s okay to say that you would not carry your six year old but I think it’s not okay to say that others shouldn’t.

Sarah’s note: Agreed. Starting tomorrow (Monday), I’m not putting through any critical/judgmental/armchair parenting comments. Questioning other parent’s decisions seems to be all the comment section has turned into lately — I am tired of it, and we’ve gotten complaints again. It may not be name-calling, but it’s still turning into something negative, and we need to put a curb to it. Since the last time we re-adjusted the comment policy, the name-calling has stopped, but it’s somehow turned into this pick-pick-pick/ judgmental thing instead. I realize this will make the comments much less interesting to some readers, but it’s a change we do need to make.

Dana on

Wow! And I thought the number of comments would be about how good she looked!

I’ve loved seeing Milo grow up. He was born just a couple of days after my daughter. My, how time flies!

Mommy2O on

I’ve been reading this site for years, and knew right away when I saw the number of comments for this post that people would be commenting on the fact that Camryn was holding Milo.

As with the Sheryl Crow picture that caused a lot of controversy, we do not know what happened in the seconds before or after the picture was taken, so how can we judge?

I’m sure any one of us could have split-second pictures taken of our parenting styles that could cause an uproar on this site, so how about we just lay off on the criticism of these celebrities?

Mommy2O on

She looks fabulous!

Colleen on

Camryn looks great & Milo is getting so big!

Julia A on

Wow I just realized that the little boy who plays Camryn’s son on Ghost Whisperer kinda looks like Milo.
And if she can still pick up a 6-yr-old, more powers to her! I dont think I can carry even a 3-yr-old.

coco on

has she ever revealed who milo’s dad is? i heard once that it was the late actor/dancer gregory hines but im not sure. does anyone know?

Sarah’s note: His dad is gay male model Jeffrey Brezovar. They both wanted kids and this was a great solution for them.

Natalie S. on

First I don’t get why everyone’s up in arms with her holding her son, I’m sure it was photographers wanting a picture of them together from that angle..people let it go.. Second.. Camryn looks fantastic, wow she’s slimmed down alot.. Which sucks because I don’t want to advocate that only slim women look good. Camryn looked good before and she looks good now.

tres hijos on

Who cares if she’s picking him up!! My 6 year old still likes to be picked up sometimes. Camryn looks fantastic and they both look happy!

sil on

so that means that we can just post comments like “how nice is this baby” or “beautiful family”…i mean, i totally agree that no ofensive comments should be post, but i think if someone post a comment about not agreeing with a parent carrying a six year old, and the post is not offensive, so what’s the problem? I’ve read worse comments that had being post, like a week ago people calling Oliver Hudson an as…ole, that was disrespectful to me. And i wrote my comment saying it was strange to read that kind of comments here, and my comment wasn’t post….
Just my opinion.

Sarah’s note: About that Oliver comment, I had tried to email you about that but it bounced back. I was putting through a bunch of giveaway comments and that one wound up in there. By the time I noticed it published, someone else had responded to her comment with an explanation so I left it up.

Regarding the comments, even if it’s not offensive, it’s still critical of the parents and not what we want the site to be about. There are plenty of other places to judge and criticize parents and we seem to be turning into one of them, which we don’t want to be.

kim on

She looks great, she has slimmed down a lot. Love her little boy, he is a doll.

sil on

thanks for your answer.

brannon on

I think CBB does a great job moderating comments! Unfortunately, one of my favorite “guilty pleasures” is coming to this site to see which posts generate the most comments. It has always been clear that we are all free to disagree, so long as it doesn’t get mean. I like hearing about differences in opinion. I fear it may get a bit boring reading the same “cute baby” comments over and over 😦

That being said, I love the name Milo 🙂

Sarah’s note: I agree that it will probably get boring! (Although it’s good for me because I’ll be able to be online less!) However, we’ve gotten an increasing number of complaints and really feel we should address it.

Maya on

This is really funny; I just finished watching a show that deals with the differences between men and women and this week’s episode was about linguistic/communicative differences. As we all know women communicate verbally better, but are not inclined to do so in public forums and the Internet is no exception. While men have no problems strongly voicing their opinions and disagreeing with each other, women still feel apologetic for having a different view or for even voicing an opinion that others might not agree with or take offence to. In my opinion this is exactly what is going on here. We all know this is a mostly female-oriented blog and I think CBB would be doing a great disservice to women by not allowing them to voice their opinions, even if they are critical of someone’s parenting style. I personally love Camryn Manheim, I think she’s a great role model and I think it’s sweet how she still carries/lifts her son, but I certainly do not take offence to others feeling different; it makes the “conversation” that much more interesting. We don’t all have to be “yes women”. Go into any male oriented blog and you’ll certainly see the differences.

Lauren on

I agree with you 100%, Maya. There is a major difference between politely voicing an opposing opinion and being rude/judgmental, yet many readers here don’t seem to realize that. Personally, I could care less that Camryn is carrying Milo. I could also care less that some people feel she shouldn’t, especially since those who don’t think she should be carrying him were nothing but polite. There is no reason for those women’s comments not to be published, in my opinion; there is nothing rude, inflammatory, or offensive about them, and I doubt Camryn would give a damn if she read their posts. Yet if they had written their comments Tuesday, they would not have been published. I’m sorry, but I think that’s completely ridiculous. I have never come across a nicer blog than CBB and always enjoyed it because I was able to read opposing opinions that weren’t completely outragous or offensive. Taking that away will be a huge disservice, imo.

Sarah’s note: “There is a major difference between politely voicing an opposing opinion and being rude/judgmental, yet many readers here don’t seem to realize that.”

That’s what I feel like we’ve been so unsuccessful about getting across in the last 6 months. We’ve managed to cut out the name-calling, but not the rest of it. I wish more readers were able to realize you (and Maya’s) points.

An additional reason we need to cut back on moderating comments is that I am pursuing a new job and I will no longer be working full-time on CBB. So there’s another thing to be aware of if comments/new posts are slow-going. If Danielle starts working on the site more day-to-day, or if some of our contributors begin working more hours, we’ll re-assess the situation if someone becomes available to moderate a debate/discussion.

Basically it’s a combination of reader complaints/lack of time/not liking the nit-picky direction the comments have taken on, etc, and we need to make a change for the time-being, at least.

gargoylegurl on

I’m pleased to hear there will be some changes to the CBB comments.
I’ve been enjoying this Web site for a couple of years now. Lately, the judgmental comments have really started to bug me.
I don’t think the change will make the comment threads boring. Unless I’m understanding it wrong, I don’t think CBB is saying we have to agree with everything in a particular article/photo, rather we just need to watch how we state our opinion. I think it might be better to keep it as a “we” or “I” when making a comment. That way it doesn’t come off so picky and judgmental towards the celeb. In my opinion, I think it’s okay to state your personal parenting preference, it’s just the difference between saying: “This is how I think it should be.” vs. “They shouldn’t be doing that.” Just my two cents…8)

Stef on

This is all so silly. After finding the site, I only continued reading it upon seeing the comments made by others which I found interesting. People see celebs doing various things and they react. I find people’s different responses to parenting and children to be fascinating. It’s the only site I’ve found where discussion of celebs was at all cerebral (versus the straight rudeness and name-calling at such sites as Perez and x17).
If I wanted to hear people ooh and ahh over how cute babies are, I’d head over to a Mommy and Me class. Admiring babies is all well and good, but it does not make good conversation after a while and can be alienating to some. Also, observational comments about celebrities (“Here’s so-and-so at such-and-such event”) are a dime a dozen in the 25 celeb mags that are out every week.
I’m all for censoring the downright rude comments, but to take out any amount of opinion will make discussion here dry toast.

Annoyomus on

ITA with gargoylegirl! I too am extremely glad that there will be some changes to the CBB comments. One of the main reasons I actually read the comments on CBB is because they are moderated. Like gargoylegirl, all of the judgemental comments here on CBB lately have been getting to me.

I also agree with gargoylegirl that I don’t think the CBB staff are asking us to suddenly agree with everything we see/read in a post, or to suddenly start posting only comments like, “She’s soooo cute!”. I think that we just need to be more careful about the way we word our posts, and try to use “I” statements as gargoylegirl said.

All of that said, I would like to suggest to the CBB staff to, if at all possible, post some sort of announcement about the change in comment policy on the main page, since not everybody reads the comments on every single post, and therefore not everyone who reads CBB is neccesarily going to be aware of the change. If this isn’t possible because of time constraints or other reasons, I understand completely. Just a friednly suggestion. 🙂

S on

Moderate the comments as you feel they should be moderated. Personally I feel that if you are posting something that you wouldn’t personally say to someone’s face, then you have no business posting it anyway. When I saw the number of comments on this post, I automatically knew they would mostly be about her holding her son. I don’t see what the big deal with her holding her 6 year old is. Were you never held as children? I think we can use a little more love in our lives.

Audrey on

I’m confused, I don’t understand why if somebody disagrees with the way someone is doing something that its disrespectful, of course we all have our own ways, nobody does everything the same, so if we think something is silly why can’t we just say so? I mean just because someone doesn’t agree on something, doesn’t make it wrong does it? doesn’t mean someone is being rude or mean (of course flat out just mean I am all for editing), someone might say an opinion is picky like gargoylegirl (just using it as an example) but to others its simply an opinion. I’m not trying to start a fight at all, I love and I will always visit, but it seems the new rules will mean nobody’s allowed to have an opinion, and all anyone will be able to say is things like “that baby is so cute ect ect” so isn’t not being able to have an opinion going against the original rules?

Lauren on

Sarah, I completely understand and respect that your having a new job will mean you need to spend less time on CBB, and I know you probably have a lot of pressure on you since you say so many readers are complaining to you. I just find it very interesting that CBB is by far the kindest blog I’ve ever come across, yet I have never come across a blog where readers whine so much about other posters being judgmental. You want to see what a real rude post looks like? Go to TMZ, Perez Hilton, JustJared, or pretty much any other celeb gossip site on the net. CBB has been by far the best in terms of allowing people to disagree politely, and giving in to a bunch of people who are unable to grasp the concept that disagreeing with someone does not necessarily mean they are being rude is not the way to go. I was taught early on that not everyone is going to agree with my opinions, accept it, and move on. Obviously, many readers here missed the same lesson, and that is nobody else’s problem but their own.

gargoylegurl on

Lauren, I think you make some very valid points. I too have visited some of the sites you mention, and you’re right, some of the comments are just despicable. CBB is, for the most part, a respectful gossip site, that’s part of why I continue to visit.

I don’t comment a whole lot, I guess I prefer to lurk, and I really enjoy reading the comments. Sometimes people will point things out that I may not have considered and I like the differing points of view. I just feel we can disagree in a way that is not preachy, disrespectful or judgmental. That, in my opinion, is what sets CBB apart from those “other” sites. And keeping a check on the comments will prevent it from becoming like so many of those nasty mean-spirited blogs.

Judy Johnson on

I thoroughly enjoy Ms. Manheim on “Ghost Whisperer” and the “Practice”. I understand that she has come out with a line of clothing. Has she worn any of them in any episodes? Would like to know where I might buy them. Thank you. Judy Johnson at