Rumer Willis surprised family with platinum hair

09/28/2007 at 04:32 PM ET

Nineteen-year-old Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, stunned her parents and sisters, Scout, 16, and Tallulah, 13, when she dyed her brunette hair platinum blonde.

I came home and my parents were really shocked when I walked in the house. My sisters looked at me like, “What? Your hair!” But everyone, my parents, loved it.

Rumer changed her hair after wearing a blonde wig in the movie I Know What Boys Like, and admitted she likes the lighter shade, despite the seven hours she spent in her hairstylist’s chair.

Honestly, it just took a long time. I got there at like 1 [p.m.], and I didn’t leave until 8 p.m. I have really dark hair, so it took a long time, but it didn’t really hurt.

I got the idea because the movie I just finished, I was wearing a blonde wig, so I saw myself like that. And I just went for it. I always find that whenever I’m doing something big in my life, I want to change the hair.

I Know What Boys Like, co-starring Colin Hanks, 29, son of Tom Hanks, is scheduled for release next year.

Source: People


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Nineveh on

I think that is a terrible shade of blonde. Does nothing for her. She should really grow her hair out (in her natural color).

poppy on

She looks good with the blonde hair, I think it makes her look feminine.

morgan on

Im not a fan of the blonde on her. She makes a gorgeous brunette! She should stick with that. Its sort of yellow-y looking, and sort of washes her out. It’s always nice to have a change, ive done it myself!

itsme on

Seriously, who cares? She’s the not-so-attractive child of celebrities. She’s not famous and shouldn’t be….

Liza on


Blonde isnt bad for her BUT she needs a toner, stat. Her stylist needed to send her home with some purple shampoo too. I’ll hook her up, lol

Kim on

I think she looks terrible with that blond hair color. It looks more like a copper or a brass blond color than “blond blond”. She needs to do another dye job to get a more correct type of blond b/c if you put 1-2 color treatments on a dark brunette color, it will come out to a copper or brass blond color than to a real blond color.

An I found the part of her saying “It didn’t really hurt” , well of course it didn’t hurt Rumor! You’re not getting brain surgery when you get your hair colored. I have had my hair colored many times and not once did it hurt or did I ever get the thought of it going to hurt.

gianna on

Blonde isn’t a good look for her IMO.

KW on

Yikes, much too brassy, IMO. You would think with the money she probably paid to have this done (and all the time it took), that it would look as natural as possible. Nope. Back to the chair, Rumer!

diana on

I saw her on TMZ and she slouches, not very good for her. I hope all goes well w/ her. The blonde is…eh.

sil on

I doesn’t look natural, imo. She looked better brunette.

Jen on

She would look great with a brown color. Not theblack and not he platinum, just something with brown and caramel tones in it. Something to compliment that perfect skin. 🙂

Luciana on

I really thought she couldn’t get any worse… my mistake!
Blonde doens’t look good on her at all..

kayleigh on

7 hours is a long time just to get your hair dyed…mine is done within 3 hours and that’s for a full head of hair (to be dyed) aswell as highlights and a cut…imo, the blonde doesn’t do anything for her.

nicksmomma on

You guys remember when Lindsay Lohan first dyed her hair blonde from dark red or whatever color it was prior to blonde? That’s kind of what her hair looked like. It doesn’t look real, it almost looks like a wig or something. If she is happy with it, then good for her. But in my opinion, she looked much better as a brunette.
I hadn’t really heard her talk before, I just saw pictures of her in magazines with her parents and stuff, but I saw an interview with her on E! news the other day, and she is very well spoken. I was impressed. :0)