Miley Cyrus provides dad with 'rules'

09/28/2007 at 03:54 PM ET

Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, 46, joked with OK! at the City of Hope’s Spirit of Life Awards Dinner in West Hollywood about his daughter, Miley, 14, and her road rules as they prepare to tour.

She gives me some rules, yeah. Our rule, as her daddy and best friend, is to have fun and enjoy this wonderful opportunity and just be happy.

He quickly admits that he has a few rules for Miley to follow as well.

Miley’s tour begins in St. Louis on October 18. The Hannah Montana star is looking forward to spending time at each tour location. She said:

Iā€™m excited to go to Florida because every time we go, we go to Seaside, and I think Iā€™m going to learn how to snowboard in a couple places where there are actually slopes.

Source: OK!


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Beki on

She seems like such a nice down-to-earth kid. Good for her.

sil on

My daughter is 2yrs 1/2 and she adores Hannah Montana! she dance all the songs…and I like her too šŸ˜‰

Jen on

He certainly knows how to pick his haircuts. ;P

Nikki on

Im almost 20 and I LOVE Miley!! Lol.

I would go to the tour but I don’t want to be around all those screaming kids šŸ˜›

EmO cHicK on

I honestly freakin’ hate you hannah montana. You’re nothing, but a whore. Why cuz when you found out that you were pregnant, you said that it was an accident. Should of never had sex in the first place. Oh and all you do is brag about yourself also. Get a hold of life and notice that some people don’t have those chances that famous people like you obviously.