Gene Simmons will not spoil children

09/28/2007 at 08:00 AM ET

KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently asserted he will not allow his children, Nick, 18, and Sophie, 15, to live off his fortune. The fifty-eight year old rock star wants his children to make their own money and have careers, as opposed to living off the millions he earned with KISS.

What I wanna do is what every bird does in its nest — it forces the kids to go out there and figure it out for themselves.

By the way, in terms of an inheritance and stuff, they’re gonna be taken care of, but they will never be rich off my money. Because every year they should be forced to get up out of bed and go out and work and make their own way.

The point is, there’s gonna be a yearly allowance so that their rent and their food and all that stuff’s gonna be taken care of, but if you want riches, you should do that yourself — you should never thank your parents, “I was born into money.” “Well, that’s nice, but what have you done lately?” Because I don’t want them to say, “Thanks, dad, for making me rich.” No, you wanna be able to stand on your own two feet and say, “I did that."

Gene, his partner Shannon Tweed, and the children appear in the A&E reality show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, documenting life as a rock-star family. 

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Tracy on

I think that’s a great idea. He’s taking care of them of course, but they hopefully won’t be those spoiled rotten rich kids we all know so well… (no names here, but I’m sure you know who)

T.B on

his son is such a mini-me. plus, i love his shirt. 😛

Lissette on

Love his attitude. From what I’ve seen on their show they seem like great, down to earth kids. I still envy their yearly allowance though!

Anna on

He and Shannon are such a breath of fresh air by comparison to the “Hogan’s” and “Osbourne’s”. It’s nice to see parents who *gasp* actually parent their kids. Make sure that they are responsible and *gasp* accountable for their actions. And instill in them that they need to *gasp* do SOMETHING to make a contribution to this world, other than take up space and expect fame and fortune because of who their family is.

If anything, Gene & Shannon’s kids shun the spotlight outside of the “tv gig” that they’ve got right now. You don’t see them out partying (illegally), getting into trouble, wreckless driving and the like.

They’ll actually turn out, by all indicators, to be decent human beings to go forward into the world. Which is something that every parent strives for…but some celebrity parents don’t seem to understand.

Congratulations to Gene & Shannon. They’re doing a great job raising bright, intelligent, level-headed individuals! Thank you for the positive example!

Natalie S. on

Bravo Gene!! That makes sense. I think that’s great he has a plan for his children and they will learn alot more by standing on their own two feet.

elisabeth on

These are my 2 fav celeb kids. I just think they are great. They both have such natural humor and sweetness about them. They are just great people. They show such respect for there parents so glad they did not fall into that hollywood crowed. Bravo Shannon and Gene these are 2 kids to be proud of.

lilkunta on

This is a lie. Have you all seen his show? His house? He/Shannon most certainly are spoiling Nick & Sophie.

Gene flew Sophie to Europe & paid various modelling agency reps 2 work with Sophie among other things.

I agree with showing your kids that they have to work just as he did with KISS, but practice what you preach before putting out a statememnt thay you dont follow !

Josie Kay on

I LOVE the Simmons. Gene is so straight forward with the kids and Shannon. You can also tell that they have him around those little fingers.

The episode where he and Shannon got their plastic surgery the kids took care of them. They also travel as a family and prefer it that way. Those kids are 2 of the most down to earth, funny, responsible, loving & caring celeb kids that we see…maybe it’s the fact that we DON’T see them all the time!

Anyway I LOVE the Family Jewels and I watch it every week…LOL at some of the stuff Gene tries to get away with!

~~Josie Kay~~

joemama127 on

Thats great that he wants them to make their own fortunes….but anyone thinking these kids will have the same challenges as any other kids is kidding themselves. (no pun intended)

The part where he admits that their rent/food will be taken care of says it all…it is much easier to follow your dreams when you don’t have to worry about the basics…not to mention the doors that will already be open because of who they are.

Once again, it’s good that Gene is doing it this way but…it’s not quite what it seems either.