Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman leave Magnolia

09/28/2007 at 10:46 PM ET

Songstress Christina Aguilera, 26, and husband Jordan Bratman were spotted affectionatelyholding hands and smiling as they leave Magnolia restaurant inHollywood after a late afternoon lunch today. Earlier in the day, Christina did a photoshoot, hence the heavier-than-usual eye makeup.

Photos by INF.

Click below for a close-up.


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angie on

Girlfriend needs a BRA!

gianna on

She looks nice

Misti on

She’s starting to look a lot rounder now. Cute.

Ashleigh Kean on

i love christina. i reckon she going to have a boy.

Ruby Dellson on

Most definitely a natural beauty.

diana on

She looks so adorable and she is a wonderful singer and one of the best, but if I were her I would have taken off the heavy make-up. She doesn’t even need a lot anyways just a fresh look after photo shoots.

me on

The makeup is not heavier than usual. She always cakes it on. Ditto for the fake and bake.

Luciana on

She is beautiful, I love her voice, she doesn’t look like 5/6 months pregnant, she looks great.. but she should stop with the tan. She looks so.. orange!

Dana on

It is funny to see her pregnancy progression. She is due the same day as my sister, who is also having her first child. My sister already looks 9 months pregnant even though she has only gained about 10 pounds. Christina barely looks pregnant in these pics.

Nikki on

I guess opposites really DO attract!

Christina is so dang beautiful!

bell on

I love that second picture. She is so pretty.

larira on

Christina definitely looks pregnant! If you look at her hands and ankles, you’ll see she has water retention already, she looks a bit bloated. And her boobs! To be honest, I think she doesn’t look comfortable in those pictures.. she is beautiful though!

Alex on

Wow…she has hips now. lol. She looks pretty.

morgan on

Those shoes are hot, hot, hot! I love them, don’t even want to think about how much those cost though!! I have a bad enough bad habit, i dont need a shoe one too!

Her belly is tiny compared to Nicole Richies, although Nicole looks like she just recently “popped”. Maybe Cristina will be not so far behind!

FC on

She’s definitely filling out, boobs, face. Definitely has that hourglass shape going for her. She looks good. 🙂 Now, if only she’d cut back on the fake bake. It just takes away from her, making her look orange way too much.

Jessica on

I swear I can see through that dress in her boob area. Maybe I’m imagining it though…

I wonder why she won’t show off her belly like Nicole does – is is such a beautiful thing!

Vanessa on

She’s looking great but honestly…start wearing a bra.

gianna on

She looks good

Ivey on

She reminds me a little bit of Gwen Stefani with her hair and makeup. I’d prefer it if they were both a little more natural, but I guess thats show biz for ya!

Annoyomus on

Vanessa- It is very possible that Christina IS, in fact, wearing a bra. I know that I’ve experienced the same type of “showing” (the nipples, not the big, bloated boobs. LOL!) even with a bra….and unlike Christina, I’m not even pregnant! The fact of the matter is, nipples sometimes show whether you want them to or not, even if you’re not wearing a bra. Perhaps Christina was cold, or maybe being pregnant has caused her to “pop out” a little more in that area.

terri on

Her dress looks a little like lingerie. I like it except for the snake design. That’s weird. She’s really showing now.

Sylvana on

Christina looks beautiful.
I love her dress.
And that little bump is so cute. I think she will be a fab mom.

Elaine on

I think its probably just me, but in the most recent pictures of her I think she looks like she is about to barf! I think its her pale face (well, pale as a contrast with her heavy eyes and lip make-up!), and wan wee smile that gives me that impression. I was about the same stage of pregnancy as her this time last year, and I was showing about the same amount, but also suffering the worst stage of morning sickness. Good luck to her anyway.