Update: Giveaway: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Treat – Out on DVD 8/28

09/27/2007 at 10:40 AM ET

Buzzybumblebeecostume_4549Update: The winners of the DVDs are Katie, whose sons, 1 and 3, will be plain and peanut M&Ms and dog will be a Tootsie Roll, and Robyn, whose 4 year old daughter will be a "kimono princess" and 2 year old will be a bumblebee

Diisney_mickey_mouse_clubhousePut on your costume, grab your goody bag and join Mickey and his pals for spooktacular Halloween fun and watch the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Mickey’s Treat, out on DVD from Walt Disney Home Entertainment on August 28th.


Mouskeready, mouskeset… here we go! Everyone’s invited toBig Pete’s Halloween party. But the gang needs to reach Trick-Or-TreatTower before the moon is full, or the gates will lock and the partywill be over before it even starts. Can they get through the foggywoods, past the Candy Corn Patch and over the drawbridge in time? Withyour help — and the right mousketools – they might make it! JoinMickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Pluto for three magicalmouseketales that celebrate the power of teamwork, caring and sharing.

Plus, as a special bonus treat, blast off with the Little Einsteins™on a high-spirited Halloween adventure. Overflowing with music,laughter and nonstop fun for the whole family, MICKEY’S TREAT will makethe Mickey Mouse Clubhouse your favorite haunt on Halloween or any timeof the year!

Bonus features include a bonus episode of "A LittleEinsteinss™ Halloween" and DVD-ROM Halloween Party Planning Activities:"Spooky Clubhouse Cookbook" and "Creepy Clubhouse Character Stencils."

Check out these clips: Trailer, Woods, Extended Clip, and these Activities.

To enter to win one of three DVDs, post a comment with whatyour family will be dressing as for Halloween this year.  If youhaven’t figured it out yet, tell us what your kids wore last year forHalloween.  And post a link to a post of your costumes if you have it!

Last year, Anya was a chicken and the year before, at 2 weeks old, she was a pea in a pod. This year I think she might wear a traditional Vietnamese ao daithat my mother-in-law gave us, if it still fits.  I know it’s notreally a costume but I can’t think of any other time for her to wear itand it’s so cute.

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Mom of twins on

I have B/G twins that will be going as an angel and devil.

Bridget on

No idea what my nephew will be this year but he was an incredibly adorable Winnie the Pooh last year. Here is a picture of his “fitting” for the costume:

Lynn on

I do not know what we will be this year. But last year my stepson who was 7 & 1/2 was a dinosaur & my stepdaughter who was 5 was a lion.

Angie on

I think we will probaby do Harry Potter again. this will be my oldests 6th halloween and he has only once went as something other then Harry Potter. his first year at 9 mos he was a pumpkin. my daughter is just about big enough to wear his older HP cloak and my hubby really wants to get a dumbldore costume. plus we r in alaska and u can layer stuff up really good underneath a cloak like snowpants ect

Lynette White on

This year my 18 month old son is going to dress up as a boxer, my 4 1/2 year old daughter is going to be a high school musical cheerleader and I’m going to be either a cat or a bunny. I’ll be 8 months preggers then and when I think of preggos, cats or bunnies always come to mind because they are SUPER fertile and always preggo!! LOL 🙂 Much like me these past two years!! My daughter is trying to sucker my hubby into being Superman but he’s resisting because of the tights!! 🙂

Amy on

Last year my son was 3.5 years old and he wore the chicken costume from Old Navy. http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=37425&pid=505538

He’s not sure what he wants to be this year.

My daughter will be 5 months old on Halloween this year and Babies R Us has a cute flower costume I’d like to get for her. It’s pink fleece with ladybugs on it and the hood has petals. It’s adorable!

simona on

my 4 year old is debating between batman and “black spiderman”. My 20 month old gets to wear big brother’s hand-me-down (but still very cute!) pumpkin costume 🙂

Colleen on

Snow white and the 7 dwarves. We did this last year and it was too cute! DH and I plus the 6 kids, and when asked where the 7th dwarf was- we said Sleepy was home sleeping.

winkster on

Last year, my son was Elvis. He wants to be Mickey Mouse this year.

USZ on

My son will most likely be an elephant (his favorite animal) or a lion. I have to figure out what I can make better!

Last year he was baby Wavy Gravy…or a whimsical clown. Here he is in all of his glory: http://fabulousflyingzamoras.blogspot.com/2006/10/tricky-treater.html

Robyn on

Karin on

Last year my daughter (who is 2 1/2 now) dressed up as a cowgirl. The year before that she was a “fairy fly”. This year, I’m not sure what she’ll be, but I’ve been thinking about Minnie Mouse since she LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 🙂

Katie on

This year for Halloween my two boys, ages 3 and 1, are dressing up as plain and peanut M&Ms. Our family dog will be dressing up as a tootsie roll.

Leticia on

My daughter Brianna last year for her first Halloween she was a little pumkin, this year we already brought her outfit since it was soo cute and it was selling out fast at Gymboree this is the link to the costume.

Cindie Bacon on

Last year my daughter was 2.5, and my son was not quite 1. She dressed up as Minnie, and he dressed up as Mickey! They were ADORABLE! This year she is going to be a princess, and I wanted to dress up my son as Prince Charming but my husband says no way!

Jennifer on

This year my 2-year-old son, Jack, will be dressing as Mickey Mouse! And my now 4-month old daughter will probably be a baby crab. So cute!

Anne on

Last year my daughter was a unicorn. This year she is going to be Shirley Temple. We’ve got a dress similar to the one she wore when she sang “On the Good Ship Lollipop”, and my daughter is obsessed with the song!! I’m also going to make a giant lollipop for her to carry.

regina on

My daughter Kaylee was a lobster for her first Halloween and then she was a pirate this last year. Kaylee is going to be little red riding hood, her father is going to be the Big Bad Wolf and I will be dressing up as the old little granny ! We cant wait this is our favorite time of the year !!!

Gayle Gutierrez on

My grand-daughter McKenna Grace is going as DeeDee Doodle from the Doodlebops, she loves them so much and is going to see them in concert on March. 2008. But she also loves Mickey Mouse too. I guess being only 21 months old, she loves any cartoon.

Caroline on

This will be my son’s first Halloween-he will be ten months old in October. My family is having a costume party and I wanted for my son and I to be in coordinating outfits. I made my own Cruella de Ville outfit and little Nathan will be a dalmatian…too cute!

Colleen on

I haven’t figured out what Miles is going to be this year. Last year he was a lion!

Ashley P. on

For 2005, I was 9 months pregnant so my son (we painted my belly) was a pumpkin! Last year, my son was Squirt, the turtle from Finding Nemo. Some pictures:

This year, it’s my husband’s turn to pick so my son will be Remy, the rat from Ratatouille!

We love Disney as you can tell!

Jodi on

This year my daughter will be a witch with striped tights and her rubber ducky that is also dressed like a witch. Last year she was Cinderella, the year before she was Tinkerbell, and her first Halloween she was a pumpkin!

candy on

this will be my son’s first halloween..i’m sooo exited lately he has been hooked on mickey mouse clubhouse and with the “hot dog” song …so for his first year we got him a mickey mouse costume he looks so adorable ..his b-day is in nov. so he will were it when he goes to disneyland for his b-day…
gutierrez family

Jen on

For Halloween 2007 my 8 year old daughter will be a blushing bride, complete with veil and bouquet! My 5 year old daughter is going to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, she will wear a yellow gown with her hair up and she will hold a single red rose. My two year old son will be going as a cowboy on a horse. We are all very excited and can’t wait for Halloween!

Jennifer on

This year my daughter is going to be a ladybug. Daddy wants her to wear the witch costume she wore last year since it was too big then and fits just right now, but I can’t bring myself to have her wearing the same costume two years in a row! For her first real Halloween(she was less than a month old for her first Halloween), she was a Pumpkin.

jennifer trussell on

My 6 yo is going to be Wendy and her little 2 yo sister is going to be Tinkerbell!

Amanda on

My 3 year old is going to be Cinderella and my 1 year old is going to be a pumpkin 🙂

ab on

What a great DVD! My girls are still undecided for this year on what to wear. Last year my older daughter was a coygirl and the younger was a very sweet Minnie Mouse. The year before that they dressed together — the older as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and her litte sister was Toto!

Melissa on

My girls are going to be Glinda the good Witch and Dorthy from wizard of Oz. Last year one was a monkey and one was Violet from the Incredibles.

Nicole on

My 2 year old loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and we’ve just recently decided that rather do the hand me down Thomas the Tank Engine costume we saved from his big brother, we are going to spring for the Mickey costume from Disney Store. We still haven’t decided what our 5 year old is going to be. Last year he was Buzz Lightyear.

Krista on

This year for Halloween, my husband, 2 1/2 year old son and I will be vampires. We’ve been doing the “theme” costumes.

Last year we were superheroes. My husband was Batman, our son Robin and I was Batgirl.

The year before our son was a 7 month old was a Cowardly Lion, my husband the Scarecrow and I was Dorothy. We figured we would do the themes a few more years before our son refuses. 🙂

Ami D. on

We are not sure of what we will be this year.

My girls were all witches last year. Nice ones. Not the mean ones with green faces.

Angie Sims on

I’m not sure what we are going to dress up as this year. Last year my son was a pirate! Arrrrgh! 🙂

Janet on

This year my son is 2 and I have no clue what he’ll be yet. I have thought about Mickey since he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (in fact he’s watching it right now). Last year he was a monkey and the year before at 3 months he was a teddy bear. Unfortuantly I don’t know if he will be able to even go out this year since I’m due with #2 2 days after Halloween.

Korrin on

My daughter is obsessed with the Disney Princesses. Last year she was Cinderella, this year Sleeping Beauty. My son will be Jack Sparrow. Hopefully my little pirate will resist the urge to chase poor Sleeping Beauty with his sword…

Lisa on

Our 2 year old daughter will be dressing as MINNIE MOUSE this year! We already splurged on her costume at the Disney store & she (and we) can’t wait! Since we splurged on that, we would love to win the DVD for her to save some money!

She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse SO much that everyone that knows her already guessed that she’ll be MINNIE this year before we told them!

Thanks for reading our comment and considering us for the DVD!

Paulina on

Last year, at 3 months old, my daughter was a cow. This year, she will either be a pink poodle (from Old Navy) or a flamingo (from Babystyle).

Meg on

my daughter will be a ladybug, my husband will be a sunflower, and i will be yielding the camera. 🙂

Heather Slater on

My two year old is SO excited about Halloween. He will be Buzz Lightyear after becoming obsessed with the character during a trip to Disney this spring. Our 8 year old will be Jack Sparrow and our 6 year old will be the Red Power Ranger.

Linda on

My children are going to be Pebbles and Bamm Bamm! My daughter is 2 and my son will be 7 months at Halloween.

Amber Smith on

My twins are going to be Buzz Lightyear and Alien Stitch and my youngest is going to be Tigger or something else if we decide to buy him a new costume.

Carrie on

With my five year old, we’ve done a bumblebee (8 mos), a pumpkin (20 mos), Peter Pan (almost 3), Superman (almost 4), King Peter from Narnia (almost 5). This year he says he wants to be a warrior ninja (whatever that is). My two year old has been Superbaby (3 mos) and a monkey (15 mos). This year, I think we’re going for the PB Kids spider costume.

Cynthia on

My 2.5-year old son is going as Peter Pan this year!
Last year he was Blue, from Blue’s Clues, and the year before he went as Baby Yoda!

Wonderlom on

I have three boys. This year after our beach vacation, my oldest (age 3) became obsessed with pirates. He is going to be the Pirate Captain, my 2 year old is going to be his first mate (he was sold by the pretend sword in the costume we bought him) and we found the cutest parrot costume for our four month old. They’re already talking about the “treasure” they’re going to get on Halloween!

Jen on

My 9 month old DS is going to be Chick (from Babystyle). My 3 year old DD is going to be Cinderella, Ariel or a Care Bear. She can’t decide.

Dannette on

My 10 year old son will be black spiderman. My 2 year old will maybe be spiderbaby and my daughter will be whatever costume she can throw together at 13 years old. If I can find a mickey mouse costume,2 year old will be that. Mickey is his favorite!!

atsirk17 on

Last year, my almost (at that time) 2-year old was Elmo, and my 5-year old was Wolverine, the Super Hero. This year, my almost 3-year old will be Nemo, and my 6 year old cannot make up his mind. As for me, I am pregnant, so I think we will do some belly painting…pumpkin, anyone?

I don’t have any pictures accessible right now, but believe me, they were CUTE! My boys love Mickey Moust Clubhouse, even with their 3-year age difference. I saw this advertised, but I will wait to purchase it because we would really love to win it!

jen on

Madison: a witch, Sydney: a princess, Calleigh: Elmo, and Katie: Marie the Cat.

Jessica on

My 22 month old son is planning on dressing up as Mickey Mouse this year for Halloween! I think I might dress up a Minnie Mouse just for fun! Aidan is obssessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and he has been since he was like 12 months old. I’m trying to get my Hubby in on the fun and dress up too, as Goofy of course!

Christina on

Last year ds was Ben Rothleisberger and dd was the Barbie princess from her latest movie. This year we are trying to get them to dress up as cowboy/cowgirl.

Lootie on

My son will be 3.5 for this Halloween and his costume is still TBD. But so far, he’s been a hot dog, a doctor and a fireman. Right now, he’s torn between a ninja or a Power Ranger!

Marina on

My son Rhys (2 /12) will be Darth Vader and my son Riley (5) will be Boba Fett. We’re sticking with the Star Wars theme.

Melanie on

This will be my baby girl’s first halloween and she is going to be Minnie Mouse. I can’t wait. Her birthday is in November and we are going to have a Minnie Mouse party too. That way she can wear her outfit then too. My son is 3 and loves the Mickey Mouse clubhouse in fact he is watching it now. I think, he is going to be Spiderman. It changes everyday.

Elana on

My oldest daughter (9) is going to be a wicked witch…My middle daughter (3 and a half) has decided to be Snow White, Cinderella, Belle AND Minnie Mouse!!!…Apparently she thinks she’s going to change costumes after every house she visits…Such a diva!…Mommy says she’s going to be Cinderella, though, since that’s the only costume we have and I’m certainly not about to go out and buy 3 more for her!…My baby (who will be just over 9 months) will be either a pumpkin or a baby Minnie Mouse…Both of my other daughters were pumpkins for their first Halloween, so I’m tempted to stick w/ tradition; however, we went to Disney World about 4 weeks ago, and the baby just totally fell in love w/ Minnie Mouse, so I’m considering it…Anyways, can you tell we’re HUGE Disney fans in my house?!?…We’d LOVE to have the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD 😉

Gina on

Last year Jackie (my 9yr old) went as the Little Mermaid. She had the whole outfit. Sandy (my then 13 year old) went with her Girl Scout troop and trick-or-treated for Unicef. She was a witch. This year all of a sudden Jackie has gotten into the Disney Princesses so I think she’ll be either Cinderella or Belle.

Crissi on

i have 2 year old and 6month old sons. Last year my oldest was the tom arma Skunk. This year i am dressing them like Nemo and Squirt from finding nemo.

Jessica on

My two oldest boys want to be Pirates…. Depending if its already cold or not.. my lil girl will be a carebear or a fairy….

Jessica on

This year my daughter, who will be 2 by Halloween, is going to be a black cat. She is obsessed with cats. If you ask her something she answers with a “Meow,” so I think a cat will be perfect 🙂 I am thinking of dressing up like a little old lady, so she can be my cat 🙂

Erin on

This year my 4 year old daughter will be Tinkerbell and her 1 year old brother will be Captain Hook!

Denise on

Last year, my two boys were a Ninja and the Hulk. My daughter was Cinderella. This year, not sure yet, as we have another daughter (5 months) to add to the list!

Liesl on

Wow, my son loves the clubhouse!!! We’re going as Pirates of the Carribean. My almost 4-year old is going as Jack Sparrow. So is my husband. I will improvise an Elizabeth Swann pirate costume because I didn’t like the ones for sale. My son also has a Captain Feathersword costume he likes to wear for the Wiggles concerts, so we have it as a back-up (we’re doing trick or treating at the Zoo as well). Last year he wore a Spiderman costume.

TigMode on

My kids share a birthday, 2 years apart, the day before Halloween. SInce they’ll be 2 and 4 this year, I figure it’s the last year I can get them both to be cute, since my boy is starting to get into superheroes. My plan is for my big bioy to be Pooh and my little daughter to be Piglet! Ttoal score for me on the cuteness scale if I can get a great pic of them together holding hands!

Last year he was a teddy bear and she was the same chicken as your daughter.

Susie on

Last year my son was the cutest Chicken Little in town for his first Halloween. My husband insisted on chosing this costume, so I gave in! It turned out great as he was the only baby that we saw dressed as Chicken Little. Last night he saw parts of the movie at his Grandma’s house and seemed to enjoy it!
We have yet to decide what he will be this year. In October we will be taking him to Disneyworld for the first time to meet Mickey and Friends.

Caryn on

My husband and I don’t usually dress up for Halloween but this year we have a baby so we’re going to dress him up as Tigger! I don’t think we’ll dress up but I can’t wait to see my baby boy all dressed up!

Sarah M. on

Well, this is my daughter’s 2nd Halloween, but last year she was only 4 months old so we didn’t take her out. This year, I would love to dress her up as a fairy or like a ladybug. I don’t know, but I’m sure it will be fun!

Amber H. on

My 14 month old daughter is going to be Pebbles this year! I am making the costume for her and we might even dress our mini dachshund up as Dino. She was a pumpkin last year…the costume was from One Step Ahead and she was so adorable in it!

Sarah F. on

Last year my daughter was Stitch from Lilo & Stitch… she really acts like him now that she’s 2.


J. Sexton on

My kids and I will be going as the ladybugs on the way to the ladybug picnic. The kids each have their own ladybug costumes and then I will dress up in black pants, a red top and my ladybug wings and antennae. I will also bring a picnic basket with some fake food.

Doris Carrillo on

My 3yr old daughter will be Minnie Mouse. She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Playhouse at the moment. I bought her the yellow glitter Minnie Mouse “pumps” at the Disney Store this weekend, and she looks so adorable imitating Minnie dancing on the show.

kelly on

This year my daughter will be Sleeping Beauty and I will be dressing up as Belle. Her bday is a week before and it is a princess party so we will wear the costumes on that day first. Last year she was JoJo.

Megan on

I just bought the cutest little mermaid costume at old navy for Ella. I haven’t picked my costume yet but since I haven’t quite lost all the baby weight yet maybe a whale would be appropriate.:)

butterfly on

My 3 y/o daughter was a sunflower and my 15 y/o son who refuses to give up on Halloween yet was a skateboarder!

Veronica on

Last year my now 4 year old was a lion and her sister, who was 9 mos. old was a lion cub. I have no idea what any of us will be this year, but can’t wait. I love Halloween!!

Stephanie on

this year my son austin (2) is going to be darth vader and my daughter alyssa (1) is going to be princess lea they will be so cute!!!!

Leslie on

My 5YO son will be Spider-man, my 4 YO son will be Spongebob and my 2 YO daughter will be Snow White. We’ve already gotten the costumes & they are so excited!!

Natalie on

This year we are going to be the mystery solving gang. We just have to decide who is going to be who, since everyone wants to Daphne!!! Although we love Mickey Mouse and the Club, so we hope to win.!!!

aBookworm on

We’re planning to go as the three little pigs 🙂

Susanna on

This year I’m trying to go the whole “homemade costume” route. I love to sew and I want to dress my son as a little gnome. Crossing my fingers!

Tara on

My dad is a big LSU fan, so my 3 daughters (5, 2, and 3mths) are going to the Harvest Festival as LSU cheerleaders. I can’t wait for him to see the pics!

Cyndi on

My daughter who was 2 last year was dressed as a cheerleader from the college my husband went to. Problem was the military base we’re stationed at is in a state where there’s only ONE college…they think. There actually are more but they only talk about the one.
Everyone was being ugly to my daughter about her wearing her cheerleader outfit from our home college and she couldn’t understand why people were saying things to her. One man even mad her cry…I was soooo mad.
For this year we haven’t decided what she’s going to be. I’m trying to decide now.

Katie on

My godson Jonathan wants to be Buzz Lightyear!

C.Loza on

My daugther will be Minnie Mouse and my son who was born this year and will be his first halloween will be dressed as Mickey Mouse 🙂

Amanda on

Oh my gosh, my boys would love this DVD! Brandon, who is 4, loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the weekends, and baby Matty, who is 7 months tomorrow, giggles when Mickey is on the screen!
We haven’t yet decided what they will dress up as this year, but last year Brandon was Thomas the train, and mommy wore a pumpkin costume to show off her belly! 😉

Amanda on

My 2 year old will be Raggedy Anne this year and my 4 year old hasn’t made up her mind yet. I have a baby due in 5 weeks so hopefully it will be warm enough here to dress him or her up too… probably as a little skunk. PS. My kids love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Or as my 2 year old calls it “Mick Cubhouse.”

Jennifer on

This year, my son wants to be a pirate and he wants my 7 month old son to be a parrot!

Kimberly on

My 3 year old is insisting on being the “Blue Ninja Turtle”, so I’ve started working on that costume. I think I will probably end up dressing my 1 year old up in a mummy costume that my mother in law has. Last year, the older one was a knight (we had gone to Europe that year and was obsessed with them after seeing them in castles) and the baby was a ‘lil devil.

Jennifer on

I have 14 month old twin girls and a three year old daughter. Last year they went as the three little pigs, and this year I’m thinking my oldest will be the Cat in the Hat and the twins will be Thing1 and Thing2!!

bonggamom on

Our family — me, my husband, 6-yr-old daughter and 3.5 yr old twin sons — will all be pirates this year!

Carol on

My kids have been talking about their customes for months! My dd, 7, is going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. My DS,4, wants to be either Mr Clean, A Cowboys football player or a mummy. My 2.5 ds simply says, “I be Elmo!”

Kim on

Two years ago I ordered a bear costume that was on clearance for less than $12. When it came I added felt circles to the ears to make it look like a mouse. Then I made a slipcover for over our Graco stroller to resemble a wedge of cheese (the stroller shape is perfect). I cut out a hole where my son’s body would be coming through and WALLA. Adorable costumed two-year old mouse in a cheese-wedge stroller. BONUS no dragging or carrying him around and he was warm and comfortable–it was pretty chilly that year.

I have a JPG photo but nowhere to post it. Email me if you want to see the final product.

OH! and I won $40 in the local halloween parade for it so it paid for itself plus some!