Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Wilkerson expecting second child

09/27/2007 at 10:10 PM ET

Update: People has confirmed that actress Melissa Joan Hart, 31, is four months pregnant with her and rocker Mark Wilkerson‘s second child, due in March. Son Mason Walter is 20 months. They’ve also given CBB a nice shout-out — thanks People!

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Originally posted September 26th: Star magazine is reporting that actress Melissa Joan Hart, 31, is three months pregnant with her and rocker husband Mark Wilkerson‘s second child.  We contacted Melissa for confirmation or denial, but she’s out of town for a little bit.

Their son Mason Walter is 20 months old. Check out the exclusive update she gave us last month.

Thanks to CBB readers Ally, Becky, and Cassie.

It seems like all of my friends whose kids are Anya and Mason’s age(18-25 months) are either pregnant with or having their second child.A 2 – 2 1/2 year age difference seems to be the sweet spot, but I can’timagine having another one right now — Anya is quite the handful forus!  (My cousin with 3 kids under 6 is probably laughing at me rightnow.) I think that 3 – 3 1/2 years will be a good spacing for us.

What is the age difference of your kids?  What do you think is the best age difference? 

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maggie on

I dont have kids yet, but my brother is 2 and a half years older, its a pretty good difference I think

Kat on

So far I would say 2 yrs apart. #1 and #2 are 26 months apart and it was amazing. #2 just turned 18 months and I am now almost 35 weeks pregnant……kind of nervous with only a 18-19 month different. She is a tough cookie right now!! Hopefully she will be similar to my first and will grow out of this little stage SOON.

Nikki on

I sure hope that’s true! They make gorgeous babies together!

Lauren22 on

More power to them if they are indeed pregnant!

I have 2 children that are just over 4 years apart in age, which I think is about the perfect age space(older child being potty trained was the BIG plus). My SIL on the other hand is expecting #5…her oldest is 4 years old, second is 2 years old and she has 5 month old twin girls. The next baby is due in April….so she will have 5 kids ages 5 and under.

Stef on

I think parents forget just how much a year is in a child’s eyes. My sister is 23 months older than me and when we were little, we always played with my two cousins (twins) who were 7 months younger than her. There was a definite dichotomy–my sister was looked to as the wise one and I was treated like the baby (against my will). Even at 3, kids know how to play the “You’re too young for this or to understand that.” So personally, I feel that to expect a child who is going on four to be able to socialize and build a bond with a child who is six months or a year old is fairly impossible.
I had a cousin who was two and a half years younger than me and, even though she was the oldest in her family and acted older, that age difference was still pretty relevant until I was 14, when we were finally able to bond as equals.
Long story short, my family (including my parents’ families) have kept to the two years in between method and it seems to work. I am close to my sister and my cousins. And my poor cousins who were only children had cousins around their own age, so it was like having siblings.
Oh,I have a cousin who has a son, 4, who is an only child, and I can just tell that he’s pretty lonely. He gets so excited when adults come over and he tries to play with them like they’re kids, but when kids come over, he’s kind of confused.
There…my rambling two cents.

Nicole on

I think 3 to 4 years is a good gap. My daughter was born the day before Melissa Joan Hart had her son. Natalie is 20 months and needs a lot of attention. I would not want sacrifice time with her. I also want her to be more independent before I get pregnant again. I think if she is good for her!

Jada on

I have 4 children who are 13, 6, 2 and 6 months. All are boys except the 2 year old. Having the two older boys so far apart has its pros & cons. There isn’t any competition in sports (they’d never be on the same team/opposing team) or schoolwork, etc but my 6 year old is always trying to “hang out” with his brother and his friends.
Having 2 under 2 (my daughter was 22 months when my son was born) is a completely different ball game! I have to say that I prefer to have them spaced out further, so Danielle, I’m with you!! We decided to have number 4 so soon since we knew he’d be our last but when the baby is going into Kindergarten our oldest will be going into college! Wow!

stephanie on

My 2 boys are 13 months apart. We found out we were pregnant with Ryan when Louie was 4 mos old. I think its a great thing. They play together (they are 21 mos and 8 mos) and Louie always looks out for his younger brother. I would have had another one the same way if I didnt have so many complications with Ryan that led me to get my tubes tied!

Shan on

My brother and I are almost seven years apart, and I am more mothering to him because of the age difference. I hope to have my kids be about 3 years apart. That seems to be a good span.

r9lee on

back in univ, i took a child developmental psych class & the prof. mentioned a 3 year gap is good as the first child needs their time w/ the parents & generally good for their development. anyhow i have a pal whose parents planned on having their 4 kids once every 5 yrs. the dad mentioned to me they would love to have them closer together but that it’d be easier on his wallet when it was time to pay for univ. tuition! 🙂

Devon on

I don’t have kids yet, but my brother and I are 16 months apart and it definitely had its pros & cons. When we were younger it was hard because he was the annoying younger brother. During high school it was good since he could come to me with girl problems, or any problems, that he didn’t want to talk to our mum about (dad wasn’t really there) and he wouldn’t be embarrassed. Now that we are older, he is my best friend. He walked me down the aisle at my wedding (dad passed away) and I am so happy to have him in my life. I’m so happy that we are so close in age because we get to experience similar things together and there is nothing like the bond between siblings.

When I have children, I plan on them being no more than 2 years apart. To me, any older and that closeness can be hard to attain. My mum and her sister are 5 years apart and they didn’t become close until a couple years ago.

Kelly on

I originally wanted a 2 year gap because I am 7 years older than my siblings, and always was jealous of my best friend having her younger sister just a year younger. Two years quickly turned into 3 years, and then here we are today with my daughter just turned 3 years old, and we are not starting to try for baby #2. I hope that 4 years will be OK in terms of their relationship…

Elizabeth on

My girls are 2 yrs and 9 months apart and we think this is great. My oldest is just old enough not to be insecure and competitive towards the baby, and she understands that the baby is delicate. She gets so excited to watch her growing up and can’t wait until they can run around together, and the baby adores her big sister and wants to play with her all the time too. Of course, its not all about spacing; personalities count a lot.

Has on

My kids are 21 months apart. It was extremely challenging the first few months (NO, don’t poke him in the eye! No, mommy can’t carry you, I have to carry brother, etc.) But it is wonderful now that they’re a bit older (29 months and 8 months) because they love to play together, and my daughter’s voice helps to calm my son down.I don’t know what we would have done in a few tough car rides without my daughter to calm my son down.

I wanted to have them closer to 5 years apart but it didn’t work out that way. Now that I have them, I think 3 years would have been better. There’s pros and cons to everything though.

Aileen on

Ive heard 3 years apart is the best gap, although I think its 4. 2 years apart may prove difficult for the parents physically..its good to wait till one is independent/potty trained. Plus, you may “want your kids to be friends” but sometimes its more exhausting to get such small kids to play nice together. The bond may not come for years and then your stuck trying to divide your time equally between two kids who dont understand.

Sara Watson on

My 2 are 16 months apart OMG talk about a handful!!!! But I wanted about 2 or 3 years between them but it didn’t work that way! but with the next one there is going to be 3 years between the youngest and the one we want in 3 years!

They are close yes, But They are great,

And i hope she is pregnant shes got the cutest little boy!!!!!

J.J. on

I agree with r9lee on the univ aspect. It would hectic to pay for college tuition if you have 4 kids close in age. Soon after one leaves, it would be time for the other to get ready! And it would be harder if they went to different colleges! If that happens, I suggest you start to try for the lottery,(lol,j/k). I’d like 2-4 kids, and I prefer, as Danielle said, to have them at least 3 years apart, and at the most 5 years. It would be good IMO because then you’ll have some time to spend with your firstborn, which will succeed well in that child’s growth and development. When that child is independent enough, then I think it would be best to consider another baby because if you have another baby soon after your first child was born, it would hard to balance the attention between the two since the newborn needs lots of attention.

kathy on

I have b/g twins and a son who is 20 mos older. It was tough at first, but honestly, when you are in that baby mode, I think it’s easier to stay in it for a while. I can’t imagine having one get out of diapers and get a little independence and have to go right back to that baby stuff again. For us, once it got easier to go places, we never went back. I loved that mine were that close in age. With all you get involved in with older kids, I think it would be hard to drag a baby around to all that stuff.

Mine are 9 and 11 now and still very close with each other.

finnaryn on

My second child, a boy, was born almost exactly 4 years after my daughter. He was due 5 days after her birth day and was born two weeks before. She was already potty trained and I didn’t have to carry her around that much, so from that aspect it was great. But they are not as close as him and my youngest son. They are slightly under 2.5 years apart. The problem there though was that I beleive having the baby delayed potty training. Yeah, they say that boys train later, but he is now 3.5 and still needs a diaper at night. We started potty training when he was 2. I would like a fourth, but I don’t want to try again until the youngest is at least 2.

gianna on

I like the 2yr age gap. It’s really cute to have kids 12 months apart because they grow up so close, but I would wanna give my body a little time to recover and enjoy the baby before I’m pregnant again within a few months. Usually between the first and second child I notice a lot of people wait 2-3yrs which is pretty good IMO. I bet Melissa is pregnant again, if so congrats to her.

Dee on

My two girls are 19 months apart (27 months and 8 months old) and so far, so good. We knew we wanted our kids to be rather close in age since it took 4 years of TTC–along with lots of tests and procedures with several specialists–to get pg with our first (naturally, as luck would have it) but we certainly didn’t expect to get pg with our second so quickly after deciding to start trying again.

The reason we wanted them closer rather than farther apart was pretty simple–I was 36 when we had our first. Time was of the essence, especially given my unexplained infertility label prior to getting pregnant! Plus, I was of the mindset that it was best to have them closer together as it would be easier for me to have two in diapers rather than have one potty-trained and then have to revisit diapers all over again with a second child.

Another plus for me, my older girl just loves “her” baby (as she calls her) and is just dying for her to hurry up and get bigger so they can play more together. I think it will be a beautiful thing to watch them (semi-) grow up together.

Remind me that I said this when, years from now, they hate each other for some trivial reason.

Elena on

My son was 26 months old when I had my daughter. Now my kids are 4 1/2 and 2 and I’m 11 weeks pregnant with #3. I love the age gap between my kids, to me it’s perfect. They have their moments like all siblings do, but they are so close and when they DO get along, LOL, they get along great. Even at this young age, they look out for each other quite a bit. There are nights when my 2 year old daughter sneaks out of her bed to go sleep with her brother, it’s too cute!

D. on

My sister is 4 years younger than me. If she had been closer to my age I think I would have hated her and been a real meanie because I had been getting all the attention from parents and grandparents. By the time my sister was born I was of doing my own thing like going to preschool, playing with my friends, and stuff. I hardly missed the attention because I had other things to do. It was great to have a “little doll” around the house, albeit a live one! I was able to help out like get a nappy when needed or feed the baby or rock to sleep in the swinging bassinet. My parents said they made the right decision in waiting 4 years between us because they knew if they had us like 2 years apart it would have caused problems like with my mum’s cousins who are about 1.5 to 2.5 years apart and there are 6 of them. My mum’s sister is 5 years older and they’ve always been very close from the start. Same with my father, he has a 6 year older sister and a 4 year younger sister and they’ve always been very close, especially the two sisters. My sister and I have always been good friends; never had any competition problems, she had her friends I had mine so she wasn’t tagging along. I see my cousin who has two children 2.5 years apart and the older boy hates his little sister and is basically a brat now when he was doing so nicely before the baby arrived. My poor cousin is running ragged trying to cope with a jealous older brother and meeting the needs of a newborn. The boy also has reverted back to his childhood as he was pretty much potty-trained and wearing the “big boy” underwear, and now he’s back to wearing the nappies all the time and has even taken to running around without his clothes and basically peeing and pooping all over the place whenever isn’t getting the attention he is used to. Like if she is feeding the baby, he will walk by with a proud look in his face and she knows right away he did something somewhere. He does it because he can’t stand the fact he’s no longer the only child and now has to compete for affection and attention from his parents. It got so bad they put him at the tender age of not quite 3 years in preschool three mornings a week just so he would get out of the house and get some social interaction with other children his age to take his mind off the “bad thing” at home (that’s his name for the baby). I know in a few years it probably all work out okay, but right now it is awful, and just reinforces my beliefs it is better to have the older child independent and having their social life (i.e., preschool, playmates, etc.) before having another kid.

mrsgrugsplat on

my boys were 2 years and 2 weeks apart when the youngest was born they are the best of friends they love eachother to death, I also made sure that Francis was involved in everything to do with his brother, they are close as anything

Amber on

My twins were almost 2 1/2 when my youngest was born. It’s a pretty good gap i think. There are times when I wish that gap had been bigger, like when I’m dealing with very stubborn 4 year olds and a nearly 2 year old entering his Terrible 2s phase. But most days it feels perfect.

Christine on

My kids are 2 years, 3 months apart and I can tell you a HUGE CON for me is that they fight NONSTOP! They are now 8 and 10, and I love them both dearly…separately…but when they’re together they’re like oil and water. AAAHHH!!!

My brother and I are 2 years apart too and fought a lot (but not as much as my kids).

There are some PROS though, that’s for sure. I ended the diapering/bottles in one big swoop. We were able to throw out baby toys and never look back. They both like the same sorts of activities so when you go out, you just plan one big event instead of several due to age differences.

If I had to do it over again, I think I would have spaced them closer to 4 years apart…but…I married an older guy and he said it was now or never, so……

Julie on

Congrats to Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Wilkerson if they are having another baby! Mason is so cute, I’m sure the next one will be adorable too!

I definitely agree about what you said Danielle, about women with kids in that age range having more kids right now. My sister has a daughter that will be 2 on Oct. 1, and she is currently 7 months pregnant (she was got pregnant last year, but she miscarrried unfortunately 😦 ). She and her husband are excited, but this will definitely be their last – they have a 12 year old (hers), a 10 year old (his), an almost 2 year old (theirs), and the new baby coming in the next few months. That should make for an interesting time! 🙂

sil on

I have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter, and we are thinking to have another child next year so there will be 4 years of difference between both. I Think a good age difference is 2 1/2 – 3, but I prefere my daughter to go to scuola materna (don’t know how to say in english, is school for 3 – 5 years old kids)so I can stay at home half of the day alone with the newborn…
My sister is 4 1/2 yrs older than me, and my brother is 8 yrs older, and we are good friends, but when I was a child I think my sister hated me! we shared the room until she got married and because of the age difference it was difficult to share the same interests (for example she was thinking in boyfriends and I was playing with my little pony!) but as soon as she got married and left the house we became best friends 🙂

Dorkiee on

Myself and my brother are 4 years apart, and one of my earliest memories was holding him for the first time just after he was born. We were always close.. until the teenage years.. and now.. not so 23, hes 19.

As for my family in general (cousins and whatnot), my gran in the september was grandchild-less. Then, end of september.. grandkid 1.. November, kid 2.. and december.. me. It kind of worked in the same with the 2nd child. All above parents had the next one around the same time.. but Jan, March and June, so there was always someone to play with. And, ironically enough, the 2nd child was the opposite to the first. Boy, girl, girl then girl, boy, boy. My family is chaos.

I also have cousins aged 10 and 11. 11 year olds birthday is dec 26th, the 10’s Dec 12th. She always has fun with the time they are “the same age”.

Anyways, hope that makes sense. And i hope to have mine 2-3 years apart.

fadila on

I was expecting my baby number 2when my son was 3 months, now they are 21 months and 9 months i can tell you : it’s really hard!!!

Fadila from paris

Emma on

From experience I have found that a 3 1/2 year age gap works really well. My eldest son has just turned 10 and the yongest is 6. When the eldest was born we planned to have a second baby 18 months – 2 years later but we didn’t manage to conceive until he was almost 3 years old, making him 3 1/2 when his baby brother arrived. Being that little bit older, he could manage without a pushchair for small journeys and was totally toilet/potty trained which made trips out a little easier than for friends of ours who were coping with 2 still in nappies/diapers and tandem/double pushchairs. All in all, it has worked really well and they are still great friends despite the age gap.

Oh, and by the way – my brother is 10 years older than me and that works OK too!

Loralee on

We have three children. A boy, then two years exactly a girl, then 16 mos later another boy. I really felt that we my daughter barely had a babyhood, but now at 11, 9, and 7 it’s great. They have built in playmates. I started having babies at 33 so I really didn’t want to wait too long. So from start to finish they’re less than 3 1/2 years apart. Whatever works for your family and remember some of us get a very special surprise we didn’t exactly plan for, but couldn’t imagine our lives without!

Nika on

I have a daughter who is 22 months and i have ALWAYS said that i want a few kids (between 3-5) and that they will all be close in age, preferrably 2 years.
I have 1 brother and there is a 5 & a half year gap between us, but it always felt like too much and it is only now that he is 18, we have become closer.

From a young age i asked my mum for a brother or sister. Even though i had plenty playmates, i longed for someone to share a room with and play games with. And i was jealous of two girl cousin’s i had who were 2 & half years apart.

But after having my daughter, i feel like waiting a little longer to have the next.
I am only about to turn 24 and although there are many girls having kids much younger than myself, i feel like i was too young and did not get to do all the things that i wanted to do before becoming a parent. So now that my daughter is getting older, i feel like i’m just getting my life back and i am still enjoying spending every day with her.

Her father has wanted us to have another one since she was born. But i’ve had to explain to him that i need to feel ready for it to happen again. Not to mention the fact that my daughter is just hitting the terrible two’s!

But in spite of all that i still plan to have the next one somewhere between my daughter’s age of 3-4. It still remains important to me to have a close gap. I would love to have another little girl for my daughter. I always wanted to have sister close in age to me and i still do.
That’s why i love to hear about family’s like heidi and seal’s, Reese witherspoon’s or Angelina and Brad’s. They have the perfect family’s to me.

Shannon on

I have four children 8, 5, 3, and 2.

The age gap between my oldest and second oldest was four years, then two years between the next two, and then 16 months between the last two.

I found it harder going from two to three children than I did going from one to two. After the initial adjustment period, everything was great.

Once you’ve got three….going to four is nothing, you’re already outnumbered so what’s adding a few more? lol

Katie on

me and my younger sister have a 2 and a half year gap my partner has a 5 year gap with his 1st younger sister and his 2nd sister he has a 13 year old gap.
I think mabey 2-3year gap is ok

ang on

i don’t have kids yet but my brother turned 29 in july. im 26 in dec so we r 3.5yrs apart.i wouldn’t do that age gap myself if i could help it. my bro got sick of me when i was about 8 so for the last 17yrs i’ve been playing & hanging by myself(cept for friends obviously).any more than 2.5yrs is hard i think, especially when siblings aren’t same-sex.i have a girl cousin who is 6wks younger than me n we’ve been friends our whole lives which has been cool.she lives about 2hrs from me though so i don’t see her much.

congrats to melissa & mark if they r…..

Angi on

My son will be 6 in Dec and I am 12 weeks pregnant with his little brother or sister. My husband is military and has been deployed, so it didn’t happen till now. So..

Eva Fuller on

I have two little girls – one just turned 3 and the other is almost 5 months and they keep us very busy!! It’s a little bit difficult right now, but I think it’s a perfect age gap, especially when the baby gets a bit older and they will be able to play with each other.

Adventures In Babywearing on

My older boys are 17 months apart (not planned that way!) and it really is wonderful. They are almost like twins and are best friends. But, now that I have a 23 month old, I realize things that I missed with the 1st two because I was so busy with two babies!! I am LOVING this stage of just having Gray as my only toddler and no other baby to care for, too. I do think that we might try for a #4 maybe when Gray’s about 3? It just sounds right for me where I am at right now!


mdterp on

My sister and I are 2 years apart. I always wanted my children to be close in age. It took us a long time to get pregnant with our daughter who is now 3 1/2. Because it took so long, we starting trying for #2 when she was only 6 months old. It ends up that I am going through secondary infertility and can’t get pregnant. We have decided to expand our family through adoption. My daughter will end up being around 4 years older then her brother from vietnam and 5 to 6 years older then her sister from China. I think everything happens for a reason and that it was meant to be this way.

Amanda on

Mine will be 4 1/2 years apart and I think thats perfect for us. My daughter will be the perfect age to help mom out, ha ha ha.
And I feel that I’ve had enough quality time with just her to enjoy every moment of her first 4 years, so much going on then…

Lola on

A child psychologist once told me the optimal gap is between 3 – 4 years, they are old enough they want some independance and old enough to understand and anticipate the new arrival, but young enough to still enjoy childhood together.
I since read an article on birth order and spacing and it said the same thing.
I don’t know if there is anything scientific to this, but I noticed that a lot of my friends who had kids less than 2 1/2 years apart had a hard time after the birth – PND, tired, blue all the time, felt they weren’t enjoying the new baby as much, sibling issues etc. I don’t know, but that is what a lot of my friends told me.
My friends who waited and had kids 3 – 4 years apart said they felt their child was ready for a sibling. Interesting isn’t it?

ali on

My daughter and son are only 12 months apart! THe first 6 months were tough but after that it was great! They grew up together and did most of the things at the same time. Both potty trained together one at 2,5 and one at 18mos. They have the same routine, do the same classes and are only one year apart in school which is fantastic. They are very close!

sandy on

I have three kiddos, 8, 6, and 4. They all have birthdays within a month and half time span as well, and I have to say I LOVE IT! Its been so great! I can’t tell you how many stranger compliments I have rec’d over how well my children get along, how well they share with each other, etc. etc. Its amazing! I wouldn’t change the age difference for anything!

Stacey on

My brother and I are almost exactly 3 years apart and my husband and his sister are 4 years apart. I have a 6 momth old and I couldn’t imagine having another one anytime soon. I think we are going to wait until she is 3 or 4 to start trying for another one.

foxboogie on

my lil sis and i are a year and two weeks apart and it was great because i had someone around my age to be around and i think we have an awsome bond from being born so close together

i think having kids close together can be a lil bit of a strain for mom havin g two young ones but you get the baby stage knocked out all in one time right?

miranda on

My children are aged 6, 4, 2 year old twins and expecting my fifth in late November. I think two years is a great space! All my children were planned and we decided from the start that we wanted to have a two year age different between them. One year is also fantastic. I have a sister 11 months younger than me(she was 2 months premature)and we were very close ever since she was born and still are today. When we were in our teens (12-16) we argued A LOT! But in between we were good friends. When my first born was 11 months, I couldn’t have imagened having another baby so soon. So, 2 years is a perfect space.

Tara on

My brother and i are are 15 months apart. I always had someone to play with growing up. I was never bored which was a plus for my mum. My sister is 4 years older and i never got along with her until we grew up as we were always hitting different milestones making it difficult to have anything in common. My mum was very laidback which is probably why she could cope with having 3 under 5.

jannet on

i have four kids – when i delivered #4, my oldest was 4 3/4 years old … and none of them are twins. the first two are 22 months apart; #2 and #3 are 16 months apart (that was a HUGE surprise pregnancy!); and #3 and #4 are 19 months apart. it was really hard when they were younger, but now that they’re 9 1/2, 7 1/2, 6, and almost 5, i LOVE it! they play together really pretty nicely and they all share the same interests. they’re so close in age that they’ll play with each other’s toys without saying “that’s baby stuff”, etc.

Crystal on

Congratulations Elena!!

As for age between kids – I’ve always thought it was best to have the kids about 3-4 years apart. My fiancé is a psychology major and he says that most psychologists recommend around 3-4 years … so that works out for us!
My parents had 4 kids – ages: 15, 13, 4, and newborn. Of course we are all older now – the oldest is 30, then 28, I am 20 and my younger sister is 16. The two oldest are boys. It is really interesting – we are all really close to one another even though there are 15 years between the oldest and youngest. I get along great with my sister now, but it wasn’t always that way – especially when I was ending middle school/starting high school. I think that comes with the territory regardless of age – some siblings will be close, some won’t. Now I consider my sister one of my best friends (she’s matured a lot lol!!)

Amy on

I have three boys and a girl (supposedly:)) on the way in Dec. My boys are 10, 7, and 3. I think three years is a great span. We have never had any trouble with jealousy, trying to explain a newborn to a small child, etc. By the time the next baby arrived, the siblings were ready to not be the baby anymore, we had time to get them to behave the way we expect. Because of this, the other children have fallen into what we expect easily because they have good examples. Yes, they are all different and have different temperments, but when we’ve dealt with one baby at a time, it is much easier. And, they are old enough to do some things for themselves while mama is busy with the new baby, which is a huge help.

All this being said, I also think that your family is your family and if you have four kids in four years, that is the way your family dynamics are and it will turn out fine. It might just be a tiring four years!

MaryAlice Quigley on

It comes down to how much can YOU handle? We have four children. 14 turning 15 in less than a month. 12 turning 13 in two months. I look back and think how easy that was. That age dif was great. We also have a 6 1/2 year old and just turned 3 six weeks ago. Now I would NOT recommend a spread like that at least for me That is hard to handle. The 6 and 12 year old are boys and they have similar tastes and boy can they fight. however the 14 year old and the 6 year old are best of friends. She (14 year old) adores him. As for the 3 year old we have terrable 2’s. Something I have never had to deal with. She has put into my 14 years olds mind that she is never having children. But I must say the 3 year old and the 6 year old do get along. though The 6 year old does gives into her tantrums. he says that she is his baby sister. We are trying to correct that. So I guess there is no right or wrong. Only what is it that you can handle. So now that we know where children come from and the fact that I am just shy of 40, have been pregnant for a total of what would equal to 36 months give or take a few days. And have breast fed for a total of 8 years. (2 years for each child) All the sports, dance and social lives of these little people. (of couse We have none) We are DONE!!!!!But you got to love them. As you can tell we do joke a lot here in this house otherwise it would be, well you get the hint.

Stef on

D–But all kids have to go through the “I’m not the center of the universe” realization at some point or another, whether they get that education at home via a new sibling or through society. Kids have no psychological concept that everything isn’t about them, which is why they blame themselves when their parents argue or something sad happens etc.
If these kids are running around and pooping because they can’t handle not having their parents’ undivided attention, then that’s something the parents need to address and take care of in the same way they would any tantrum. It doesn’t mean that having a child less than fours years after the first causes psychological damage. The parents need to redirect the stress into “You’re not the baby, you’re a big boy and big boys get to ____ while babies can’t” so the child feels special in his new role.

Amy on

Well, we only have 1 child right now, but we are planning on trying for our second sometime near the end of the year or beginning of next year. That will put them about 2.5 years apart. I definitely wanted to time to try to get my body back (still desperately working on that!) and to have enough time to enjoy our daughter before adding another child to the mix. With that said, my brother and I are 14 months apart, and my mom has always told me that it was too close together and she doesn’t recommend it. Not everyone has the luxury of choosing exactly how things will go in regards to family planning, but this is the goal we are shooting for. I have to admit, though, when my 16 month old wakes up in the middle of the night and gives us a rough night I try to imagine having to do that on a nightly basis with a newborn and freak out a little.

Kelly on

My kids, a girl (5) and a boy (1) are 4 1/2 years apart. This is ideal for me. My daughter is SO helpful and like a little mother to my son. She was a handful in her toddler years, so I could not have dealt with any more kids until she was at least 4. She loves her brother so much and he seems to adore her. I think this is totally a personal thing and no right answer.

Campbell on

The closer in age the better

Mary on

I have three kids under the age of two…figure that one out, ha ha. My twin girls were just 21 months old when my son came along. I think had there only been one of them it would have been more difficult, but since they have always had each other, there were no jealousy issues. Ideally we would have liked to have a bigger gap between the twins and the next (3-4 yrs) this has worked out fairly well. IF we have another, we’ll wait about five years.

Dakota on

My two are 27 months apart. My youngest is just shy of 3 months now….and up until about three weeks ago, I kept asking myself what in the world was I thinking wanting/having another so…’soon’….In reality it was just us learning how to go from a family of 3 to a family of 4. Things are fine now, and I’m currently content with the age difference.

Amanda on

I think spacing between children is a very personal thing. What works for some doesn’t work for others just like the number of children you choose to have. My two are just under 21 months apart and honestly yes the first weeks were difficult, it was an adjustment but I think it would be an adjustment either way, I know it was an adjustment when I had my first those first weeks. I have a 3 year old and a 17 month old now and I wouldn’t wish it any other way, I love their spacing. Due to circumstances we can’t control our 3rd will likely be 4 years younger than our 2nd and I feel that may be too large of a gap so if we have a 4th I’d like to do another close spacing.
Oh and as far as recovering from a 2nd pregnancy close together, I recovered a lot easier and better after my 2nd. I had horrible PPD after my 1st daughter, just a bit of baby blues after #, I was even able to wear my ‘big’ prepregnancy jeans at about 1 week post partum after #2, though I knew better the 2nd time than to gain as much weight as I did the 1st time. I also felt a lot more capable to take care of my newborn because if was still fairly fresh in my mind from my 1st. And to top it all off, I’m all of 21 years old, age really is just a number. I know moms 10 years older than me that struggle with their one and I know moms my age that already have 3 and are doing a great job. I don’t feel as if I lost anything having kids young and I don’t feel as if they are missing out on anything because I am young. I’ll admit going to college with 2 kids is a challenge but fortunately I can go to school while staying at home iwth my girls, that isn’t possible for everyone. Having children is such a personal thing, I don’t see why any age, spacing, number is really anything to ‘debate’. I know that what works for me might now work for someone else, but I’m happy, my husband is happy and my kids are happy; that’s what matters.

Lauren on

I am 12 years younger than my sister and 8 1/2 years older than my brother. I pretty much grew up an only child. My sister had kids early, so my nieces are 5 & 7 years younger and my nephew is 9 year younger than I am. I relate much more to my nieces & view them more as sisters than my own sister who we always viewed as a mom.

I always envied how my brother, nieces & nephew were close in age. I want to do a 2 year gap for my future kids.

~Beth~ on

I have 5 kids: 6 1/2 – 4 1/2 – 2 1/2 – & 1 month old twins. The gap from #1-#2 is 22 months – from #2-#3 is 22 months – & from #3 – #4&5 is 33 months. We wanted to keep the kids close in age because I didn’t want to know what it was like to NOT have a diaper to change or potty training to do until the last ones were in that phase. Like someone else said, it’s really all about what works the best for your family. 22 months was perfect for the 1st 3. We miscarried 9 months before we got pregnant with our twins. I get so tired of people asking me if I’m crazy for having that many kids in such a short time, but that’s what my husband & I wanted & now that our family is complete we have lots of time to enjoy all of our babies!

jannet on

beth – i totally agree with you!! i figured i’d rather go thru complete years of sleeplessness, diapers, etc rather than have to get used to it all over again more than once!!

Luke Sky Walker's Mommy *Kristen* on

My children are 17 moths apart and I love it. They play together, they learn together, they still like the same kinds of toys, books and activites.
We missed the oppertunity to have another one 17 months younger than the youngest, but we plan on 2 more that will be 17 months apart.

Joël on

the gap between #1 and #2 is 1 year, the gap between #2 and #3 is 3 years, the gap between #3 and #4 is 2 years, the gap between #4 and #5 is 4 years, so i’m the youngest of 5, my oldest brother is 10 years older, my second oldest brother is 9 years older, my oldest sister is 6 years older and my other older sister is 4 years older, and i don’t care, it’s kindoff fun 🙂

Glitter on

I have three children, two boys and one girl. My daughter and her brother have a 22 month old age gap and I have to admit when they were both babies it was probably the hardest time of my life. They are now 7 and 5 and are really close and I recently had our second child; a son. The children are great with the baby and help out whenever they can. I don’t think it matters what age gap you have it depends on the parents ability to cope

Dara on

I have two children and they’re almost 4 years apart. My son is 7 and my daughter is 3. There are pros and cons to the age gap. The pros would be the fact that by the time my daughter came along, my son was already potty trained and going to preschool. I was able to spend a lot of time with just my newborn daughter. The cons of it is that my kids don’t really interact with each other a lot. My son is in 2nd grade and my daughter just started preschool so they live in different worlds. It also doesn’t help that they’re boy and girl siblings. My son doesn’t want to play with a girl and my daughter thinks boys are gross, and that includes her brother!

kathy_c on

I don’t have any kids yet, but I have two younger sisters. We’re all 2 years apart from each other (right now we’re 24, 22 and 20) and I think it’s a great age difference. We grew up playing with each other and we’re still each other’s best friends. I think 4 years is too much of a difference if you’d like your kids to play together and be friends. I remember when we were kids, there being things that I thought my baby sister was too young for, but having our middle sister having the same age agp from me that she had from Julia actually served as a sort of buffer, o we could all interact together, I don’t think I would be as close to my baby sister today if it was only the 2 of us, with a 4 year age gap.
My cousins are 3 1/2 years apart from each other and they never played together, they’re close, but not as close as I am from my sisters.
When I have kids, I would like them to have a 2, maybe 2 1/2 age difference. I think it’s a really good number.

J.M. on

I don’t have kids. So I can’t really answer, but I just said the other day that I realize the benefits of children so close in age esp. if they’re same sex. Now obviously you can’t predict the gender of each child so it may not work out like I have it in my head but I thought 18 months is a nice gap! However ask me after one and then I’ll let you know!! I bet I’ll have one and be done lol!

jenny on

I think typically 18 months-2 yrs is the average age gap. My younger two are 13 months apart, now ages 3 and 2. Now, it is pretty much like having twins, they are even potty training at the same time. They play together great, and I can get them in a lot of activities together like at the Y. It wasn’t as hard as you would think in the beginning, not until the younger one started to walk because he is a “runaway” kid. On the other hand, I also have an older son who is 6, and he often refers to “the kids” and does not include himself in there… I personally would rather have them closer together (although it was not planned at the time.) because I feel like they are going to have a closer relationship when they are older.

melissa on

all of my children are 5 years apart.. they were born in 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005.. although not exactly 5 years.. each there are a couple of months either way… 🙂

brittany on

I myself have 2 older siblings that are 14yrs and 12 yrs older than me. I also have 2 other siblings that are only 2 yrs and 1 yr older than me. having it both ways, I can say that I could go either way. I actually consider myself lucky because I got to look up to the older sibs and also play with the other sibs closer in age at the sam time. I consider myself fairly close to all of them no matter the age difference. I also have a daughter who will soon be 6yrs old and we have no intention on having another anytime soon because we aren’t ready and we also want to live and enjoy life for a while now that we no longer have to pay for daycare/preschool. If/when we do have another one I look forward to having my daughter help out and I know that she will enjoy being a big sister. We are basing having another one on how comfortable we are with the idea and whether we are ready or not.

Kate on

We have 5 kids and they are all 19 months apart (on purpose). THis has been great for us BUT it is also all we know. If they had been further apart in age, we probably would have thought that was great, too.

The early years (they are now 8 1/2, 7, 5 1/2, 3 3/4, & 2) involved a lot more hands on care but now it is really neat to see them interact, play with and help one another. We never had issues with sibling rivalry when a new baby came into the house because the olders kids always got to be involved with the baby and it was just “the norm” for them. My kids will always have playmates and friends in each other.

Lys on

My oldest nephew and niece are 20 months apart…they are now almost 14 and 12. They have a little brother who is 4 as well. By observing their family’s age gaps and thinking of mine (my sister is 10.5 years older and my brother is 7 years older) I decided that I would like my children to be around 2 years apart. My oldest nephew and niece have always played together nicely and since they had each other to entertain they were pretty easy to take care of. But my youngest nephew never really has anyone to play with and he always says he’s lonely. This reminds me of my childhood since my brother and sister were so much older. Basically I’d prefer the 2 year gap, because I want my children to have fun together and have a great bond. I also think it’s a great idea to have children in “shifts.” Like if you’re planning on having four…have two close together, wait like 5-6 years, then have two more:-)

Linda on

My two kids are 5 1/2 years apart. My daughter is going to be 12 in Dec. My son turned 6 this past June. I planned it that way and I like it. When my son was a baby his sister would help me out. She was like the little mommy to him. I would be able to take a shower or whatever and she would look after him. It is nice when one is that much older to help out. I would have never wanted to have a second one so close in age. That would be a nightmare to me. I have a friend who has 3 children. She now tells me that she understands why I spaced them that far apart. She wishes she had.

aaronisagirl on

Medically you should wait 18 months before conceiving after a pregnancy ends, for the health of your baby as well as yourself. Anything less than this increases your chances of complications.
As for me, my kids are all 3 1/2 years apart (almost to the day) and it’s worked out very well. The youngest comes at a time when the next youngest is at preschool age, and much more tractable. They understand more, are usually potty trained, and much more independant with play. It’s nice that they can go to preschool for a couple hours a day, and you can have individual time with the baby. Mine have also been really helpful to me with the next youngest, and I think it’s because they’re ready to move on from the baby persona themselves, it’s not as threatening as it would be otherwise. Also, they just have an overall maturity that a two year old doesn’t have yet. I have a friend who went through IVF for her two boys and had two 20 months apart. She is now getting sterilized on the off chance that there would be a “miracle” conception, because she’s completely overwhelmed. The younger one is 8 and a half months and the older is 2 and a half, and she’s really frazzled! I think it’s sooooo much more manageable to have them a little further apart if you can do it. As for them getting along, my kids are totally inseparable!

Annie on

My cousin just had twin girls in August…adding the 2 boys she has (1 & 2 1/2) that gives her 4 kids under the age of 3…I don’t know how she’s doing but she’s doing a fabulous job!!!

Karen on

My girls are 16, 10 & 4. I will have a Senior in HS and a Kindergatener. I am the other end of the spectrum.

jaQ on

my melissa came (nearly a month early) 2 years, 7 months after big brother timmy. i discovered i was pregnant on the 2nd cycle TTC, 10 days before his 2nd b-day, and i thought it was just perfect timing. originally, i had wanted to add a third child by the time my girl was 15 months or so (they are now 4 and 18 months) but missy has turned out to be such a huge handful, i’m not looking at TTC again until at least 2009. :/ i’m really longing, and itching to be pregnant though… i post in the April 2006 board, in the forums *constantly*, and we’ve had sooo many ladies get pregnant over the past year… 1 due this month, 2 in nov., 5 in dec., 2-3 in feb., 1 in march, 2 in april, and about 4 in may, plus 3 baby boys last month, 2 little girls back in may, and sadly, half a dozen miscarriages. quite the baby boom!! meanwhile, i’m sitting here, & just can’t imagine having kids so close in age– what a handful! 🙂 so, i am living vicariously through my girlfriends for now, hoping for one more baby in a couple of years. i’m 23, so i have plenty of time… but once you have kids, it’s easy to get the baby fever. <3 i sure miss growing a child in my body... i could ramble on this topic all afternoon. lol

christina on

Congrats to them if they are expecting again!

Our 2 girls are 3 1/2 years apart. I had wanted them closer together, but after years of trying to get pregnant the first time, and then years of trying to get pregnant again, I’m just overjoyed that we were able to have 2 children regardless of their age gap!!

I think there are pros and cons to both having them close together and having them farther apart, and whether or not your kids are friends seems to have more to do with their personality than their age gap.

My brother is 5 1/2 years older than me (again, infertility-related, not planned) and we’ve always been great friends!!!

mum on

I have 6 kids right now. My eldest Madeleine is 8 years old. When Maddie was 23 months, Alexander was born. I absolutely loved having Maddie and Alex 2 years apart. That was definately my favourite age gap. Then 13 months after Alex, Sarah and Samuel were born. It was tricky having 4 kids 3 and under but once Alex reached 18 months everything got easier! Then when Sarah and Samuel were 3 Isabelle was born and then 22 months after Izzy, Charlotte came! So now we have 6 kids ages; 8,6,5,5,2 and 6 months. We don’t plan on stopping yet..we still want 2 more, but my favorite age difference is 2 years, although since im already 3 months pregnant with #7 it’s obviously not working out for this time…but hopefully between #7 and #8.

Jen on

I’m the baby with my one brother being a year and 4 days older than me and my next brother exactly 1 year and 9 months older than him. My mom planned this, supposedly, so we’d be close in age and thus closer to one another. Her mother had her 5 kids in 6 years. I can’t imagine…

Stéph on

I don’t have children but my sister and I are 21 months apart, we are 16 (me) and 14 years-old. Really close to each other, not in the same school year, so that makes time not with each other, so that’s school. It also makes that we can have our own friends that the other one doesn’t know, and that’s quite cool too.

Sarah on

My son and daughter are 13 minutes apart;They are 3 now and I’m not planning on adding to the chaos anytime soon!

Carrie on

My boys are 3 1/2 years apart. I love that age difference – one is 5 1/2 and the other is just 2, and they love each other so much, and are so entertained by one another. Because of that age difference, I only had one in diapers – my body had a lot of time to get back to normal after pregnancy, delivery, and over a year of breastfeeding. I had a child old enough to go spend a night or two with Grandma and was able to detach easily from me. I just love it and plan about the same age difference between the 2nd and 3rd, if I’m lucky!

Elyse on

Me and my brother are six years apart and we get along great. Even though we had a large age difference we still played together when we were little and now that we are older we even share some common interests. He is now 16 and I am 22 and I wouldn’t trade our age difference for anything. We are really close and I have a feeling we always will be. 🙂

Noelle on

I think people forget that they and their bodies age while their children grow up. My sister had her first baby at age 31. She and her husband wanted around 3 children. They waited until their son was 2, then started trying for number 2. She got pregnant soon, but had a miscarriage. A year later, she conceived again, but the baby developed hydroencephaly and tragically died. They almost lost hope, but after another miscarriage, finally gave birth to a daughter when their son was 5, although it was against the doctor’s recommendations.

Nowadays, Hollywood makes it seem like 45 is the age where it becomes hard to have children, but the truth is that after 35, it becomes a lot harder. Don’t wait too long, because you may underestimate how much harder it will be to conceive.

Nicki on

My kids are 21 months apart – they LOVE each other! My bro and I are 18 months apart and we’ve always been friends – still are.

Christine on

People confirmed it

Anne on

I agree with Danielle that 3 years will probably be right for us, at least between our first two children. My daughter is 19 months old and I’d like to conceieve our next child late next spring/early summer, so that they are 3 years apart. My boyfriend’s mother was recently remarried and had a baby in May, so my daughter has a 5 month old uncle, and I have babysat for the two of them on occasion, and it makes me realize we are definitely NOT ready for a second baby yet! I’m sure if would be different if it were our own child, but two children under 2 is just too much for me, its too hard to balance with housework & things like that. I would like Erin to be able to communicate with me clearly, be potty-trained, etc., before we bring another baby into the house. Also, I’m enjoying “babying” her and letting her be the center of attention. My boyfriend has a cousin who was three sons that are almost 3, almost 2, and 5 months. Personally, I think she’s crazy!

Megan on

well this is very exciting! Congrats to Melissa, Mark, and Mason on the news of a new addition to their family! That’s wonderful to hear and I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy/girl and the name…and Mason will be getting a new brother or sister! Congrats to the family!

Candace on

I think age spacing for having children depends on a few things: The temperment of your last baby, parental temperment, & life circumstances.

For instance, my 2 kids are 23 months apart. They are 27 months (girl) & 4 months (boy). We decided to get pregnant with #2 when our 1st was about 14 months old because she was a very easy baby, we felt ready, and plus we wanted to have a baby before my husband got into dental school. The first two years of dental school are KILLER, so we didn’t want to have a baby then, but we also didn’t want to wait a whole lot longer to have another baby. Turns out he didn’t get accepted for this year, but we’re trying again!

With baby #3 we’d like to wait until our first is in kindergarten, just so I don’t have to care for 3 kids at home all day by myself (you’re pretty much on your own when your spouse is in dental/med school!). So that will make baby #2 a little over 3 years old. We think that’s fine.

The first couple months with my babies were challenging, but after 4 months my daughter has adjusted well and so have I!

Cassie on

First off congradulations to them, they are going to have one more beautiful baby! what very lucky parents!
Secondly I dont have kids yet but my brothers are about 3 years apart, and it might have been just him but he was old enough to be jelous and still says that he liked it before!2 years later I was born, and I think that that is the perfect spacing, we were close enough in age that we still played together but not too close together that we were too much of a handful!

Ashley on

I am so happy she is pregnant because Mason Wilkerson is the CUUTEST celebrity baby Everr in my opinion!!<3 He's so adorable! :) Yay Melissa!

Kat on

my mother and her brother were 17mo apart.

my sister and I are 13mo apart

my first two children are 18mo apart.

my third child was born almost 3yrs after my second.

Honestly, I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to have my third.

It was so much easier with them closer in age… there was no jealousy… when they are so young that they just quickly don’t remember a life without the sibling, it’s much easier.

They are all close, but the boys have their special bond being closer in age, for sure.

I would definitely say that somewhere between 1-3yrs is great.

What works for one may not work for another, but what I liked and do like is that I’m getting all my diapering over with.

I have had at least one in diapers for almost 8yrs now… but when my daughter is done… I’m done. Yes, it is a lot of work, but getting it all over and done with in one long set is better, I think, than spreading it out.

Chris on

I don’t have any kids of my own, but from my own experience I’d say 3-6 years would be best. My brother and sister are two years apart in age and can’t stand each other. We have family tapes of my sister getting upset because my mom was taking care of the baby and not her. She was only 2, she didn’t understand, and even now the two of them don’t get along very well at all. Now I’m four years younger than my brother, and 6 years younger than my sister, and I get along great with both of them. My sister and I are extremely close even with 6 years apart. She was always someone who could help me, I learned so much from her because she was so much older than me, and she was almost like a second mom. She would always read books to me at night and such. I can’t imagine having a closer age difference, because I wouldn’t have the bond I have with my sister. Plus my parents avoided college overlapping between my brother and I because we’re four years apart, which was SO much easier on the wallet. Plus, it saved my parents having to drive me everywhere when I wanted to go to friends houses. My older siblings had their licenses and could help out. It was a big relief on my parents when we grew up having me so much younger than my brother and sister.

Even my cousin, who has four children, his eldest daughter is 3 years older than the second oldest child. Then there was 1 year between the second oldest and the third oldest, and two years between the third oldest and the youngest. The oldest daughter, she gets along great with all of her siblings, but the three younger siblings are always fighting and getting angry and throwing hissy fits. I don’t think they had enough time to be the baby. She had her kids so close that they didn’t have the years of being coddled like their eldest daughter did. So I think more years apart is better down the road, because they can really help with the younger kids, and by the time the next kid rolls around there’ll already be a sense of independence (4 years is good on the wallet and puts the oldest child in preschool) in the older one, so they’re less likely to feel that they’re not getting enough attention. But that’s just my family. My other cousins, they’re 5 years apart and can’t stand each other, so it’s really the personality thing that decides if they’re friends or not. I just think a bigger age difference is easier on the wallet, gives more time to save up for each child, and means having mature helpers when you hit the teen and preteen years (my brother even helped teach me how to drive because he was old enough to be my adult supervision, talk about stress relief for mom and dad!).

Paige on

Congratulations to Melissa.

My brother and I are 28 months apart. I’m 15 and my brother’s 13.

Laura UK on

Congrats to Melissa, Mark and Mason.

There is a 17 year age difference between my siblings and I. Same parents and all, the twins were a big suprise! Perfect age difference here though – the more help the better.

Tracy on

Awwww! She has such a beautiful son already so I can only imagine that this one will be gorgeous!

Congrats to her and her family!

my baby advice on

I have a son now and I plan on waiting until he is about 6 before having any more!

Jessica on

Congratulations to Melissa and her family! Little ones are such a blessing!

I have three little girls. My oldest turned 3 in June. My second one is 21 months old. My “baby” is 8 months old. (First two are 17 months apart. Second two are 13 months apart.) We absolutely love having our kids close together. Sure, it’s hectic sometimes, but the rewards far outweigh the crazy times. Our girls are thriving and excelling. We find times to do really special things with each one of our girls. I don’t think this life is for everyone, but for our family, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Patti on

I have 3 children, ages 20yrs, 16, and 2 years old. It works well for me!

alex on

although i dont have children, my sister and i are almost exactly a year apart..(1 year..two weeks) was great when we were kids because being so close in age, we enjoyed doing the same things and always had eachother to hang around with…

Nikki on

Congrats to MJH!!

Patrice on

Don’t have kids yet, but my sister and I are 3 1/2 yrs apart. I think for the most part it’s great. It would be really hard, I think if she were any closer because it would be more competitive, especially if we went to school together. We are very close, but still do fight sometimes. The hardest time was when I was 13-14, and she was about 10. Before that, we were best friends, and I spent my time playing with her at home. Suddenly, I was going out with my friends, and not spending as much time with her, and it was really hard for her to understand. Now, we’re in high school together, but her being a freshman and me being a senior, there’s not that competition between friends and such. I think it’s a really good age. My parents never had another kid, because they were so busy, but my mom says she would have liked to have another baby around the time my sister was entering Kindergarten, so that would have been a 5 year difference.

frenchlas on

I think sometimes people forget that one can make all kinds of plans on when they’re going to have their children, but many times things don’t just happen on cue and age gaps just happen the way life makes them fall. My older two are 2 1/2 yrs apart, but it took almost 3yrs to conceive (naturally) the baby i’m pregnant with now, so there’ll be a six year gap between my 2nd and 3rd, not planned that way, but just as wonderful!

FC on

Personally, I think it all comes down to what the parents think they can handle and what their finances will allow them to handle. And sometimes it’s out of their control and they make do somehow.

But, I have five siblings, three of which were grown and lived elsewhere by the time I was born. The two I did grow up with, two of my brothers, have eight and nearly five years on me. I’m closer to the one who is eight years my senior than the other. I think the difficult bond started the moment I came two days before his fifth birthday. LMAO. But, we’re cool now that we’re older. We can co-exist.

So, the years have nothing to do with what kind of bond is formed between children, if you ask me.

Anyway, I am excited for Melissa and Mark. Maybe they can have a girl and have one of each, although another sweet boy like Mason would be good too. 🙂

Jane on

I personally think a 3 1/2 year space is ideal. Only having one in diapers was a big plus for us!! This time around it’s a 5 year difference…it’s like we are starting all over..can’t wait!

kristen spencer on

i am currently 31 weeks pregnant with my second. my first son just turned 4 and i think that the age difference is perfect. i wouldnt have wanted to have them any closer.

Suzanne on

I think it is WONDERFUL that she is expecting again. I have 3 boys ages 4,3, and 1, and they are the best of friends. I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!!

Nicole on

I am the oldest with two younger brothers. I was 2 years, 9 months when my first brother was born and 7 years, 8 months when the second was born. I think it’s worked well for us. We are now 20.5, (almost) 18, and (almost) 13 and get along really well.

annie on

i love the gap between mine. my son is going to be four in july. my older daughter is 18 months and, my youngest was born yesterday!