Denise Richards and girls out on Wednesday

09/27/2007 at 11:51 AM ET

Sam, 3 1/2, and Lola Rose Sheen, 2, wait for actress mom Denise Richards, 36, to fill a parking meter while out in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

Photo by x17; specifically for use on the Celebrity Baby Blog, Inc only. Use on other sites is prohibited without purchase.

Dsc_8704_2Sam wears a C & C California long-sleeve cherry print tee ($26, sizes 4T, 6 only).

She also wears True Religion 2006 corduroys in bordeaux ($119 for this year’s style).

Lola wears a 2 B Free sweatsuit.

94_2Sam and Lola both wear Tsukihoshi Pink sneakers ($46).

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shelley on

It’s nice to see a celebrity mom looking real. Denise looks tired like the rest of the real world mommies. Could it be from taking care of the kids or maybe from all the court cases with Charlie??

meg on

she looks completely exhausted. wish the papparazzi would just leave her alone, she’s paying a parking meter for heaven’s sake!

J.M. on

Can someone tell me what makes a child’s pants worth $119.00!!!

She does look tired along w/ the girls.

Stephanie on

Something about her just rubs me the wrong way for some reason. Can’t really put my finger on it…

KayLee on

“Can someone tell me what makes a child’s pants worth $119.00!!!”

That is a darn good question. A fall on the side walk or a messy dinner and you have a 119.00 dust rag.

bell on

She and the girls look like me and mine do after a shopping trip. Ready for a It is ridiculous that her filling a stupid parking meter can incite the press to snap photos. $119.00 for a pair of pants? bwahaha sheesh my phone bill is that a month.

sasha on

i thought those shoes looked like stride rite, but i can’t find them on the stride rite website.

gianna on

Denise is pretty, and those girls are adorable

MsCarla on

Sasha, I think Lola’s shoes are stride rite’s Eliza stage 3 in cranberry/print, my daughter has the same ones. They are on the website under baby girl shoes.

Laura on

These girls are adorable but is it me or does Lola look like she has highlights?? Maybe just natural, very pretty girl.

Happy on

I don’t care what people say about her, or her battles with Charlie, but she seems like she’s a real mom to her kids. Does she have a nanny? I have never seen a pic with one. And she’s always carrying at least one of her girls, or both! It seems she’s truly devoted to them.

Sarah’s note: Yes, she has a nanny. She’s had two that I can think of that have been in photos I’ve posted. We saw her more often before Lola turned 2.

Nicole on

Amen to the comments about pants for $119.00, goodness, at Old Navy, I could buy my girls a huge amount of clothing for that! Denise does look tired but that’s motherhood for you! It is nice to see that she takes her girls out, no matter what is going on with her custody/divorce battle.

legemc on

I wonder why she’s holding Sam instead of Lola since Lola is younger?

morgan on

legemc- maybe Sam wanted to help feed the meter? Maybe she wanted to give mom a hug? Maybe Lola wanted to walk? Maybe Sam has a boo boo? Could be a billion reasons.

Mary on

$119 is definitely too much for pants, let alone for a kid. they grow like weeds. she probably wont even be able to wear those next month. but i guess to them, $119 is more like $19 to us…

Sarah’s note: Agreed, the money is different. I actually have a pair of True Religions that I spent a lot on, but I don’t mind because they are one of my favorite pairs of jeans and I wear them constantly…JMO though. This particular pair Sam wore a bunch last year too so at least she’s getting use out of them…

jen on

Didn’t Sam wear a pair that were the color named hibiscus. I thought it was this color she has on now. Maybe they’re similar.

legemc on

Laura – speaking of highlights, my niece had a full head of dark brown hair with blonde tips when she was born. It was so cute and the nurses at the hospital said they’d never seen a baby born with highlights before! 🙂 She lost her hair at around 4-5 months though, and it grew back dark strawberry blonde – sans highlights!

gianna on

Both those girls have beautiful hair, lola has always been a blonde since a baby, they are both so cute. As for the pants being expensive $119.00 is nothing for celebrities. For a lot of middle class people with say 3 kids though they wouldn’t spend that much, but these are the children of denise and charlie sheen, I’m sure a lot of their clothes and shoes cost even more than what a grown-up might pay for their own shirt lol.

ang on

legemc lol i was thinking the same thing! the girls r gorgeous but with the battle btw charlie & denise, u can’t blame the kids for not smiling much……

winecat on

Denise always looks SO tired, perhaps because she’s so underweight. The girls are cute but most of the pictures I see of them, they look like little ragamuffins.

Sara Lee on

I have to be honest- if these were Brit’s kids, people would be coming unglued at how miskept the kids look- ratty hair, bedraggled clothes.

Why is this woman given a “free pass” for slobbiness?

How is it ok to have a 2 yr old standing alone while she fills the meter?!? Again, if it was the dad, or Brit, then people would be barking up a storm!!

Right there by the street? That child could dart out in a heartbeat- scared by photogs, curious about a critter in the gutter, for any reason.

My girls are 2 yrs apart, and I used to hold both of their little hands in one of mine- using my pinky, ring & middle fingers to hold my oldest’s hand, and the pointer and thumb to hold my younger’s hand.

No excuses for bad parenting. If she’s that “exhausted” that she can’t properly supervise her kids, she ought to be getting in the car to go home and nap, or calling a cab, not filling a parking meter.

Come on people, be fair!

J.M. on

I understand that celebs have money to spend on clothes but I seriously question the clothing designers and why the need for the pants to be so expensive? What are they made out of! Seriously they probably cost less then $10.00 to make! People buy things for the name. I can go spend $20.00 for a pair of pants at Target that fit the same as a $80.00 pair of jeans at the GAP. For some (not all) it’s about what the label says. I never really understood that. Of course if I happen to find a good pair of jeans that fit and they happen to be a bit more then that’s a different story! But for a 2-3 yr old finding pants to fit shouldn’t be a problem lol!

mike on

she was taking her kids to the doctor the girls were kids..