Daughter of Trading Spouses participant Marguerite Perrin dies in accident

09/27/2007 at 10:42 AM ET

Ashley Perrin (center), 25, the daughter of Marguerite Perrin, who appeared on seasons two and three of the reality television show Trading Spouses, was killed in a single car motor vehicle accident on Tuesday, September 25. Ashley is survived by her mom, dad Barry, and her sister, Brooke. Sadly, she also leaves behind a young daughter, 8-year-old Abigail.

Ashley also appeared on Trading Spouses.


Through Marguerite’s official website, the family is asking that memorial contributions be made to Ashley’s daughter, Abigail Allen.

Source: Hammond Star

Thanks to CBB reader Vanessa.

Our thoughts here at CBB are with the Perrin family at this difficult time.


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Bobbi on

So sad, i remember Ashley. She worked really hard to run a dance studio and raise her daughter. She was very sweet. My thoughts and prayers will be with her daughter and family.

Grayson's Girl on

Oh how sad! I remember her, she was a lovely, hard working young mom from what I saw of her on the show. Her poor daughter, nothing is worse than a child losing a parent at such a young age. My prayers and thoughts go out to her family in this very difficult time.

Me on

How incredibly sad to hear.. I remember watching the episode that her family appeared on, and she seemed so sweeet and loving, and devoted to her daughter. Such a tragedy.

J.M. on

oh how terrible! I too remember this family. At first I couldn’t understand Ashley. On the show she seemed lazy and spoiled letting her folks raise her kid but in the second episode she really showed how she was trying to do her best to run her own business and be a good mother. How sad for this family. My thoughts are with them during this terrible ordeal. May Ashley rest in peace and her family find some healing.

Sarah F. on

How devastating.. my thoughts and prayers are with them

vanessa on

Thanks for crediting me CBB. I literally cried when I found this out last night. I too am a single mother and lived with my parents the first 1 1/2 of my daughters’ life due to financial reasons. I can not believe she is leaving behind an 8 yr old. I grieve for this entire family. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Perrin family.

Michelle on

Is her mom the woman who shouted about Jesus all the time? That was the only episode of that show I ever watched.

Tracy on

I never watched that show, but this is such sad news.

The loss of a child and mother at such a young age… wow…

I send her family all my best wishes!

vanessa on

yes she was the one who was against anything “dark-sided, witchery” etc. She appeared again just a few months ago with another family. I have met Mrs. Perrin in real life for a very brief second and she is the most tender person and a very happy individual. Her daughter really seemed like she held the family together. Mrs. Perrin and her daughter also seemed like best friends. I again could only imagine the amount of grief this family is dealing with at this time. I feel especially horrible that an 8 yr old has lost her mother. So sad!!!!

I went to Mrs. Perrin’s website and you can make a donation in Lieu of flowers to Abigail Allen (Ashley’s daughter). I will be making a donation.


holly on

oh god that is so sad…my prayers are with the family..

Southern girl on

That’s so awful…bless their hearts…

A different person on

I remember that lady. She shouted about Jesus and stuff. RIP to the daughter that passed away.

terri on

That’s really say. I remember seeing one of those episodes.

Amelia Moore on

I am so sad to hear about Ashley I watched the show both times the family was on it. From what I saw through my television Aashley was a beautiful person inside and out and she raised a beautiful caring daughter. My heart and my prayers go out to the Perrin family. Margurite majke sure to keep god in your heart he will guide you through and just know every night when I pray with my own 3 yr old son Abigail will always be in our prayers. Be sure to take care keep smiling and always know there are people who care about you guys immensly.

De Ann on

My deepest sympathy to the whole family. Marguerite God has truly given you a tender hearted husband cherish him. They dont come that tender hearted very often and a true gentlemen

Tara on

I had no knowledge of this until now. I am also a god-fearing woman and come from a Christian Family. I truly feel that Mrs. Marguerite was sent to that family of non-believers to lead them to God. God sent her to them.But hey, it’s up to them to read those Bibles she got for them. I understand that society thinks she’s crazy or is a holy roly, but she is just like any other Christian out there putting out the word of God to help lead people to Him. I applaud her and every Christian for that. I am so sad right now about this. It is a reason why she died. She has offspring that she is living through and she was young. Wow.. but in the Bible it says ‘obey your parents and you shall live a long life’. Think on that. My condolences to the Perrin Family.

Rita on

The whole thing was and is sad, but people has to think also that the poor girl had so much on her shoulders that she coulnd’t cope with it.
We don’t know what was on her mind previously to the accident.
What the mother did on TV, a program watched by millions worldwide, would top anything any young girl can put up with. Girls are sensitive, specially if they are living with a controlling mom. This girl was holding the household together because dad wasn’t doing anything. Now the worse thing is not what the mother and father has to go through, but what the little girl (and her sister) has to go through in the next ten years, considering who is going to raise her. The mother is teaching them to hate whomever don’t think like her, and that will no give them a firm foundation to live in any place where there are many religions and many different ways of thinking. This woman is a strong manipulator and nobody can see that. On the other hand, if dad sees it, he is so hipnotized by his wife that he accepts anything from her.
He needs to wake up and take over, if the mother is not prepared to raise children to be loving and productive happy adults.

Bonnie Allen on

That is so sad! My prayers go out to the family and her beautiful daughter!

babs on

Tara you are a sociopath shut up.

Monica on

Old news, but I’m still terribly sorry on what happened to Ashley, especially to her family including her young daughter. It’s not easy being a kid to a young, single mother but it’s really not easy to have that one, single parent that was raising you to be taken away so early when you’re a child. It’s terrible to lose any parent but at least if Abigail had her father present, it would have made things much easier than to have only one parent, and they pass away. I don’t know the family’s situation and I sure don’t know them personally, so I can’t say if Abigail’s father is absent; but I know judging from the show that Ashley was raising Abigail as a single mother, and even living with Marguerite, her sister and her father, before she was able to get her own place after the payment was received after the show. Sad.

Jacqueline Winston on

How sad! I’m watching that episode right now.