Deborah Harry considers adoption

09/25/2007 at 03:49 PM ET

Harry_deborahBlondie singer Deborah Harry recently admitted she’s considering adopting a child. The 62-year-old singer/actress said she made the conscious decision not to have children during the height of Blondie’s fame, because she felt she was too much of a child herself.

I did consciously decide [not to have kids]. At the time our lives were very tempestuous and I really didn’t have time or — I don’t know, I think I was so much of a child myself. Now that I’m comfortable with myself, I would like to, I would like to have some. But I haven’t done it yet. I don’t know exactly how I would do it — whether I would adopt children — but I have been thinking about it.

Deborah’s schedule will be hectic for the rest of the year: Blondie began a European tour in July, and she has a solo album, Necessary Evil, scheduled to be released in October.

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essie on

I think adoption is amazing but is it prudent to adopt a child when you are 62 years old? Hopefully she has family (younger) around her to help out.

Nausicaa on

I really, really hope she’ll adopt an older child. If she adopted a baby at her age, it wouldn’t be fair to the kid.

daphneesmith on

Debbie Harry has a reputation as the nicest woman ever, so it’s hard for me to criticize her. I will go with Naucissa’s suggestion and hope Debbie adopts an older child, as 62 years would be a terribly big space between parent and child, IMO. Good luck to her whatever she chooses!

Autumn on

I second you both there! Considering Debbie’s age, she could easily be a grandma to any baby around. If she does want to adopt, she should choose one of the millions of kids in the US foster care system first, then go from there. I’d imagine there are many older kids, some young teenagers, who’d love a stable home (and someone to pay toward a higher education maybe) out there, that’d be better for Debbie to “adopt.”

And actually if she does take in foster kids, if she has them long enough it’ll seem like adoption, even if she never formally adopts them. Why my friend Ange is the perfect example. She was in a foster home with a lady from my church over a decade ago. Although she was never adopted, she still keeps in such good contact with her former foster mom that the lady even takes Ange & her kids to church and other places, turning the former foster mom now into a foster-grandma!

lola on

She has a reputation for being a really lovely lady. I hope her dreams come true, an older child sounds like a great match!
Good luck to her!

annie on

It’s interesting to note that Debbie herself was adopted when she was three months old. It’s too bad she didn’t have children (no matter how) when she was younger. But if she wants this then I say go for it. Sometimes life slips away and it takes a while for some people to figure out what’s important to them.

PSB on

I agree with everybody on here. She’s obviously a loving women, as she took such great care of her sick partner for so many years and basically gave up her career to care for him.

She’d make a great mom to an older kid. Even a younger child, like a five or six year old. I just cannot imagine taking care of an infant/toddler as an older woman, though I’m sure there are lots of women who are very involved in raising their grandchildren. I can barely muster enough energy to take care of my toddler and I’m only in my early 30’s. It’s truly exhausting! Hope she gets her wish.

emzi on

OH MY GOODNESS! I had no idea she was so old, she looks extremely well for her age! I would have put her about 48, seriously. From what I’ve seen of her she seems like a great person, and I think she’d be a wonderful parent, maybe to a teenager or older child?

Inga on

I’m sure Debbie is a lovely woman, but I’m sorry, you have to see what is best for the child. There is a time when you’re simply too old. Even if she adopted an older child, the age difference would be about 50 years. I think it’s unfair to the child.

Hea on

I think she’s too old. The kid train has left the station and she’s at least 12 years to late for it IMHO.

preesi on

Annie? Not only was she herself adopted, but she thinks she was Marilyn Monroes secret love child…

Sabina on

I love Debbie, but I’m not going to lie and say I think adoption at the age of 60+ is an ideal situation. I’d have my doubts about someone aged 52 adopting, let alone 62. I just don’t think it’s fair to the child. Even if Debbie lives to a ripe old age in perfect health, that still only gives a (hopeful) average of 20 years to commit to the kid. I lost my mum when I was 17 and I can testify that even in late teens it makes an unfathomable impact on life. Also, I know Debbie isn’t your typical older woman, but at some point she’s going to become unable to kick a ball around the park with her kid, or chase a toddler around the house all day, or drive a teenager and their friends to the cinema every week. I know that no parent is perfect, but I think that sort of thing ought to be a consideration when permission to adopt is being decided.

Anna on

I don’t know about the legal situation in the States but in Germany single adoptive parents must be no more than 45 years older than the child they adopt. Given Debbies age, she could only adopt a child age 17 or up.

kropisia on

I Europe, generally adoptive mother should be no more than 45 years older than a child. Sometimes a little flexibility is allowed one year, or so, but 62 is pretty old to adopt. When I had my daughter my mother-in-law was 62 and I can’t imagine her being a mother to a little one. Now, that my daughter is a toodler and my mom-in-law visited us, she was not able to carry my 30-pound daughter for more than 2 minutes, not to mention more straining activities like running around with the child etc. And also, please remember that Ms. Harry will not be getting any younger and you need a lot of energy with a 2, 3 and 4 year old, too.

I can’t understand why women don’t make a decision about giving birth or adopting earlier in their life? I am not talking about having kids early – there is a lot of time in one’s 20s, 30s and 40s to have kids. Why wait till 62? Why should adopted children get old parents, for whom they will soon become caregivers or worse if those parents die on them? The wealth of the child should matter more than one’s desire to be a mother at 62.

I agree with the post that Debbie should consider foster care as she could really be useful there…Or she could befriend some family with young kids and substitute for a grandma. She is a sweet lady afte rall.

Jurnee on

I agree, 62 is just too advanced in age! Until you’ve had a kid or even been a grandma it’s impossible to know the time and energy you need for a child. I’m in my 20’s and my toddler is exhausting!! My 60 yr. old mom can’t keep up. Best of luck to her, though. It sounds like she had good intentions.
Perhaps she can channel this late maternal desire to tutoring, mentoring, or volunteering with children in need. To become a new mom at 62 though is in my opinion, unfair to the child and will be a big strain on her – no matter how fit she is.

autumnfalls on

i really hate to burst the bubble of those posters above you say ‘debbie is a really nice woman’, i met her as few times and she REALLY isn’t. i dont mean to be cruel but its a fact. Moody and quite unkind i’m afraid.

autumfalls on

ok so just realised my last post probably wont get posted! but one thing that gets to me is that people comment on the personality of someone they haven’t met, i.e that they are really nice. if someone has a different opinion i guess it doesn’t get posted. all i can say is that as someone that has met this woman i have had experience that she isnt always as nice as the general public think. enough said.