Update: Salma Hayek welcomes daughter Valentina Paloma

09/24/2007 at 02:30 PM ET

Update: Ex-boyfriend Josh Lucas shares that Valentina weighed in at 7 lbs, 7 oz, and that Salma announced the news to friends and family via text message on Friday evening.

Originally posted September 21st: Actress and producer Salma Hayek, 41, and her fiance, PPR CEO François-Henri Pinault, 45, have welcomed their first child together. The birth of daughter Valentina Paloma was announced this evening by the actress’ rep — however, no details were released except to say,

Mother and child are doing well.

Salma was rumored to have checked into Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles early this morning. Us Weekly’s sources say Salma’s mother and brother were also there for the delivery, and Salma’s mother will be staying home with her for the next month to help with baby care. Apparently, Salma has had the name Valentina picked out since she was six months pregnant.

She told everyone she loved Valentina because it strong and romantic.

The new baby joins François, 9, and Mathilde, 5 1/2, François-Henri’s two children from a previous relationship. The couple announced in March that they were engaged and expecting.

Source: AP; Us Weekly

Thanks to CBB readers Andrea and Susie.

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Pam on

I love the name! Paloma means dove in Spanish I believe. Congrats to them.

Diedrie on

Congrats to them both!!! I knew she was having a girl well before it was suspected. Like Ive said in the past, though it doesnt always apply, girls tend to carry wider. Hope all is well with mother and baby.

Megan on

YAY congrats to Salma and Francois! How exciting…we hadn’t seen or heard anything in a while so I’d almost forgotten…I love the name and can you imagine how gorgeous this little girl is going to be?! Goodness! Welcome to the world Valentina…and congrats again to the new family =)

Tarsha on

Congrats!!! Any word on how much she weighed and how long?

Sarah’s note: No details. I think I wrote that in the post, but maybe not!

PSB on

Congrats Salma! Glad she went with Valentina, it’s a beautiful name and I can’t wait to see a picture of the little doll. Bet she’s gorgeous.

gianna on

I have been checking this site everyday, figured anyday now she was due. So happy for salma, I love her as an actress and she seems like a nice person. I just love the name Valentina, different but now weird. Bet the baby will be beautiful. Just a question Mathilde is that a son or daughter francois has? I hope she shows baby pics, bet her baby will be a beauty.

Sarah’s note: Daughter.

Grayson's Girl on

Congrats to Salma and Francois! I bet Valentina Paloma is a breathtaking little girl. She’s wanted a child for a while now and I’m so happy for her she’s finally has one. Congrats again!

legemc on

The tides have turned! It seems like everyone had boys this summer, and now here come the girls! First Charlotte, now Salma! Can’t wait to find out more details and see pics of both babies.

Heather on

So the rumors about the name Valentina were right! Its a beautiful name.

Meg on

Valentina is such a sweet name! I love it. Congrats to them.

Amanda on

Congratulations to Salma and Francois-Henri! Now Valentina and I share a birthday.. this will be one celebrity baby I’ll always remember 🙂

Sarita on

I love the name Valentina! Congratulations to them 😀

ang on

that’s so great. i love the name, it’s beautiful.

Ana on

Oh I’m so happy for Salma, I also bet the baby is very, very cute like her mommy.

I also love the name Valentina, and hey, it’s not a weird name, it’s a pretty common names in countries like Russia and Italy (I don’t know if it’s also common in Spanish-speaking countries, though).
According to behindthename.com, Valentina means the same as the male name Valentine (as both come from Valentinus”: “From the Roman family name Valentinus which was from Latin valens “strong, vigourous, healthy”.”

avery on

Why does it seem that every time Sara post a reply comment to a reader its seems snippy and rude?

juliana on

i was just thinking yesterday, I bet she had that baby! AND SHE DID. I did the same with Naomi and Britney. I must have a sense for these things. 🙂

Doreen on

Wahooo a baby girl!! Yeah! Here come the girls…yeeess! 🙂 Congrats on the baby Selma!!

Crystal on

Wow! Congrats to Salma, Francois-Henri, and family!
I didn’t realize she was due around now… Has it already been that long?! Wow time really does fly by!

daphneesmith on

I’m not a big fan of Salma, but that is one awesome name. Wow.

kathy on

Yes, Pam, Paloma means dove in spanish and is a somewhat common name in latin cultures.

Autumn on

Aw congrats Salma on little Valentina Paloma!

Another celeb birth, right along with Charlotte Church’s daughter, and Noel Gallagher’s son!

FC on

Aww, I didn’t know she’d been planning that name for that long. This time the rumors and goss were true about the baby’s name and gender. I love the baby’s full name! 🙂 And I’m just happy for Salma, period! She’s a mama! 🙂

Congrats to her and François-Henri! 🙂

lexi on

Not being a fan of Salma I found myself intrigued by her pregnancy as she looked 12 months when the announcement was made. I was stunned by the clothing she wore and the weight she gained. Anyway, I do like the name but hope baby Valentina doesn’t eat any of the other baby’s in the nursery; mothers beware..she is one hungry girl. Hopefully Salma gave birth to a 70 pound baby and won’t have to lose all of that weight. I am a big fan of Halle and looking forward to see how her pregnancy progresses.

morgan on

Valentina Paloma is the PERFECT name for Salmas daughter. It just seems to fit so well. I can’t wait to see a picture little valentina, im sure she is gorgeous!

Carrie on

Congrats to them!
I KNEW it was a girl. I’m never wrong. I think I called a girl back in May or something. Girls tend to make a mum gain in a bit more weight, or at least the weight is spread out, where as boy’s seem to be all belly.

PSB on

That’s funny that her ex announced the weight. Good for them that they can stay friends and he’s happy for her. Too bad it didn’t work out – I liked them as a couple.

Jenny on

The baby name is very exotic but pretty.
Congrats to them!

divamommy on

Congratulations and best wishes

valentina's mom on

Valentina IS a beautiful name. My 4 yr old daughter is also named Valentina and I had the name way before I even met her father. I just loved it as soon as I heard it and knew my first daughter would be Valentina. Congrats to Salma and her lil Valentina.

valentina's mom on

Valentina IS a beautiful name. My 4 yr old daughter is also named Valentina and I had the name way before I even met her father. I just loved it as soon as I heard it and knew my first daughter would be Valentina. Congrats to Salma and her lil Valentina.

Belle on

Since he apparently didn’t make it for the birth, I wonder when her fiance will head to the USA to meet his child? Or is he with Salma already? Am I the only one who gets the feeling that this is an unusual relationship?

Dawna on

Oh that is wonderful news. It is about time too seeing as Salma was rivalling Beth Chapman in the boobs department, lol.

Lovely name for the baby, and congrats to Salma.

essie on

I thought the father was at the hospital. At least one story I read said he was there. At any rate, European men aren’t as interested in watching childbirth as American men seem to be.

Valentina is a beautiful name, sort of old fashion and romantic.