Larry King loves being an older dad

09/23/2007 at 08:29 PM ET

Larry King, 73, believes his youngest two sons, Chance, 8, and Cannon, 7, have brought him in touch with fatherhood and he is enjoying it a little more.

I’m a better father this time. I have more time to spend withthem, and I guess I care more.

Larry and his wife, Shawn, who married in 1997, both have children from previous relationships and the television journalist believes that having kids when younger and trying to build careers made it hard.

Even though you would love to spend more time with your kid,it’s mixed with the fact that you’ve got to make a living and you’rejust caught betwixt and between. You’ve got to make a choice. That’slife.

When asked what makes his relationship work with Shawn, 47, Larry revealed a few extra things about their sons Chance and Cannon as well,

She’s a load. You don’t know what to expect of her.She’s unpredictable, and she’s a terrific mother. We have two boys whojust adore her. They are very good kids, little people, fun people,sense of humor, well behaved. And they’re fun to watch. They go to theDodger game and all the players know them. It’s fun to watch theplayers say hello to them.

Larry’s older children include Larry Jr., Andy and Chaia. Larry also has a daughter, Kelly, that was adopted by her mother’s, Mickey Sutphin, next husband. Shawn’s eldest son is Danny Southwick.

Source: OK! Magazine


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Michelle on

“I’m a better father this time. I have more time to spend with them, and I guess I care more.”

What an insensitive comment and a slap in the face to his older children. I bet his older children wish they could re-experience their childhoods with a different father the way Larry is re-experiencing parenting with chase and cannon . Too bad they don’t get that option.

LucyMarie on

Shawn Southwick, present wife, former Playboy bunny
Married September 5, 1997 in Jewish-Mormon inter-faith ceremony.
Son, Chance Armstrong King (b. March 9, 1999)
Son, Cannon Edward King (b. May 22, 2000)
Step-son, Danny Southwick (b. 1981)

Everything else I have found and having a son with the same name (mine was first!)–I beleive that the name is Chance and not Chase.

sinclair on

sad that (some) men don’t get how important fatherhood is–the FIRST time around.

i feel for the first set of kids.

gianna on

Michael douglas said one of the advantages of having kids older, is you sometimes aren’t so into your careers and focus more on the kids, which kinda does make sense especially in hollywood. Michael has also said he was more busy working at the time than raising his first son cameron. But just the other day my mom who is 46 and has 2 grown kids 25 and 20 was speaking to her friend who is 45 with a 3yd old, and the friend was saying some people think 40 something is too old to start with babies but she feels she has more patience and not as self centered as she was back when she had her 1st child at 27. I think that’s why we see so many celebrities lately, salma, halle, marcia,brooke shields, mariska having kids older, I think they focus on their careers for years and than feel more ready by the time they are a bit older. There are pros and cons to having kids younger or older IMO.

sinclair on

good points, gianna.

Colleen on

I don’t think he meant that he didn’t care about his kids the first time. I think he meant that he has more of a focus on his kids now, and cares about his younger kids more than he cares about other things like starting a career, not that he cares more about his younger kids than his older kids.

Miranda on

I guess there are pros and cons to having kids older..Althought I can’t think of many. My mom had her first child at 19 and her fifth at 30. She didn’t go to college but she had a steady job and wasn’t too busy building a career but managed to build a great, happy family. I would take my kids over my career any time.. My uncle and his wife have just started their family. He’s 55 and she’s 48. They had a daughter in 1999 but she died, they had a son in 2002 and another son earlier this year. When she was pregnant last year my mom said she couldn’t understand how my aunt could be having children at 48..You should be relaxing and your children should be in their teens. My mom was a grandmother by the time she turned 40! I agree with her, I could never have children older than 40. But if Larry is happy being an older dad, then that’s great. Althought, I would not have wanted to have a 73 year old dad when I was 8 years old. I think my grade grandparents were around that age when I was 8…

Itsme on

I agree with you, Michelle. I think his comments were insensitive to his older children. However, I can’t help but think Larry is just trying to sugarcoat his age and having such young sons. I mean, when Chance is 18 Larry will be 83. When most sons might be playing sports with their fathers at this age, I highly doubt Larry will be out tossing a football around with them… And I’m sure Larry is aware of this. Maybe he “cares more” this time around, because his is so old, however it is sad he didn’t “care more” when his other children were younger.

Ana on

I totally agree with Gianna, and I couldn’t imagine myself, or my mom or anybody else being a granny at the age of 40, to me it just doesn’t seem right, it looks like you’re supposed to be the “mommy”. And by the way we gotta see things as for nowadays and being mom at 19 isn’t no longer a “normal” event, only when an “accident” happens or the person his older minded.

I think people should have their kids when they think it’s the right time to have them.
If Larry is happy being a dad at 73, then I’m happy for him.

Ana on

By the way, do you really think the kids would be happier with a younger dad? They love thir dad the same way! And if you think that losing a child younger is more painful then if you’re older that is a mistake, first and foremost because children cope things faster and don’t have so many memories behind them, and secondly because a parent is always a parent and you love her/him the same way no matter your age.
I wouldn’t mind having an older dad (mine’s 55) but I tell you that I would if he was younger. I rather have people calling my dad my grandad than my brother. I think people should have kids when they have life experience, parents are to be parents not buddies (you know what I mean).

Miranda on

uuhhm..Ana, a lot of women are grandmothers when they are 40. My mom had my sister when she was 19 og my sister had her first kid when she was 19, so my mom was 38 when she had her first grandchild. Maybe it’s not too common but I don’t think it’s unnatural. ITA with itsme. When the boys are 18 Larry is going to be 83 or maybe not even alive. I guess there’s nothing wrong with having kids when you’re 40, but older than 50 is too old to me. I wouldn’t mind if my parents were 5 years old than they are either, but seriously, if you’re 70 and you have 4 and 5 year old sons (like Larry did when he was 70..), then you have to be running around all the time and I can’t see a 70 year old or someone older running after little kids. I’m not saying they would love their dad more if he was younger, but boys like playing with their dad’s and doin stuff with them and younger dad’s can do much more than older dad’s (and by older I mean someone over 55-60 years)..