Isla Fisher leaving synagogue on Saturday

09/23/2007 at 10:12 PM ET

Actress Isla Fisher, 31, and her fiance, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, 35, were spotted leaving a Los Angeles synagogue on Saturday (Isla apparently picked Sacha up from services). They expect their first child this fall — quite soon, from what we hear.

See all the photos at Just Jared.

Thanks to CBB reader Courtney.

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Andi on

looks in pain

hope she has the baby soon


Andrea on

I feel for her. I was swollen like that with my daughter! Hopefully she has the baby soon.

PSB on

She wore THAT to synagogue on the high holidays??? A little short!

Other that that, she’s very cute and I can’t wait to see that baby girl (I think they’re having a girl).

Kat on

I was pasty in the face like that with my daughter… and carried high like that… so I think she’s having a girl… unless it’s just that she’s tiny and the father is really tall like Naomi Watts… then it is probably a boy.

gianna on

I think she is having a girl too. Poor girl looks uncomfortable

Maya on

PSB – I was just thinking the same thing about the length of her skirt…
Why does everyone think she’s having a girl? I think there’s some misconception that a woman who doesn’t look “good” in her pregnancy is necessarily having a girl. Samantha Harris carried low, was beautiful throughout her pregnancy and, as we just found out, had a GIRL…

K on

WOW… She is big. What is it with Aussie girls and big bellies??!! lol – I hope for Poppy Montgomery’s sake that this trend doesnt continue?!

Neke on

Why is she wearing that belt? I don’t get that at all. It must be uncomfortable. Yeah hope she has the baby soon too!

Kristin on

Definitely a girl…….her whole face has changed. A lot of women’s faces change when they are having girls!

Leslie on

I just read the comments at Just Jared and it sounds like Isla did not go to services dressed like that, she supposedly just picked Sacha up, as an Orthodox Jew he probably chose not to drive himself. I would think she would probably not go to synagogue that day anyway, since she would not be fasting while she is pregnant, and really observant Jews would be there all day.

shelley on

I’m 8 months pregnant and I am 5’1″….I look that big. It’s because of build. Where the heck are you supposed to carry the baby? Also, I’m carrying high because I have a short waist…I’m having a boy. I also carried high with my first one…he’s a boy. We petite girls show more than the tall ones. I think it looks cute….Go Isla and Salma!

Gina on

I would say that is DEFINETLY a boy in that belly!! You watch and see!

Tara on

The belt thing stumps me too. It is not very flattering on a woman 9 months pregnant and especially with that outfit. I guess if it makes her feel stylish then ok, I just don’t get it, not with all of the gorgeous, comfortable maternity clothes available.

Sarah’s note: My guess is she was just trying to make sure it didn’t look like a giant muu-muu and give her belly some definition. I saw Naomi Watts doing the same thing during the end of her pregnancy. I guess they want to make sure people know it’s just belly!

Luciana on

The dress, without the belt would show her panties. I believe she choose the belt to keep the dress “down” since her belly is really big.. and beautiful. It looks like she will have that baby soon..

noa on

[b]she supposedly just picked Sacha up, as an Orthodox Jew he probably chose not to drive himself.[/b]

Drive himself OR BE DRIVEN!! Just like it’s not allowed to drive or ride in a another person’s car on shabbat, same goes for yom kippor. BTW, to top things off, yom kippor was on shabbat.

And us observant jewish women DO fast for kippur when pregnant providing the pregnancy is going along well.
Only women that have given birth within a certain amount of days from kippur (and tisha b’av) don’t fast.

If Isla was observing the jewish faith, she wouldn’t be driving on shabbat or yom kippur (and in this case both)… nor carrying stuff etc.

But really, who cares what people decide to do with their lives? Let’s just not call them what they aren’t (orthodox for example)

Maria Bella on

Ha, Isla’s reading White Oleander. That’s a great book.

She looks great, anyhow. Hopefully she has the baby soon!

Melle on

I don’t think Isla has converted yet. I read somewhere that she was beginning studies so she could convert for him, but I don’t think she’s done it yet.

She’s so pretty, I hope the baby looks just like her.