Nicole Richie swimming in Hawaii on Saturday

09/22/2007 at 08:30 PM ET

Nicole Richie, 26, was spotted swimming in Hawaii on Saturday. She is about 25 weeks along and is due in early January. Just Jared has more images.

Photos by Bauer Griffin.

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gianna on

I’m usually not into the whole bikini look while pregnant, but nicole looks very cute. She is all belly and thin everywhere else. I believe she will have a boy for some reason.

nicksmomma on

This is the cutest picture ever! She looks absolutely adorable. I am so glad to see her looking healthy too! This pregnancy is really agreeing with her! I hope she is enjoying it as much as she appears to be.
In her own words…”LOVES IT”!!!!!

Kaley on

She looks beautiful! I love her little preggo belly.

Stephany on

Nicole looks so good. Pregnancy really looks great on her! And, gianna, I totally agree with you! For some reason, I think she’s having a baby boy.

esperanza on

compare these pics with the ones of her before where she looked like a junkie in a bikini, wow! she looks amazingly beautiful.

Grayson's Girl on

Is it just me or did she get bigger since the pics in the red bikini? She looks adorable of course and is working the heck out of that belly and bathing suit but she looks to have grown some in that small window of time! I think she’s going to be one of those women who are all belly once they pop. Two or three months from now she’ll look like she swallowed either a football or a watermelon lol.

Campbell on

She should feel so proud of herself. She has overcome some very serious issues. And as a young woman, I think NR has honestly proven herself to be an unbelievalby “smart”, beautiful, healthy, young lady. Just gorgeous. Seems healthy and happy. Here’s sending out grand mommy vibes (as if she needs them) lol

cindi on

she looks beautiful! and i’m thinking “girl”…

daphneesmith on

Nicole, you look fantastic!

JoyJoy on

She looks so much healthier and nice. Much better then the skin and bones she was. She looks wonderful I hope she keeps some of this healthy look to her after the baby is born too.

Christine on

She looks beautiful!!!!!

Michelle on

I’m thinking boy too.
i so love the way she is kinda flaunting her body. she looks gorgeous….wow!

honestly, i was expecting her to hide her body and reappear after the baby but of course she is such a rebel 🙂

She is just too cute for words!

dana on

She looks great.. She looks confident… I also think she having a boy…

isn’t ther thery that if the bump is lower it’s a boy and if it’s higer up it’s a girl?

Sarah’s note: Yes, but those don’t mean much. It’s fun to guess, but most people don’t put much stock in it.

Lys on

Her belly is so cute! She looks very healthy, too. I’m very excited for her!

Crystal on

I was thinking she looked bigger too Grayson’s Girl!!
She looks really cute and I love the ‘pregnant and bikini’ look. I think being pregnant is something to be proud of and show off! But that’s just my opinion 🙂

tary on

lol, listen to all you lot – all the girl has to do is get pregnant and suddenly everyone loves her…this time last year she was just as much of a flake as Paris, Lindsey and company…and nobody had a nice word to say about her!

I sincerely hope her settling down is genuine…for that baby’s sake. 🙂

FC on

She really does look better with the additional meat on her bones. I hope she maintains a healthy weight even after she has the baby. Her face is rounder, and she just looks better overall.

And, damn, her stomach looks to be popping out more! Of course, no clothes to hide it, so… duh!

gargoylegurl on

I hope she realizes how much better she looks now. It is so nice to see her with womanly breasts and thighs. In particular, she’s lost the sunken in chest bones, that really was frightening looking. I believe she is doing everything right for the health of her baby, which of course, will also benefit her. I truly hope she maintains this healthier weight after she gives birth!

Natalie S. on

Nicole looks gorgeous!! Pregnancy suits her well

Simone on

She looks beautiful being pregnant,a lot better than when the bikini almost fell off her and all you saw were skin and bones!!!!

brannon on

I agree! I keep remembering that other pic of her (non-pregnant in a bikini) and compared to now – she looks so MUCH better! She seems to really be embracing pregnancy and it certainly suits her! What an adorable woman! I’m so excited for this baby! (Just to throw in my guess — I’m thinking boy!)

Daze on

She looks beautiful. It is nice to see Nichole looking healthy. She is a beautiful woman when she is healthy. And she wears pregnancy well.

cc on

she’s looking so much more healthy these days, that’s a good thing.

Lyn on

She looks awesome….SO beautiful!

Alicia A. on

No, it’s definitely a baby girl.

Princess on

Awww… look how beautiful she is. I’m usually not into the bikini on the beach while pregnant either, but Nicole looks amazing in it – and if you have it, why not flaunt it. She’s such a sexy mama.

chatty cricket on

I love her pregnant style, even beyond the bikini….she’s very Audrey Hepburn these days.

Amillia Henderson on

You go girl and show that baby bump – Too cute!!!

Kat on

I don’t know… she’s carrying so obviously low like I was with my first… which is less common with your first… I bet she’s having a boy.

Of course, she could also be having twins… she’s getting so big so fast.

Melanie on

She really does look fantastic, and I hope she’s listening so that once she gives birth she doesn’t diet down to her previously scrawny frame. She looks healthy, feminine and glowy!!

PSB on

Is it wrong to say her breasts look fantastic? I just weaned a few months ago and mine are looking pretty sorry for themselves, so I’m a little jealous. Hope she (and Joel) are enjoying those!

Annoyomus on

Kat- I doubt she’s having twins. Personally, I actually think her bump is still pretty small (especially considering that she is in her sixth month of pregnancy). That said, if she were having twins, I think she’d have announced it by now.

I am trying to remember how far along Julia Roberts and Marcia Cross were when they announced that they were having twins. Or maybe they just announced they were having twins at the same time they made their initial pregnancy announcement. Does anyone know?

All of that said, I think she’ll have a girl. For some reason, I picture her with a little girl….and I can’t picture her with a boy at all! Between her and Christina, I think Christina is the most likely to have a boy (although personally my gut feeling is that they will both have girls).

Tara on

She looks great.

emily on

I could be remembering this incorrectly, but I think Julia Roberts (or her rep, probably) announced she was pregnant and it was twins at the same time. I just remember every article said the same thing, with the line, “Twins run in her family,” added to them all.

Bellies get shockingly big while carrying just one, and pop out more so with two. So I highly doubt Nicole is carrying two.

Sami on

She looks so cute! I don’t think she is all belly… she’s gained everywhere and it looks great!

She also looks so much different without makeup… still pretty, just different. Funny also how many clothes Joel wears to the beach!

My totally unscientific guess is that she is having a girl. I am two weeks ahead of her with my first and carrying the same way, and I’m having a girl.

Doreen on

Such a hawt Mama to be!!! 🙂

j.brown on

I hope this blog serves as an informal petition to her to not go back to being skinny.