Milla Jovovich at Resident Evil premiere; talks pregnancy

09/21/2007 at 06:15 PM ET

Milla Jovovich, 31, arrives at the premiere of ResidentEvil: Extinction last evening in Las Vegas, NV. The actress, who admits to gaining 70 lbs while waiting for her daughter’s mid-November arrival, also spoke with the press at the premiere. The highlights:

On her pregnancy and daughter-to-be: I thought making action films was challenging, but this puts all ofthat in second place! I mean it’s hard man. Women are amazing! I think it’s so incredible to feel my baby moving. Just the wholefeeling of being pregnant. I’ve discovered what it is to be a realwoman, that’s for sure.

On baby weight
: I’m definitely not going to take it too quickly. I don’t want to do anything that’s dangerous for me or my baby. [I’m] pretty confident [I’ll] be ready to go andmake movies [next spring].

On advice: [The best advice was] don’t sweat the small stuff. Just look at the big picture and don’t stress out too much.

Future plans for baby: Martial arts! 

I’m going to have her do it from a very early age. [I want her to know what it’s like] to bestrong and limber.

Source: OK! Magazine; Hello!

Photos by Ethan Miller for Getty Images.

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

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Julie on

just wondering – has she found out for sure it’s a girl? or does she still just think/”know” it’s a girl? i only remember reading articles about her saying that they hadn’t found out, but that she thought the baby is a girl. :/

Sarah’s note: Yes, they’ve found out for sure. I think early summer it was announced.

happy on

I am due at the beginning of December and have gained 25 lbs and I can feel them. I imagine she can’t be feeling too comfortable with 70lbs gained. But I am thinking maybe she was exaggerating to begin with.

Misty on

She doesn’t look like she’s put on 70 pounds. She looks great.

Cindy on

Keep in mind that she has always been underweight as a model and actress, for someone of her height, she would be allowed to weigh alot more and still be healthy. So, considering her underweight-ness, before, I think she is looking just fine! Actually, she looks better than I have ever seen her looking in any movie, so bony and skinny. I am sure she will be able to lose it as all celbrities do and as long as she and baby are healthy,good for her! She has become a favorite celebrity mom to be!

Ivey on

Knowing she could eat and get away with it, instead of starving herself for modeling, she probably went a little crazy.

Hopefully she will take it off gradually in a healthy way.

She looks good I hope she has a healthy happy baby.

Nicole on

I have always been a fan of hers and I think she looks beautiful pregnant. I can’t wait to see how cute her daughter is going to be!

Jenni on

While I agree she looks great I hate the ‘real woman’ comments. Maybe I’m just too sensitive but I just feel it is incredibly insensitive remark to make. Not every woman wants or can have children, they are still ‘real women.’

Ans on

I agree Jenni, her comment about being a “real” woman doesn’t sit well with me either. Some women may not be able to have children, or like Jenni said, do not want them. I think it was a slightly ignorant remark. Maybe her baby bliss has taken over…

gianna on

She doesn’t even look like she gained 70lbs

Jen on

I dont’t think she meant “real women” in a way that should be taken to offence. I think she just meant that she now understand what it is like to carry a life and be able to produce nourishment for it.

I wouldn’t take too much offense, I’m sure she didn’t mean it in an ignorant way.

karen on

love her necklace! her fuller face is so cute.

Erica on

I’m with Jenni and Ans on the “real woman” comment. I can understand how pregnancy and childbirth could make someone feel very strong and powerful because it certainly does look like a lot of work. But at the same time I don’t believe I or any other female who chooses not to/can’t give birth are less feminine because of it!

I do think this is the best Milla has looked in years, though.

Jenni on

While I agree Jen that she probably didn’t mean any offense by saying ‘real woman’ my comment still stands. It is an insensitive, thoughtless remark. The fact that she probably didn’t mean to offend is irrelevant. Lots of people say offensive or hurtful things without meaning to, that doesn’t make it okay.

Kaley on

Milla looks beautiful pregnant. It’s nice to see a model thats not afraid to gain a few pounds during her pregnancy.

Petra on

I don’t understand why some posters feel offended by her comment about “real woman”. It is her opinion, she feels it (at least at the moment), so why shouldn’t she express it?Of course it can be hurtful for somebody but if we could say only things harmless to all the world, we would keep silence all the time. Everything can be understood offensively by someone. I, for one, prefer clear opinions (although I don’t have to agree with them) than to listen to colourless politically correct comments, whose only aim is not to offend anyone.

Jenni on

Alright, Petra..and I am just stating MY opinion that I think it is an offensive comment. If you really feel as you say you do then why criticize those who are openly stating their opinions that they didn’t like the ‘real woman’ comments? You should applaud myself and others for so openly expressing that we think that remark is offensive. Right?

Renee on

People have to stop taking everything celebs or better yet what anyone says and analyze it to death.I swear it seems as though people are coming on here just to complain about every little thing celeb parents do or say.We aren’t perfect so therefore why do we expect celebs to be perfect?

Campbell on

The trailor for her movie is kick butt… I see now the incredible transition she had to make.. wow.

Jenni on

Renee…my comments aren’t because this is a celebrity saying it. I would think it was insensitive if any woman used the term ‘real woman.’ And I would comment on it. I, for one, am not analyzing anything to death. This is what she said and this is my opinion. I don’t expect her or any other celebrity to be perfect. Lots of people make insensitive, thoughtless remarks and none of them are okay. I’m not sure why anyone would think that this is JUST because she is a celebrity. I’m only posting about this here because MJ happens to be the person who said this in this case. I would feel exactly the same regardless of who said it.
I guess people ‘complain’ about celeb parents here because this site is devoted to celeb parents and future parents…so it makes sense that is what people are commenting on. I would think it odd if people posted here about structural engineering..but thoughts about celeb parents…that’s pretty much to be expected.

Ans on

No one here has analyzed anything “to death”. It was a thoughtless remark, period. Like I said, maybe she wasn’t thinking, or is so caught up in the fact that she’s pregnant. I can only imagine her joy at becoming a mom. And when celebrities make comments on their personal beliefs, they KNOW that they are going to be critized. They are public figures, and that was their choice.
And I concur, Jenni. No matter who said it, it is a thoughtless remark.

Petra on

I understand that it is your sensitive place, Jenni, but it’s being taken very seriously. Some celebrity says something…
I, for one, am blonde, and all the jokes about stupid blondes aren’t worth commenting to me. And I would never demand to forbid them or to apologize for them for being offensive to me. Some people may think blondes are stupid, but I am not interested.