Oliver Hudson shares story of son Wilder's birth

09/21/2007 at 09:59 AM ET

Oliverhudson90_cbbAppearing on Last Call on Thursday, Rules of Engagement star Oliver Hudson, 31, tells Carson Daly about the birth of his son, Wilder Brooks, now 4 weeks — and his reaction to the realization that his child was, in fact, a boy.

It was crazy man, the most insane, intense experience of my life — I went through every range of emotions…the fear and love, it was all coming down on me at once. It was intense.

We didn’t know what it was going to be, which was really fun. We thought about going for it, then we held back, and then we decided, ‘Let’s just wait.’

[So] the baby’s coming out, it’s all happening — I’m going crazy, I’m going to faint and throw up all at the same time — and the baby’s head’s coming out, and I’m not even paying attention — all I’m looking for is the package. You always want a healthy baby, which is the truth. [Secretly], of course, I want a boy. I’m a man, I want my first kid to be a boy. I wasn’t telling anybody, because you don’t want to put it out there. [laughs]

So the baby’s coming out and the head comes out and all I’m looking for is the nuts! And then it comes out and I’m looking at it, and I’m like, ‘Oh, there’s balls, we’ve got balls, it’s a boy!’

Wilder was born on August 23rd.

Source: Last Call with Carson Daly


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Mandii on

How funny!!! Love him! 🙂

Natalie S. on

Okay that was by far the funniest thing I’ve heard!!! “Oh there’s balls, we’ve got balls, it’s a boy!” Classic!

Kate on

I have never understood why some men make such a big deal out of wanting a son, and I really don’t understand why it matters if the boy is born first. I think it’s sad that some people still act like girls are not as good as boys.

sil on

I don’t think people thinks that girls are not good as boys… I think is normal to have a “preference” on the sex of your first child, not everybody does, but I know lot’s of people expecting their first baby and wanting him/her to be a boy or girl…I wanted a girl all my life! and so did my husband, and we have a girl 🙂 but that doesn’t mean that I think girls are better than boys…Now that we are thinking in having another child, I would like to have another girl 🙂 and my husband wants a boy! but OF COURSE the most important thing is that your baby is healthy.

gianna on

Most men do want a boy, doesn’t mean they don’t love their daughters just as much, but they want a boy to pass on the name, play sports, share similiar interests, etc. Just like sometimes women want a girl to dress up, put in dance, etc. Anyway oliver is so cute, he sounds so happy, good for him.

Kate on

If it’s a matter of passing on the family name: In this day and age a daughter could pass on the family name also.

I’m coming at this from a totally different perspective: Everyone in my family has at least one child with a major medical problem or disability and one of my relatives has struggled for 7 years to have a child and has had one stillborn child and two miscarriages and now they’re desperate for a child of any gender. And it’s just hard for me to see so many people who care what gender their child is. A child who is healthy enough to live their life is all that matters.

Madeline on


I so agree with you. I just feel that if a healthy baby emerges, and the mother is ok, that is all you can hope for. I know a man who was in the delivery room and when his firstborn was a girl, he ran out because he was so disappointed. I also know several fathers who were hoping for sons, and these guys now are so in love with their daughters they can’t even see straight!

Maya on

Is it just me or does this guy sound like a total a**hole…?

Natasha on

I think he’s just speaking what most people wouldn’t. A lot of men want sons, it’s really not a big deal. A lot of women want daughters….nobody complains about it. I would personally like to have at least 2 sons, and at least 1 daughter, but either way I’ll be happy 🙂

Yes it may be more common for girls to keep their last names but the majority of people don’t. In my family my parents wanted boys to carry on the last name as my brothers are the last people who can carry it. I don’t feel that my parents didn’t want me….

Sanja on

Well, just to point out that not every man wants a son. My father wanted a daughter and that was 25 years ago in a very patriarchal society.
Also have a friend who is having a son now and keeps hoping that the doctors have made a mistake and that it turns out to be a girl.
And this is a man whose wife had an ovary removed because she had a cist(sp?).
But, for me I agree with Kate. With all these people having problems concieving and miscarrieges and everythin, a healthy baby seems like such a blessing.

Pam on

I caught the show and I have to say that I did not get a negative impression at all. This is the first time I had seen Oliver other than reading about him on Celebrity Babies, and I thought he was very funny. It was all said in a very joking manner, bantering between him and Carson. After this story, he said, ‘My wife told me not to be crude and to make sure I was sweet,’ or something like that. Then he told a funny story about advice Kurt Russell gave him.

JMO, but I didn’t get a bad impression at all, like some are seeing. Rather, more laid-back and funny. I think it didn’t translate from TV to blog well.

sil on

I thought this site didn’t post insulting comments…I refer to the a….hole comment, well maybe i’m wrong because english is not my language, but i know that word and it sounds insulting to me.
Just my opinion.

Marie on

I know my husband would have loved a daughter just as much as he loves our son, but I knew he was hoping for a boy deep down. because, and he said it at one point, he was the first of four boys, has a son from a first marriage and 2 ex-step sons and had NO idea “what to do” with a girl. He was used to how to deal with boys, but the idea of a girl baffled him. I, being the first of four girls, was like him but reversed. I had NO idea how to relate to a boy or what to do with him.

Then he was born. And he’s perfect. I can’t imagine anyone else, I’m so in love with our son. If we have another kid, I kind of hope for another boy. But I’d still be happy with a girl too. Just as long as they’re healthy and happy.

gianna on

I just watched joel madden on trya’s show and tyra said do you want a boy or girl, and he was like I really want a boy. Tyra was like, at least your honest. In the long run people don’t really care as long as the baby is healthy, it’s just sometimes people have a perfernce. Oliver I have seen him on many interviews, he doesn’t seem like an ass at all, he seems like a sweet nice guy to me.Also what you read on a blog, often sounds very different than when your watching it on t.v.

Dancer on

Studies have shown that men are more prone to staying with a woman if they have a male child together than if they have a female child. So more men abandon women who have given them a daughter. Tells you something about our society.

That’s why I don’t find Oliver Hudson’s comments about desperately wanting a son so funny. Could also be that my parents let me know my whole childhood how disappointed they were that I was the second girl born in the family instead of the boy they were hoping for.

Kelly on

Re: Carrying on the family name…

Nothing in life is certain…even that your child will make it through infancy. I guess I just think that new life, not gender, ought to be enough of a cause for celebration.

Harley on

That’s so oustanding haha! I love it. It’s not a matter of disappointment in the first being or not being a boy it’s a matter of how you look at families. I’ll love my child regardless of gender but, I’d still like a boy first, almost protector style because I grew up with an older brother and he always stood up for me. Will I be upset if it’s a girl? God no and I don’t think that’s what he was trying to convey. He’s excited and had it been a girl, he probably would have been just as excited. Don’t get in a tizzy over it. He loves his child and that’s what matters most.

J.M. on

I think most men would like sons first not only to carry on the family name but to have that special bond and to also one day perhaps be protectors of their younger
sister(s). I think that when a man suggest he wants a son it’s the idea at first but as soon as their little girl is born they forget about why they wanted a son. Sure their are macho men who only want sons but most are happy to have either or. I do know several men though who say they only want daughters. I don’t know why but maybe they enjoy the fact that little girls always love their daddys!

I would love to have a girl someday only bc I am surrounded by nephews. However if I had a little boy I wouldn’t think anything less. I just want a healthy baby but whatever gender it will come out as I’ll be happy all the same!

Dawna on

Be honest posters, how many of you really wanted a daughter, but got a son instead or vice versa? Same thing with Oliver. He really wanted a son, just like many women want a daughter.

Let’s face it. People do want a certain gender even though they all say the only thing that matters is a healthy and non-disabled baby. It may look like a preference for one gender over the other, but it is very common for males to want a son and females to want a daughter.

The eons-old genderized roles still play hard here; women want a daughter to do the “girlie” things with, dress up in frills and bows while men want a son to do the “boyish” things like sports, fishing, and stuff.

Plus having the same kind of genitals is a factor, just someone of your gender.

sinclair on

maya, you are a hoot! i almost spit out my tea when i read your comment!

Kate on

“People do want a certain gender even though they all say the only thing that matters is a healthy and non-disabled baby.”

A lot of people want a certain gender, but not everyone feels that way. Some of us just think we are lucky just to have a child, and don’t quibble over gender.

Crystal on

To tell the truth I LOVE babies and absolutely can’t wait to have one. I do desperately want a girl! I have an awesome relationship w/ my mom and I want to have that same relationship – only I would be the mom!
I love boys too…and would be absolutely happy with one (esp since my fiance is the last man in his family line)
I have two nephews and could not be happier! I just want a baby, but really hope I wind up with one of each! Sometimes I wonder what the chances of that happening are 🙂

FC on

LOL at him talking about seeing his son’s balls and being happy he got a boy! Nothing wrong with him hoping for a boy. Yes, I’d want nothing more than a happy and healthy baby, but I would love for my first child to be a girl.

And, like J.M. mentioned, I was surrounded by nothing but boys. I grew up with two of them (I have two sisters but didn’t grow up with them) and I have nothing but nephews, and since I don’t know when or if I’ll ever get a niece, I just would like to have a daughter someday.

But, unlike what Dawna mentioned, about men wanting boys to do manly/boyish things with and women wanting girls to do the girly thing with, that’s not me. I’m the opposite and don’t care for the frilly dresses and bows. I didn’t care for that when I was little, still don’t now, and the only way I’d dress them in such things is if it was a gift from someone.

I guess you could say I was somewhat of a tomboy when I was younger, still am in some ways when it comes to certain things.I would still let my child wear what they wanted, though. Just don’t care to be lumped into one category when I’m in neither at times.

But, anyway, I don’t find anything wrong with what Oliver said. I actually think it was funny and at the same time honest. Nothing wrong with that.

stephanie on

Gee, reading the comments now I wonder why Oliver wasn’t telling anybody he wanted a boy.

Spot on

To gianna’s earlier comment,

I am so sick of these gender stereotypes just because a man has a daughter does not mean he cannot “play sports, share similar interests, etc” and that the “woman will want a girl to dress up, put in dance etc”. You are simplifying both the male and female parent as very facile beings focussed on superficial aspects of having a child and the child as an object for satisfying these needs. I have grown up in a family where I would watch AFL with my mum, my dad having no interest while he would play hockey with me. At the same time I would wear big frilly party dresses having no interest in dance and this clearly demonstrates that there is no limitation on what a child can share with their parent. I was not shocked by his comments as I believe that they do not translate well when written as opposed to being heard but was instead irritated by comments like this that perpetuate an oppressive gendered society for women.

Renee on

I feel bad for Oliver. His simple comment on being happy he had a son has turned into this huge debate.He would have probably been just as happy if he had a girl.

gianna on

Spot well thats great how you grew up, but in my family and most people I know boys tend to play more sports with their dads than girls do, I don’t see many girls playing hockey, basketball, football, etc, but to each is own . Does that apply to every girl or boy, of course not. But um yea I stick to my comment, sometimes women want girls to dress up and do their hair, you can’t exactly do that with boys. And yes men when you ask them why they want a boy, they usually say to carry on a family name, play sports, have things like that in common. Nothing wrong with either of those things IMO.

J on

He does not sound like a complete a-hole. He sounds like a giddy new daddy who can’t wait to brag about his baby to everyone.

I agree with Renee. I’m sure that some people here would have been oo-ing and aah-ing about how adorable it would have been if he was cooing over a baby girl. Since he had a boy and he cooing over that it upsets some people. I dont get it, he is happy that he has a healthy baby. Be happy for the man.

ash on

i agree with your comment reneee
everyone has to take comments so personally these days- it’s obvious that it was just a tongue-in-cheek funny story of his sons birth and i’m positive he would have been just as thrilled with a girl but what’s wrong with him sharing that he’s thankful he has a son! now everyone needs to go and relax and take a chill pill lol 🙂

Bethie on

When my best friend had her son, his testicals were swollen, as are those of many baby boys at birth. Her husband literally walked into the hallway and told a family waiting for another baby to be born, “my son has the biggest balls I have ever seen!” His wife’s nurse had to tell him it was temporary and soon they would be normal size.

Kate on

“I’m sure that some people here would have been oo-ing and aah-ing about how adorable it would have been if he was cooing over a baby girl. Since he had a boy and he cooing over that it upsets some people”

If he had a girl and said that he only wanted a girl then I would be making the exact same comments I made. I’ve already clearly stated why it upsets me, and it has nothing to do with the reason you just stated. I just have a hard time understanding why people can’t focus on what really matters when they’re having a baby.

Annoyomus on

Kate- Oliver never said that he ONLY wanted a boy. All he said was that he really wanted his first child to be a boy. That does NOT mean that he wouldn’t have been just as thrilled if Wilder had been a girl.

Also, for all we know, he WAS focusing on “what really matters” when he and his wife were expecting. I am sure that the main thing he wanted was for the baby to be healthy. He just happened to also hope that it would be a boy.

Kate on

I remember seeing Brad Pitt on Oprah.
She asked him if he were to have kids, what gender of child would he want.
(this was prior to Angelina)
He said that he specificaly wanted daughters.

I have an older brother, but I can honestly say that my father feels closer to me than to my brother.

At the end of the day gender is irrilivant, it’s the nature of the child and parent that really matter.

I think Mr Hudson sounds a tad imature to be having kids. He should just be thankful that his child was born healthy..balls or no balls.

Kate2 on

annonymous: I’m aware of the fact that Oliver didn’t say he only wanted a girl. I read the article. I just find it irritating that some people are so focused on gender when there are more important things at stake.

Lily on

I’m happy for Oliver, but I agree with something Kate said. He does sound a bit immature on the whole situation of gender. I understand that it probably sounds very different when he actually says it, but it just comes off as, well, like he needed a son or something. Imagine if he has a daughter some years off. What if she reads this and feels that she would not have been welcome had she been the firstborn? I just think he’s making too big a deal over the whole gender to make it clear that he cared more about the child’s health. It sounds like gender was all that mattered to him.