Milla Jovovich talks about weight gain during pregnancy

09/21/2007 at 01:46 PM ET

Milla Jovovich, 31, who is set to give birth to her first child — a daughter — in mid-November, recently discussed the pregnancy and weight gain on her website.  She states,

I am so huge you guys! I’ve gained almost 70 pounds in the last 4months! It’s unbelievable how quickly it all happened, all I did waseat three bagels every morning with butter, peanut butter and jelly allover them, a few boxes of crispy cream donuts for lunch and boom! I’mtipping the scale at 195! Man, that came out of nowhere! Lol! Wellmaybe not completely out of nowhere!

So now I’m completely going in theopposite extreme and eating nothing but chicken, fish and veggies withthe closest thing to bread taking the form of oatmeal in the morningwith just the teensiest bit of maple sugar to make it bearable… sigh! All I want is another box of donuts!

Well, only 8 more weeks to go andthen hopefully I’ll start to get back to normal.

Dad is Milla’s fiance, director Paul W.S. Anderson.

Source: Milla’s Official Site

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Tracy on

It’s still hard to picture her at that weight, even though I’ve seen the actual pictures!

I love her to pieces!

meghan on

haha – that’s great. i’m up almost 40… i know how she feels! (of course i am due before her)

NAN on

Although I would not recommend gaining 70lbs., good for her that she is not trying to starve herself and keep her weight down. She was thin before, she can be thin again!
I gained over 40lbs with both my boys………and they were early!

neli on

hehe funny,when i was pregnant with my little girl i too had a non stop desire for dounats and gained a lot of weight.M y little girl is now 3 and a half and she loves dounats too

gianna on

70lbs is a lot of weight to gain, and she still has two more months to go.

aury on

i hope to God she was saying all of that sarcastically.

Melly on

she has probably been waiting for 15 years to eat whatever she wanted, or an excuse to, at least 😉 I am sure she is mixing in some healthy selections, I wouldn’t worry about her making poor decisions, lol. I gained about 60-65 pounds with both my pregnancies, and am back down to my usual 120/125 with my 22 month old son. I also gained it like her (so far) all in the middle/ 2nd trimester. I even lost a few pounds during my third as my metabolism went up from the extra weight I was carrying all the time.
She is so healthy and grounded, and having so fun with becoming a mother!

Sarah F. on

Wow, I thought more people would be supportive. With my DD, I gained 65 pounds and was up to 200. I do not recommend it either but now that I am pregnant with DD#2 I am quickly gaining the weight all over again! Some people just pack it on during pregnancy and I am glad, for once, it’s a celebrity that’s willing to talk about it!

charsmom on

I gained 40-50 pounds when pregnant with both of my daughters – It’s nice to hear of a celebrity who is not worrying about her weight gain while pregnant!

Linda on

i think she’s so adorable. i’m glad she has a sense of humor about it. 🙂

emily on

If I weren’t in India, I would have totally gained double what I’ve gained so far. That’s a good thing about having no access to burgers or donuts! Sounds SO good though. 🙂

Zbella on

Cute! She has a great sense of humor about this. Most women struggle with their body image during pregnancy – myself included – good for her that she isn’t taking it too seriously! 🙂

??? on

she should name her raine….

rynn on

70 pounds is alot, but it’s so awesome to for once hear of a celebrity who isn’t concerned with her weight during pregnancy. I am 5 months pregnant and up 25 pounds.. most of which i gained in the first two months… and it’s tough, especially when looking at photos of still-rail thin angelina who had skeletal arms but a larger belly. milla will lose it healthily.