Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli talk family

09/21/2007 at 11:58 PM ET

Jenniepeter3_cbb_2Actors Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli are featured in the latest issue of People magazine with their daughters Luca Bella, 10, Lola Ray, 4 ½, and Fiona Eve, 1 on Sept. 30. The two discuss their happy family life, house traditions, what’s it like for Peter to be the only guy in the house and how the girls are psyching Jennie up for her stint on Dancing with the Stars.

Click below for the photo and interview highlights.

Inspired by Beverly Hills 90210 co-star and DwtS alum Ian Ziering, the 35-year-old will hit the dance floor starting Monday and her daughters are already giving her plenty of support.

The kids are beside themselves. They’re like, ‘Don’t cry, Mom! Never storm out of the rehearsal room!’

Thethree plan on attending all of Jennie’s rehearsals and staying up towatch her compete on Monday nights. That new tradition joins a fewothers the Facinelli Five — the couple’s nickname for their clan –already have. They include a special blue dinner plate that is onlyused when someone achieves something great, such as Luca scoring asoccer goal and Peter landing a role on Damages (Jennie brokethe plate, but it has since been replaced!), weekend RV camping tripsand breakfast in bed for dad on his birthday.

They love to bring me breakfast in bed on my birthday. I’m spoiled. My girls are simply fantastic.

Peter, 33, who says Lola thinks he’s "a police officer and a mountain climber," because of his past roles, doesn’t mind being surrounded by girls, but Jennie believes he feels it sometimes.

I’msure there are times Peter feels he’s going to lose his mind being theonly male in the family. That’s when he takes a drive around the blockon his motorcycle.

Allthree of their kids were surprise pregnancies and the two, who’ve beentogether for nearly 12 years and married for six, don’t rule out addingmore to the brood because "having kids is the greatest thing in the world," Peter says. Plus, they’re already outnumbered.

Havingthree can get crazy! Sometimes we just look at each other and laugh.We’re determined to make it, and we can’t wait to grow old together.

Adds Jennie,

Having kids brings you closer and unites you on a higher level. We’re a unit now, not just a couple.


Source: People, October 1 issue, pg 104-108

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Cait on

I absolutely ADORE this family! I’ve been a fan of both Jennie and Peter’s since before they were a couple and I just adore them. Their children are so beautiful (especially Fiona! I love the chubby baby rolls!) and I think Luca looks just like Jennie.

Good luck on DWTS, Jennie!

Heather on

Beautiful family!

gianna on

Fiona is adorable, and Lola looks just like jennie. Luca looks like peter IMO. Can’t believe kelly from 90210, has 3 girls already lol.

Megan on

Well isn’t that just about the sweetest thing ever…I love this interview and I think along with the Garner/Afflecks, this family might be near the top of my list…they just seem so real and down to earth–like any family you might meet on the street…I always love hearing dad’s talk about their girls…it just touches something inside you…and you can tell Peter is just in love with all his girls!

This family just rocks and those girls are GORGEOUS–they are the perfect combination of Jennie and Peter…BEAUTIFUL…THIS is the way to raise a family in “hollywood” I can’t wait to see Jennie on DWTS–I will be rooting for her!

r9lee on

i’ve never followed dancing w/ the stars…but i’m watching this until jennie is eliminated! fingers crossed she wont lol

ang on

i remember when luca was born-reading jennie’s interview and the pics in a magazine. all i remember thinking was “that is the most beautiful baby i have EVER seen.” (and i never say stuff like that). looks like all 3 kids r growing up well & i love the blue plate thing. i hope to have those sorts of quirky traditions with my own family one day. good luck to jen on dwts & i am STILL waiting for that playdate with tori, liam, jason & ava! mini-90210ers. so cute.

Julia A on

All 3 of her girls are gorgeous, and the little one is so adorable.

Campbell on

That is one HOT HOT couple! And those girls!!

Roise on

Man, do I feel old! I still remember Jennie announcing her pregnancy with Luca, I can’t believe that was ten years ago. Although, I thought Peter and Jennie got married while Luca was still a baby, maybe toddler. Did they maybe announce their engagement around then?

Andrea on

I love Jennie Garth and her family. I’m always curious to see a new picture of the fabulous 5. lol. I’m excited to see how she’s gonna do on Dancing with the Stars! She’ll do great!

daphneesmith on

Ang, are you thinking of the InStyle issue, Mother’s Day 1998, which featured Jennie with Luca Bella? I was trying to get pregnant at the time and that adorable pic burned itself on my brain! I love this family and I wish them the best.

Samia on

awww! what a beautiful family..the girls are gorgeous. I love that Jennie and her husband are down to earth, out of the spotlight people. It’s rare to find that in Hollywood nowadays.

Alex on

This family is so good looking!I think Luca and Fiona look just like dad, and Lola looks more like mom.

I love the girls’names too. Their unique, without being over the top. I’m rooting for her!!

Maya on

That little one is so adorable! The way she looks up at her parents dancing – what a doll!

amanda on

What a CUTE family shot!! I love how the baby is looking at her…love them 🙂

r9lee on

daphnesmith! goodness was that 10 yrs ago?! i still remember saving that picture because it was soo sweet! i usually only saved the receipes from the back of the mag haha

Stephany on

What a beautiful family. I’m also watching DWTS this season for Jennie and Tori, also. I’m totally rooting for them! I can’t believe Fiona is almost one! Sheesh. The time just flies.

Incripacu on

Awww this family is so cute, they’re really adorable!!
The pics are so sweet…

Coeur on

I’ve always liked Jennie Garth – from 90210 to What I Like About You and now to DWTS – but I feel a special connection as my daughter and her youngest were both born on the same day, Sept. 30/06. Happy Birthday to my McKenna & her Fiona!

ang on

lol daph im in Australia so no, it wasn’t Instyle-maybe aussie woman’s day? i can’t remember.

Emeline on

These pics are so beautiful.
I adore this family. Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli are so beautiful together. It’s just a wonderful couple and family.
It’s my prefer family. The three girl are so cute. Luca and Fiona looks like her dad and Lola looks like her mom.
Just wonderful and refreshing!!

Dee on

The greatest think a father can do for his children is to love their mother. Great article and great pics.

Melissa Kelleher on

Jennie and family,

I have led an unusual life, painful but thankful……… My daughters are 27 and 22 raised by faith ….. I came from being abused from birth and marriage… was brought home by people who cared. Now I spend my money, time and life giving to our haitien chilren ,,,,, 22 years now.. as a giver, pilot, and prayer …..

Persecution is real and I hope that somewhere you will at least answer my call for help……..

for our children and for truth.

With all of my love thru Christ Jesus,

Melissa Kellehr…………..

Daughter in
Christ. Lover of Children and Widows………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Elmira Budo on

I love her. She is so pretty. I watched 90210 since in high school in Albania,1988. I got married and my husband hated to see me staying for hours watching 90210.I still watch this show and now my husbund watch it with me. I adore her and her family. Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli are so beautiful together and I hope they will stay together forever. What happend with hollwood’s star they divorce all the time. Life is not perfect everyone knows that but you can work things out because you break up a family and kids are the one to suffer from the divorce and their life never is the same. Jennie keep your life like that. I love to see Jennie as the winner or to go until the end. Dancing with the star is about stars never danced before and I was “happy” when Sabrina was vote out. She shouldn’t go in that show because she is a dancer. Go Jennie, I am voting for you. It’s just a wonderful couple and family.
It’s my prefer family.