Update: Denise Richards wants to terminate overnight privileges for Charlie Sheen with daughters

09/21/2007 at 09:16 AM ET

Update: Brooke Mueller has responded. She tells People,

[Regarding seeing the engagement on TV] that is one hundred percent untrue. Denisebegged us on a few difference occasions not to tell the girls we wereengaged.

It’sa shame that Denise conveniently edited my e-mail correspondence toserve her own interests. She would be both mortifiedand embarrassed if I released any one of her 40 e-mails to me. But sheknows my character and humanity and knows that I would ever do such athing.

Denise’s claims are laughable at best. Howwould she know? She hasn’t lived with Charlie for over two years. Butthis is a battle we will fight in court, not in the press.

Originally posted September 19th: The messy custody battle between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen over daughters Sam, 3 1/2, and Lola Rose, 2, just got messier. 

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In a court filing yesterday, Denise requested that Charlie’s overnight privileges with the girls be terminated, citing previously raised concerns — like Charlie’s "sexual explicitness on the Internet" and his "attraction to underage women" — as well as some new concerns, being raised for the first time publicly. 

Among them, Access Hollywood reports, are claims by Denise’s nanny Diana Alvarez that Charlie, 42, has abused the family dogs and has threatened to hit Sam.  Charlie "yells…and routinely curses" in front of the girls, and "completely ignores"Lola, Diana maintained in her sworn declaration.  Denise also voiceddispleasure over the manner in which Charlie handled his recentengagement to Brooke Mueller, complaining to the court that thegirls first learned of Charlie’s intent to re-marry from a televisionshow, and not from their father, himself. Included in the evidence areemails from Brooke to Denise, apologizing for Charlie’s behavior.

I truly believe he is acting like this…because he is upset about theengagement…Please don’t take anything he said personally. He’s justhurt and reacting with anger.

In a statement issued today, Charlie chided Denise, 36, for having "no interest in responsible co-parenting." Added Charlie,

[Denise]behaves as though she OWNS our children. She does not. A day of legalreckoning for her is fast approaching. The truth will prevail. Italways does.

Source:  Access Hollywood 


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Kate on

I don’t trust Denise for a second.

ang on

fffffffffffffffff……lip.good luck-they’re all gonna need it.those 2 poor lil’ princesses stuck in the middle of this.

Ivey on

Does sound messy, the only thing that doesn’t make sense is how can a 3 and 2 year old understand from a tv show, the concept of a re-marriage? That sounds more like an adult reaction than a toddler reaction.

Nausicaa on

I’m confused. First off, when the girls were babies, Denise said Charlie was a terrific father. Then they got divorced and she suddenly came out with all these vivid accusations of severe spouse and child abuse and requested a restraining order. Then she withdrew the restraining order and claimed to be “working it out” with Charlie. And how she’s back to saying he’s abusive.

Usually I never doubt allegations of abuse, but Denise needs to make up her mind. If he really is abusing the girls, why is he still allowed to see them? She went public with claims of abuse long ago, so why is he still allowed to see the girls? If she’s playing games, it needs to stop.

Emily on

I agree Kate, my bet is within the week we’ll have “paparrazzi” photos of her playing with her girls, spinning her perfect mothering routine, poor darlings.
I’m sure she is a good mum, but i wish it extended to respecting others, especially the father of her girls.

ally on

Wow, this continues to get nastier by the day. Poor Sam and Lola. So much of this seems very petty and it’s almost like it is some sort of contest between Charlie and Denise and not really about Sam and Lola. Again, I feel for those girls 😦

Susie on

I feel so bad for those 2 girls. It seems like they may benefit from Britney’s court appointed classs of “Parenting without Conflict”.
I also agree with Ivey about the unlikeliness that the girls understood the concept of remarriage through the tv show. Denise doesn’t seem to have any intention on co-parenting, just as Charlie stated.
I have no idea of how good of a father Charlie is, but Denise is wrong in dragging him through the mud.

Annoyomus on

Susie- I just want to point out that it’s not just Britney who has to take that class. Kevin has been ordered to take it as well. Sorry if I’m sounding harsh, it just bugs me that people seem to think that Kevin is a saint or a perfect parent or something.

Renee on

There were questionable pics found on his computer of what appeared to be underage girls when they first separated and which would explain why the court ruled that he had to have supervised visits with their daughters do get tired of people judging Denise.She didn’t make these statements public. Access Hollywood found out through their sources,None of us know for a fact that she is lying and I’m not saying Charlie is either.We just have to wait and see what happens in court

FC on

Things just seem to be getting nasty all over again. First, things are okay, maybe even good, now something must’ve gone wrong on both sides and it’s a lot of he said, she said, and I am just feeling bad for the girls. I don’t know what the issue is, but I would at least like to hope that Charlie and Denise can call a cease-fire for the sake of their daughters and work something out on a more permanent basis.

Colleen on

I find this all hard to believe. Denise has been accused of calling the paparazzi to places where she takes her daughters, now she is calling the media to dish out details of her and Charlie’s custody agreement? It seems like Denise has her best interests and reputation in mind. I think Denise really needs to grow up, stop acting so immature, and keep her private life out of the media. Not to mention the fact that I have a 2 and a a 3 year old, and I know for a fact they wouldn’t be able to understand half of the things Denise claims her daughters understand and have said about Charlie. It seems very unrealistic.

Sarah’s note: Just to be clear, Denise didn’t call the media about the court docs — those are public record and were released to the press yesterday. They just were overshadowed by the release of the Britney/Kevin custody docs. Charlie’s the only one who made a statement (this time).

Annoyomus on

I want to apologize for my harsh comments. When I re-read what I had written, it shocked me to discover how harsh I truly sounded! I mean, I was basically putting words in your mouth, Susie. I apologize for my behavior. I have been frustrated with people bashing Brit but praising Kevin for awhile now (when it is a known fact that he does have a few issues himself)…and I guess all that frustration finally came out in my previous comment.

Lilybett on

They both need to grow up from the sounds of it. I agree that they could probably do with a few months worth of co-parenting without conflict classes.

gabriella on

Hope things get resolved for their beautiful girls, they have many years ahead of them to raise the children, so hopefully things can work out for the sake of sam and lola.

Justme on

Well, if I were Denise and getting divorced and the father of my children had a thing for underage women and porn, I’d do all I could to keep him with supervised visits (or none at all). He started it last month by whining that Denise’s nanny was getting in his way and he wanted to find his own person to watch him. So, she’s standing up for herself, pushing back, and I’m all for her!

tine on

interesting enough that this comes right after charlie and his fiancee spoke about having children together…
so what does denise richards want, does she want him out of the life of their children (besides paying alimonies of course, she couldn’t do without his money) so that she can later complain that he has never been a father for the girls?
it’s all so pathetic :o/

Anon on

Umm… exactly what kind of tv shows are the 2- and 3-year olds watching that they saw celebrity gossip on? Surely their dad’s engagement wasn’t announced on Sesame Street.

WOW on

I feel so sorry for these kids.
I hope Charlie and Denise don’t end up like Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin.

Hannah on

I have a few thoughts about this

1. It’s the nanny making these observations and not Denise

2. What kind of parenting is threatening to hit your child and then demonstrating that on the dog? That sickens me to my stomach

3. These issues are not new, as Denise has said, and she has sought to try and make things calm over the past year. Charlie was the one who dragged everything back into the open, who raised his anger levels towards her and the children, and is using his ”fiance” to make him look better. Said ”fiance” is clearly part of this hatchet job which only started when Charlie got ‘engaged” (ironically the same time the new series of 2 and a half men was starting and Brooke had a new movie coming out)

4. Read back on this site alone to see how many people have commented on the level of favouritism Charlie shows towards Sam, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to interact with poor Lola very much if at all. It’s been cited here many times

5. In the original filing a year ago, Denise stated the girls ”looked” underage. Now that has changed to ARE underage, from what Access Hollywood has stated, and that is an even further elevated cause for concern. Something has triggered that more definitive statement.

I don’t see why people are surprised Denise is concerned at all. If the courts appointed a supervisor, and that supervisor came home informing me that my ex had been aggressive, abusive, threatened to hit my child and then demonstrated on the family dog to scare the child, I would be in court sooner than I could blink an eyelid.

meghan on

Denise needs a reality check. Each claim she makes sounds more ridiculous than the next. I don’t really like Charlie Sheen, but I do think he loves his daughters very much and I do think that Denise is being less than truthful in her filings.

Jen DC on

Well, it’s hard to feel that badly for Denise – she knew what she was getting when she got into a relationship, then a marriage, then parenthood with Charlie Sheen. He’d been a well-known Hollywood bad boy for *years*.

This is not to say that if he is having continued problems with inappropriate behavior around his children it shouldn’t be monitored.

I just feel badly for these two little girls, who are going to hear about all of this one day, understand it, and have to choose how to move on from it. I don’t think they will ever get to the truth of the matter.

susan on

Yeah, I am not really a Denise fan these days.

preesi on

Told Ya So!

Nothing Denise does makes any sense!

Angel on

Well, now we know why those precious little girls are never smiling in the pics we see of them. With the comment about the girls not knowing about a remarriage, it speaks volumes about what Denise is telling her children about their father. Dr. Laura would say “you picked him”. Now she needs to stop the childishness and work it out with their father (the one she picked) for the sake of her darling little girls.

Sarah F. on

Charlie Sheen has always had a bad reputation and, as with what we’ve seen of Alec Baldwin, I don’t understand why these women get in relationships with them… let alone have their babies

shannon on

FIRST of all how in the world do a 2 and 3 year old understand thier daddy is getting married again from a TV show??? I don’t get why people can’t be more like Demi and Bruce and co-parent without all the drama. Makes me sick. No matter how upset with my kids father I am I never say anything that could get back to my children. Just don’t get it.

Lynn on

She sounds about as crazy as my husbands ex wife!

Ivey on

Hey you guys added a quote, why would Charlie be upset about his engagement? And are actuall personal e-mails posted somewhere, I swear this world is getting weirder by the minute.

millie on

Denise needs to calm down. I don’t believe her for a second. If he’s such a horrible father, why did she ask him for his sperm to have another child by him.. I know how crazy it sounds but when asked about it, she DIDN’T deny it! She sounds controlling and manipulative, very much on her way to become another Kim Basinger. Charlie is no angel but I don’t believe he’s a bad father.

Annie on

She called him a great father, is seen with his fiance and the children, and yet after they announce plans to have more children there is an immediate cause for concern.

Moreover, I hate to be cynical, but finding porn on his computer is not a cause for terminating his rights to see their children. Otherwise, there would be quite a few children not visiting their daddies.

She said that the girls “appear” to be underage, which means that it wasn’t the sicko kiddie porn that she is trying to paint it as in the court docs (although minors in porn is bad, there’s a difference between a guy who watches 17yo and 9yo).

Kylie on

Exactly. Denise knew all about Charlie when she married him and yet she still did. I’m not a fan of either of them but if I had to choose a better parent it would be Denise (although it is a little odd she wanted more childen with him. She is with those little girls night and day. Charlie and Brooke scare me. I mean seriously, who in their right mind would get involved with someone with his past??

Nikki on

This case in my opinion seems to share the same vibe with Britney and Kevin. Back to back pregnancies in not so firm relationships, with one partner hoping children will bring them closer or make life easier. That’s the vibe I get from Denise and Charlie.

Bella on

These people only know what is going on in their lifes. We all can guess and give our point of view but that’s pretty much all we do.

I don’t think she should be criticize so hard. If there is something happening with Charlie about underage girls then take it to court as soon as possible. Sometimes, sexual abuse happens between close relatives. I had one experience like that. It just tear me apart knowing that these girls could be in a situation like that. That could mark your life forever. Just take the right steps and prove it with real facts.

hya on

I’m assuming that the posters on this site are primarily female, it’s intresting that the majority sides with Charlie.

Dancer on

The reason so many women support Charlie is because women like bad boys. So Charlie with his propensity for underage porn, prostitutes and drinking is supported while his wife, who doesn’t have a similar rap sheet, is bashed. Women don’t like nice guys, which is why a basically decent guy like Tom Brady is also unpopular on this site. Go figure!

Kate on

dancer: The reason why there are so many people supporting Charlie is because Denise’s story doesn’t make sense. Please don’t put words in our mouths or belittle the reasons why we have a problem with what Denise is doing. And Charlie’s past has nothing to do with the present, people change, and I don’t believe in judging someone in the present moment for behavior that happened 5 or 10 years ago. And there are a lot of women who do like nice guys.

Renee on

None of us know these people in real life so how about we let the courts do their job before we judge eh

Dancer on

So just because Denise’s story doesn’t make sense to you, you can bash her? Do you have all the facts at hand to make that assessment? Why don’t you let the courts make that decision. And since the courts have already ordered that Charlie’s visits be monitored, that definitely raises a red flag for me. Plus all the press statements he has put out dissing Denise makes it all the more suspicious. Some people reform, others don’t. I think Charlie’s father himself said at one point that he had given up on him.

legemc on

I am one of those women who likes nice guys! My thoughts on custody battles in general, not specifically Charlie & Denise or Britney & Kevin or Kim & Alec or any other couple, but just in general…courts generally favor the mother. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong. I do think *some* women, knowing this, use the court to get back at their exes because it gives them power knowing the judge will usually side with them. So I do feel bad for dads sometimes because they have to work twice as hard to prove they’re a fit parent. But then again, there are a lot of dads who really aren’t fit parents and they also use the courts to get back at the moms. It’s just really heartbreaking when people use their kids as pawns.

Kate on

1. You don’t know it was the nanny.
2. We only have Denise’s word on that, and her story keeps changing.
3. Charlies has not been dragging things out, Denise has. And it’s laughable to me that anyone would accuse him of having a fake fiance at the same time that they’re willing to believe every word Denise says, despite the fact that her story keeps changing.
4. The fact that people on this site have commented that Charlie favors Sam means nothing to me. That’s not proof of anything, becuase people on this site and other celebrity sites have been very quick to claim that various celebrities have a favorite child despite having absolutely no proof to back up that claim.
5. The fact that Denise has changed her story yet again doesn’t help your point.

Annoyomus on

Actually Kate, we DO know that it was the nanny. Re-read this post again. It clearly states that: “Among them, Access Hollywood reports, are claims by Denise’s nanny Diana Alvarez that Charlie, 42, has abused the family dogs and has threatened to hit Sam. Charlie “yells…and routinely curses” in front of the girls, and “completely ignores” Lola, Diana maintained in her sworn declaration. ” So it definently was the nanny that made those statements, NOT Denise!

Annoyomus on

Hannah- While I disagree that Charlie and Brooke are just “fake” engaged, I do agree with most of the other stuff you said, including the part about hitting the dog. That makes me sick as well! Dogs aren’t punching bags or stuffed animals. They are living things, they have feelings, and hitting one is just plain cruelty. I have absolutly no respect or patience for people that abuse animals (with one exception: People that are obviously not well mentally. Those people I feel for a bit, since I know that they have problems of their own, and that their lives probably aren’t very happy.).

Carol Lee on

Everybody talks like they know exactly what’s going on and bashing Denise for lying. I don’t like either of them but Charlie Sheen has a past reputation that is questionable and if the court ordered supervised visits then there is a reason for it. Those little girls don’t deserve to be mistreated or endangered just because Denise “knew what she was getting into when she married him”. I doubt that anybody else has ever married somebody thinking they were going to change him once they were married. Come on people. Don’t believe everything you read.

Kate on

annonymous: I think you misunderstood my post. I don’t believe Denise when she’s claiming that it was the nanny who said that.

I think it’s awful that she’s dragging the poor nanny into this.

lizzielui on

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. For me, Denise’s claims would carry more weight if she left out the portion about how the girls found out about the engagement. That piece of info made me think twice about this whole scenario. To include that in your complaint to the court seems petty, vengeful, and uneccessary and I cannot see any court using that as a basis to change a custody agreement. Still, the court has all the info and will weigh all arguments so I am curious to see how this will pan out.

terri on

I think Charlies restarted the animosity with his court filings and accusations about Denise wanting his sperm. Denise is lashing out in anger. Maybe it’s not right, but it would sure be hard to allow those accusations to roll off anyone’s back. He did question Lola’s paternity at one point. Did they ever get a DNA test?

Mary on

“Denise requested that Charlie’s overnight privileges with the girls be terminated, citing previously raised concerns — like Charlie’s “sexual explicitness on the Internet” and his “attraction to underage women” — as well as some new concerns, being raised for the first time publicly. “

Watch her try and say that Charlie molested the girls. Or that she fears he may try to. Why else bring such stuff up? If he’s so horrible, then why after splitting with him did she ask him for another child? Its ridiculous.

Annoyomus on

Mary- It’s never actually been confirmed that Denise wanted or wants a sperm donation from Charlie.

Anon on

It’s silly to judge so harshly. We don’t know them at all. I realize that it’s all fun and games to poke at celebrities and throw stones at them, they’re public figures. But they also still do have private lives and just because you *think* something happened a certain way doesn’t mean it actually did.

So many of you claim to be parents but still judge, that’s sad, since parents are the first to whine about being judged for their parenting and how much that hurts. Just remember that.

As parents we always try to do the best for our kids, but we never know for 100% sure what that is. And we constantly second guess ourselves. I doubt Denis is any different. It’s a huge decision to take ANY father out of your child’s life and it’s not surprising that she seems to go back and forth on it. I would be more worried if she simply tossed him out like a piece of old trash without a second thought to how it affected her children.

Mark on

I heard Charlie Sheen plays the xxx game with the members from BillionaireCupid.com. It seems he also wants to find a wealthy woman for fun. That’s extremely bad to his daughters. I think Richards is right.

Babala on

I heard Charlie Sheen plays the xxx game with the members from BillionaireCupid.com. It seems he also wants to find a wealthy woman for fun. That’s extremely bad to his daughters. I think Richards is right.

rosse on

I heard Charlie Sheen plays the xxx game with the members from BillionaireCupid.com. It seems he also wants to find a wealthy woman for fun. That’s extremely bad to his daughters. I think Richards is right.

Renee on

Why do people hate Denise so much and since when did people try defending Charlie Sheen then again I don’t get why people defend Tom Brady either. I suspect some women defend these two guys cause they still have crushes on them.Either way I don’t get the hate towards Denise.If you don’t like her fine but I don’t think it’s fair to judge her skills as a mom or call her a liar.Unless you know her personally…when I say that I mean you talk to her once a week, then how can you say what she is lying about.Sometimes I think people around here jump to conclusions without bothering to look at all the facts.

Annie on

How would Denise know? She doesn’t live with Charlie. These accusations seem absurd.

Furthermore, it is completely unnecessary to include those details in the court documents. If she was really concerned about her daughters’ well-being, she could have waited until the judge requested additional documents or until Charlie filed a response with the court. Her inclusion of those details was catty and intentionally done for media attention. It was an indirect press release. She is clearly jealous of his new relationship and not emotionally stable.

Annie on

To those citing his past:

People change. Angelina Jolie changed, and countless others with quetsionable pasts have changed. Obviously, something about him changed in order for her to decide to marry him. The nanny’s statements can be taken with a grain of salt since the alleged cause of the dispute was whether Charlie could change the childcard situation, i.e. get another nanny!

Natalie S. on

First I realize divorce isn’t a picnic at the park but this whole ordeal is ridiculous! Here we have what is suppose to be two mature adults and they have two sweet little girls. I’m not pointing any fingers here, they both need to grow up. Be civil towards each other because you have children who really need their parents. Not to mention, no matter what happens, you will forever be linked to each other because of your children. Way to be role models to your kids.

Sheri on

Both Charlie and Denise are doing their children a dis-service.

It seems so obvious to me that Denise is upset about Charlie getting married and having more children. I have a very hard time believing that children who are 2 and 3 understand the concept of remarriage, and even if they do they would not be upset about it. They want their daddy to be happy. Unfortunately, if she did report this to the court it will only hurt her case. She will look like a scorned lover out for revenge.

Charlie, on the other hand, is a bad boy. Yes, people change … but sometimes the change is very, very temporary. It’s hard to break old habits. If there is porn involved, particularly underage porn, Denise is doing the right thing in getting the courts involved. If he’s not treating the children equally and both with love, she’s doing the right thing there too. Judges don’t order supervised visitation if the allegations are unfounded, and it seems Charlie’s personality and actions have not done him any favors with the judge.

Charlie needs to choose between his own desires and the wellbeing of his children, and prove that to the court. Denise needs to let him go and get on with her life. They both need to learn to co-exist for the best interests of their children.

As far as Denise getting the nanny stuck in the middle, that’s rediculous. Charlie has supervised visitation. Denise, Charlie and the nanny agreed the nanny would be the supervisor. The nanny is bound by the court to present to the court anything inappropriate that happens. Her being the nanny at Denise’s house too allows her the unique opportunity to see how both parties respond to the children, and each other, which gives her much more insight into the family dynamics, and I’m sure the judge will be very interrested in talking with her.

Bottom line, Charlie and Denise need to grow up and put the best interests of their children first.

Kate on

Renee: It’s really unfair to belittle our opinions by saying we are defending them because we have a crush on these men. I am not some silly junior high schooler – I am a grown woman who has formed my opinions carefully. I have defended Tom Brady, because I think people are unfairing insutling him. I have also defended Bridget when people were insulting her. It goes both ways. In the situation with Charlie and Denise, I’m not crazy about either one of them. But I do think Denise’s story has some noticable holes in it.

Mimi on

Whomever made the comment about the “coincidence” of these filings coming out the day after Charlie talked of having more children with his fiance was very astute. CLASSIC narcicism! Denise is not physically capable of accepting Charlie’s new, happy life situation, and will stop at nothing to keep her face (and, unfortunately, the faces of her little girls) in the media spotlight, because she lives in fear of being unimportant, both to Charlie and the media. Because, in her own twisted perception of life, her very existence hinges on her fame. Pathetic.

I just feel so sorry for the little girls. So very, very sorry. I hope their new stepmom will be a better influence on them than their own mother has been thus far.

gianna on

I think women in general are always harding on other women, women can be very catty with denise and even with other celebrity moms I’ve noticed. All you have to do is read comments in other threads, oh she got thin because she is at the gym and not spending time with the baby, or oh I would never do that with my child, stuff like that. Charlie is no saint he has had plenty of issues with women, drinking, lots and lots of issues. Denise may not be perfect, but charlie sure isn’t either imo.

monika on

I read some of his fiancees comments today, she should just stay quiet, she isnt anyone to thoe girls until they are married and they arent. this is a huge mess and no one else needs to be stirring anything up.

terri on

Well people choose to believe what they want. At the end of the day we don’t know these people and don’t know what has gone on in their private lives. I hope for the children’s sake that something is decided sooner rather than later. This back and forth is very damaging.

Ivey on

That is still a non issue to me, anyone with half a brain understands that toddlers cannot feel slighted by the fact that Daddy is re-marrying and we saw it on TV first.

How can this even be an issue? The issue that Brooke needs to worry about is the allegations of abuse.

Seriously people get a clue.

Charlotte on

Denise Richards has always struck me as a little unhinged, but what I really wanted to bring to the attention is the dubious nature of that nanny’s testimony. Why the hell would Charlie Sheen abuse the dog and threaten to hit his child in front of a woman who is duty-bound to go running back to Denise Richards and the press and report this? Does that make ANY sense to you people? The very implausibility of it casts the validity of this claim into question. The man may be a so called ‘bad boy’, but I am sure he’s got enough common sense not to do those things in front of the nanny.

cats on

Although I don’t know, it’s clear that Denise has always worked the paps for those shots portraying her as a perfect mother.

The nanny works for Denise and Charlie has always suspected that the nanny acts as a spy.

I feel so sorry for Brooke, Charlie, and the girls.

Michelle on

I am so surprised at how many people are bashing Denise. Nobody knows the true story on either side. I truly hope Denise is acting in the best well being of her daughters and not out of spite. And maybe the accusations against Charlie aren’t true and yes, some people do change, but he’s had more then just a few bumps in the road. Didn’t he refer to his marriage with his first wife to testing out a car? And when he was busted with Heidi Fleiss’s hookers, didn’t he make a comment like “Why settle for ground beef when you can have filet mignon?” Not to mention assault charges bought against him by his first ex-wife and I think one of his girlfriends. Plus I think Kelly Preston left him after he accidentally shot her, so you have to wonder what went down with that. Sorry, but he doesn’t appear to have a lot of respect for women. For all we know he lays on the charm, appears to have changed and once these women are married to him, the “real” Charlie comes out. And maybe I’m wrong about that. I don’t know. But so many posters here seem to think Denise is a liar and Charlie is a saint. People can change, but given his track record I’m surprised so many people just assume he’s the innocent party and a victim of a spiteful Denise.

Colleen on

Everyone is noting that Charlie has a bad boy reputation, but wasn’t Denise involved in an incident where she threw a computer off of a balcony at an old lady while shooting a movie with Pam Anderson? I can’t remember any more than that, but I don’t think Denise is any angel either.

annie on

It is truly disturbing that this story is even in the press. Denise has every opportunity to have all her court filings sealed so that this doesn’t get hashed out in the press. Unfortunately, she has a history of choosing instead to play this out in the media. As we’ve seen she is very comfortable using the paparazzi to portray her as a good mother. Now, Charlie isn’t helping himself by speaking publicly either. I don’t know the real story here but I wish these two would think of the long-term effect of so much attention on their daughters, be quiet, and just lay low for awhile. Let this situation play out in the courts, behind closed doors.

Heather on

I find Brooke’s comments hilarious. First of all regardless as to whether Charlie is her fiance or not, she shouldn’t be getting involved in this battle, IMO. It’s nothing to do with her. Second of all, in the same breath, she DISCUSSES the case WITH the press and then says she wouldn’t do that?! I mean, make up your mind.

Regardless as to what has happened between them I find it hard to believe Denise would make stuff up just to make Charlie’s life difficult.

Charlie himself seems to me to be a awful influence by slagging off his ex-wife and the mother of his children to the press every chance he gets. He should be thinking of his children and should maintain a dignified silence instead of speaking to the press on every occasion.

I’m pretty sure neither Sam nor Lola are going to appreciate their father’s tendency to air the family’s dirty laundry in full view of the press.

Heather on

@ Annie

How do you know she plays up to the paparazzi? You have no proof of this. I highly doubt she feels the need to ‘use’ paparazzi to ‘prove’ she’s a good mother.

As far as i’ve seen, Denise has rarely commented on Charlie and everything we’ve found out is through court documents. Charlie however seems to speak out to the press any chance he gets.

Nicole on

I don’t like Denise, but people are going way overboard bashing her. Even if Denise is making some of this stuff up, people were eager enough to believe most of it when the first divorced. Women have a habit of hating other women, which is a big part of why I think Denise is getting bashed. Charlie probably lied too, and no one’s saying anything about that. He’s even admitted to a lot of questionable behavior.

And as for Brooke, she’s just making things worse. I hope this doesn’t turn into one of those cases where one of the party’s new “significant other” decides she knows best and should try to interfere. And if she wanted to fight it out in the courts, she wouldn’t have released a statement talking about “embarassing emails.”

It’s a bad situation all around, and the ones who will suffer are those girls.

Lorus on

Colleen – Denise didn’t throw a laptop at an old lady. She was filming in Richmond, BC (suburb of Vancouver) for the Blonde and Blonder movie with Pam Anderson. A couple of paps were being rude and invasive of her and she got mad. She threw their laptop over a balcony at the casino they were in and it had landed on a lady below.
Yes it was a very poor decision on her part but it’s nothing in comparison to the things Charlie has done.

Mary on

Annoyomus – Charlie said she requested it.

“There was a request for a donation,” Sheen tells syndicated TV show “Entertainment Tonight” in an interview that was to air Tuesday night. “Without getting into it here … there is a specific document relating to this that I am going to reserve for a court.”

I’d say that’s pretty much a confirmation.

sushi on

i’m getting kind of sick of the charlie sheen- denise richards “relation ship”. I think that Denise is deperatly in need to fame, power, or what ever that can be, whereas Charlie Sheen is a very famous actor who getting married again. I just feel sorry for this family and i hope that if everything they say is true, the girls don’t understant what’s going to happen next. If charlie really hit denise, the dogs or the girls, he deserves to be punished, if not, denise should stop all this now, get a job, and stop telling every single details of her life: we know more about tthe Sheens’ problems than her movies. I mean, come on, this all thing started almonst 2 and a half years ago……

i also want to ask you a question: why do charlie’s characters are also named “charlie”? thanks!

Mary-Helen on

I find it funny that Denise keeps presenting evidence, like his voice mails and Brooke’s e-mails and the nanny’s testimony while Charlie and his fiancee keep saying “We have all of this stuff but we’re not releasing it to the courts…but it exsists!” and Denise is considered crazy.

Charlie Sheen is not normal. Remember, one of the grounds for divorce was that he tweaked over the fact that Denise had Sam vaccinated because he thinks the government uses them to control people. She had the voice mails to back up her claims last time about threats. A judge felt the need to make the visits supervised. Why is it all on her? Because she dated Heather Locklear’s ex, whom she filed from divorce from? It makes me chuckle @ how child abuse is okay, but heaven forbid you date a friend’s ex.

Dancer on

I don’t know why someone here is comparing Angelina Jolie with Charlie Sheen. Angelina did not employ male hookers, get violent with ex-spouses and watch underage porn. In fact, she just clarified in an interview that she has just slept with 4 men, two of which she married. Charlie is in a class by himself. I consider any man who employs prostitutes as a low-life, and that includes Eddie Murphy and Hugh Grant.


I know that Charlie Sheen has a pretty seedy past. But Denise Richards has always struck me as less than credible. This is the woman who took up with her best friend Heather Locklear’s husband during their divorce after years of very close friendship with Locklear and after supposedly counselling Heather to push through with her divorce. No, that doesn’t make her a bad mom but it does make me question her basic integrity and trustworthiness. I also think at this point that she has to know that any allegations she makes will end in the media since that’s exactly what has happened in the past. Bottom line I wouldn’t be surprised if Sheen was indeed involved in some questionable activities. But I also don’t find Richards to be particularly believable.

Kate on

“First of all regardless as to whether Charlie is her fiance or not, she shouldn’t be getting involved in this battle, IMO. It’s nothing to do with her”

It has everything to do with her. Her fiancee is being slandered by his ex, and the children in question will be her step-children. Denise herself has said that the children are close with their soon-to-be stepmother. Just because they aren’t married yet doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a right to be concerned about something that affects every part of her life.

Dancer on

LAILA, you are comparing a man who hired prostitutes from Heidi Fleiss to a woman who dated her friend’s ex-husband. Wow.


LAILA, you are comparing a man who hired prostitutes from Heidi Fleiss to a woman who dated her friend’s ex-husband. Wow.
Yup. I’m comparing them. So wow away. Oh and she didn’t seem to mind that he had hired prostitutes when she married him, had a child with him, left him and then went back to him, and then had a second child with him. So I find her sudden alarm about his behavior strange. it’s not like she didn’t know what she was getting into.

Shelly on

I am sorry to say this but I think Denise just married Charlie for his money!She cant act or get a job all she does is shop and photo op…those poor little girls.

Annoyomus on

Mary- I know that Charlie said that….But I don’t trust him one bit!

Heather on

Re: Kate ”It has everything to do with her. Her fiancee is being slandered by his ex, and the children in question will be her step-children. Denise herself has said that the children are close with their soon-to-be stepmother. Just because they aren’t married yet doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a right to be concerned about something that affects every part of her life.”
You’re missing my point. The custody case really is no business of her’s. How is Charlie being ‘slandered’ by Denise? She’s not the one talking to the press, but Charlie and his fiancee are. If anything both of them are slandering Denise! If what’s been released (from the court documents) is the truth, Denise has every right to be concerned.
Now, when I say it’s nothing to do with her – the custody of the kids, visitation, etc, is nothing to do with her. They are not her kids. She will not be having visitation with them. She wouldn’t have a say over their upbringing (as this is Denise and Charlie’s responsibility). They’re not even her step-children yet. She certainly shouldn’t be talking to the press about it! I never said she couldn’t be concerned for the children, I’m sure a lot of us are but we’re not talking to the press about it, or in the same breath AS talking to the press, denying we would do that! Charlie & Denise’s children do NOT affect every part of his fiance’s life. I’m sorry, but they don’t. She will have a life completely seperate from Charlie’s children. They will affect her life in some way but certainly not every part of her life.

Kate on

Heather: I didn’t miss your point. I know exactly what you meant, I just don’t agree with it. Brooke is marrying their father, therefore she will be having visitation with those children, and she will be helping to raise them, and she will be affected in every way. I said that Denise is slandering him because I don’t believe her claims. They are merely defending themselves against her accusations (accusations, by the way, that have quite a few holes in them). So it does affect Brooke. It’s kind of harsh to act like a step mother isn’t a parent and doesn’t have a right to be upset about something that is affecting her step children. And the fact that they’re only engaged at this point should not affect the way that Brooke feels about the children or the level of concern she shows for those children or for their father. So she has every right to be involved in this.

Open your eyes ladies on

Um, ladies – Denise Richards was one of the high-class escorts that Heidi Fleiss employed. It’s a well-known “secret” in Hollywood. She’s no angel, darlings.

liz on

I do not understand all the comments siding with Charlie given his very recent “past” and also this article I ready just over a year ago on the smoking gun website. You can read it for yourselves if you go to http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/0421061sheen1.html. It all paints a very disturbing picture of Charlie and especially disturbing is page 12. Read it for yourselves.

Campbell on

The “he said, she said” , I’ve seen in the papers, etc… ARE YOU KIDDING ME? CBB please close this “going no where debate down”… THANKS