Bridget Moynahan visits The Pump Station

09/21/2007 at 09:55 PM ET

Actress Bridget Moynahan, 36, was spotted picking up some nursing supplies and a high chair at The Pump Station in Santa Monica on Friday. If we can’t get a peek at John Edward Thomas, 4 weeks, we at least get a pic of the gear he’ll be using in a few months!


Photo by Flynet.

Picture_1Bridget wears Tali Gillette’s large ‘mama’ pendant necklace in 14K gold ($550).

For CBB readers onlyemail with your choice of mama necklace (pendant or bar; gold, white gold, diamond) and receive 15% off!

Bridget bought a Peg Perego Prima Pappa Diner high chair ($200) — see image below.


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angelbaby33 on

I glanced at the picture after reading the “we at least get a pic of the gear he’ll be using in a few months” and I totally thought that you guys were referring to her cleavage and the first thing I thought was- wouldn’t he be using that gear right now? ha ha ha. Wow, I think I need to get to bed!

Sarah’s note: Well, the boobs too! haha.

Annoynomus on

Kudos to Bridget for breastfeeding! It always makes me happy when I hear that a celeb has chosen to breastfeed. Mind you, I understand that some women aren’t able to breastfeed and others choose not to.

Basically, I am pro-bfing, and I am glad when celebs do it, because hopefully by doing so, they will encourage more women to do it. πŸ™‚

Charity on

When are we going to get to see a pic of little John?

I definitely understand the need for privacy, so if she decides to keep him hidden for a while, that’s okay!

gianna on

Bridget looks great, I would love to see john.

Cindy on

I guess if we can’t see him…no, I’m kidding! It’s always great to see new Mommy Bridget out and about and looking spectacular, I might add. AND…today(21st)is her BDay. So Happy Birthday Bridget!!

Sarah’s note: Flynet wished her Happy Bday and she told them it wasn’t?

Anais on

I thought you guys ment the boobs too, and I was like, you guys rock for being so cute about it. And you still rock! I love her so much, today is her birthday, so happy birthday Bridie!

lj on

She looks great! And Wow! she is definitely breastfeeding. CBB, I thought too the gear John will be using was referring to her boobs! LOL

Cait on

Ha, this made me laugh so hard because where I live The Pump Station is a run down diner where the truckers all go to dine while they’re on their runs!

Sarah on

I honestly don’t see why some of the posters on here get so excited about another woman breastfeeding. I’m just curious, when you see a mom doing it in public, do you stare at her and approach her to speak about it? That’s kind of creepy imo… I should know because it happened to me at Starbucks! I just notice in every post where it’s mentioned that a celeb breastfeeds, there are all these excited posts afterwards. Or if it isn’t mentioned in the post, people ask whether she breastfeeds or not. Breastfeeding is supposed to be normal and healthy, but it makes it seem less normal when people get so over the top excited about it. Just a thought.

Daze on

What? Why isn’t he using it now? They look ready….LOL

CTBmom on

I am SO glad that I wasn’t alone in thinking that the “gear” CBB was referring to wer her breasts, LOL. That was too funny.

JLS on

Bridget looks great, relaxed and happy. Love the necklace. Good for her to protect the baby. Even though we’d love to see him he’s only a month old. Hope you have a Happy Birthday Bridget. What a great birthday gift John was. You seem like a great parent. Only takes two to make a happy family. Best of luck to you!

Joyce on

It still says “36” but she is now 37. When is the birthday Sarah? In April? (as the Track Girls stated, somebody else posted it on a blog too?) It is confusing. Didn’t BM tell flynet when her birthday really was?? Glad she looks happy BTW:)

Sarah’s note: Don’t know. The agency caption just says that they wished her a Happy Bday and she said it wasn’t her birthday…I’ve heard the April date before too, but I’m not sure which is correct.

Renne on

Did u guys see that?

Crystal on

IMDB says Sept 21
Wikipedia says April 28
of course both may be wrong! πŸ™‚

Anyways… can’t wait to see what John looks like!
Funny thing about the ‘gear’ he is using πŸ™‚

Renne on

Did u see that?

Breastfeeding an infant/toddler is natural.

Breastfeeding an eight-year-old is damaging.


she looks so pretty…and you can tell it is natural…nothing artifical about it…to be able to look that good…without help…is a blessing…i bet she is a good mother….i can understand why she doesn’t bring him out….

Lulu on

Charity, lol, I’m sure she appreciates your permission…she doesn’t owe anybody a look at her child.

FC on

Holy Boobs, Batman! =O LMAO….um, yeah! And I had no idea what “The Pump Station” was, and thought it was some boob reference…lol.

Anyway, she does look good! πŸ™‚

Sarah’s note: It kind of is! It originally started off as like a nursing moms depot and then they added a bunch of other products.

jen on

I ordered my mama necklace 8 weeks ago and haven’t gotten it yet. I’m starting to wonder if I ever will. It’s a lot of money to me. I wish I had known it would take forever.

Kasey on

Flynet lists her birthday as April 28, 1971. So you’re right…Bridget is 36. She looks amazing…and so happy! She clearly loves being a mom.


i can’t remember which celebrity it was..that stated..they elected to be in the show business..but their children didn’t…and they kept their children out of the public eye…so they could have a normal childhood…i have a feeling…that is how Bridget is going to be…..





Reports claim that we’ll soon have our first glimpse at the second coming of Brady. John Edward Thomas Moynahan is set to make his debut on the cover of OK! magazine tomorrow. A cover boy, just like his daddy. Aww.

According to the Boston Globe, John Edward Thomas Moynahan will be on the cover of OK! Magazine, when the next issue hits newsstands Wednesday.

It’s not clear if his mother, actress Bridget Moynahan, was paid for the reported photo shoot.

Source the boston daily Blog News!!! YES YES YES!!!