Jennifer Garner: Losing weight was "a pain in the ass"

09/20/2007 at 12:07 AM ET
Jennifergarner149588_cbbJennifer Garner has made no secret about how hard it was for her to lose her pregnancy weight, admitting she thought those 30 to 35 pounds would shed much easier, but alas, it was "a pain in the ass" to lose it all. To get back into shape, Jen not only adjusted her diet, but hit the ice too.
My husband [Ben Affleck] shot a movie in Boston called Gone Baby Gone. I went to Boston with him and I trained with the trainer from the Boston University hockey team.
With The Kingdom hitting theaters Friday, a play to prepare for and Violet, 21 months, at home, the actress says she no longer has any downtime.
What working mother has time for herself? I miss sitting down and reading the paper all in one go.
Jen, 35, does have some help at home. Calling Ben a "wonderful dad," she knows she’s lucky that he’s so hands-on.
[He’s] super involved, competent and loving. Ben will be there and the nanny is fabulous; Violet has known her since she was a week old and loves her.
Asked if she wants more kids, Jen jokes,
I’m six months pregnant. No, but definitely some day.
Source: OK!, October 1 issue, pg 34-35

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poppy on

she says, “what working mother has time for herself?”

I hate to say this, but it seems like she would have time for herself. She has a nanny who can watch her kid whenever she needs time. And she isn’t really working unless she’s shooting a movie, right?

So, it doesn’t seem all that applicable to her….

Alexandra on

It was hard for me as well and I was in very good shape before giving birth. I worked out until the day before I went into labor, never binged, gained only 25 pounds, etc. 18 months later, my body isn’t quite the same. I’ve lost most of it but a few stubborn pounds remain and I’ve been attending vigorous weight classes and running 4+ days a week. I’m so jealous when I see all of these celebrities getting even skinnier after only a few weeks and pretending that it’s all breastfeeding. Maybe it’s true but it sure misleads those who haven’t had a baby yet. It certainly mislead me. BTW, I am still breastfeeding at it never helped me lose an ounce.

daphneesmith on

Jen, I have news for ya: ALL mothers are working mothers. Being a SAHM of an infant/toddler/etc (with no access to a nanny) is no cakewalk.

josiekate on

I agree, poppy; with a nanny, I’m quite sure she has plenty of time for herself. Guess she feels she has to say that so that readers will like and relate to her…

Kate on

poppy: Just because Jen employs a nanny does not mean she hands her child off to the nanny all the time. A lot of people have nannies that they only use when they’re at work.

I personally am loving the fact that Jen is being so honest about having a nanny. It annoys me so much when celebrities claim they have no nanny when they clearly do. Although after reading some of the negative comments that people make about celebrities having nannies I can kind of see the temptation for celebs to lie about it.

mim on

Well, I agree with poppy that it seems surprising that she says she hasn’t time, because with both Ben “and” a nanny’s help it just seems to me as though she would.

Kris on

“I’m six months pregnant. No, but definitely some day.”

Ok, I laughed at that one. After all the baby bump stuff I have to admire her for having a sense of humor about it all. As for the nanny, I would assume that many celebs feel safer with a nanny than using a day care center. I would also think it’s nice for the child to have that other stable person in their life when Mom and Dad are having a crazy work spell. I’ve known people who were nannies and they love those kids and take very good care of them. If you can afford it and it makes you feel more comfortable more power to you.

Anya on

Ditto Poppy & Daphne! Is she even away her fans will be reading this, and most of them are women? I still don’t think she’s lost all the baby weight, she’s not as thin as she was before having Violet.

Meesha on

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