Seal, Henry, and Leni out in Los Angeles

09/18/2007 at 12:01 AM ET

Singer Seal, 44, and his children Leni, 3, and Henry, 2, were spotted out in Los Angeles on Saturday. The kids were laughing and smiling at the photographers walking ahead of them on the sidewalk.

Photos by Ramey.

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Megan on

Speaking of gorgeous families…and does this picture make your ovaries ache or what…I adore this family–Seal and Heidi are wonderful parents who are always with the kids–and how adorable is a little daddy’s day out with the two older ones! And come on, Leni and Henry look like they are having a blast with dad. I adore all the smiles from the kids and that expression on Henry’s face is priceless! And Leni is always in her little leotard, tights and little Dorothy shoes! SO FREAKIN cute these two are…I love this family!

ally on

Wow, cuteness overload! Those kiddos obviously adore their dad, and vice versa. Heidi and Seal have the most beautiful family and seem like such wonderful parents, I never get tired of seeing them!

Atti on

Leni and Henry look so much like each other in these pictures, it’s crazy adorable. I look nothing like my brother…so it’s cute to see family resemblances.

Karen on

All three of them are just too cute! Leni and Henry look like they are the same age to me, they could easily be twins instead of being a year apart!

Autumn on

Interestingly enough I do see a bit of a resemblance between Leni and Henry in the first pic, but then again Henry also looks like a mini Seal! lol! How cute!

And I too just adore Leni’s little outfit and shoes! She looks like she’s coming from a dance class! 🙂

preesi on

Henry looks exactly like Seal in that first pic and Leni looks like Heidi.

Evie on

Aww such lovely smiles, and I love Henry’s hat and Leni’s shoes.

popi on

Henry’s frowning is just too cute and Leni’s smile is waming!Great family!

Brynn on

Just an observation….. I notice that the kids never smile (they just look indifferent) when they’re out with mom and the nanny brigade, but when they’re with Seal, they look sooooo happy. It looks like when Seal is with them, he gives them 100% of his attention.

greenmtx on

These pictures are incredibly adorable! I love seeing children with their fathers 🙂

Natasha on

OMG Henry looks more and more like Seal every time I see him!!

Joelle on

I simply adore this family!
They always dress their children so sweet & stylish. leni always looks like a sweet little girl should ~ girly & happy!
They are a perfect example of FAMILY first.
True all around wonderful & beautiful family!
I wish them all the best!

jackson girl on

i think that seal is a wonderful men for raising Leni. just the fact that Flavio Briatorre gave up this beautiful girl ( and her beautiful mom) tells us how ….. he is. what was heidi doing with him ( was it for the money?). Anyway, seal is doing such a great job with his kids.

FC on

Haha, I love how they’re looking at the photogs in the photos. Adorable, almost as adorable as they are, period. 😉 I love Henry’s little newsboy hat, too.

lizzielui on

Actually Brynn I have seen several pics of Leni and Henry smiling when they are out with Heidi, her mother, and the nannies. Henry was smiling when he was out running and Heidi was following, Henry was smiling when Heidi when carrying him and the others were behind them, and Leni my goodness I have seen her smiling several times when with Heidi. This whole nanny thing is getting pretty old.

Sarah’s note: Agreed.

Émilie on

Those pictures are so cute… I’m in love with this beautiful family.

gabriella on

Henry and leni defintley look alike same smile and similar types noses. And it’s funny because leni looks like flavio and henry is all seal, I see no heidi in either one of their faces, but they do look alike.

Alex on

Very cute!! I love Henry’s little hat!

Sandi on

I agree with Brynn.I just get the impression that Heidi can’t handle all 3 kids on her own.She seems like a high maintenance type.As for losing the baby weight chasing the 3 kids around… yah right.

I guess she always rubbed me the wrong way since her snide comment on that Top Models show about weight.

I love seal tho.He seems so cool.

Brynn on

lizzielui I was only expressing my opinion…sorry if you’re a major heidi fan. Why would you go to the time and trouble to provide all those links?? I’m on here for like 10 minutes a day (I have a ft job and I’m a ft mom) so I don’t have time to research pictures/articles of celebrities. Anyway don’t be offended.I just noticed that the kids look really happy with daddy.

Campbell on

Brynn, just my own thought, but I think if you had said ONLY that they looked happy w/ dad, you might not have gotten that response. It was that you said they “never smile” when w/ mom or nannies. That’s all, no biggie *smile*. But I think we ALL agree that Henry and Leni are just too cute for themselves! And, in the first photo I can honestly say that Leni IS the spitting image of momma.

Lauren on

“And, in the first photo I can honestly say that Leni IS the spitting image of momma.”

To me, in the first photo Leni is making a Heidi expression with a Flavio face. Both kids really resemble their fathers. The only child that appears to be a mix of both parents is Johan, and even he doesn’t look too much like Heidi imo.

lizzielui on


You stated that Heidi’s kids never smile and I provided evidence that they do so that you can see that the nanny correlation you suggested is way off. If you put opinions out there people have a right to respond. And actually, how much time you spend on this site or the fact that your work full time is totally irrelevant, especially since it seems that info was provided to try and imply that some of us DO NOT work and spend all day on the net. Well, I too work full time. I do not spend my days researching celeb info. Obviously you are spending some time looking at celebs otherwise you wouldn’t have suggested that you have never seen the kids smile with Heidi and the nannies. However, just like you said that the kids never smile when they are with Heidi and the nannies I remembered seeing pics on this very site in which they had. It took all of one minute to find those links. The links were provided on this very site when the article came out.

gabriella on

Lauren I agree with you, I think all of heidi’s kids look like their fathers. Both leni and henry look exactly like flavio and seal, yet they look a lot alike. Johan is a mix, I don’t see much of heidi’s features in him either, but he isn’t all seal like henry is.

Brynn on

lizzielui no need to get so defensive.I was simply pointing out that I don’t have hours to spend surfing celebrity sites.As you can see I don’t post on here very much (or anywhere else).

I have just noticed that in all of the pictures I have seen with Heidi and the kids (and the nanny troop), the kids look indifferent or unhappy… but with Seal they look like they’re having fun. Just an observation.Obviously I hit a nerve.You need to not take things so personally.Life’s too short!!!

Have a nice day.

Annabel on

Be still my beating heart!

And fwiw, I didn’t think you sounded inappropriately defensive, lizzielui. Thanks for the links 😉