Jill Hennessy out and about in NYC with family

09/18/2007 at 12:54 PM ET

Actress Jill Hennessy, 38, was spotted out for breakfast in NYC with her husband Paolo Mastropietro, son Marco, and other family members. They seemed to be celebrating Marco’s 4th birthday, which was yesterday. The couple expect their second son in November.

Photos by Bauer Griffin.

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Georgia May on

Get that child’s hair cut!!!!!

maggie on

wow this kid is going to be a heartbreaker when he gets older, hes super cute

meghan on

I think he desperately needs a haircut…it is simply too long.

Natasha on

His hair is gorgeous, its straight and well kept. Like Presley Gerber’s hair.

J on

Oh my! I just cant get into this “long hair on little boy” trend.

legemc on

He is cute! I just think it’s hard to tell on kids that age if they are a boy or a girl if they have long hair. Once they hit puberty of course it’s more obvious. But with both Marco and Presley, if I didn’t already know they were boys I would have a hard time…depending on what they were wearing…telling if they were boys or girls. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with boys having long hair, just like there’s nothing wrong with girls having short hair, it just makes it harder to tell.

Renee on

I guess I’m odd cause I think little boys with long hair is great! It’s a nice change from trying to fit in with every other little boy.I think it’s sad that even in 2007, little boys are suppose to have short hair and little girls are suppose to have long. I wish we would throw out these little gender “rules”. I can clearly tell this is a little boy and I can tell the same thing with Ryder and Pressley. I think people who say they look like girls just do a quick glance and don’t pay attention to details such as the clothes they are wearing,etc.

gabriella on

His hair so long, looks like a girl’s hair IMO.

Campbell on

Personally, I wouldn’t care if others wondered if my child was a girl or boy. Just not something that would be of concern to me. I have raised both girls and boys. I think that little boy is gorgeous w/ a capital G!

Berjoui on

You know, people used to mistake my son for a girl when he was a baby because he has beautiful eyes and long eyelashes even though his hair was short and he was in boy clothes so I would have to agree that people should pay closer attention to detail before jumping to conclusions either way. 😉

die eule on

He’s the most handsome celeb-boy I have seen so far (besides Romeo Beckham)! I love his long hair, it looks gorgeous.

augustmoon6075 on

my son’s hair is shoulder length and he’s mistaken for a girl all of the time despite his love for navy blue clothes and boden shirts with trucks and cars on them. and my daughter is 16 months with very little hair is constantly called a boy despite her dark pink sneakers and jeans with embroidered hearts and flowers and lacy oxfords. people need to look closer or stick to saying “you have a beautiful CHILD.”

and i agree that a key to having a child with long hair, despite the gender, is to take care of it. ryder’s hair always looks so snarly and dirty to me whereas presley and marcos’ looks very well cared for.

Trina Segelbaum on

I think Jill, and her husband make absolutely gorgeous children!
I sure think that Marco, will grow to be a gentalman!!!
He sure reminds me of my nephew, they look so much alike!!
I wish all the best to Jill, and her husband on their new baby!
Congrats to both of you, and to Marco, on being a big brother!!
Alot of hugs to all of them!!