Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon at The Kingdom premiere

09/18/2007 at 10:07 AM ET

Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, 40, attends The Kingdom film premiere atthe Mann’s Village Westwood theatre on September 17th in LosAngeles, CA. She expects her twin boys in late November, however, she said in a recent interview that she believes they’ll be coming early (as twins often do)!

Photo by Frederick M. Brown for Getty Images; Flynet.

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OH MY GOD she looks huge i bet she can’t wait to give birth to those twins.All that weight for someone whos not use to it is hard

Cassandra on

That right there, is one of the reasons I am scared to get pregnant! My dad was supposedly a twin, so when I have kids, I might have a set of my own!

lele on

i do not think she is huge… i think she looks beautiful – she has two babies in there! it is all in her stomach…. she looks amazing!!!!!!!!!

i think twins are inherited from the mother’s side.

Destiny on

Well I think she’s HUGE as But yes, she still looks fabulous.

Sasha on

She looks gorgeous!! You go girl! She’s def. within 4 weeks of delivery?

mimi on

not huge, pregnant – glowing – healthy… aretha franklin is huge, she is pregnant… huge is such an ugly way to describe a pregnant woman…. at least for me.

FC on

She really does look quite fabulous, radiant even. But damn, her stomach popped big time since the last few photos of her. Wow!

Liza on

honestly… i was almost that big with one……

Amber on

I know she has over a month left, but I was honestly bigger with just one!! And then even bigger with my twins. I’m probably MUCH shorter than she is so my kids went OUT.

She doesn’t look huge to me. I love big bellies like that!

Ivey on

She obviously doesn’t mind, she’s showing it off!! Good for her!

Jen on

She looks gorgeous! I can see how she says she is uncomfortable all the time. Her belly really popped out!

In the first photo is that a baby arm or lg or foot pushing on her side? It just amazed me when my friend’s baby would push on her from the inside. 🙂

tink1217 on

Cassandra, take heart….usually twins that run in families skip a generation or so they say. My ex husband’s grandpa was a twin and so was my grandpa. His sister ended up having twins, we didn’t. It’s really all up to chance! Don’t be scared!!! LOL!

Garcelle, looks amazing!!!!! So beautiful! Pregnant IS sexy!

Megan on

Skipping a generation is a twin myth. If you’d like to read up on the mechanics of twinning and your chances of having twins, please read here. In short, if your mother is a twin, you may have a higher than average chance of twins. If your father is a twin and you are female, it may slightly increase your chances. Being married to a twin does NOT affect your chances. If your parent is an identical twin, your chances of having twins are the same as anyone else’s. Chances if YOU are a twin:
If you are fraternal: 1 in 17
If you are identical: does not affect chances, so 1 in 38-90
In general:
Chances of identical twins: 1 in 285 (figure is universal, identicals happen randomly)
Chances of fraternal twins: 1 in 43 (higher or lower in some countries – in Japan, it is 1 in 149 while in Nigeria it is 1 in 25)
There are a lot of factors that affect twinning, including your age, race, weight and height, etc. See the link for more detail. For twin myths debunked, see here.

Anyway, I think Garcelle looks great. She’s finally got a twin belly! She is beautiful and I can’t wait to see her babies.

J-Lin on

Her shape is beautiful. And I bet she will look amazing a month after birth.

PSB on

She looks terrific- one of the most beautiful pregnant women. I really don’t think she looks big at all for twins. She looks like somebody who is 9 months pregnant with a singlet. I’ll bet everybody at her obgyn office can’t believe how small she is for a twin mom.

gabriella on

She has such a twin belly

Campbell on

Ok!!! Who looks that incredibly stunning that late in pregnancy?! That’s just wrong! lol

lena on

i’ve never been pregnant, but it looks like it hurts : -(

Ebony on

@ Jen

i kinda see the head/foot/elbow imprint…that is so cool.

Garcelle look great, she makes pregnancy look so easy!!

kylie on

wow she is bulging out there all i can think about is how tight that and itchy that skin must be. I hope im that big when i fall pregnant so i can show it all off like her in that tight as black dress. she is hot and if i wasn’t a female id love to dress her up in a cow costume and walk her around on her all fours. moo

Emmanuel on


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