Sally Field and son Sam arrive at Emmys

09/17/2007 at 11:17 PM ET

Actress Sally Field, 60, who won the lead actress in a drama award for Brothers & Sisters, arrives at the Emmys with son Sam, 19, on Sunday evening.


Photo by INF.

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ally on

Love her!

ag on

Wow! Does he look like his dad!

Lilybett on

We had the Emmy’s broadcast here last night and her speech was great… and then this morning I found out that the broadcast in the US was censored. When they heard the first part of her saying “goddamn” they apparently went to black. Does anyone in the US know if you actually got the speech in its entirety?

She talked about being a mother, and how if mothers ran the country here wouldn’t be any war.

Madeline on

She would have looked a lot better if she didn’t verbally assault many of us with her personal comments. Not all mothers feel the way she does, and some of us know something about what she spoke of first hand. Mothers would do anything to protect our children and are thankful for the important people who help us do so abroad.

amelita on

I didn’t feel assaulted by her comments at all- kudos to her for speaking out. The rest of us should be so brave. And I don’t think the real issue was the bad word (worse things get through on primetime)-I think it was the anti-war sentiment. I guess the real patriots these days are the ones who agree with the government- if you don’t then you are a traitor.

Jenny on

She didn’t say that the men and women in the military shouldn’t be doing their job, she said that if mother’s ruled the world there wouldn’t be war in the first place. Being anti war is NOT the same as not supporting our troops.

Ray O'Connor on

Between you and me, I’m not going to lose any sleep over someone named Gidget thinks!!

ken on

And how many solders dose she support and in what way or is it just her lip serves that she supplies. Because to me as a person that is a solder all these people that say they do not support the war but support the solders. All the solders are getting is a bunch of hot air and lip serves and nothing ells. They talk, yell, use gods name in vane, and then go home to there nice clean cool home in the suburbs and we are left holding the bag. All these people want to do is hear them self talk and make money from the publicity. So they are making money off the backs of the solders that they say they support. And if your son was any kind of man he would be supporting solders by standing right next to us and not standing on the red carpet that we paid for with our blood and guts. So you keep your award and put it on your mantel with the other worthless pieces of junk. And we need to show what we did to keep the country and it way of life safe all we have to do is show our scars and say we where there and not just some lip service princes.

Jill on

We talk about children now days that have lack of respect. I think Sally got caught up in the win an emmy syndrome and forgot to respect her public. I wonder where children get this from.

kathy on

There is a time and place for everything. The Emmy’s certainly is NOT the place for personal opinion. Sally was very RUDE asking -NO Telling -the people to shut up and listen so she could ramble her personal political opinion towards the war.
Some woman were in great authorityat onr time they turned out to be the most self centered coniving manipulative rulers of all times starting with EVE, Cleopatra ETC.
Our military are not sports teams their purpose is WAR.

Stephanie on

60 years old and absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Thats a great picture, I dont think I’ve ever seen her son before. Thanks!

Jeanne on

The Emmy Award’s is not Sally Field’s personal forum for viewing her opinions. I think her and all her fellow actors, should keep any opinions political or otherwise to themselves

Sharon Toothman on

I am the same age as Sally (60), and a mother of four. Sally Field has always been my favorite actress, but I lost respect for her after her comment. It was more disrectful to God, taking his name in vain, and overshawdowed her main point. She hurt her image in the eyes of those of us who are devoted believers and respecteos of God. She was not a good role model.

Lilybett on

Don’t more people vote for American Idol than for the government in the US? I think that sort of thing encourages celebrities to speak up about political stuff. Shouldn’t everyone be able to say what they think without being accused of being a traitor? I think with celebrities they just have a bigger forum to say it in.

We have compulsory voting for everyone in Australia (except if you’re serving time in prison, I think). But we don’t have the same backlash about anti-war sentiment. My family members served in East Timor and in Iraq and Afganistan and I hated every minute they were away.

Sarah Ward on

While I have no problem with Sally Field speaking out, I think she could have picked a better forum. And I also have to disagree with her statement. I doubt that being a mother makes much of a difference, it’s all about who you are. And besides, you can say that if “so and so ran the country, there would be no war” but you really have no idea what the world would be like unless so and so was running the country.

loretta on

What ever happened to “Freedom of Speech” in the USA?

Dian Becker on

Oh my God!!! Fox needs to get real. Their are alot of good actress in the world but Sally Field and Meryl Streep are the best. I’m so glad she spoke out. It was refreshing to hear that someone of her caliber feels the same way I do.

Renee on

Freedom of speech in the U.S. is starting to become an issue. Just look at what some people ssaid here. Celebrities should allow us to see their families and tell us everything about them but they are not allowed to have an opinion. I guess Sally Field was suppose to just stand there and focus on looking pretty ?

Lauren on

“I guess Sally Field was suppose to just stand there and focus on looking pretty ?”

No, she was supposed to graciously accept her award and move on, just as all the other winners did, instead of using an awards show, Last I checked, the Emmy Awards were supposed to reward work in television, not broadcast Sally Field’s political beliefs.

Renee on

Well Lauren this is the U.S….freedom of speech is a wonderful right and it doesn’t mean that you will always hear what you want to hear and not at the time when you want it too either.I really think if she had said a conservative view point, you wouldn’t have a problem with it like you do now

Lilybett on

Lauren, the Emmys are never just about rewarding work in TV! They’re about the awards, sure, but it’s also about the dresses, the faces on the losers, the musical numbers, the host’s monologue, etc. Part of that is to see who starts blubbing in the speeches, who says something funny, who says something stupid, who says something political.

I admire people who speak up about their beliefs. If we give people rules about where and when they can speak them, then it’s not really “free” speech, is it? It’s controlled and censored speech.

The funny thing is, Australia also doesn’t have any freedoms of speech, not spelled out in our constitution like it is in the US. We’re covered by International Human Rights apparently. Yet it’s hardly ever an issue here as much as it is over there. Weird.

Lilybett on

Oh, I’m also not agreeing with SF here that if mothers ran the world there’d be no wars. I think we’d probably just be fighting over different issues and in different ways.

Lauren on

Sorry, I meant to write, “…instead of using an awards show as a platform for her personal political opinions.”

PSB on

Her character is a mother whose son goes to war, so I think she felt the comment was relevant. I love Sally Field and I don’t think what she said was so inflammatory (except for the swearword, which they could have just bleeped out). What’s the big deal? She didn’t say anything against the troops, or even reference the Iraq war. All she said is that mothers would not start wars. I was actually really offended that they cut away from her during her speech. It was really disrespectful IMO.

ang on

im in Australia too-what annoyed me more was the stupid network truncated the whole show down to about 80mins approx. we didn’t see christina or anyone perform or any other awards except comedy & drama. that’s never happened before… i did hear all of sally’s speech didn’t seem offensive at the time *shrugs* since the U.S. is the most powerful country in the world and hilary clinton’s a mother-get her into the top job & see what happens.

Madeline on

I’d hate to break it to you, but if you’re anti-war you ARE anti-troops. That’s that. This isn’t just my personal opinion, it’s also the feeling of every U.S. Marine, Solider and Sailor that I know – dead or alive. And I can say this because ALL of my friends are in the military – both officer and enlisted. Convince yourself of what you want so you can sleep under a nice blanket of freedom every night, Sally Field and Friends, but it’s just part of the package. Celebs need to do what they’re paid to do – entertain. If you want your politics to be taken seriously, run for election. Otherwise, stop abusing your fame.

Madeline on

I forgot – then move to Australia. And take blabbermouth celebs with you. Weren’t they all supposed to leave the country anyway when our current president was elected? Haha!

Celebrities think that they can choose what and how they want to be rich & famous. What we can see and what they deem “private.” But we’re assaulted by their uneducated beliefs everytime we watch an awards show to see the beautiful dresses of the season. Brad Pitt said it best when he said in response to a political question “What the (bleep) do I know, I’m just an actor.”

Campbell on

Bravo to Sally. If she’d had a conservative view, I bet we would have heard it in its entirity. Her son is adorable, who is his dad? Someone said he looked just like him.

Lauren on

“I really think if she had said a conservative view point, you wouldn’t have a problem with it like you do now.”

You think incorrectly. Cute attempt at making assumptions about me, though.

There is a time and a place for everything, and an awards show is not the time or place to spew one’s political beliefs. To do so is immature and inappropriate. Period.

Renee on

Lauren again I disagree and I think I was right in thinking if she had other point of view,, you wouldn’t complain but I’m not going to get in a argument with you.You have your view point and I have mine.

Jeannie on

What bothered me was the g**damn and I’m glad they bleeped it. Sally Field began so eloquently, then dropped the profanity bomb. I understand why she wanted to make a statement because of the character she plays. It made sense. Her character is anti-war though her son served one tour in Iraq and is sent back at the end of the season. She just could have said it better, ala Tim Robbins’ Oscar speech when he won for Mystic River.

emily on

I completely agree Jeannie. I could care less what she believes, because she’s entitled to her opinion, and had the opportunity to voice it. But using GD, or any use of profanity, not only is vulgar but always strikes me as a vocabulary not high enough to come up with a better and more descriptive word, one that’s good for all ears.