Comedians Ralphie May and Lahna Turner are new parents

09/17/2007 at 01:27 PM ET

Comedian Ralphie May, 35, best known for his appearance on the television show Last Comic Standing, and his wife, fellow comedian Lahna Turner, welcomed daughter April June on Wednesday, September 5. She weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces.

Source: Ralphie’s MySpace Page

Thanks to CBB reader Kitty.

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Noelle on

That’s sad. April May? April June May? Giving your child a JOKE as a name, that’s too far.

Rye on

So her full name is April June May? LOL. That’s funny.

Briannef on

OMG–they named her April June May……..well, that’s what happens when your parents are comedians…….

Shay on

April June May! That’s a little cruel. Don’t people realize their kids are going to grow up and go to school?

Lisa on

That’s not even funny, just plain mean.

Mimi on

The did NOT name her that…poor girl. Note to celebrities: don’t try to make “jokes” when naming your children!

holly on

poor kid…April June May…wow..thats just

Stephanie on

April, June, May isn’t even the right order of the months. Way to confuse–not to mention embarrass–your child.

FC on

April June May? Miss April May… LMAO, it’s funny but cute. I can’t say I’m surprised that the name has pretty much spring months wrapped into a whole name. Too bad his last name wasn’t June, then she could’ve been April May June. 😉

But, joking aside, congrats to Ralphie and Lahna. 🙂

Ayla on

OMG, my real name is April and I have hated it since I was school age. Please never name your child after a month. The name they gave this child is particularly awful in my book. Boy what ribbing the child will get all of her life with that name. Take it from someone who knows!!

brannon on

Going to be very confusing in Kindergarten when they try to tell her May comes first …

mari on

That is cruel! Poor kid. Any one of those names would have been nice alone…she can work it out in therapy someday…

Robin M. on

That is too funny…hopefully little April has a good sense of humor like her parents!

Anjani on

What?? May doesn’t come first – April does.

God, I’m sorry for her. April is a pretty enough name, as is June (though a bit too June Cleaver for my tastes), but all together is just the parents having a laugh at her expense. Niiice.

Ericka on

Congrats to them!…I think the name is cute! People are sooooooo serious!

Annie on

Ugh. Any chance that the birth release was a joke?

I agree that it’s weird/cruel but at least they’re real names… I guess.

Morgan on

OK, the name is a little silly but i hardly belive this girl is going to end up in therapy for it! She comes from the genes of two comedians, i’m sure she will have a great sence of humor.

If she hates it she can do what millions of others have done….go by a nick name!

Nicolie on

Her parents are both (semi) famous comedians, did people really think she’s going to have a normal childhood to begin with? I think their name choice is fitting and actually really cute. Would a name like Suri or Zolton have been more acceptable to you all?

Laura on

That is just GREAT!
Awesome news, wishing Mrs. & Mr. May the best!

Woo hoo! April June May!

That’s just awesome!

We can’t wait to see you in Dallas come July Ralphie.