Chris Cornell with wife and daughter at the beach

09/14/2007 at 08:46 PM ET

Rocker Chris Cornell, 43, his wife Vicky, and their daughter Toni, who will be 3 on Tuesday, were snapped on a Hawaiian beach.


Source: Rolling Stone, September 20th issue, p. 38

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Karen on

Toni is a very pretty little girl.

I have one question for other readers of this site:

I’ve never cared for bikinis on children. Setting aside the fact that I have always burned VERY badly in the sun and even now have to wear t-shirts over my swimsuits), but it just doesn’t seem appropriate to me, because it seems too much like making kids “grow up” way too soon.

Am I just really out of touch with “fashion” today, or do I have outdated values, or something like that?

Misty on

I think bikinis on little girls are so adorable. I can’t wait to have a little girl!

Colleen on

I don’t get this- people cause a stink about little girls wearing 2 piece bathing suits and saying it looks too grown up. If you’re thinking of it that way, you’re really sexualizing the kids. However, nobody raises an eye when someone has their little girl running around in just a bikini bottom- isn’t a topless baby even more grown up looking in some ways? I just don’t see the big deal about bikinis.

morgan on

I think adults thinking about a child in and “adult way” is what is inappropriate. I think that babies in bikinis are fine. In other parts of the world little girls (and their moms) go topless altogether on the beach.

When the girls try to be sexy in them is when the problems starts! Ive seen a whole lot of 12-13-14yr old girls laying out on the beach in leopard print string bikinis rubbing tanning oil on and giggling at the boys…..THAT is the problem!

anyways, that is a very sweet picture of the family 🙂

Triskadeiphobe on

Haven’t either of them heard of skin cancer? That poor kid!

gabriella on

Cute picture

Campbell on

Sweet pic. If the “privates” are covered, I don’t typically notice. This is speaking on swimsuit wear. Toni is adorable

Marissa on

I think 2 pieces are okay and can be cute, but a STRING BIKINI on a three year old? I don’t know, it just is not age appropriate, if that’s the right description

Annoyomus on

Triskadephiobe- How do you know that the the three of them didn’t put on sunscreen?

Sarita on

Gourgeous photo! I don’t think anything is wrong with bikinis on children. As there is nothing sexual about children there is nothing to reveal. When I was small I mostly wore either a bikini or just the bottoms of one.

Triskadeiphobe: they probably have sunscreen on and you can’t tell from this photo how long they were in the sun.

Karen on

Just to respond:

1. I did not “cause a stink” — I asked a question. There is a difference.

2. It’s nice to know that by worrying about my children and how some pervert may perceive them really makes me the problem.

Sanja on

I find bikini tops like this one completely ridiculous on little girls. They are more bother than any kind of practical use (either as covering or sun protection). In the Mediterranean most babies wear only bottoms or one peaces.

katie on

I think bikinis on little girls are fine-my daughter REFUSES to even wear a one piece! I agree with Morgan-thinking of it in an adult way sexualizes it-the 3 year old isn’t thinking that she wants to be sexy-mine just wants to be comfortable!

Clare on

You know, maybe Toni just wanted to wear a pretty bikini just like mummy’s! Little kids often want to copy their parents and play at being “grown up”, it’s natural. And there is such a thing as total sun block! :o) I think this is a beautiful family photo. Good for them, they look very happy.

heidi on

to each his own, I have friends who put their girls in bikinis like that and the mothers and fathers are very good, decent successful people. So values and morals are really about action and not words. So someone can say all day long what they think and how they feel about what’s right. In the end I trust the decisions of my friends and they think the bikinis are fine.

Bren on

I think it is fine to wear a bikini, I think its ok for a baby to be naked because they arent being sexual and adults shouldnt be thinking of them in that way. I personally though would have my child wearing one of those swim suits that cover arms and legs because of the sun…Maybe a bikini for a short outting but skin cancer is being so huge that its important to really be concerned about it.

Tara on


Triskadephiobe- how do you know she isn’t wearing suntan lotion?

Warriorwoman on

A two piece bathing suit is much easier to deal with when assisting a toddler in the bathroom. Sometimes, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go! Nanoseconds become important.

It’s a bathing suit, people! I think Toni looks adorable.

Also… if Chris and Vicky are careful enough to make certain the babies’ ears (daughter AND son) are protected when they go to Dad’s concerts, I’d safely bet sunscreen is used.

pink.lioness on

what an adorable family – and they all have wonderful hair 🙂

Well, Toni’s string bikini… I’m not a fan of it personally but I know that little girls love to copy their mommies. That’s innocent and cute! Paedophiles might think otherwise – but with her parents there the girl is safe. Watching over our kids and being near them is a much more effective deterrent than covering them up head to toe!

Top on

My girls wear bikinis. I don’t see what the problem is. I don’t think it’s a bikini that will cause a pedophile to have his sick thoughts. I’m pretty sure they will feel the same way about a young girl in a one piece. Logically (although I really don’t know much on how their minds work) wouldn’t a young girl wearning a very ‘young girl’ outfit attact them more then a young girl wearing an ‘adultish’ outfit sonce they obviously like young girls and not adults???

Meredith on

On the one hand, I think little girls in bikinis ARE cute. On the other, they seem pretty impractical– I’d want to put her in one of those UV protection surf shirts and a bottom. Or just a bottom. Or nothing except a whole lotta sunscreen. As for the sexualization critiques, I think that they’ve got a point. A string bikini, after all, covers ONLY sexual organs– all other skin is exposed. To my mind, that’s more sexual than a little kid at the beach naked. But, still, it’s cute. Just not what I’d do.

halifaxhoney on

Beautiful family. As far as Toni’s bathing suit, I wouldn’t put that on any child simply because even with tons of sunscreen too much of her skin is exposed. I couldn’t even wear something like that if I wanted to, I have red hair and fair skin. It is a cute suit though.

rachel on

You all saw the binkini on the kid, and I didn’t even think twice about it.

I was too occupied with drooling over her daddy 🙂

sil on

My daughter (2 yr) always use bikini, and most of the time just the bottom, when she is playing in the sand she always wears a t-shirt and a hat (plus the sun lotion to protect legs, face and arms) but when she is swimming or I took off the t-shirt (and put her more lotion of course)…I don’t really see where’s the problem with little girls using bikinis??? is much more comfortable than a bathing suit…and they look so cute 🙂
I don’t know how it works in the U.S.A but here in Italy you see all girls in bikinis and also naked on the beach…And also in south america little girls always use bikinis…As somebody said before, adults thinking about a child in and “adult way” is inappropriate. And i think pedophiles don’t care if the girl is wearing bikini, bathing suit or jeans…they are sick people in any case.

MMM on

Oh no, the bikini debate. When I saw there were so many comments on this post, I thought it was because it was such a gorgeous picture, not because of the bikini.

I wanted to post that I am very thankful to CBB for posting both this picture and the earlier post with Eddie Vedder. Two hot rockers, hot dads, and gorgeous little girls with great style.

Oh, and I love the bikini on her.

Melly on

cute girl, looks like she has dad’s smokin eyes (from the brows and lashes, I wonder if they are the same beautiful color)
I can’t believe they are even that close to the water! I mean, most lake’s and ocean’s are pretty contaminated, and they should really have a gas mask and foil hat on that kid!

You all really need to get your priorities straight! like a pp said, a beach cover on the kid or not, that dad is hot hot…you should be lookin at him! (or the mom, who is also gorgeous, if thats what your into 😉 I don’t wanna assume, lol)

nice pic, nice family.

Roise on

I grew up wearing bikinis, and even wore string bikinis until I was nine…when I was a child, my mom let me run around in whatever: bikinis, cropped tops, short shorts. But once I hit puberty, all that changed and I absolutely was not allowed to wear anything that showed my belly/cleavage, was too tight or too revealing. My mom’s logic was that as a child, I was innocent and didn’t know better, but once I became of age, she didn’t want me flaunting my sexuality or body until I understood the consequences (bad and good) of such actions.

ang on

LMAO melly. she’s an adorable child they are a very pretty family. wonder if celebs worry about unsavoury people seeing these pics or thinking of their children in inappropriate ways?

it wouldn’t matter which celeb kid it was-coco, leni, sam or lola or shiloh in couple of yrs time, the response would be the same. bikinis in 5yrs time might be bigger problem tho. my friend was molested from when she was 7-10yrs old by her grandpa.3 other friends were also sexually abused as children.we didn’t even have sexy swimwear back then but like sil says, sick people r gonna think it no matter what the kid is wearing.

Stacey on

No, no, no. That bikini is absolutely inappropriate on that child. That sickens me. Bikinis on little girls are one thing, it’s STRING bikinis on young girls that is not age appropriate. And bottoms cut like adult women’s lingerie. And don’t give me that ridiculous line about “if you think that, you’re sexualizing them.” What a load of crap. You’re rationalizing. String bikinis make people look at that child as if they were more mature. String bikinis are meant to show off a mature woman’s body, a women with breasts. Bikinis I’m ok with, NOT string bikinis. We saw a little girl like that at the beach this summer and boy, were people whispering. You’re making your kid a target for sickos by dressing them like that. It makes it ok, in a pedo’s mind, for them to think of that child as more adult b/c they’re dressed adult.

madam pince on

Karen, I’m with you. I think bikinis on little girls are absolutely inappropriate. In my opinion, they introduce an element of adult sexuality into the most innocent period of life.

Kelly on

At the end of the day her parents will ultimately be the ones who decide how they clothe her. I’m sure nothing anyone says here is news to them…nor would they probably care.

Michaela on

What`s wrong with her bikini.She`s a little child.I mean here in Germany most of the little children are naked on the beaches,or in swimsuits.Every human who has sexual thoughts about it,is a pervert.
Sorry for my bad English

J.M. on

I actually saw 32 postings on this pic and thought oh no it must be a bikini debate! Well if the first poster didn’t bring it up someone would have.

IMO I don’t like this particular bikini on the child. It’s something you’d see a grown woman wear. However I don’t think that all bikini’s are bad on children. I like the one Zahara wore earlier in the year with her brother Pax by the pool side was nice and covered more then this one appears to cover.

I am sure the child is being protected by sunscreen but she still is exposing a lot of her skin and especially on the beach the suns rays are much stronger. But like the child’s parents she’s got a nice skin tone so I don’t think she burns like most children with fair skin do.

Renee on

I think people need to calm down. She isn’t your kid and if you don’t want your daughter in a swimsuit like this one, don’t put her in one like it. It’s that simple. What works for one family may not work in yours.Everyone has different ideas. I’m going to say I don’t see any issue with it cause I don’t see a bikini and think sexy or anything like that.I think swimwear…which is what it is suppose to be.Pedophiles don’t care what kids are wearing cause they will have sick thoughts about them in whatever they wear.Also, some people need to get off their moral pedestal

Clare on

Talk about over re-acting. I had a little bikini as a child and I turned out ok! When you take into account kids run around naked all the time atleast her privates are covered.

jen on

I think the bikini is totally inappropriate.. Put a rash guard on that child….

Erica Jones on

If your a fan of Chris Cornell- I Am sure his LYRICS specifically say-he isn’t exactly married and happy. It is a media ploy, and he uses it oh so wisely!

poetryman69 on

baby bikini? we could do with out that


MzBoyLE on

They look genuinely happy. Thats all that matters. Great family pic

Jordan on

I think the baby bikini really depends on the parents, if they see it as, bikini is beach attire and it’s adorable then that’s fine. I’m sure they have her running around in a t-shirt and shorts on the beach just as much. If they did it with the attitude of bikini’s are what women wear and she will wear it because of that reason then that’s probably along the lines of pushing them to grow up.

Great picture none the less.