Eddie Vedder and family leave Toronto

09/13/2007 at 10:02 AM ET

Pearl Jam rocker Eddie Vedder, 42, was spotted at the Toronto airport with his longtime girlfriend, model Jill McCormick, 30, (not pictured) and daughter Olivia, 3.

Photos by Flynet.

416pjn265zl_ss500_Olivia wears Converse Chuck Taylor toddler hi-tops in black ($20).

Ptru13517219dtShe rides in a Maclaren Quest Mod — black print ($225).

Click below for an additional photo.


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Melissa on

I Love Eddie Vedder. His daughter is adorable!

Joke on

Oh!! It’s the first time I get to see his daughter, and she’s beautiful! 🙂

Araceli on

Oh, my God!! I’m really in love with this man!! They are the best rock band in the world!! I’m their number one fan from Spain til fifteen years ago and I think he’s one of the more beautiful voices in actual music. He sings with passion, and this is essencial in an artist. A long life for Pearl Jam and Eddie!

rachel on

she reminds me of angelina jolie in that second pic.

trina on

i love her style!

MMM on

She sure is gorgeous, as is her father (and I am sure her mother is too). I adore her clothes and hair!

IG on

Olivia is a stunner!

PS: Looks like Olivia is riding in a Maclaren Quest Mod – Black Print


mrsb on

I didn’t know Eddie Vedder even had children! She sure is gorgeous! What a beautiful family! =)

Jessica L. on

She’s just gorgeous, and I’m a little impartial to the name as it is also my daughter’s (who’s also the same age). I also adore the way her hair is fixed up with the braids. Just lovely. 🙂

nona on

Olivia might be my favourite celeb baby! Absolutely stunning kid. Her outfit is totally one Eddie would wear, too, down to the black chucks!

Michelle on

What a pretty child, I really like how they’ve done her hair. Very sweet.

Rocco'sMommy on

Girlfriend?? What happened to Eddie Vedder’s wife?? The one he married in Rome, Italy back in the 90’s?? I thought she was the mother of his children. Does anyone know the facts??
I was a die hard Pearl Jam fan back in college, I still think Eddie Vedder is soooo hot and his daughter is stunning!

Uta on

It’s the first time I saw Eddie Vedder’s daughter and from now on Olivia is my favourite celebrity kid 🙂 She is so incredibly beautiful! And her hair-style, such a cutie…

Uta on

P.S: Info for “Rocco’s Mommy”, on wikepedia it says that after 6 years of marriage Eddie Vedder and Beth Liebling divorced in the year 2000, they had no children.

KayLee on

What a BEAUTFIUL little girl!!!!!!!!

Preesi on

If I passed Eddie on the street I wouldnt recognize him. He looks like a younger John Raztenberger…

Same goes with any of Rush or Pink Floyd musicians…

Rocco'sMommy on

Uta, thank you for the scoop! I am saddened to hear his 15 yr relationship with his first wife (Beth Liebling) ended in divorce (dated 9 years/married for 6). I would hate to think it’s another rockstar falls for supermodel story but who knows the real deal. I do hope he is happy with his new family, his daughter is truly adorable. Interestingly enough, he has not yet married the mother of his only child.

ht on

oh my, what a gorgeous girl. She’s the splitting image of her mother

Laura E. on

What a beautiful little girl. I love how her outfit looks like a mini-version of something Eddie would wear.

Cindy on

This little girl is a beauty.

Campbell on

Love Pearl Jam. AND WOW! Olivia is truly a beautiful child. And I love her style! These are the first pics I’ve seen of her, WOW!

Alejandra on

Rocco’s mommy:

Actually, Eddie Vedder’s story is not the typical “rock star leaves wife for younger model”. Beth cheated on him,

As a devoted Pearl Jam fan I find that Jill(Olivia’s mom) has helped Eddie to be in the amazing place he’s in his life right now. He’s not the 90’s angry tortured soul anymore and his songwriting just keeps improving (if that’s possible)


kellyteck on

Super cool to see new pics of Olivia. I also have a daughter named Olivia who is a couple weeks older than Eddie’s. We’re huge PJ fans & recently took the kiddos to Lollapalooza to see PJ. My Olivia had quite the popular shirt for the concert: “Olivia Vedder is my BFF”. Feel free to check out our pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/78439414@N00/1105005407/

Lauren on

She is so gorgeous. Wish we got to see more pictures of her.

Gabrielle Marksz on

Thank you for the pics of Olivia Vedder!She is precious. I just recieved their new DVD Imagine in Cornice and she is in it as well. You see her with her tamberine and all fired up for the show! Dancing to Daddy. I suspect that she is his BIGGEST #1 fan! Even more then me believe it or NOT! I was a little disturbed that durring the credits they show him and her holding an empty bottle of wine to her lips as if she was drinking it.Not funny Eddie!

Lola on

Of course, Eddie’s relationship with Jill is the typical rock star/model story line. What on earth would make you think it’s anything but that? You don’t go from an brainy alt-chick to a brain dead model, unless you are in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Olivia may have changed Eddie, but not Jill. It’s called parenthood!

Lala on

I agree with Lola, is Olivia who changed Eddie… Have you heard PJ’s song “Satan’s Bed”? He made a derogative remark ‘bout models in that song so it’s crystal clear that he’s with Jill because of a mid-life crisis… Anyway, Eddie being with Jill brought to the world this stunning little girl who looks exactly like her father

Ev on

There are more photos of Jill and Olivia Vedder on the Wire Image site. Look under VH1 Rock Honors show. She’s 4 years old now but looks older. They dress her like a teenager already.

kiwi on

i wish they weren’t dating.

Ev on

They’re supposed to be having, or already have had, another baby together. Anyone heard anything?

staceyd on

They have another little girl named Harper Moon. Not sure how ols she is now but she is adorable as well!!!