Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon talks about missing mojitos, sushi — and sleep!

09/12/2007 at 08:19 PM ET

As she enters her third trimester with twin boys, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon — due in late November — is starting to feel the strain of a multiples pregnancy.  In a recent interview with Posh Cravings, the 40-year-old actress said that sleep deprivation is high on her list of baby-related complaints at the moment.

I just can’t get comfortable. I’ve tried everything: warm milk, chamomile baths…a Tylenol helps a little, but I don’t really want to do that. I even bought a Snoogle pillow, but it just comes between me and my husband, and I still can’t sleep! 

Then I try to nap, but the phone rings and I just keep thinking about all there is to do. Now is when I need to be sleeping, before the twins get here! Not sleeping is definitely my least favorite thing about pregnancy.

Already mom to her 16-year-old son, Oliver, Garcelle is about to be seriously out-numbered in her home — which she shares with her husband Michael — noting that "even the dog is a boy!"  That so much time has lapsed since she last had a baby gives Garcelle a unique perspective on parenting.

I am definitely going to do some things differently. When Oliver was born he was a single child, and I was a single parent for a lot of the time, so he got what he wanted.

Things I plan to do differently this time are: less TV, more reading, because Oliver never wants to read now…I mean, I was already strict, but they’ll have less choices, and things will be more about not just going out and getting something because you want it, but because you earned it, with chores…

I already told Oliver, don’t tell your little brothers how good you had it, cause they won’t have it the same way!

Another mistake Garcelle plans on avoiding second time around is to be overly harsh with herself when it comes to reclaiming her pre-baby body.  For starters, Garcelle said, she is "more secure and at peace work-wise," which lessens the pressure she felt with Oliver to "get right back to work and lose all the weight the first week." At a recent brunch Garcelle attended alongside Bridget Moynahan and Isla Fisher, the trio talked about how they were managing to stay in shape during their pregnancies. 

Bridget said I looked great and asked me what I was doing to stay in shape. I told her just walking. And she said she had been in the gym every day of her pregnancy! I just think we have so much pressure on us that we forget to enjoy the process our bodies are going through. There will be plenty of time to workout later — don’t workout your abs now! There’s a baby in there. And it’s about being healthy when it’s time to lose the weight — NOT about getting back into those jeans.

Click ‘continue reading’ for Garcelle’s thoughts on breastfeeding, maternity fashion and what she plans to eat after delivering the twins!

On boys vs. girls:  You know, with such an age difference, I wasn’t sure how Oliver would take the news, but he was so excited! He was very happy that it was going to be two boys – he was texting everybody. I don’t know if he would have been as excited if it were going to be girls! 

I am surrounded by boys…But I am treated like a princess! I always wanted a girl, because I am such a girlie girl, and always said that my little girl’s first word would be Gucci…but I guess that just wasn’t meant for me. 

On choosing to bottle-feed:   I know it’s an unpopular thing to say, but I won’t breastfeed the twins. I didn’t breastfeed Oliver, and he’s turned out all right. I just feel like I can be a better mother if I’m not having to worry about whether they’re latching on, or getting enough milk…and stressing!

Plus, if we don’t breastfeed, then Mike can help more with the feedings. Like I said, I know it’s not popular, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not attentive or that I’m not a good parent. It’s just the right decision for us.

On getting ready for the babies arrival:  I do think the babies will come early…and I feel somewhat prepared. We just had a baby shower, and people were beyond generous! But like I said before, there’s just so much we won’t know until they get here. I bought a doll and some diapers, and am going to teach Oliver and my husband Mike how to diaper – they seem willing! I think as women, we tend to tell our men to hold them this way and do this that way, but I think I need to just let them find their own way – as long as they’re supporting their neck! 

The boys will share a room, and will share a crib for the first three months, or until they "let me know" they’re ready for their own crib. The books say they’ll let me know! But their room is a zoo theme, with giraffes and monkeys and zebras painted on the yellow walls. It’s really colorful, without being full-on Disney! 

On hired help:  Besides Mike and Oliver, we will have family staying with us, and we told them they can’t all come at the same time, because then they would all leave at the same time. They have to spread it out!

I am also interviewing baby nurses, and depending on my work schedule, we will more than likely have a nanny once they’re older, too.

On her favorite pregnancy-related products:  I love maternity jeans. J Brand and Pea in the Pod have some good ones, too. I also love cocoa butter — I rub it on my stomach to keep it moisturized, and it helps keep it from getting itchy as it is growing!  But you know, with fashion the way it is, I really haven’t had to buy many maternity clothes. I just buy what I would normally wear — just in bigger sizes!

On what she misses about not being pregnant:  I haven’t had any food cravings, believe it or not! But what I miss most is sushi! Mike asked me if I missed alcohol, and no, I don’t really — just sushi. After delivering the babies, I want a mojito and a big plate of sushi! I can’t wait!

On what she wants to teach the boys:  COMPASSION. People are so cold and self-centered these days. I want to teach my children to care about other people. I think that’s the most important thing.

On balancing career and family:  I think the most important thing is to prioritize. You put your family first, and then everything just falls into place after that. Don’t try to do too much! Figure out what can wait and then do what you can. But why don’t men feel that pressure to do it all? It’s amazing. We could borrow a little of that from the guys, I think. 

Recently, I pulled a muscle and was down for about five days. The doctor said it was because my equilibrium was off as my body is expanding. Mike had to take care of everything for a weekend, and at the end of it, he said, "I don’t really do too much around here, do I?" It was good for him to realize how much I do – and Oliver, too. He said Mike can’t do the grocery shopping anymore – he bought the wrong Gatorade!

On what she’ll tell her kids about pursuing careers in Hollywood:  NO! Run the other way! It’s too hard! You know, with these young actresses, the media is glorifying them and not giving kudos to the actors who are doing their job. They’re just so young and so impressionable.

You know, Lindsay Lohan would hardly show up on set, and it’s just so frustrating! Here you are, you’ve paid your dues to get where you are, and it’s so hard to maintain your career, and then here comes this little girl who’s been given everything. It’s just such a shame. I know that Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman felt the same way working with her — and I blame the parents!

It goes back to what I said earlier about the twins having to earn things, and not being given everything that they want. We have to stop being friends with our kids, and not give them so many choices. We have to keep them from getting lost.

Source: Posh Cravings

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juliana on

She has looked beautiful throughout this pregnancy. I find it odd that she made such a bold statement about Lyndsey, when most celebrities won’t say something harsh even if it’s honest. She is entitled to her opinion and kudos to her for sharing all of her opinions in such an honest manner. Even if we don’t all agree with them or her choices.

Christine on

I’m a very big proponent of breastfeeding (nursed all my babies for a minimum of 1 year – the first 8mos exclusively breastfed), but kudos to her for being so open about NOT breastfeeding.
Great interview!

AStar on

VERY Good interview! Definitely some controversial stuff in there but that’s what I love about celebs like Garcielle. She doesn’t hold her tongue, she’s very open about her thoughts and feelings regardless of what people may say or think about her.

Destiny on

This was a great interview. Thanks for posting it.

Charli on

This was one of the best interviews I have read in years. Thank you so much as Garcelle is one of my favorite actresses. She said what was in her heart and not what is popular like most actors and actresses do. Thanks again to Garcelle for a wonderful interview and to you for interviewing such a true person not a hollywood person.

FC on

I already adored her as a woman and an actress, now I just love her. I especially love her honesty about things and how she’s not sorry, even going so far as to say that while she knows, a, b, and c are for some people, this is what works for her. Love that about her. She’s also one of the lucky stiffs, not really having to wear maternity clothes. I’m not mad at her… just hope to be blessed the same way when the time comes.;)

But, what she said about Lindsay, well…someone out of the bunch had to be honest and not sugarcoat their words. Glad that she did.

I can’t wait until she has the twins!

Bo on

Great interview! Please keep us posted throughout the rest of her pregnancy and after!

Irene on

Great interview 🙂 Does she have a homepage??

j.brown on

Great to hear her thoughts even about non maternity-related matters.