Rumor: Charlotte Church to auction baby items off

09/12/2007 at 08:02 AM ET

74404128_cbbCharlotte Church, 21, and her rugby player boyfriend, Gavin Henson, 25, are expecting their first child next week and the couple has apparently received over $60,000 worth of free baby items from various companies.  It is reported that six prams, clothing, a cot, toys and more have been delivered to Charlotte.

However, the Welsh pop singer reportedly plans to auction off the extra items on Ebay and to place the money raised in a trust for her soon to be born child.

Sarah’s note: We urge you to take this with a grain of salt however — Charlotte has not discussed her pregnancy in public except to announce it, and The Sun is a known tabloid.

Source: The Sun

Thanks to CBB reader Kitty.


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M on

Well, that’s certainly creative. I would hope maybe she’d donate some of the items to new mothers in need though. Still, it’s her stuff and she can do as she likes.

Joelle on

I’m sorry, is it just me, or does it seem odd that she would auction items that she received free of charge to put in a trust for her OWN child? I thought, as I was reading this post, that it was going to say she was auctioning these items and going to use the money for charity…maybe I am confused : )

dna on

With all the blessings she has that others don’t, you would think she would dontate the money raised to those less fortunate. I am sure she has enough money to start a trust for her new child.

Tippythepoodle on

she is a wealthy celebrity–you would think she would donate the money to people in need. I’m sure her child will be set without the ebay money but to each his own I guess. Good luck with the baby she seems like she has been pregnant for ages.

christina on

$60,000 worth? That sure is a lot of baby gear! I’ll probably get blasted for saying this, but I think they should donate the money from the auction to children less fortunate than their child. Charlotte and Gavin are both pretty well-off financially. There are so many children in desperate need that could benefit greatly from those items if they’d be generous enough to donate them or the funds raised from auctioning them. JMHO.

Mememe on

She is quite well off with her CDs, television show, etc…it would be nice if she donated the money to a charity, instead.

Jada on

M, I was thinking the same thing…why not just donate it (or some of it) since it’s obviously stuff that she doesn’t need.
Still…good luck to her. She has such a gorgeous voice and is making it look very easy to be pregnant 😉

Kristin17 on

First of all everyone is saying she should consider giving to charity instead of this trust find for her child which is hearsay to begin with. Secondly, and I am sure I will be in the minority on this one, good for her. There is no way to guarantee she and baby’s dad will be well-off forever so good for her to save what she wants for her baby’s future. It’s all relative, they make more money and they live a different lifestyle. Does anybody know what she does with her earnings in enough detail to judge her for this choice, if it’s even remotely true? Not everyone is as noble as celebrity baby blog goddess Angelina, nor do they need be.

Lara on

Could be worse, the British royal family burns most of the gifts and freebies they’re sent.

regina on

how about these companies donate 60,000 of stuff to orphaneges disadvantaged families people who dont have millions in the bank already. i am so sick of seeing how many companies give millions of free stuff to celebrities that have so much money they could buy double of what is donated to them donations should be for the children who at night go to bed hungry who can’t even get a winter jacket it infuriates me to see this and then see chiildren emancipated from hunger i am a middle class mom who has in the past worked in a soup kitchen and saw these children so these celebrities make me sick when they do what they do

tink1217 on

i hope its not true, I would much rather see the money go to a charity, but if it is true..well, its definitely creative!

Principesa on

Salt taken.

Not only is it incredibly tacky to do so, isn’t she quite well-off given her talent?

Lolly Lola on

I really hope this isn’t true, you would think they would put the money to orphanages who don’t even have enough food to feed babies or heat in the winter. Really hope it isn’t true…

sil on

I agree with Kristin17.
Maybe she does help people in need, and nobody knows (which, btw, is the way it should be, when you help you don’t have to talk about it…) but this time she just wants that money for her child…she’s just being a responsible mom, imo.

daphneesmith on

Smart of her, and like others are saying, we have no idea how she handles her charitable giving.

Jessica L. on

Seriously, like Sarah noted, this is from THE SUN, so it’s probably not even true or completely out of context.

That being said if it’s true, the stuff is her’s she can do what she wants with it. The things were intended for their child and if they want to turn the stuff into cash for a trust, then that is their business. They can’t help it if those companies decided not to donate it to charity in the first place rather than give it to a couple who can more than afford it. Remember the only reason these companies give out all this free crap to celebrities is because when they are seen using the gear or putting the clothes on their children, WE average mothers, eat it up. We come on here and see the photos and say “Where did she get that cute dress?! I want one for my daughter!” or “What new stroller is that, I want one too.” You can’t bash the companies for doing stuff like that when we all spend our time on blogs dedicated to celebrity babies and finding out all the cute stuff their parents dress them in/tote them in.

Personally, I don’t think the rumour is true. I think they would use some avenue other than Ebay if they were going to sell their stuff.

Deb on

YOu dont take free gifts and sell them and keep the money. The best thing to do would be to donate the money to a womans charity or a hospital! She is a selfish snob!

regina on

to jessica l yes i am someone who is interested in celebrity babies and all babies and children but my child does wear clothes and i do not obsess over what what these celebrity children wear and just fork over 200 for a pair of jeans that in two months he will outgrow what i concetrate on is loving and taking care of my child and in my downtime i am on the internet and yes i can bash the companies that is my right and its my right to not eat up what most parents eat up and i dress my son nicely but not by what is in a magazine

PSB on

No way is this true. I know nothing about Charlotte Church, but I cannot imagine ANYBODY who is famous and well-off doing this. You would have to be a piece of work to sell freebies and pocket the cash for your kid. Even if she wanted to do this, where would she find the time? Isn’t she a famous singer “married” to a famous sports guy? This is ridiculous and absolutely untrue IMO. Any idiot knows how bad this would make her look if she did it.

The only famous person who has ever done something even close to this tacky was multi-millionairess Catherine Zeta-Jones, who told all of her wedding guests not to give her wedding gifts, but instead to put money into a fund for her son. People gave her tons of flack about that.

J.M. on

As it is comning from the SUN it’s probably false but like most of you said if she really doesn’t want the stuff she should give it away or raise money for charity. It’s a little arrogant not to when your a celeb.

meg on

i think this is a total fabrication.

saying that though, as much as i dont believe it, if it were true i do agree that they were gifts given to her, it is for her to with them what she will and if she wants to sell them and put the money into a trust fund for her child then that is her choice. better to do that than just have them sat doing nothing. just because she is famous and earns more money than we could dream of does not mean she has to give the money from the sale of the items away to charity.

Jen#2 on

I really doubt this is true.

Emily on

Wait wait wait…the British BURN their gifts? WTF?

I think the idea is awesome- celebrities could rack up lots of money for charity by autioning their kiddos’ clothes. I would be to want a celebrity baby outfit!! 🙂

Chicki on

I have never understood why people place celebs on such a high pedastal with regards to gifts, photos, etc. I see ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with her setting up a trust for her child! Who is anybody to say how she should handle her finances. Do you really think that Larry Birkhead donates any of the money he makes from “selling” Dannielynn photo ops to charity?? My guess is the money goes into a trust for her. Even when Brangelina gave the $4M they got for Shiloh’s first pictures to charity, you don’t think that Angie had a say in where the money went? I don’t buy this altruistic bit with celebrities – why should everybody make money off of MY baby besides me?!

If it’s anyone’s fault it’s the companies for paying in the first place!!

smm on

Selling gifts and pocketing the money? No, not tacky at all.

christina on

that really annoys me! she has how much money yet still gets free stuff! and not samples either pushchairs and god know what else!! yes i am sure the companies see it as good advertising if she chooses theres to push her baby in, but there is me that raises 3 children alone while pregnant with a 4th and we had to make do with handouts or charity! i wish i could afford a new pushchair for this baby but i cannot! and hearing that she (yes she has worked hard all her life) is getting stuff for free makes me mad! I worked hard and all i get is a slap in the face from the goverment and the world!

regina on

no jessica l not all of us mothers eat it up that because a celebrity child has it on it has to be the best and i have to have one just like it. to me what my son looks cute in is what i buy i dont care what anjelina jolie’s kid is wearing my son is himself not little maddox by the way is adorable my first thing to my son is unconditional love and being there fashion is 10th on my list