Travis Barker offers advice to Britney Spears

09/11/2007 at 10:18 AM ET

Travisbarker805_cbbCelebrity dad Travis Barker, father to Landon Asher, 3 1/2, and Alabama Luella, 20 months, with Shanna Moakler, offered some advice to Britney Spears at a VMA afterparty.  He was quoted as saying,

Youshouldn’t be seen every night partying when everyone knows you have twobabies. It’s just common sense.

Britney and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, have two sons, Sean Preston, 2 on September 14, and Jayden James, 1 tomorrow. Britney and Kevin are currently involved in a custody dispute.

Source: People


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Carrie on

He said it all, he said it all.
Bravo Travis, finally a celebrity with common sense, who is a good father.

Carrie on

He said it all, he said it all.
Bravo Travis, finally a celebrity with common sense, who is a good father.

gabriella on

Well travis when your right your right. He seems like a good dad IMO.

Aleah on

He’s most definitely right.

Willy on

Yes, he is right, but he should practice what he preaches. Hopefully, he has learned from his past indiscretions!

Janie on

Not that I’m a fan or anything, but in her defense — Britney could spend all day every day with her children and leave them with a nanny or family member after they go to sleep.

No one knows exactly what situation she has.

daphneesmith on

Well said, Travis.
He’s more hands-on than Britney seems capable of being.

lizzielui on

This from the same guy who was earlier this year seen out almost every night for weeks partying with and kissing Paris Hilton in both LA and Vegas? From the guy whose own wife had a very public feud with Paris and then punched Paris at a club and faced possible assault charges? From the guy who traded insults with his wife back and forth in the tabloids and on MYSPACE about who cheated on whom? Puuuuhleaase. While he may be DEAD ON about Britney and her actions he should also practice what he preaches within his own family.

Melanie F. on

No offense, but isn’t this the same person who was trying to get custody of his children from his on and off again wife and leaving myspace messages regarding their relationship on his myspace page? The one who was pictured tonguing and parading around with Paris Hilton during one of his divorce modes?

You have got to be kidding me? Granted there is no stability for children in a home where a parent is out partying every night but, is there stability in a home where the kids are seeing mom and dad as a couple every other three months?

I saw pictures of him and Shanna together this past VMA weekend. Common sense is, yeah you shouldn’t be out partying every night if you are a parent but, it should also teach you that if you have the nerve to speak on a situation about someone’s parenting skills; then you should at least have enough common sense not to marry and have children with someone who you allege lives their life the exact same way. I’m not even going to get started on Britney but at least she didn’t go the media and have the nerve to judge someone else’s life when she clearly has problems of her own, unlike Mr. Barker.

Travis, “you only teach when you practice what you preach”!!!!

sil on

that’s a good advice, unfortunately I don’t think Britney will listen….

Anne on

Janie, if she really did take care of a one and two year old each and every day, all day, then she’d be too tired at night to go out clubbing.

As far as Travis’ quote: it’s sad how many people lack common sense.

DWS on

I agree Anne, if Britney spent all day with those boys, she would be too tired to party. And if she was out all night partying, she would be too tired the next day to spend time with her boys. I have a 16 month old and LOVE it when I can go to sleep by 9. I’m worn out!

Melanie F. on

I can’t believe we almost said the exact same thing and I have no clue who anyone is on this site. Wow

m on

Britney can go out clubbing but I just wish she would either wear underwear or learn to keep her legs together when exiting a car!

There really aren’t any celebrities from whom I take parenting advice, but that’s just me.

Renee on

Travis can go out as much as he wants cause he doesn’t have custody of the kids. They are with their mom but when they are with him, they are all together all the time.Also, I do believe he had the kids most of the summer so if he wanted to cut loose at vegas good for him. Sometimes even parents need a wild night out.Also, he isn’t seen partying every night. All of you are talking about one week out of the year of pics of him out.

tink1217 on

Practice what you preach, Travis..really! I like him and all, and I think he seems like a good dad, but he parties! So does Shanna. CELEBS PARTY! Granted those like Reese Witherspoon don’t go for that scene. But like one poster said…Brit could spend her days with the boys and go out after they are in bed. If she is there when they wake up in the morning its not a big deal. I used to go out 3 or 4 nights a week when my kids were 2 and 3 yrs old. I put them to bed and went out with my friends(leaving them with grandma). I was usually home by 3AM. I was there when they got up in the morning and yes, I was tired alot. But I still got up and took care of them and went to work. There is no way I could do that now at my age, but back then I was 23-24. Now, Brit DOES need to start wearing underwear again and quit wearing the skirts and dresses that show off her nether regions when she gets out of a car! There are sooooo many celebs out there with kids that are partying in Hollywood and nobody says anything. But, because this is Britney its all over the place. I really hope Britney can move past all this eventually.

Kim on

I think Travis Barker is an awesome parent. However, I am annoyed by the fact that he would pass judgement on Britney Spears and her parenting skills. Like everyone else has been saying, he needs to practice what he preaches. I don’t think he parties as much as he used to, but when he was going through his divorce with Shanna he was always seen in clubs partying it up with Paris. So what gives him the right to talk about another celebrity who parties.

Lola on

I like Travis alot but he does drugs. He was high on his reality MTV show more than once. He should not be one to talk. Oh my goodness. I can’t believe I am actually defending Britney!

Campbell on

Lola, I did not know that Travis was a current drug addict. wow. I don’t know if anyone else has seen that just about all the media outlets have been going around shoving microphones in everyone’s faces lately asking them what their opinion is of BS. Now, granted he could have said “no comment”. And what’s the deal w/ the media doing that? It’s like a media lynch mob. Tacky, I think. Anyway, I like Travis from what little I know, he SEEMS to be a decent dad…. whichever Alabama is just precious in that pic, of course she is precious in EVERY pic I see posted here of her! Those shoes!!!

Sasha on

Um may I say please don’t comment about Britney and give that advise to your wife. At least Britney is seen out with her kids. Unlike your wife.