Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix at Toronto airport with Indiana

09/11/2007 at 04:40 AM ET

Actors Casey Affleck, 32, and Summer Phoenix, 28, arrive at Toronto airport to depart on a flight with their son, Indiana August, 3, on Monday. The couple expect their second son together this winter. The family were in town for the promotion of Casey’s new film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.


Photos by Flynet.

Prod9047_4_lgIndiana carries Learning Resources Pretend & Play World Traveler kit ($33).

Continue reading for more photos and the shoe and stroller info.

Crocs_pearlIndiana wears Cayman Crocs in Pearl ($31).

Ptru13407048dt_2He rides in a Maclaren Techno XT in crimson ($300).


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Campbell on

In the 5th photo he favors his cousin Violet. Summer looks beautiful and very pregnant.

Eleonora on

I never saw him before..he is very tall for his age!I love his little bag!

sharon on

wow he looks like ben!

Brie on

I love Summers sweater. Does anyone know where it’s from?

clair on

He has such a yummy daddy. I agree he looks like Ben

Jessica on

Awww thanks.. He is getting so big. And Summer looks awsome and so cute.=).

For Affleck Phoenix fans join my forum, just send me email with password and username and come join in. Loads of photos of the family=)

Grace on

he looks really like ben wow!heยดs cute!but heยดs not looking like violet.violet is totally jennifers girl!

PSB on

That little boy is so cute – a total mix of both parents. In one picture he even looks like his uncle River.

Summer looks so stylish while pregnant, and I actually think Casey is much better looking and a better actor than Ben (who is ok, not slamming him or anything). It’s funny that he’s the less famous Affleck.

gabriella on

Indiana is a mix of both parents, violet looks totally like jen IMO.

Sam on

Wow, Indiana totally looks like uncle River in the second pictures. So awesome.

yo momma on

i just heard about this couple recently. i admire summer’s family for raising all of their kids (phoenix, leaf, rainbeaux, et al) strict vegans. assuming she still is, she is a glowing testament to how healthy a vegan pregnancy really is!

April on

what a beautiful little boy!!!!! the last pictures i saw of him, he was pretty young. he DOES look a lot like river, but there’s also an affleck quality to his face as well. very cute!! can’t wait to see the new baby!!

yo momma on

oops! i meant joaquin, not phoenix! (duh!)

meg on

Wow! He looks a lot like his uncle Ben!! In the last picture he looks a lot like Violet (which is shocking to me since I always thought Violet looked like her mommy)!

Christine on

what a nice looking family!!

(I think the stroller is crimson, not storm grey)

Sarah’s note: Thanks, I’ll fix it.

essie on

Yeah, they were raised strict vegans . . . but one brother died of a drug overdose and another is an alcoholic.

As for Casey, from what I’ve heard about “Jessie James” he is outstanding and should get an Oscar nom. Critics are raving about him.

Sylvia_Plath_Fan on

Jeez Louise! Indiana is a true Affleck through and through. I don’t see any Phoenix in him…

renee on

Summer is glowing and gorgeous, and we get a good picture of what Joaquin would look like in drag–could they look more alike? Indiana is a charmer too, and Casey Affleck has been my favorite Affleck since Good Will Hunting and Ocean’s Eleven. What a cute family!! I can’t wait to see what the new addition to the family will look like. Hoping for a safe and wonderful delivery for the Phoenix-Affleck clan.

legemc on

Yeah, I see the Affleck chin on that kid! LOL

Adoring Fan on

More beautiful Afflecks? Precious pictures of this lovely family. All the best to them.

MMM on

I agree about him looking a bit like River and Ben in the 2nd pic. He does have that Affleck chin. Beautiful family.

Violet's Auntie on

Gads, he wears Crocs too!

Jacquie on

Awww this is the first time I’ve seen little Indiana, since he was born, and he’s so cute! ๐Ÿ˜€ In the second picture I have to agree, there is a River-“ness” about him, and yet in all the other pictures, especially the final one you can tell he’s all Affleck. Just look at the cleft chin and and shrugged brows, just like his daddy. ๐Ÿ™‚

evie on

what a beautiful family!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great genes that family!!

JustBaby on

Having just read your comments policy that “nasty comments” are not to be posted, I’m very surprised that Essie’s comment from yesterday regarding Summer’s brothers were not considered nasty and were approved by your site’s moderators? I found it offensive even for sites with very lax standards – it’s very surprising for one with a comments policy as yours is described.

Sarah’s note: Yes, I also found it offensive, and removed her second sentence when I just read your comment. That is not one I approved. Sorry about that.

Charity on

That is one cute kid! He’s a good mix of the Afleck-Phoenix families. I definitely see River & Joaquin in him. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jessica, are you a part of the family or just a huge fan?

I’ve never heard that Joaquin has a problem with alcohol. And I’ve read a good bit about him b/c he’s one of my fave actors. He seems more private and more upstanding than the rest of Hollywood.

Sarah’s note: He was in rehab in spring ’05.

Jess on

Iam HUGE Summer phoenix fan for sure=) I love her and I have been a fan of her since years back.
To add I dont see any phoenix in Indiana, he does not look like River. He is a copy of Casey and and I see Violet in him too.