Ruby Maguire gets a helping hand from dad Tobey

09/10/2007 at 08:52 AM ET

Actor Tobey Maguire, 32, who was just married to Jennifer Meyer last Monday in Hawaii, helps daughter Ruby, 10 months, cruise around on her feet on the sidewalk in front of their home in Los Angeles, CA.

Photos by Flynet.

Ruby wears a tee ($13).

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Eleonora on

Oh she is so adorable and these photos are really precious

Rii on

The cutest Hollywood dad with his adorable daughter. Lovely pictures, Ruby has a very cute smile. Fathers with their daughters are such a wonderful sight!

Aleah on

Ruby’s such a cutie!!

stephanie on

Aww @ Ruby’s ONE shirt.

Bella Mama on

how absolutely precious!

Calypso on

Tobey looks majorly hacked off that the photog is taking pics of them. From the first picture, it looks like the paparazzi is staked out behind some trees or something, and they’re using a lot of zoom. Love how they both look in the pics though. Too cute! It’s just a shame that the enjoyment we get out of seeing them is at the expense of their privacy and upsets them. I’d be upset if somebody was hiding out in trees and bushes while I had my daughter with me.

wavybrains on

These pictures are adorable, but IMHO, I don’t like to see paparazzi pictures of the stars at home–I don’t think CBB and other gossip sites should be encouraging that–it seems intrusive to me, like they should be able to get privacy in their own yards. Just my two cents.

Sarah’s note: They were out on the sidewalk in front of the house, if they were not on the ‘public’ side we definitely wouldn’t post them. I do agree with the previous poster that Tobey looks annoyed in a few of them and I will remove those pictures.

brookefan on

Oh, that is too adorable. Love it!!

tink1217 on

she looks like daddy!!!! adorable!

C on

The photos don’t look like they are zooming into the house, they are out in public eye.

Like it or not, we as well are encouraging paparazzi photo just by vising sites that show celeb photos.

Kimberly on

Love Ruby’s ONE Campaign ( shirt!

Lynn on

I love seeing photos of parents helping their babies walk! It’s so cute!

April on

Awwww, she is cute. I found out where Tobey and his new wife moved to, check out their new place by clicking my name.

It’s a freakin huge place! Plenty of room for kids.

Xan on

Before I even scrolled down I knew she would be barefoot. I’ve never seen that little girl with shoes on; which is fine with me as I LOVE baby feet;)

InsomniacFreak on

Kudos to wavybrains and others for speaking out against the paparazzi and speaking up for non-publicity-seeking celebrities like Maguire to have the right to enjoy their children’s precious moments out of the public domain.
That baby and her dad are unquestionably adorable, and especially together. Still, the cuteness quotient of the pics do NOT negate the fact that clearly Mr. Maguire does not wish them to be shared publically. Geography is irrelevant. His meandering two or three feet outside his front door step does not alter his feelings on the matter nor is he granting permission to be photographed just by stepping onto the ‘public’ side of his fence.
Sadly, it seems that respect for a person’s wishes has become a socially optional thing to do and that’s unfortunate.

Ashley on

Tobey Maguire and his daughter are adorable, I love that her name is Ruby Sweetheart-adorable! He seems like the cutest, most loving, hands on dad. Jen is a lucky mama! lol

ally on

Ruby is super cute, and it’s obvious that Tobey absolutely adores her. Very sweet!

gabriella on

looks just like her dad

bethany on

April –

i know that during the course of being in the public eye sometimes we find out where celebrities live but that is just awful, awful, AWFUL that you post their home address and be like oh look here i have it! now you know where they live! that is more than just bit disrespectful in my eyes and also very creepy (no offense but thats just how i feel) ok so what if you know where they live but please keep it to yourself, you are in no position to be broadcasting their address. and also CBB i am very surprised that you havent seen the negative side of that comment and removed it. hopefully you can recognise what the right thing to do is and remove it.

sorry to vent!!!

Bethany 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lily on

That little girl is gonna be a heart breaker when she’s older.
Dya reckon Tobey will be a protective Daddy?

Check him out with the Wedding Ring… it’s like a new man!

Tobeysqweezr on

I can’t help it, I love the pics of Tobey and Ruby together. She’s so adorable. BTW, Tobey’s 32, not 31. 😉

CcHiCkK on

I really got a crush on tobey, he acted very well on spiderman. I admired him, turning into a sexy man from a nerdy. Unfortunately. I just knew that he is already with someone, and already married. well… I’ll just continue day dreaming and fantasizing you tobey… Will it be okay? send my regards to your beautiful daughter..