Miami Ink star Yojiro Harada against tattoos for his daughter

09/10/2007 at 02:19 PM ET

Yojiro Harada of Miami Ink may support his family financially by working as a tattoo artist but that doesn’t mean that he wants his daughter to have a tattoo. The 35-year-old said,

When my kids grow up, they aren’t allowed to have tattoos. No tattoos. No way.

He and his wife, Bridgette, have one daughter, Sydney, 2, who was born in May 2005, and are currently expecting their second child.

Source: Buddy TV

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CanadianGirl on

Awwwwww Sydney! She’s definitely one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen! I love when they show her on Miami Ink. That’s so funny that Yogi won’t let her have any tattoos… lol we’ll see when she gets older!

Renee on

He kind of just insulted his customers. I don’t see the problem with wanting to wear beautiful art on your body.

Traci on

Sydney was born in 2005.

pink.lioness on

we’ll see about that in the future, Yoji!

Lola on

I love Yoji! He seems so nice.

Sasha on

Ooh, interesting discussion! Could be many reasons for his stance: cultural, gender, career-wise, peer pressure.

Nineveh on

I love Miami Ink!

And Yoji said in a recent interview, that Bridgette is pregnant again.

FC on

I don’t see anything wrong with Yoji saying he doesn’t want his children to have tattoos. Parents are allowed to want better things for their children and maybe he doesn’t think that’s best for her, or any of his future children. Of course, she may rebel, but if she did I’d say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree…;)

And if they are expecting again, I can’t wait for this little one to be born. Sydney is such fun when she’s featured on the show. 🙂

morgan on

Exactly Pink.lioness! We’ll just wait and see how that goes! 🙂

plannbb on

Interesting. Then he should just stop doing tattoos for a living IMO.

S on

I love this guy, but what exactly makes him think that he can tell his then adult daughter that she can’t do something that she wants to do. At that point he has no say in the matter. It’s the same thing with whoever it was that said that she wouldn’t allow her kids to join the military. Once your child becomes an adult, you don’t have the power or control to force them to do or not do anything at all.

Nicole on

Wow, I don’t see how is is going to be able justify to his daughter why he would think her getting some ink would be bad! I’m a mother of 4 with quite a few tattoos and I won’t have any right to tell my kids I don’t think it’s right for them to have ink. When they turn 18 and can pay for it themselves it’s up to them- I just hope they don’t get something silly. 😉

I can’t wait to see the new baby- Sydney is so adorable!

otakara on

I think it’s because he’s Japanese. In regular Japanese society, there is still a stigma about tattoos being a yakuza (gangster) thing. It’s too bad because Japanese tattoo artists are some of the best in the world.

Lara on

Don’t most actors and actresses say that they don’t want their kids to go into show biz? I think it’s kind of like that. He’s not insulting his customers, he just sees the downside and wants to protect his daughter from it.

nona on

I think it’s interesting, in light of what he’s saying, that Sydney has some kind of temporary tattoo or sticker on her hand in the photo (similar to her daddy, with the tattoos on his fingers.) Mixed messages!

Amanda on

oh, I love Yogi!! So glad to see this post!! I remember watching the episode when Sydney was born 🙂 So happy to hear they’re xpecting again…such a cute family 😉

Megan on

I want to know what his second child’s name is. This site is a little out-dated, they’ve had their next kid by now. If any one knows the baby’s name and birthday please email me.

Fernanda on

i love yoji!!!!!
i love japa guys!