Federline boys have 'Cars' themed birthday party

09/10/2007 at 07:05 PM ET

Kevin Federline hosted approximately 20 friends and family-members Sunday at his San Fernando Valley home to celebrate the dual birthdays of his sons with ex-wife Britney Spears; Jayden James is poised to turn 1-year-old on Wednesday, while Sean Preston will turn 2-years-old on Friday.  The party appears to have been a casual, backyard affair with banners, balloons and ice cream cake all in keeping with the Disney-Pixar film Cars

In attendance, People reports, were Britney’s own parents Jamie and Lynne Spears.  Britney and Kevin are locked in a custody dispute, with Kevin seeking a greater percentage of the boys’ time than the 50-50 split currently in effect. 

Source:  People


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tink1217 on

I have to say…KFed is playing this up really good. Especially with Brit being in Vegas for the VMA’s. She has a terrible show and he comes out looking and smelling like roses. Hope she planned something great for the boys this week while she has them. Anyway…happy BDay SPF and JJ!

michelle on

He is really stepping up and the boys and his other kids are benefitting from it. The party sounds like it was fun. I like how Brit’s parents are always helping him out too. Good luck and happy birthday little ones.

Carrie on

I think Kevin seems to be a wonderful dad. I think he’s most well equipped to raise the boys. Far more so than the train wreck that is their mother, who not only partied hard in Vegas all weekend, but after her disastrous “performance” proceeded to crawl out of a car at her hotel, again without underwear…
come on…
she needs to get herself in check before she can sufficiently raise two children. IMO

legemc on

I am not a huge Britney fan, but that was so wrong what Sarah Silverman said at the VMAs about Brit’s kids being mistakes. Britney’s performance was a little weird to say the least, but if you’re going to make fun of someone you need to leave their kids out of it! Especially because I am fairly sure that SP at least wasn’t a “mistake” since she said before she got married that she wanted kids right away. I don’t know about JJ but even if he was unplanned, which is likey since most people don’t intentionally get pregnant 3 months after they’ve had a baby…he is still not a mistake! There is no such thing as a child being a mistake! Parents can make mistakes that lead to having kids, but the kids themselves should never be referred to as a mistake.

brannon on

I love that Kevin had a small, intimate party for his boys. Sounds like it was a lot of fun! Everyone usually wants to blame him for using them for spotlight but the fact that he didn’t go overboard says a lot.

Grayson's Girl on

Well, he’s certainly winning the PR race. While he’s throwing birthday parties for his boys Britney gives a questionable performance at the MTV awards and flashes her uncovered vagina to the world again. I doubt she’ll lose the kids, but she’s helping Kevin along in his quest.

Happy Birthday to Sean Preston and Jayden James! May your futures be MUCH brighter than your today.

tink1217 on

I agree, Sarah Silverman was waaaaay out of line saying what she did about those boys. They are innocent children! I don’t defend Brit’s actions all the time, especially the whole no panties thing. BUT, I am still rooting for her to get it together and keep her boys!

Maya on

Those kids are 1 and 2 years old! Do ya really think they are aware that anybody has insulted them? Once they are old enough to understand things all of this will have been forgotten.

Maya on

Oh, and another thing – Britney may not the world’s greatest mom, but her parents constantly siding with her ex while she and Kevin are in a huge custody battle must be detrimental to her emotional well-being. I’m sure Britney will throw her kids a party as well – her parents could go to that party and still be active participants in their grandchildren’s lives. I’m certainly not a fan of Britney’s, but if my parents did that to me I think it would have destroyed me. They need to stick by their DAUGHTER’S side IMO.

Shoeaddict on

Being a bad performer and not wearing panties does NOT make you a bad parent. Throwing a birthday party doesn’t make you father of the year. He left his child and unborn baby to follow Britney. Just like her parents, he saw $$$$$$.

She has made mistakes (NOT her kids) but, if you were followed around and photographed… what would people see???

anna on


It doesn’t matter that the boys are too little to understand the horrible things that were said about them. What Sarah Silverman said was uncalled for and tasteless. Especially since Britney was AT the event.

yogadaisy on

Maya, Britney served her mother with court papers ordering her to stay away from her and her kids while they are with her. The only way Britney’s parents can see their grandchildren is when they are with Kevin!!

And shoeaddict, please, do you think the only reason Britney is a bad parent is because she is a terrible performer who doesn’t wear panties?? Are you not aware of the dozens of other things she has done to put her boys physical and mental well being at risk?? Do some google searches.

And if the paparazzi followed me around they would see me driving my kids to school, taking them to the library, soccer practice, dance, playdates, the park, etc. NOT smoking a cigarette 2 inches from their face, driving with them on my lap, taking my 2 year old out to dinner at 10pm, flashing my vagina, partying in vegas til all hours, making out with strangers in hot tubs while topless and holding a drink, etc. all in the midst of a very PUBLIC CUSTODY Battle. Has she no sense??

Justamom on

First, I thought it was Britney that didn’t want anything to do with her parents…not the other way around.
Second, any decent grandparent would be supportive of what’s best for their grandchildren. If my mom ever thought that I was endangering my kid, she would back up my husband totally(as long as she thought he was a good parent). It wouldn’t be about me, but about the well being of her grandson.

Kate on

“Britney may not the world’s greatest mom, but her parents constantly siding with her ex while she and Kevin are in a huge custody battle must be detrimental to her emotional well-being. I’m sure Britney will throw her kids a party as well – her parents could go to that party and still be active participants in their grandchildren’s lives.”

Maya: Perhaps Britney’s parents care more about the emotional well-being of their grandchildren then the well-being of the person who is constantly putting those children’s well-being in danger. And it was my understanding that Britney was the one who kicked her parents out of her lives, it wasn’t the other way around, so I doubt they would be invited to any party that Britney throws. They have a right to see their grandchildren, and if Britney won’t allow it then I think it’s perfectly reasonable for them to see the children at Kevin’s house.

angelbaby33 on

It has been my understanding thru all of this drama that Britney WON’T let her parents see the boys. I imagine that they tried standing by their daughter but that did not get them anywhere. And if they feel that Kevin is better off with the boys than Britney, then by all means more power to them. Daughter or not, they probably want what is in the best interest of SP and JJ.

Erika on

Sounds like a fun party! I agree, Sarah Silverman was so out of line- her joke about the boys was totally low and not funny. To call someone a mistake is rude and classless. The boys did not ask for that- they deserve better. I hope that they are getting a lot of love from their parents- and that they enjoyed their Cars themed party. So cute!

Rachel K on

Well I’m just happy to see that while their mother was out drinking and doing heaven knows what else at those clubs and performing (if we can call it that) at the MTV awards that those boys were at HOME with their daddy celebrating a NORMAL childhood milestone!
Happy Birthday to them :O)
I can’t help but wonder. I know that they had part of the hearing and said that both parties left “happy” and that another hearing is called on the 19th… that was the last time I saw a photo of Britney with either of her children. It’s hard not to wonder if she hasn’t already given up some of the custody… and if she just doesn’t care anymore.

Maya on

anna – It’s fine and even nice to disagree but what does Britney being “AT the event” have anything to do with her children’s well-being (which everybody here is clearly concerned about)?

terri on

I think it’s great that Kevin makes an effort to have Britney’s parents be in their sons lives. Also, Kevin was in Vegas this weekend as well. Britney’s parents watched the kids.

anna on


Britney being at the VMA’S means she heard the horrible things that were said about her boys. I think if any mother heard somebody attacking their children and calling them mistakes, they’d be upset. And having to deal with the kind of crap that Britney deals with every single day can do some real damage to your mental health. Which in turn, effects your children’s well-being, a whole lot.

If Britney is happy and healthy, she will be able to take better care of Sean & Jayden. She obviously needs to get some help and get herself pulled together. And I hope she does. I’d hate to see her get worse and do something more drastic then shaving her head. Those boys need their mommy.

preesi on

Terri? Kevin was WORKING at his acting gig.

heather on

Yogadaisy.. Well said, all of it and I couldn’t agree with you more!! =)

I also have to say that I was shocked and disgusted by the things Sarah Silverman said. The worst part was about her kids, they should have been left out if it. And commenting about the vagina they came out of.. didn’t Britney have c-sections?? So her joke was not only tasteless but incorrrect.

Also, and I say this as someone whose not a fan of Britney, that took a lot of guts for her to get back out there and perform again. She had to know that the whole world was waiting for her to fail and that’s some serious pressure. I don’t think Sarah needed to antagonize the situation, especially after a bad performance, by making nasty comments.

On the Kevin front, some people are saying how he’s winning the PR race and looking like the better Dad.. like it’s all a publicity stunt. He did not call the media to his house, he didn’t have an over the top big party. He had a small average party for his boys and the paparazzi are who brought the attention to it. That poor guy can’t win no matter what he does but I think it’s great that he doesn’t really seem to give a crap what people think of him. He loves his boys and does what he sees best for them regardless of the public backlash and harsh comments about him.

Whew! That was the longest post I’ve ever done =)

Amanda on

While Silverman’s comments were definitely out of line, I don’t buy it as an excuse for that ‘performance’, nobody knew what Sarah was going to say, except herself, until she said it.
But anyways, I’m glad the kids have a somewhat normal parent who goes out and has fun every once in a while but focuses on his kids more than his popularity and drinking. And I’m not just talking about the VMAs, I’m talking about almost every single night this MONTH where I’ve seen pictures of Brit from the night before plastered at some night club in clothes that look fit for a brothel. If you are worried about one comment a comedian says about the children affecting them when they get older I have news, they are going to be much more affected by seeing the MANY pictures of their mother’s vagina and of her going to club after club from the time they were weeks old

Annoyomus on

Happy birthday to the boys! I hope, though, that they will each get their own individual celebration on their actual birthdays, though. I’m not talking about a party like the one K-Fed had, but I hope they are allowed to have their OWN special b-days as well.

As for Britney…I have seen some recent pictures of her on People.com….and she actually looks the most “normal”, healthy, and put-together that I have seen her in a LONG time! I personally think that she is at least starting to get back on the right track.

Also, I understand what Shoeaddict means. I don’t know of any parent who hasn’t made at least one mistake involving their kids. If the paps were to follow most parents around, they’d like see some parenting mistakes. No, they probably wouldn’t see parents driving with their kids on their laps (at least I’d hope not!), but they might see stuff such as babies forward-facing in the car before their first birthdays, babies being allowed to drink juice from a bottle, etc.

gabriella on

Happy birthday sean and jaydem they are both so cute and precious. Kevin seems to be acting pretty good as a father lately, and it’s very nice that although britney doesn’t let her parents see the kids he does. The grandparents love those boys. While britney was showing her vagina again in pics from last night, at least the boys were having a party. I’ve always been such a big britney fan, hope she gets her act together for the sake of her beautiful sons. Yesterday performance was bad and she looked stoned out. I have seen her in concert before, she has never been like that.

Lara on

I think she should lose custody. It’s not even any individual action, it’s that she seems so out-of-it that she may inadvertently be a danger to them. Even with a team of nannies, there could always be that one moment when she’s alone with one of the kids and something goes wrong, that one accident that happens so quickly… All parents make mistakes at some point, but healthy alert ones at least have a chance at catching a mistake before it becomes a tragedy.

It’s good that her parents are helping Federline. Why should the boys lose their grandparents and extended maternal family just because their mother is unable to participate in their childhoods right now? It may feel like a betrayal to her, but it’s really loyalty to her sons.

mrsgrugsplat on

Not one of us know what goes on behind closed doors, with britney and her children and who are we anyway to pass judgment on her I am sure that no one is a perfect parent I know I am not to my boys all the time, mabye she has made some questianable choices with them but she is still there mother and she loves them you can see it.
We all make mistakes that is part of being human and no one is perfect and we all need to remember that when judging other parenting abilities

WOW on

I have to agree with Maya:

“…her parents constantly siding with her ex while she and Kevin are in a huge custody battle must be detrimental to her emotional well-being.”

Her parents need to stand by Britney or atleast recognise it’s a very delicate situation. Going behind her back cannot be doing their relationship any good.

sil on

Well said Yogadaisy!!!

kat on

First I want to say I am not britney fan but I just can’t stand that everyone makes all these judgements when they really don’t know what the truth is. I don’t think any of us really know what kind of parent either one of them are. The tabloids and news will spin anything into what they want and right now it is in their own best interest to make Britney look bad. Granted she doesn’t always help herself but none of us know what really goes on behind the scenes. We only know from what photos they WANT to use and what text they WANT to write. Do you all really think what is written about her is 100% true. As the saying goes “somewhere in the middle is the truth”. and Whoever wrote something about Google searching Brit’s actions toward her children. How do you know what you find is the truth???

It also seems I am the only one to think it is sad that Brit and Kevin couldn’t celebrate the birthday of their sons together. I understand they aren’t getting along but this isn’t about them it is about their children who should always come first. they should both “suck it up” for 2 hours and celebrate the two things that really matter in this-Sean and JJ.

Last, those who are saying things about Brit partying in Vegas all weekend while Kevin was home with the kids. Where was he the previous weekend- VEGAS! partying! So it isn’t as if he is a saint. I think they both should still share custody. I am beginning to be inclined to think he wants more money so the best way now is to get the kids. He basically doesn’t have any income and Brit’s payments to him end in Nov. which makes me a little wary of is motives….Not that I don’t believe he loves his kids though.

Linda on

“She has made mistakes (NOT her kids) but, if you were followed around and photographed… what would people see???”

Hmmmmmm… I think I can safely safe that they wouldn’t see my vulva…

Campbell on

If I were being followed around all day, they sure as heck wouldn’t be getting shots of MY vagina.

tink1217 on

It amazes me at what self righteous people you all are here. Like nobody has ever made a mistake. I am NOT sticking up for Brit here, but gimme a break. “Normal” people in everyday life do things all the time that would cause people to sit up and say,”she or he should have their child taken away”. Seriously….everyone has done something as a parent that they shouldn’t have. NOBODY is perfect. Sure, I take my kids to school, pick them up, take them to whatever practices or classes they have, cook dinner, etc… That is what you would see. BUT, I have friends that smoke. A good friend of mine goes on her patio. Once in awhile her son would sneak out and follow her. Is it her fault? And for that couple of minutes if someone snapped a picture you would see the same thing as Britney’s pic. IT HAPPENS!!!!!

I love how we all seem to be perfect compared to Brit. Why does nobody ever say anything about the likes of Pam Anderson and what she wears or the sex tapes…eventually her kids will know about that…

There is definitely a very evident double standard when it comes to what Britney does and what everyone else does.

That said, her latest panty episode was just ridiculous. But, I will not bashe her for being in Vegas and doing the VMA awards and being on the VMA party circuit just like everyone else working the VMA’s that week. She was getting paid so she can eventually give KFed more money for having a better PR campaign!

anna on


I don’t think anybody else could’ve said it better.

Carrie on

“She has made mistakes (NOT her kids) but, if you were followed around and photographed… what would people see???”

driving with my child on my lap…
smoking any where near her…
forward facing car seat before 1…
going clubbing every night…
dressing like a prostitute…in public
taking her out late at night for dinner…
and certainly not my vagina (which shes done several times)

I’m not saying that one of these thing happing makes her a bad mother,or denying that she loves them, but come on, all of them, repeatedly have to make you question her parenting skills…

oh and tink1218….
What Pam and Tommy did was in PRIVATE and was then made public. Britney goes out at night without underwear on, expecting to be photographed.

Kris on

I’m sure both parents love those cute little guys very much.

Britney needs to step back and take care of herself for a while. It can’t be easy to marry young, have 2 babies back to back and then get divorced. That’s a lot of changes to make in your life in such a short period. On top of that if you’re having problems with your own parents that’s just one more pressure to bear. Add people following you everywhere constantly taking your picture and you get what we see before us.

MommyX1 on

I hardly think that being decent mothers makes us “self-righteous.” I’m sorry, but the things that Britney has been photographed doing, the things that people have shaken their heads at and called her a bad mother for, are far from little harmless mistakes that she has made because she’s “human.” I’m not talking about having a smoke near her kids(which is disgusting) but the other things that she has done to make her look unfit. She’s been photographed driving with her baby in her lap, with him in a forward facing carseat way before he turned a year, nearly dropping him onto the street because she had on high heels with pants that were inches longer than they should have been, and having them out at 11pm at night after having a naked romp in a pool with some college kid. They’ve been photographed with the straps to their carseats hanging off their shoulders, and with juice in their bottles. Not to mention that she was photographed out partying until the morning hours practically everyday when her baby was only a few weeks old. And that is only the things that we have seen with our own eyes, the ones that have been seen in photographs. God knows what else goes on that nobody sees.

Are you going to say that I’m so into myself that I think I’m a perfect mother and never make mistakes? HARDLY. But I DO NOT make those kind of mistakes. There is no way that I would have ever done even ONE of those things, because I actually care enough about my child and about being a good mom that I’ve taken the time to research and learn about what’s best for my child, not to mention that I have to simple common sense to know what is wrong and inappropriate.

Linda on

*”Normal” people in everyday life do things all the time that would cause people to sit up and say,”she or he should have their child taken away”.*

um, no. they most certainly do not and it’s kind of silly to suggest that they do.

Andria on

I’m no Britney fan, but I agree with tink1217 None of us know enough to make significant judgements about either parent’s fitness. I know people who go out rather often even though they have kids. It’s not something that appeals to me, but I see people who do it and are good, involved parents. She is going through a tough time publicly, and has for some reason decided NOT to avoid the situations that lead to more bad publicity, but none of it indicates anything concrete about her overall parenting skills.

Regarding Sarah Silverman….I’ve debated about my feelings towards her a lot. A lot of what she says is definately funny, but in a remarkably mean-spirited way. I alternate between amusement and guilt everytime I hear her. HOWEVER, I thought the commment about Britney’s boys was clearly inappropriate. It’s one thing to make fun of celebrities who are continually pursuing a career in the public eye (not sure how I feel about that even, but it’s a gray area to me), it’s another to mock children, who have no control over their fame. Britney Spears is a star, and will therefore get teased. SP and JJ have no control over their status. For that reason, I think Sarah definately went to far this time.

Tara on

I think people are just far too judgemental.
I agree Britney is certainly not on track at all but i wish her the best and hope she will get it together soon. I imagine it is hard to find the plot back when you are constantly photographed and harassed. It’s not like she gets a month’s vacation alone to put things into perspective.
I just pity her. I wouldn’t want her life. In regards to her kids, i sincerely hope that Kevin and her will share custody evenly. I don’t think he should use her recent behaviour as leverage in taking her children away. Hopefully they can work something out.

cassopolis on

I’m not britney’s fan but I think it’s sad the way she’s turning out. As far as I remembered about driving with her son on her lap she started the car cause paparazzi were bothering her. I saw on french tv, a famous website said they have paparazzi 24 hours a day on Britney ! I will get nuts !
I’m glad in France we have a law protecting privacy

Mary-Helen on

I don’t really care what their mother was up to, it’s nice that Sean & Jayden had a nice little party with their Dad and grandparents. Hopefully, their sister and brother made it out too.

legemc on

In regards to Britney’s parents …*just from what I’ve heard*…I don’t think they have done anything wrong and shouldn’t feel bad about “going behind Britney’s back” . Just because Britney decided she didn’t want them around her kids seemingly out of spite, they are supposed to say ok whatever you want dear and just forget about their grandkids? And when Kevin asks if they can babysit are they supposed to say sorry can’t help?

It would be different if Britney was more level-headed herself and had a legitimate reason why she didn’t want her parents around her kids…if they were endangering the kids in any way. But from everything I’ve read, Britney has said that the reason she doesn’t want her parents in her life and therefore her kids’ lives is because they pressured her to go to rehab. So what? She’s 25 years old, they couldn’t actually force her to go so ultimately she made the decision to do it. Maybe she didn’t really need rehab because her problems appear to be more psychological than with alcohol/drugs from what I’ve seen, but I think they just were just scared for their daughter’s well-being and wanted her to get some kind of help.

I’ve also heard some people say they are to blame for Britney’s problems in the first place because they forced here into show business against her will. Even if that were true, she has been an adult for many years now and could have walked away from it. And at some point, even if your parents suck, you have to be a big enough person to take responsibility for your own actions. Of course none of us knows the whole story so maybe her parents have done something else, but regardless I can’t imagine it being severe enough to warrant cutting them out of their grandkids’ life. At the same time, I hope they aren’t completely taken away from Britney either and that they are all able to reach some compromise.

Annoyomus on

MommyX1, maybe you personally don’t make any of the same mistakes that Britney did, but I have seen and heard of other parents that have.

For example, Britney is certainly not the only parent who has had her baby forward-facing in the car before he was one year old. No, that is not a safe thing to do at all, but plenty of other parents do the same, and nobody says their children should be taken away.

Also, like Brit’s boys, my own brother was sometimes given juice in a bottle when he was a baby. Did that make our parents bad parents? No way! They are two of the most responsible people that I know!

I will agree that driving with SP on her lap was a dangerous and stupid thing to do, but to be honest, that is about the ONLY thing I have seen her do that I haven’t seen at least one other parent do at some point.

As far as almost dropping SP when he was an infant…That was one of the few parenting mistakes that she had made that was not a mistake, but rather a pure accident. It was even really her fault, from what I understand. The paps scared her, and while she was trying to get away from them, she tripped. I also want to point out that Katie Holmes tripped and nearly dropped Suri while out in France a few weeks ago, and nobody is saying that she is a bad mother because of that. In fact, the only complant I’ve heard people make about that incident was that Katie should not have been wearing high heels.

Anyway, we really don’t know what kind of parent Brit is behind closed doors.

yogadaisy on

“Anyway, we really don’t know what kind of parent Brit is behind closed doors.”

If it’s anything remotely like the kind of parent she is in the public her children are at serious risk and she should not have custody of them.

Kate on

annonymous: Just because other people have made some of the same mistakes that Britney has made does not make it okay for her to do the same. So I guess according to you Britney’s allowed to do any reckless dangerous thing she feels like doing with her child as long as there is someone else somewhere in the world who has done the same thing? GMAB. Wrong is wrong – no matter how many people do it.

And Britney has done way more than make the one mistake with the carseats. She has demonstrated a pattern of reckless behavior over a period of months. So it’s a bit ridiculous to imply that people are upset with Britney just because of one mistake.

And as for the juice, there are a lot of things that people used to do with their kids before they realized that it wasn’t healthy. But now that we have better health information, there is no excuse for a person doing something that is so unhealhy for their child.

Campbell on

On People.com there was a nice article about Kevin in N.Carolina on the set of the show he’s doing. One of the crew members said they were pleasantly suprised by Kevin’s behavior. Just that you don’t see real positive comments about him often if at all. Found it an interesting read. It is currently on People’s website. As far as Kevin throwing this birthday party for his boys… it all just sounds normal to me. But, I do think that he’s damned if does/damned if he doesn’t. Hope the boys enjoyed their day.

Annoyomus on

Kate- Of course I don’t think that Brit should be able to do dangerous, stupid, reckless things with her kids just because other people do.

What I was trying to say before is that some of the posters on here are acting as though Britney is the first parent to ever make those mistakes…or to ever make ANY mistakes, for that matter! The fact of the matter is, Brit is NOT the only parent who has made mistakess!

Also, keep in mind that most of what Brit has done to her boys (or not done, such as the rumours about her negelecting them) is announced to the public by tabloids, who:

1. Rarely ever write things that are true.


2. Love to make things sound at least 10 times worse than they actually are.

In fact, the only parenting mistakes of Brit’s that I have seen either photographic evidence of or reports of in reliable magazines (such as People) are:

-Her driving with SP on her lap.
-The carseat mistakes with both boys.
-The juice in SP’s bottle.
-Almost dropping Sean (which, as I’ve said before, wasn’t really a mistake but a complete accident).
-Smoking in front of the boys.

The other supposid parenting mistakes she’s made (handing the boys off to other people when they cry, allowing them to play with her cigarrettes, giving them drug lollipops to suck on, giving them alchohol to make sure they sleep, etc.) are nothing more than RUMORS!

Also, I want to ask everyone a question: Do Sean Preston and Jayden James LOOK like they are being abused, negelacted, or otherwise not being taken care of properly? Personally, I don’t think so! Both boys look perfectly healthy, happy, and cared for to me!

Anyway, it just gets me when people trash Brit so much. The only other celeb mom I can think of who gets criticized quite a bit is Angelina Jolie, and even she doesn’t get criticized, ridiculed, and treated down-right nasty and mean the way Britnay does.

All of that said, I am not denying that Brit has problems, and I am not even a fan of hers. However, I don’t think she deserves to be treated so badly! What she needs most right now is our support! If anything, we should all band together and hope that she is able to get her problems under control so that she can KEEP her beautiful little boys, who NEED their mother! Maybe it’s just me, but I honestly think that some people actually WANT Brit to fail as a mother and to lose her boys!

Annoyomus on

I forgot to mention this in my last post: Like I and a few other posters have stated, Britney is not the only parent who makes mistakes, and other parents have been known to do things such as having their kids forward-facing before they turn 1, offering their kids juice in a bottle or sippy cup, etc. I must ask….Should those parents have their children taken away, too?

Kate on

annoymous: I have not seen any person on this site acting like Britney is the first mother to have ever done these things. You are putting words in people’s mouths. What I have seen are a bunch of people who are worried for the safey and well-being of two small children who are being raised by a mother who has demonstrated a pattern of irresponsible parenting and unstable behavior.

And I can’t believe that you said the only mistakes you have seen pictures of right before making a list of things that are appallingly dangerous for children. Maybe you should go back and review that list before trying to defend her actions again, because if you look at that list objectively I don’t see how anyone could act like those things are okay. Several of those things could get a baby killed and a few others could create lifelong health problems. I can’t believe that anyone could excuse those actions.

And in response to your question do Sean and Jayden look neglected? Yes, they do. They look unkempt and miserable when they’re with Britney. I think I noticed the problem for sure when I saw a picture of the children with Britney’s parents and I saw how clean, content and happy they looked with their grandparents, I’ve never seen them look that way when they’re with their mother. But even if they did look happy when they were with her: Are you really naive enough to believe that all children who look like they’re okay really are? There’s a reason why child abuse and neglect is referred to as a hidden epidemic. Sadly enough there are too many people who, like you, assume that just because a child is raised by wealthy parents and just because everything “looks okay” on the oustide that it is.

And in response to your final comments about how some people want her to fail: How odd that you’re telling us we’re too quick to judge Britney and yet you’re judging other posters and accusing us of an incredibly harsh thing of wanting her to fail.

As for the second part about how you think we want her to loose her boys: Yes I do hope she loses custody, because I think that’s the only thing that will force her to get her act together. And I sincerly hope she gets a wake up call before she does irreperable harm to those children. Unfortunately at this point I think the only wake up call that could possible force her to get her act together is losing custody of her children. I would hate to see her end up like Anna Nicole Smith.

Annoyomus on

Kate- I’m sorry if I made it sound like I was putting words in people’s mouths. I wasn’t trying to. That is why I was careful to use wording such as: “It seems to me that….” As for my comment about Brit being trashed, I was simply stating my opinion, which I have as much right to do as you do.

That said, check out the picture of Jayden and Britney that was posted just today on CBB. Jayden certainly doesn’t look unkempt or miserable in it. He even seems to be smiling a bit! Also, if you look at his “Celebrating Celebrity Baby birthdays” post, most of the pictures show him smiling or at least seeming to be happy. I know I am not the only posters who has commented on some of these pictures saying that the boys seem to adore their mom!

Anyway, my point with the parenting mistakes is this: While things such as having your kids forward-facing before they are 1 can get them injured or killed, the parents who make those mistakes usually don’t get their kids taken away.

I also believe that Britney loves those boys, and I can’t see how she could delibrietly abuse them. That said, maybe, if she is abusing or negelecting them somehow, she just doesn’t realize how serious the situation is.

As for if she should lose custody, let me word my question another way: Do you really want those two beautiful boys to lose their mother? Face it, at their ages, kids need their mommies (that’s not to say that no mom should ever lose custody of her kids. I just don’t think that Britney should at this point)! Think about it, if you were Sean or Jayden, how would YOU feel if you were suddenly taken away from your mommy?

Personally, my hope for Britney is this….I hope she is allowed to keep at least SOME custody of the boys, even if the arrangment isn’t 50/50 like it is now. I also hope that she is able to get help so that she can KEEP her boys!

Anyway, this is the last comment I am going to make on this post. I am through arguing with you.

Annoyomus on

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to comment on this post again…But I just re-read what I wrote…and frankly, some of my own words shocked me!

Like, for example, what I said about the carseat issue (“even though having your kids forward-facing in the car before they are 1 can get them injuried or killed, the parents that make those mistakes usually don’t get their kids’ taken away). It sounded like I was saying that it’s perfectly okay for parents to put their kids’ at risk.

To clarify, that is not what I think at all! I think safety is very important, and I hate seeing parents make car-seat mistakes. I was just trying to point out that most parents who make similar parenting mistakes to Britney’s don’t get their kids taken away….But I did it in an extremely bad way! I should have used a different example (such as putting juice in bottles, which in most cases isn’t going to kill or even injure a baby). I apologize for my choice of words!

Also, what I asked “How would YOU feel if you were Sean or Jayden and you were suddenly taken away from your mother?” I realize now that that’s kind of beside the point. The fact is, if Britney really is putting her boys in danger, their health and safety is much more important than how they might feel about having to be taken away from their mother.

The fact of the matter is, it makes me very sad to think of ANY mother having to lose (or even possibly having to lose, which is techincally what is currently the case with Brit) custody of her children. It makes me feel sad for both the mother and the children. I guess I just felt so bad about the fact that Brit might lose custody that I over-reacted quite a bit. What I truly want is whatever is best for the boys.

Kate on

annoynmous: I don’t think anyone enjoys the thought of those children being taken from their mother, but Britney seems to be on a downward spiral and losing their mother temporarily (and having that scare her into getting the help she needs) would be much better for them in the long run then having them in her care as she continues to make her downward spiral. The first reason why it would be better is because two small children should not have to witness the kind of things that are going on in Britney’s life right now. And the other reason is that it might scare her into getting her life together so that she doesn’t end up another Anna Nicole Smith. If Britney continues with her erratic, unstable behavior she could end up doing serious damage to herself or her children and then they might end up being seperated permanently.

Also, losing custody is not the same as losing all parental rights. It’s quite likely that she would still be able to see her children, she just wouldn’t have primary physical custody. No one is advocating that she should be stripped of all parental rights, but just that Kevin should have sole custody until she gets her life together. And I think the fact that Kevin took the children to see their mother even when she was in rehab is proof that he will still let her see the children. This isn’t about enjoying seeing a mother lose her children. This is about hoping that a tragedy can be prevented. It might be sad for Britney and the boys to be separated for a little bit while she’s getting her life together, but it would be even more sad for something awful to happen to Britney and then they would be separated permanently.

Kate on

annoymous: I just went back and looked at the pictures you mentioned, and I don’t think Jayden looks happy in any of those pictures. I think he looks distressed. And Sean looks disoriented in every picture I’ve ever seen of him – except for the pictures that where taken when they were with their grandparents.

And I find it almost amusing that people are claiming that “it’s obvious from the pictures that the boys adore their mother” and that “it’s clear from the pictures that Britney loves those boys.” I don’t think it’s clear at all. I’m not saying they don’t love one another, just that it’s not possible to tell that from a picture. I think some Britney fans are just grasping at straws in order to try to defend Britney’s unacceptable behavior.

Dawn on

“taking my 2 year old out to dinner at 10pm”

My parents did that with me occasionally when I was that age. Where they went, I went. Nothing wrong with that.

“flashing my vagina, partying in vegas til all hours, making out with strangers in hot tubs while topless and holding a drink, etc.”

Doesn’t make you a bad parent. None of those things have anything to do with her children who I would take it, were in bed at the time with a nanny.

“mmmmmm… I think I can safely safe that they wouldn’t see my vulva…

If I were being followed around all day, they sure as heck wouldn’t be getting shots of MY vagina.”

Going commando isn’t illegal, nor does it make you a bad parent. How about sharing your venom with the paps who obviously think that such shots are a-ok to take?

driving with my child on my lap…
smoking any where near her…
forward facing car seat before 1…
going clubbing every night…
dressing like a prostitute…in public
taking her out late at night for dinner…
and certainly not my vagina (which shes done several times)

I’m not saying that one of these thing happing makes her a bad mother,or denying that she loves them, but come on, all of them, repeatedly have to make you question her parenting skills…”

Make up your mind, either these things make her a bad mother or you are bringing up points that are moot when it comes to her parenting ability.

Kate on

Dawn: I think you should re-read the posts that you just quoated because the person clearly said that ONE of those things wouldn’t make her a baby mother.

It’s the combination of all those things. Their points were quite clear.

Annoyomus on

Kate- I still don’t agree about the photos, but I respect your opinion, and I am willing to agree to disagree on that issue. 🙂

That said, I certainly don’t want to see Britney become another Anna Nicole either. I do, however, have to give Anna Nicole points for managing to be a pretty decent parent to Dannielyn (granted, Dannielyn was only 5 months old when she died, but still, at least she didn’t make the same parenting mistakes that Britney has).

Anyway, back to Britney. I hope that whatever happens will be what’s best for both her and the boys.

Dawm on

“Dawn: I think you should re-read the posts that you just quoated because the person clearly said that ONE of those things wouldn’t make her a baby mother.

It’s the combination of all those things. Their points were quite clear.”

Kate, I know what I read. If none of those things mean she is a bad parent, then all of them together do not make her a bad parent and I am tired of hearing insinuations otherwise.