Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take Zahara and Pax to FAO Schwarz in NYC

09/10/2007 at 06:34 PM ET

Actors Brad Pitt, 43, and Angelina Jolie, 32, take Pax Thien (not pictured), 3 1/2, and Zahara Marley, 2 1/2, to the FAO Schwarz store in NYC on Monday.

More photos at Just Jared.

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mon on

Angelina is looking really skinny :s

Jenna on

I hate to be the annoying one who has to suggest someone is pregnant..but I think she may be pregnant! I think you can see a little belly in the photos at Just Jared, and she looks a tad less thin.

Anyways, Z looks so serene and adorable. I wish we could see Pax too!

mrsb on

She’s obviously not showing…but it wouldn’t surprise me that she is pregnant again. Just after recent comments Brad has made, and she really looks like she is glowing lately. Love them!

Nausicaa on

I really can’t tell from these photos if she’s pregnant again or not. I remember on a fansite I once saw a picture of her on a movie set talking on a cell phone and touching her belly. The headline read, “Is she pregnant again?” Ever think she might just have an itch? Such wishful thinking. I certainly can’t wait until they get pregant or adopt again. I think she’s so thin that it’s easy for her clothes to billow and give off false alarms.

How beautiful is Zahara? What a goddess she’s going to become, just like her mother.

coco on

Why does she always hold the kids in front like a shield.
She turns her kids into commodities by setting a price for thier pictures, when she sells pics of them to the highest bidder. Then she and Brad “complain” when the kids are stalked by the press, after they turn them into mini celebs

jackie on

Is it just me or does Z have so much expression in her eyes it’s crazy? In several pictures it’s almost like you can hear her thoughts going “Yeah, this is my mommy and daddy. My siblings are here too…I’m cute..we’re all cute! Now go away!”

Such a beauiful family…i wish them nothing but happiness and can’t wait to see them grow up 🙂

Becky on

I still can’t believe that Shiloh is nowhere to be found. I just don’t understand why she is never out but the other kids have always been taken out in public.

As for the pregnancy rumors, I don’t think she is pregnant. She has stated before that since she gave birth, she’s been on birth control. Also, she was so apprehensive at first to have a biological child (because the baby will look like mommy and daddy, but no one else will), and she spoke a lot about how she wanted the other children to have someone who looks like them. Z is the only one in the family who doesn’t have someone from similar backgrounds.. so I think that’s where their next child will “come from”.

Sarah’s note: We’ve seen quite a few pics of her the last few weeks…at the zoo, boating, in Venice…

Amanda on

It seems like Becky has a selective memory when it comes to Angelina and Shiloh! We have seen Shiloh out and about very often in the past couple of weeks generating many of adorable photos.

And if you are going to bash Angelina for not bringing out Shiloh, why don’t you do the same to Brad? He was on this outing to FAO Schwarz as well you know. Plus, he took Zahara out all day on a horse and carriage ride around New York and then to Central Park a week or so ago. No-one questioned where Pax was. Or Shiloh. Or Maddox.

Why the double standard? When Shiloh is left at home, it’s always a big deal. Why?! She’s a baby! I’m sure it’s natural she doesn’t always go out with the family.

Sorry for the rant but it really annoys me! On a lighter note, Angie definitely looks like she has put on some weight which is great news. Not sure about pregnancy but we’ll see. And Zahara is a beauty, as always. Her skin is flawless and her eyes are so big and beautiful! She’s gorgeous!

essie on

I don’t think Angie looks pregnant at all. She has put on a bit of weight though. There was a photo of her from Toronto and she was wearing a very tight, short dress and there was no belly.

Great “rant” Amanda!!! I feel the same way!! Some people act like Shiloh is locked in a closet somewhere and not let out for air!!

Annoyomus on

Amanda- ITA! I also want to add that it has become obvious that the paps go absolutly nuts when Brad and Angie have Shiloh out with them (all you have to do is watch the videos that have been made of them out with Shi. One in particular that comes to my mind is the one of Angie, Maddox, and Shi shopping for a Father’s Day gift for Brad back in June.). Yes, the paps are always a bit wild, but they don’t seem to be nearly as wild when it’s just Maddox, Z, and Pax that are out with Brad and Angie. No wonder they don’t take her out as often as they do the other kids!

I do agree with Becky on one thing, though….I think that Brad and Angie’s next child will be an African sister for Z. I do think they will eventually have another bio child, but I think they will adopt again first.

Becky on

I come here to read (and sometimes post) just to have some downtime in my hectic days, not to be ripped apart for a simple observation and opinion. I have an opinion just like everybody else in this world. I enjoy(ed) coming here and I enjoy(ed) posting.. I do not personally attack people on here, so I would appreciate it if you kept your nasty comments to yourself.

CBB, I thought this was a nice site to come to, where posts require approval before posting on the site.. so why do you allow posts up that just attack other people for having an opinion?? You’ve just lost a fan.

Sarah’s note: I didn’t post the comments that personally attacked you. People are disagreeing with what you posted, which we do allow as long as people are respectful and there is no namecalling. I don’t see a problem with what was posted? You can email me if you still have concerns.