Elisabeth Hasselbeck in Glamour

09/09/2007 at 05:08 PM ET

View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 30, is featured in Glamour‘s October issue. She and husband Tim Hasselbeck expect their second child on November 11th — daughter Grace is 2.

Source: Glamour, October issue, p. 309-310

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Tippythepoodle on

I don’t like Elizabeth at all –but she looks really cute in these pictures.

tink1217 on

boy, she is sure carrying tiny and very low!!

Amme on

She does have a small bump Tink1217. But you must remember magazine photoshoots are done months in advance of them hitting the shelves, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is only in her 4th month.


Elizabeth25 on

I find her annoying, but her dress is supercute!!!

Maya on

Thank god! For once a comment thread that is not all “she looks amazing” and “I love her”… I also don’t like her at all – she has a very irritating personality. I can’t seem to look beyond that and focus on how she looks.

Tracy on

I love Elisabeth and think she is super cute!! I’m so glad that we live in a free country where all sides can have a voice… my views are extremely close to Elisabeth’s and I appreciate the fact that we live in a country that allows us ALL to speak freely about our “views” no matter what those views may be.

legemc on

I agree Tracy! I also have very similar views to Elisabeth and I love getting to hear that side of things because those views are in an extreme minority in Hollywood. I think she always tries to be very respectful in expressing her views but she ends up getting a lot of people who HATE her which makes me sad.

gabriella on

She looks cute, but tink she isn’t that small right now, this was probably done 2 months ago. She looks much bigger on the view now.

melanie on

It’s not her views that are annoying to people.

elizabeth25 on

Why are comments being edited? I didn’t say anything that bad. All I said was that I hope she doesn’t return from maternity leave and gets replaced by someone with a better personality. That’s not inflammatory.

Linda on

love the first dress, but don’t care for elisabeth. rosie was right.

Tracy on

Well Linda, I respect that and I don’t care for Rosie… it is what it is.

emily on

Gosh she looks beautiful and glamorous!

Jada on

She has fantastic style but I find her to be self-serving.

Kate on

LOVE Elisabeth… man she is gorgeous. She is one of the greatest looking pregnant women I’ve ever seen.

Stephanie on

Yeah I totally agree Linda!

jen on

I used to like her, but not anymore. One thing I can say is, her fake tan matches the new orange background at The View.

PSB on

Not a fan of Elisabeth (don’t agree with her views, but esp the manner in which she expresses herself) but boy does she look glamorous in those photos! She really looks beautiful and not every woman gets to have such nice pictures taken of them while pregnant. She should frame those and put them around her house.

rileysmummy on

She is the most annoying person I can think of, oh wait 2nd to George W. She dresses like my grandmother and has fat legs, Wake up people she is an idiot and her claim to fame was SURVIVOR, what has this world come to? I love this web site, but lately its being soiled by all of these lesser “celebrities” Paris, Nicole, Elizabeth, who’s next? Very dissapointing!!

rileysmummy on

Hey Jada, its called a stylist, she doesn’t pick out her own clothes for the show or her photoshoots, remember the photo of her on this website with the little barrett that matched her daughter, ya think about it.

tink on

Its not fair… celebs almost always look so good while preggers… not all but most… I NEVER looked even a tiny bit close to this with my four pregnancies and I never had that beautiful “glow” so many talk about… Elisabeth looks great like so many celeb mom’s do these days.. wish I had some awesome pics of myself to remember my pregnancies with… instead I have pics looking like a bloated, tired, whale!!

Jon on

I love Elisabeth! She looks awesome! I so appreciate her being on The View. I agree with a lot of what she says and its great that she voices her beliefs which in return reprsents a lot of people. I hate when people are mean… Just because you disagree with her, you don’t have to be mean. Just agree to disagree… Elisabeth rocks!!

Amy on

Jon, you are right! Just agree to disagree…Elisabeth is so cute! People have lost their morals and its good that she has some… Where have we gone wrong when it is a bad thing to have morals? Come on people!! She represents so many people and she needs to continue on.. Elisabeth, you are in our prayers!!

Sally on

I think she looks great too! What do you guys think….boy or girl for Elisabeth this time around?