Dannielynn celebrates first birthday with a bash fit for a princess

09/09/2007 at 02:44 PM ET

Larry Birkhead went all out for his daughter, Dannielynn’s, first birthday party which took place a day after her birthday on September 8.  It included over 200 guests, an inflatable princess castle and two hot air balloons at the home of Tricia Barnstable Brown in Louisville, Kentucky. And while it was a princess theme, the character Barney made his appearance in a couple of places including the little girl’s high chair, where she ate a chocolate and vanilla castle shaped cake.

The Insider
‘s Lara Spencer spent some time with Larry discussing various aspects of his daughter’s life including her mother, the late Anna Nicole Smith, who passed away when Dannielynn was five months old.  What would Larry say to Anna if he could on this special occasion?

I would say, ‘I hope you’re proud of the way she’s growing up and getting big.’

Dannielynn also lost her older brother, Daniel Smith, when she was just three days old and while he may no longer be here, you can still see glimpses of him in his sister. When asked about a resemblance between the two, Larry shared,

Yeah, sometimes. Especially when she gets out of the bath and her hairis parted to the side like a little boy, she looks a lot like Daniel.

Larry does everything that he can to try to ensure that his little girl will know her mother and brother. The 34-year-old father shared,

I show her pictures all the time and I say, ‘This is your mommy andthis is your brother Daniel.’ We talk about them all the time.

When all was said and done, Larry just wanted to provide his daughter with a fun day fit for a princess and when asked what he hoped to give her, he said,

Another happy day in life. I know she’s not going tounderstand everything that’s going on but just something that she cansay one day, ‘Wow, what a cool party, what a cool dad!’


Source: The Insider  and US Magazine

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Natasha on

I’m glad not every celebrity baby has to be in the news on their birthday….Larry, every kid turns 1, yet you choose to put your on TV for it.

nona on

Dannielynn is precious!

She’s in such a unique situation full of tragedy, I really hope (unintentionally appropriate to her middle name) that she is a happy person. You know? Even if Larry is the best dad ever, losing her mom and brother will impact her life.

I see nothing wrong with Larry throwing a big party, Dannielynn’s existence is something for him to celebrate. Even if it /was/ partly about him, he has a right to be joyful on this day. People throw parties for all kinds of reasons, and who doesn’t love to attend? It’s kind of the ultimate birthday present, a super fun party to honor the person.

melanie on

She looks exactly like her mom, I think. She is just a beautiful child. Oh and I have noticed many times the resemblance to Daniel. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Grayson's Girl on

I appreciate what he’s saying and I think it’s a lovely sentiment, but it would have been a happy and special day without ET and the Insider present too. All her days can be absolutely blissful without paid media invites is all I’m saying. Saying Anna would have done it isn’t a defense either, at least she had the excuse of being an actual celeb following celeb trends and even that didn’t make it right.

That being said, since it’s already over and there’s nothing to be done about it, I hope she had a wonderful birthday party. She’s a beautiful child and she looks alot like her mother to me.

I’m praying this is the last we see of her on such a grand scale until she’s ready to choose whether or not she wants to be in the media spotlight.

Charity on

I really hope we see less and less of this beautiful little girl until she’s old enough to choose whether or not she wants to be in the spotlight. If Larry wants to be a celeb, he needs to do it on his own merit.

Anyone know who the woman is in the pic with him?

Angela’s note: The woman in the photo is Lara Spencer from The Insider.

Angela, CBB Sports Contributor on

The woman in the photo is Lara Spencer from The Insider.

jojo on

What a beautiful baby….Happy Birthday precious Angel…..

Good job Dad!

Linda on

how ridiculous. the baby doesn’t even know what’s happening, so it was a party for larry really. more pimping, imo.

Annoyomus on

Linda- You are acting like Larry is the first parent to have an over the top 1st birthday party for his child, when in fact he definently is not! TONS of parents go all out for their babies’ 1st birthdays!

Another poster on another recent post about Dannielyn’s first birthday even brought up the fact that some parents go even MORE over the top than Larry did!

All of that said, even if the party was more for Larry than Dannielyn (which I highly doubt, considering Larry seems to love that baby more than anything), he more than deserves one after all he went through just to be allowed to be a father to his baby girl!

jen on

Some people sound a little jealous. He is proud of his child. When you call him a pimp, are you referring to dannielyn as a prostitute? Just wondering. I wish more people could be happy for them. People in the media just can’t do anything right according to some people here.

morgan on

I don’t think the party was this big just for Danilynn’s benifit. I think Larry wanted everyone to celebrate her life with him, and people who were close to Anna needed to have a joyful celebration.

Think about it, hes a proud daddy! He didnt get to celebrate her baby shower, he wasnt there for her birth, he didnt even meet her until she was an older baby. It was a very sad situation and i think he just wants to shower her with affection.

Do any of you belive that if Anna was still here that she wouldnt have had an over the top party as well?? You know she would have!!

Alex on

She is a beautiful little girl.

On etonline, in Mark’s blog, he shows a picture of little Dannielynn, and her left eye is “crossed” I remember them mentioning that on Et when she was only a few months old…a doctor said she’d grow out of it. How come she hasn’t? How long does that take?

I think she just might need glasses.

Natasha on

Jen, what I’m saying is that you can be a good father without putting your kid in the news every month. She’s been in numerous photoshoots that weren’t really necessary. The only reason this guy is famous is because of the kid and he knows it, so he uses her to get fame. That is how he’s pimping her out.

WOW on

Dannielynn is so cute. I love how she often has a hairclip in her hair. Such a sweetie 🙂

Aitch on

She will certainly be a very “watched” child for the next 20 yrs.! I think her facial features are starting to look like Mom.

Christiane on

It’s obvious he loves her so very much. In every clip and photo he dotes on Dannielynn. He showers her with affection and is clearly concerned about her comfort and happiness. Although I don’t know him personally, he seems to be incredibly attentive to his daughter. She may not remember her 1rst birthday, but there will be photos for her to look back on someday.

Jessica L. on

I agree with jen, just because you couldn’t afford something this wonderful for your own child’s birthday party, don’t feel the need to critisize someone who can and does. My husband and I could never have afforded this kind of party, but when our daughter turned one y.o. we had family and friends over, and had a princess theme as well. She wore a big princess dress and I served a big ol’ cake after we ate a huge dinner. She was our first child and we were excited to celebrate her first birthday ever. Larry has a right to do this as well, especially considering all that he went through. Or have we all forgotten this already?

She is a gorgeous girl and obviously Larry takes very good care of her. It makes me smile everytime I see pictures of these two together.

Carly on

Are you kidding? She looks exactly like her father. I wonder if Anna would still be denying him if she could see them today. And who cares if he puts her on tv for her birthday. Everybody else in Hollywood does too. There are worse things people.

MuffThumb on

This is exactly why I hoped Larry wasn’t the father. I think he’s extremely selfish and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s using that baby for fame and it sucks. Howard would never have exploited her this way.

noodlemonkey on

I think it’s funny that ya’ll are debating who is worse than whom in this story. Every single one has been willing to exploit a little girl for money. They’re ALL dirt.