Christina Aguilera at LAX nightclub — and a pregnancy announcement from Paris

09/09/2007 at 01:33 PM ET

Songstress Christina Aguilera, 26, poses on the red-carpet before hosting a party at LAX Nightclub at the LUXOR Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. She expects her first child in early January, and Paris Hilton announced the news publicly for Christina last night — seemingly to her chagrin.

Although Paris and Christina were seen chatting earlier, and Paris rested a hand on her belly, Christina did not expect Paris’ ‘Congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world. You’re gorgeous‘ announcement over the loudspeakers of the club. According to People,

Christina appeared temporarily shocked as she sat in her perch in the elevated VIP booth. She sank her head into the shoulder of husband Jordan Bratman as her friends looked stunned.But she quickly recovered, and the two looked at each other and laughed as the crowd erupted in applause.

You can watch a video of Pari’s announcement here. A rep for Christina declined to comment on the pregnancy.

Source: People

Photos by INF; Startraks.

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morgan on

WHat a backstabbing high school move to make. Maybe i read that wrong but it sounds as if paris just HAS to make this about herself. I find that announcment incredibly rude and selfishly motivated. wow, im speechless.

syd on

What’s the big deal? I never in my life thought I would ever defend Paris, but I have to here! At this point, Christina has got to be around 4-5 months along, right? How does she expect her friends to just keep playing along with her…sooner or later everyone will be able to tell, those baggy shirts won’t hide it anymore!

I guess I just think it’s silly that she expects everyone to play along, ignore the huge pink elephant in the room, when we all know she is pregnant! I respect her right to privacy, and if she doesn’t want to talk about it herself, then more power to her…but if her friends are happy for her, they shouldn’t have to pretend that they don’t know she’s pregnant! Its no secret!

Sarah’s note: Yes, she’s almost 6 months along now. 23 weeks.

morgan on

I just dont belive that paris had good intentions. While it is obvious that she’s expecting, she has not fomaly announced it and i don’t thin it was paris’ place to do it for her.

I have a good friend who is about 5 months along, showing just a bit and is not quite ready to tell her office or some friends (due to the loss of previous pregnancies). I would never announce it for her and i can’t imagine anyone that suspects it would either until she was ready.

tink1217 on

Another boneheaded move by Paris! Let Christina announce it in her own time. And if she never wants to announce it…well we all see the blossoming baby bump anyway so what is the big deal if she wants to keep her mouth shut?? Geez!!!

brandy on

I can finally see it.

Sarita on

That is so wrong of Paris! Why say something like that over the speakers? If that was what Christina wanted she would have picked up the mic herself.

Also, Nicole is a pregnant friend of hers too so to her it also seems a bit mean.

gabriella on

I agree with you Syd, who cares that paris made the annoucement. Now had she been 6 weeks or only 2 months, different story because that’s early in a pregnancy and a lot of people don’t like it confirmed it yet. But at this point at almost 6 months, it’s like she is wanting to get more attention by not just saying yea I’m pregnant,and that’s it. Nobody is saying she has to give interviews about the pregnancy or pose in magazines with her hand on her belly. Obviously she isn’t that private if she’s at a nighclub where tons of paparazzi and celebrities are at, so I don’t think she hasn’t confirmed the pregnancy just to be private.

wavybrains on

That was really mean. No one should have to be blindsided like that, even if they are a celebrity. What if they were waiting on ultrasound/genetic test results or dealing with some other private medical issue about the pregnancy? She could have reasons for not making a public announcement beyond just not wanting the photographers to stalk her more.

Aleah on

I don’t think Paris did that on purpose, maybe she really was happy Christina’s pregnant (yes, for once I’ll give Paris the benefit of doubt)… but still, knowing that Christina hadn’t officially announced her pregnancy, obviously because she wants to keep it private, it was not to Paris to do that. I doubt Paris had bad intentions, but what she did is still wrong to me.

Grayson's Girl on

I don’t care if Christina is 40 weeks and in labor at the party, it’s a matter of respect to not publicly announce or talk about her pregnancy if she doesn’t wish to. I don’t think Paris meant to be mean or nasty, I just think it was a vacuous and inconsiderate move from her.

I don’t necessarily dislike the girl, but I am aware that she’s self-centered and likely wouldn’t give any forethought into inquiring of Christina whether or not it would be okay to make such an announcement.

Doesn’t matter if the pregnancy is visible or not, if she’s not talking about it then there’s a reason for it and it should be respected.

emmalee on

I feel bad for Christina and Jordan. I can understand celebrities wanting to control when and how they make very personal information public. For example, I think Christian Bale never talks about his daughter – never revealed her name to the press, and that’s his right. Or imagine a “friend” announcing an engagement when the couple wasn’t seeking attention for it.

I think Christina probably wanted a nice quiet pregnancy. Celebs can be fascinating, but I can understand how some of them want to keep some things private. I respect that more than celebs who want to share very intimate details of their lives. But I’m not surprised that Paris, who has turned herself into a commodity doesn’t have a sense of others’ privacy.

IIRC, Christina is scheduled to perform at next week’s Emmys. It will be interesting to see what she wears, especially if she still goes with something that makes her babybelly more obvious rather than the more flowing dresses she’s been wearing lately.

Jenni on

I have to agree with the majority, Paris had no business saying what she said. I understand those that don’t think it is a ‘big deal’ because Christina is so far a long, but that doesn’t give Paris the right to say anything publicly. It comes down to one thing: IT’S NOT HER BUSINESS!

A pregnancy, marriage, engagement, etc. are all PERSONAL things that should only be ‘announced’ by the parties involved or those THEY deem responsible for making such statements(agents, PR reps, parents, etc.)

I don’t think Paris meant any harm but, really, it’s just not her place to say anything like that.

syd on

“I don’t care if Christina is 40 weeks and in labor at the party, it’s a matter of respect to not publicly announce or talk about her pregnancy if she doesn’t wish to”

I know you were using hyperbole for the sake of your argument – but I think this brings up a good point. Are we supposed to just ignore things that are blatantly obvious simply because someone doesn’t want us to talk about it? Its not like Paris was giving out any information that anyone with half a brain couldn’t figure out on their own. I think this brings up a good debate about the extent at which we should respect other’s privacy – and to the extent that we are all just fooling ourselves by thinking we can control what other people are going to say and do. When I was 9 months pregnant, I couldn’t force people to pretend that I wasn’t. Even strangers at the grocery store would say things to me – and I was never mad about it because how can I expect people to pretend they don’t see something when they do! Is it my right to force people to be silent about something? In my opinion, no.

If Christina doesn’t want ANYONE to know that she is pregnant and doesn’t want anyone to even acknowledge it, then she shouldn’t be strutting down the red carpet @ 6 months pregnant.

Can’t have your cake and eat it too…

Alex on

Jeez…If I loathed Paris before, I don’t even know what I think of her now…Sure, it’s obvious she’s pregnant, but it’s still something that she has the right to conceal, if she wants. Maybe it would be understandable if it were more of a private party, strictly with other celebs and friends, but the press was there. Clearly that’s what Christina’s been avoiding. I also think that a pregnancy anouncement should be done by the couple themselves,not be an aquaintance (assuming that’s what she was)…and then for Paris to go and call her the most beautiful pregnant woman she’s ever seen…that would be somewhat of an insult to Nicole, no? I do think Christina is prettier, but Paris and Nicole have been friends since they were practically in diapers…

I hope Christina and Jordan aren’t too upset over that.

Aleah on

To those who think Christina is hiding her pregnancy and want people around her to act like she’s not pregnant, I don’t quite agree. Sure, she’s wearing loose-fitting clothes, but she didn’t deny being pregnant.
I think her position is simply that she doesn’t want to publicly talk about it, show it off, publicise it like other celebrities do. So, from that point of view, what Paris did was wrong, and rude because she didn’t respect Christina’s wish for privacy.

Monica on

Maybe it’s obvious that Christina is pregnant but it’s still her decision on making it public. Paris being a known public figure should know better. Common sense would say if Christina and her husband hadn’t announced it yet – then it’s not something to say out loud in front of the media.

Jenn on

I agree with Syd, how long are people suppose to ignore the fact that she’s pregnant and I highly doubt that what Paris said had a major effect on people and if Christina didn’t want people knowing then why would she let Paris pat her belly in public. Not announcing her pregnancy hasn’t kept the media at bay if anything I’d say its brought them out more trying to get her to slip up and announce it.

Grayson's Girl on

Syd, I don’t think Christina is behaving as if she doesn’t expect people to acknowledge her pregnancy, obviously if Paris was seen touching her belly and such she’s quite comfortable with it. That being said there’s a difference between friendly chatting at a party about a pregnancy and getting on a loud speaker and announcing it. The bottom line and simple fact is that is CHRISTINA’S right and job to do if and when she pleases. It’s respect, plain and simple.

You absolutely CAN NOT supercede your place and take the initiative to do something like that without consent. Christina knows why she doesn’t wish to make a public statement about her pregnancy, the fact that she’s showing doesn’t change those reasons and wishes and it certainly doesn’t give anyone the right to deem them silly and ignore them.

Although it’s an extreme example, for me it’s the same principle and ranks with these tabloid mavens forcing someone out of the closet. Why is it so hard to allow people their reasons and space to do things at their own pace? Even if it’s glaringly obvious, it’s THEIR business. What right does anyone have to decide wrest control or comfort from that person for their own purposes?

To me it’s egotistical to demand someone respond on your (not personally you, just usage of the general pronoun for the masses) schedule to feed your curiosities.

As I said before, I don’t think Paris meant any harm, it was just an inconsiderate moment that shouldn’t have happened.

tati on

Whether is 3 months, 9 months or just given birth, its up to the parents to make the announcement. Paris needs to mind her own business. If she is happy and wanted to congratulate her that should have been done privately.

Put yourself in her shoes, how would you feel?

tati on

I completely agree with you Grayson’s girl!

tink1217 on

Graysons Girl, I think you said it beautifully!

“To me it’s egotistical to demand someone respond on your (not personally you, just usage of the general pronoun for the masses) schedule to feed your curiosities.”

That is exactly right! Just because we are curious or the public in general doesn’t mean celebs have to reveal personal information when we want them to. I think sometimes people start thinking they know celebs because we read about them so much. We feel like they are our friends. Which makes us think we are “owed” the info. When, in fact…we are not owed anything.

I don’t care if Christina never announces her pregnancy. As long as she is happy and has a healthy baby.

anna on

Oh come on. Everybody on here has been whining for months for Christina to make an announcement. And now there is one and you’re still mad because she, technically, didn’t make it? Who cares that Paris “spilled the beans”. It was going to get out soon enough that she is in fact pregnant.

And Christina wasn’t hiding it, and she obviously had no problem with Paris knowing. I highly doubt Paris made the announcement for selfish reasons. I watched the video and I think she wanted people to be happy for Christina and Jordan. But of course, it’s Paris Hilton. God forbid she do something so someone else can get attention.

elizabeth on

i dont think it matters how many months she’s her pregnancy! Just because she’s a celebrity doesnt mean they have to announce everything they do. Obviously everyone can see she’s pregnant(she cant hide it in this dress) so why is everyone making a big deal about it? its true, i think paris should of not said that but at the same time she wouldnt have said it if she knew christina would be mad! they probably laughed about it later. Oh well i think christina is a beautiful pregnant woman and God Bless her little family to be. they are gonna have wonderful, beautiful children wether they decide to announce it or not!

Renee on

Why doesn’t Christina just come out and say yes I’m pregnant? I’m not saying Paris is right but I don’t get the not annoucing yes I’m pregnant. If I was pregnant I would shout it all over the place cause I would be so happy with the news! I understand wanting privacy but she doesn’t have to say when she is due or anything, just a simple yes I’m pregnant would be a smart choice so moments like this won’t happen again

Charity on

I can finally see her baby bump!!

It was Christina’s announcement to make.

Yet Paris managed to make it about her. Like she doesn’t read the gossip mags and doesn’t know C isn’t being forthcoming about this.

Sure we all love babies around here but I think we can respect others privacy. Even if C is clearly pregnant she has her reasons for not wanting to talk about it.

Michelle on

I don’t think Christina was hiding her pregnancy from people, I believe she just did not publically announce it for whatever reason. I personally feel that by the way Paris announced it, it was more like a dig at Nicole for all the press she is receiving for her pregnancy and not really about Christina at all.

I don’t mind Paris, but don’t be fooled, she is a very smart and conniving person. In this celebrity world of rehab, and break downs, Paris is someone that is able to keep herself together all ways. She is in full control of everything she does and its always with purpose and calculated. she is just a really good actress or at least good at acting dumb…trust me she is not.

lizzielui on


Maybe she does shout it all over the place… to her friends and family. She does not need to hold a press conference. I just don’t get why folks cannot understand that celebs do not owe the public anything when it comes to info about their personal life. Yes everyone knows that she is pregnant but maybe, just maybe she doesn’t want to live this experience in the press and the tabloids. Maybe she doesn’t want to be in all of the magazines talking about her pregnancy and how she is dealing with things. Maybe she wants to soley share those expriences with her family. Truth be told, Christina very rarely makes public announcements about her personal life to the press so I don’t see why people expect anything different in this instance. Bottom line is it is not Paris’ pregnancy, therefore it was not her place to make such a public announcement. Obviously by the way she reacted Christina was a bit taken aback.

gabriella on

Paris commenting that christina is pregnant, is just like celebrity sites like the one we are looking at right now commenting on how cute she looks pregnant, meanwhile she hasn’t even confirmed it herself yet. It’s quite obvious at this point, and it doesn’t seem like nobody respects her privacy than because there have been pics on this site since she was 2 months saying she was pregnant.

Jenn on

Wouldn’t anyone be taken aback if someone made an announcement about them to a room full of people, regardless of what it was about? From the sounds of things Christina didn’t seem angry about it, more surprised. But correct me if I’m wrong did she actually make it known she was talking about Christina when she said this, the quote just says most beautiful pregnant woman in the world?

popi on

I think Paris Hilton has absolutely no shame and no respect either for others than herself. That’s plain rude! I am sure she wanted all the attention for her and did it on this purpose…
How stressing it must have been for Christina. Especially since she doesn’t feel the need to officially announce her pregnancy to the world at the moment.

Natalie S. on

The only reason I can think of Christina not making any announcements is because maybe just maybe she has or could have complications due to her pregnancy. Who knows what her reasons are for not making it public. Yes we all can tell she’s pregnant but when she feels comfortable if ever, she’ll let the world know. As for Paris..just gotta roll my eyes are that broad.

Karen on

I have to say I was a little surprised to read these comments. Christina’s own mother has made public comments about her daughters pregnancy and did anybody have a problem with that? Also, maybe it is just me but I don’t really see Paris sitting around reading the gossip columns and therefore she might not know that Christina has yet to publicly confirm her obvious pregnancy. And lastly it doesn’t seem that Christina was upset about the incident. It says that she was initially shocked and then she laughed, it doesn’t say angrily walked out of the room, or even that she looked annoyed by Paris’ announcement so if Christina wasn’t mad about it I don’t see why anybody else should be so mad about it.

melanie on

How is Paris to know that they have not “offically” announced the pregnancy? Maybe she doesn’t read tabloids. I think she was trying to do something sweet. The same thing happpened to Naomi Watts. If you don’t want someone to accidentally tell your good news, you should do it yourself before it completely obvious.

Campbell on

I could have seen myself doing the same thing.(what PH did) I wouldn’t have thought that it was a secret, private, etc. due to the fact that it is OBVIOUS she is pregnant. I can see myself with microphone in hand saying that I thought she was a gorgeous mom to be. I guess I’m just simple, truly believing I was publicly extending a complement. COULD it have been mean-spirited, and grandstanding on PH’s part? Sure it COULD have. But, as your living day to day and you see someone that your happy for and you think they look beautiful, your celebs and at a party, I can see this happening and being very very innocent and meant with only the absolute best intentions. If she were not showing yet, that is a WHOLE different scenario. IF I had done it, and then saw that it hurt/embarassed CA I would have been devastated and apologized profusely and sincerely… cause I’m telling you I could have done something like this.

legemc on

I feel a little bad for Nicole (and for every other woman that has ever been pregnant) that Paris said Christina was the most beautiful pregnant woman EVER! But I guess we all do it (i.e. that is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, etc.) and it shouldn’t be taken literally. And she did say before that Nicole will be the best mom EVER. So Nicole gets to be the best, Christina gets to the the prettiest…guess it all evens out!

terri on

I think Christina feels like she doesn’t need to make an announcement so she doesn’t. I don’t think she was mad, just taken aback and maybe a little self-conscious that a public announcement was made.

CBB has confirmed it through sources close to Christina, her mother has confirmed it to fans, so obviously a gag order is not in place.

Mary-Helen on

I feel for Christina. It’s her place to announce her pregnancy, not Paris Hilton’s.

So what if she hasn’t made a formal announcement? I’m sure her family and friends know and that’s all that matters. We’re not expected to blast our pregnancies to the world, let’s allow the Bratman’s the same courtesy.

Renee on

I’m still not getting why she doesn’t make an announcement though.If I really though she wasn’t for privacy than I would understand that but she did sell photos of their wedding to a magazine and for the most part has been open about everything when talking to the media. I don’t get why she would be hush hush about this.

Alex on

Maybe she doesn’t want her baby to start off with so much press, so that when he/she is born there won’t be so much hype either. But, I think that could backlash on her.

At this point, maybe she didn’t think a public announcement was necessary. Just about everyone knows and announcing would, I think attract more press.

She’s been pretty low key, aside from this appearance. And I appreciate that.

I just wish her the best, and even if she is chased by the media I hope she doesn’t go to the extremes to hide her child a la Michael Jackson…heh.

Jenna on

is it just me or does that seem to be more of a “dig” at Nicole Ritchie?

Annoyomus on

Renee- As another commentor mentioned, maybe she is having/has had complications with this pregnancy. Or maybe her pregnancy is something that she wants to be able to keep to herself.

Keep in mind that Britney Spears, who is certainly not a private person, did not let the public get a glimpse of Jayden until he was about 9 months old. K-Fed mentioned that the reason she kept Jayden out of site was because she wanted something that she could keep to herself, since so much of her life has ended up shared with the media.

It is very possible that Christina has made the same decision regarding her pregnancy. Anyway, I don’t think she should be required to make a formal announcement.

emily on

I didn’t watch the video, but congratulating someone for being pregnant and beautiful doesn’t seem like such an announcement as just a, well, congratulations on being pregnant and beautiful. Maybe something else is on the video that I missed.

Didn’t she point to her belly while performing in front of a crowd? Didn’t her mom confirm the pregnancy? It seems Christina IS “announcing” her pregnancy, just not with an official to-the-press statement.

And whoever pointed out that this website that we all love to read did the same thing Paris did, you’re exactly right.

Jenni on

I agree with the poster who asked, ‘how would you feel?’ to me, that’s what this is about.

I mean, really, how would YOU feel if you were pregnant and had not publicly announced it but had told a few friends and then found out that one of those friends decided to tell everyone? Wouldn’t YOU be upset? Wouldn’t YOU think that it wasn’t your friends place to make that announcement?

And, really, she isn’t 8 months pregnant and wearing skin-tight clothes. It is NOT that obvious. If it were that obvious there would be nothing for Christina to feel ‘shocked’ about when someone said something about it. In most of the pictures I’ve seen her bump is barely discernable.

Candace on

I’m not diggin’ the whole ensemble she chose….nude mini-dress/shirt & pumps with navy tights??? I think she could have done MUCH better than that. But I love her hair!

Tracy on

I strongly disagree with what Paris did, especially since it wasn’t her good news to share. Tsk, tsk.

However, Christina can’t exactly keep hiding her lovely little bump now, so the cat was out of the bag a long time ago!

She looks so cute in these pictures!

Diana on

There is a big difference between expecting someone to not talk about the pregnancy or hide it and not having them ANNOUCE it like she did. It was not Paris’s business to annouce it like she did. Whether the parents to be decide to annouce it to the world or not they should be able to do it themselves. Not surprising that Paris would do such a selfish thing. I do not blame Christina at all for not having made a pubic annoucement, if she decided she never wanted to that is her right, and we are not entitled to be told.

Aleah on

For the record, to those who say maybe Paris didn’t know Christina hadn’t publicly announced her pregnancy because she wouldn’t read tabloids, Paris does read tabloids. There are tons of pictures out there of her walking around LA clutching such magazines as People, Star or In Touch.
Besides, I hardly doubt that in such a small world as show business, such news as a celebrity’s pregnancy don’t travel fast. I’m pretty sure Paris is more up-to-date with the latest gossip than with the latest world news.

Campbell on

Again, Paris was not ANNOUNCING Christina’s pregnancy. NOT ANNOUNCING IT. She was complementing her. COMPLEMENTING HER.

Andria on

It is SO obvious that Christina is pregnant that I wonder if Paris just doesn’t realize she hasn’t announced it. I’m no Paris Hilton fan, but that seems like an easy enough mistake to make. It’s not like they’re best friends or something. It’s very, very possible that she didn’t know she was making an announcement, and was really just trying to be friendly.

FC on

You can go either way on if it’s a big deal or not that Paris basically outed Christina’s pregnancy even though everyone and their mother is talking about it by now. But she obviously had her reasons for keeping things on the low, despite the chatter of her pregnancy, and blasting it over a speakerphone, is a form of invading someone’s privacy. In a way, it sort of dampens the news whenever she and Jordan decide to publicly announce the pregnancy. And, I really don’t know when Paris is being nice, sarcastic, or just looking for a reason for the limelight to be on her for whatever reason.

Anyway, in that second photo, I can actually see some semblance of a baby bump. Nice. The other photos just didn’t see much of anything, except for the ones of her shown of her in concert, wearing tight-fitting clothes. 🙂

I think it’s funny how in the first shot she looks normal and in the second she has that orange look. Too much tanner…lol.

tricia on

I was just at her concert—where she continuously sang to her belly, rubbed it, touched it, and seemed proud of it. She ain’t hiding it.

Mikala on

ok now im not saying what paris did was smart on her part BUT you all have to think back….a celebrity had a choice to become a celeb! they were told before they stepped out in the spot light that the word privacy means NOTHING!

now granted christina had the right to tell people on her own that she was pregnant and im sure paris didnt mean any harm, but come on lets stop making this a whole “lets throw rocks at the blonde because she did something she always does” and understand that if you are a celeb, you get married people will know, if you get a divorce people will find out, if you are 6 months pregnant people are not stupid, THEY WILL FIGURE IT OUT! so now its just an issue if they want to confirm or deny it. and if christina was THAT upset dont you think there would have been a bigger stink about this whole thing?

its not like shes a 15 yr old girl, who doesnt know the daddy, and is still in high school. she is a married adult so why is it such a big deal SHES PREGNANT! how about we all say congrats and let it go! wait till something bigger comes to paris.