Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri on Rubicon film set

09/08/2007 at 03:38 PM ET

Actress Katie Holmes, 28, and Suri Cruise, 16 months, visit Tom Cruise, 45, on the set of his film Rubicon — formerly known as Valkyrie — in Berlin on Saturday. In the film, Tom is playing Count Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, an aristocratic Nazi officer who mounted a failed plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944 as Germany was losing World War II.

Also enjoy these photos that cannot be posted directly on CBB at the following links — 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

Photos by Sebastian Willnow for AFP/Getty Images; Flynet.

Suri wears the Tea Collection’s Magdelana Pointelle mockneck in cream ($29).

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M on

I still say that she is older than what they claim her to be… when comparing Suri to Shiloh- Suri appears to be so much older (even though supposedly) they are 1-month apart) whereas Shiloh appears more babyish looking… Don’t know, maybe Suri appears older due to the amnt. of hair she has… I still think that they aren’t being totally truthful… I remember when they announced Katie’s pregnancy in October 05′- honestly the bump that she had looked more like a 5+ months bump than a suppposed 3 month one… but, this is just my opinion…

michelle on

Can I say that Suri is so adorable. ANd Katie and Tom look soooooo happy. Love them.

brookefan on

Is that movie the reason Tom has that haircut? I wonder what Katie thinks of it!!! Suri, adorable and spunky as usual!!

Sarah’s note: Yup!

Megan on

Suri is quite adorable…I love her in those little jeans! She is definitely a spitfire and you can tell she keeps mom and dad on their toes! LOL She is absolutely adorable…very sweet pictures =))

gabriella on

Suri is adorable on

They are a nice looking family. Suri is so cute.

LL on

Suri looks like she is doing Tai Chi in the first picture! lol
Suri is always sooo adorable, I love her personality!

Susan on

Too much cute! Always good to see a little one on her own two feet.

Thea on

I just love seeing photos of this family out together. Suri is the cutest baby! I love the clothes that Katie puts her in. Where did she get that adorable jacket of Suri’s that Tom’s holding? Is it Burberry?

Susie on

Suri is adorable as always! She’s such a happy baby. I know they travel with bodyguards but I never see a nanny. Do they have one?

tink1217 on

great pics!!! Not liking Tom’s hair, hope its just for the movie!!! They do look seriously happy together!

syd on

OMG I love that little coat Tom is holding for Suri. It looks like a mini Burberry coat I think – its adorable!

mk on

Suri is cute, but I must say I’m not sure what I think of her haircut. Each to their own though.

PSB on

Suri has such a personality – very cute. It’s so weird how much older and more alert she seems than Shiloh – aren’t they similar ages? I’m not trying to suggest anything, I’m just honestly amazed. Suri seems really physically advanced.

Sarah’s note: I like to look at pics of Grier Henchy who was born the same day. She still has such a baby face (and a lack of hair!) Suri just seems to be a big personality too. You can tell she’s a spitfire!

elisa on

lovely and happy family !

MMM on

Anyone else think Suri looks like Bjork?

I think she definitely has Katie’s nose before her nosejob. She is a cutie.

krysteena mccool-fields on

aww how adorable!!

das on

Tom Katie and the beautiful Suri look great and happy together ! I’m in love with the Cruises!!!

Christiane on

I agree with previous comments that Suri seems very advanced in her development/appearance/behavior compared to other kids her age. She appears to have a very strong personality and seems very happy. Her parents must be doing something right. It’s nice to see pictures of her growing up. Thank you for the photos!

stephanie on

I was just thinking yesterday we haven’t seen pictures of Suri for a while. Her parents seem crazy about her. And she’s boooootiful!

Julia A on

Suri lights up every picture she is in. She’s beautiful.

Annoyomus on

PSB- Yes, Shiloh and Suri are similar ages. Shiloh is a little over a month younger than Suri (Suri was born on 15th of April if I rememember correctly, and Shi was born on May 27).

That said, I think a huge part of the reason why Suri seems older than Shi is because of the differiences in their personalities. Suri seems to be extremely energetic, out-going, and active. Shi, on the other hand, seems to be extremely laid-back and, like her nickname, she also appears to be a bit shy, at least around the paps.

One other reason Suri looks so much older than Shi…Let’s face it, Suri has A LOT more hair than Shi does. 🙂

Tara on

She’s a cutie! I do prefer long hair on little girls but that’s just me.

peachy on

i check all the websites daily for news and photos of Tom and family.Thanks for the newest photo. I agree,Suri is indeed very intelligent and with very strong personality ,looking at her pictures as she grows up right before our eyes.She is beautiful!!

Denise on

Aww Suri is hands down my favourite celebrity baby girl! She’s gorgeous. I love her wee smile. She’s got such a cute little face. These guys always look so happy. I love it. I love how they let her walk and run all the time. She’s one of the few celeb kids who isn’t being held or is in a pushchair all the time. I love it.

Doreen on

Who knows maybe Suri IS older than Shiloh! We really don’t know for sure when she was really born right because she was hidden away for quite some time remember?! :)She just seems sooo much more developed for her age than the other babies. So, I wonder about that. I think she’s a cutie though and she does appear to be a troublemaker!! hahaha Looks like she always wants to get into something.

lisa on

I looked at all the other pics….and katie just seems sad in most of them

Stef on

I love Suri’s hair! She looks like Ringo!

I think the other reason why Suri seems so much older than Shiloh is because her parents actually let her use her legs and walk.

Hannah on

Beautiful happy family. Yes Tom’s haircut is for the movie according to People magazine.

Tanya on

Hot Mom and dad & most adorable baby in hollywood.

J.M. on

Suri is my fav. baby. She does appear more advanced but then again we rarely see pics of Grier or Shiloh walking. Suri seems to be very busy and doesn’t enjoy her mom and dad toting her around. I remember the video of Suri with Katie and she was crying and hitting her head against the floor (I guess she was having a mini tantrum) then you saw Katie talking to her and Suri was shaking her head yes and no. So it seems like she understands quite a lot of things. I’d love to see her in person bc I’d just fall in love with that little face! And I also agree babies with more hair tend to look older.

FionaApple on

Suri has such a personality – very cute

Did you know she’s Tom’s daughter? hellooo?!

Olivia on

Suri is a unique and beautiful combination of Katie and Suri. Katie and Tom are both so warm and friendly and Suri got that. JJ Abrams the director said Suri is like a cute little stuntgirl already for her age and it seems she got that from her dad. Her dad loves adventure,he is a daredevil and among the few actors who does most of his stunts.

I love Katie,Tom and Suri.

Annoyomus on

Lisa- Katie doesn’t seem sad to me. She is smiling in several of the pictures in this post!

Stef- Again, I think the reason why we see Suri walking so much is because of her personality. There have been a few pictures of her here on CBB recently that clearly show that much of the time, she dislikes being carried and prefers to walk.

Shi, on the other hand, seems much more content with being carried, and also may not be as skilled of a walker as Suri is.

Also, keep in mind that Shi has three older siblings, all of whom are six years old and younger. Therefore, if Brad and Angie did let her walk, it would probably be very hard to keep track of her while also having their hands full with Mad, Pax, and Z. Tom and Katie, on the other hand, can give Suri their full attention while she is walking (and thus easily keep track of her). True, Suri DOES have older siblings, but keep in mind that those older siblings are 12 and 14 and therefore don’t require their parents’ constant supervision the way the Jolie-Pitt kids do.

legemc on

Suri’s birthday is April 18th. I remember it because that’s my brother’s birthday. And I agree with the suggestion that Suri maybe looks older than Shiloh because we don’t see Shiloh walking and she has more hair. Suri has always had a lot of hair, ever since that first pic they released, it looked like she was wearing a toupe! So cute!

Kat on

Miss Suri is a cutie! She’s definitely got some personality! :-)I love it!

Helen on

What a lovely family! Love them!

Clare on

I know every one loves a conspiracy but I doubt Suri is older than the kids her age. Mira Sorvino’s son looks older than one year, he actually looks fours years even without a head full of hair.

Suri seems like a joy to her parents. Always so active and alive. I love seeing pictures of her. I wish they would grow her hair. She seems to be blessed with beautiful hair. She is just about the most beautiful child I have seen.

Clare on

I can’t understand how any one can say that Katie looks sad. She seems happy almost in all pictures. They seem like a happy fgamily to me. If they were miserable it wouls show on Suri. Kids pick up on misery and it shows on them like some celeb families I hesistate to mention.

annie on

I agree Lisa. The general impression I get when I look at all of the pictures is of a sad Katie. I don’t expect her to be laughing and smiling all the time but her dress, appearance, and general demeanor just seems forelorn to me.

Betsy on

She is precious. Every pic of Katie,Tom and their daughter makes me all misty eyed.
Katie though tired is still so beautiful.
Can you blame her? Suri is a handful and so good to see them out than just staying in the suite all the time. Btw Tom looks hot.

Sibi on

I echo what most say that I love this family.

PSB on


I actually saw Mira Sorvino with her kids recently in the park playground (I live in NYC). Her son doesn’t look old for his age in person. I have a one year old too and I thought he looked a lot younger than mine. Maybe it’s just the photos?

KW on

I was surprised to see Suri dressed in casual “play” clothes, rather than in fancy dresses and co-ordinated outfits like she usually is. She seems like such a feisty little girl–likely much like ours was (I can well imagine Katie is tired, lol!)

I shake my head at Katie and her stilettos while out with her daughter, though! What an accident waiting to happen!

Andi on

I also have fallen in love with little Suri’s Burberry looking coat. Does anyone have any idea who makes it and where it can be purchased. I agree that Shiloh’s seeming to be a little more subdued is having three other siblings in the house. I notice the difference between my only child, 2 1/2 and her cousin who is three days younger, but has two young siblings. My daughter is like Suri -very advanced. Another cutie, I haven’t seen mentioned is Dannilyn – Anna Nicole’s one year old. She is absolutely beautiful, reminds me of a baby Brooke Shields.


Nothing is wrong with Shiloh!! Suri is her right age, the difference is in personality!

Shiloh and even Zahara seem to be very Shy, whereas Suri is outgoing..

Remember, Suri is always seen walking, but because of the CRAZY PAPS, Brangelina keep Shi and others in arms..

We just haven’t seen Shiloh walking and being playful, but that doesn’t mean she is slow!



mystique on

OH stop with the conspiracy theories we get this every time with pics of Suri its getting really old. How many times does it need to be said that children/babies are all different. As another posters said it has nothing to do with looks but personality. Tom and Katie, especially Tom are very active parents. It looks like they keep Suri involved and try to bring out her personality a lot.

Leave this family alone!

Annoyomus on

Mystique- ITA! And Janet, Suri was born on April 18, 2006, a little over a month before Shiloh (who was born on May 27). She would have turned six months old in October of 2007, which, (somebody please correct me if I’m wrong) is when the the Vanity Fair issue containing her first photos was released. The pictures were actually taken in July, and thus she was actually four months old when they were taken.

Anyway, there is strong evidence that Tom and Katie are telling the truth about Suri’s birthday. The biggest evidence of all is that Brooke Shield’s youngest daughter, Grier, was born on the same day as Suri….and in the same hospital to boot! I highly doubt that Brooke would have lied about her daughter’s birthdate and/or the fact that Suri was born on the same day!

Also, keep in mind that if Suri really WERE three months older than Shiloh, she’d be only two months younger than Violet Affleck…and Violet definetly looks several months older than Suri (the two are actually four months apart, as Violet was born on December 1, 2005)!

Krista on

Suri is wearing the Magdalena Pointelle mockneck top from Tea Collection. Retails for $29.00 on

j.brown on

She looks just like Tom.