Goran Visnjic's rumored daughter with her mother

09/08/2007 at 02:46 AM ET

Mirela Rupić, 36, the woman claiming to be the mother of actor Goran Visnjic‘s daughter, posed for a Croatian website with Lana Lourdes, 4 months.

Goran, 35, who admits the affair but says he was too drunk to remember it, will be appearing in a Croatian court later this month to answer to the paternity suit. He has son Tin, 4 months, with wife Ivana Vrdoljak.

Source: podrum.net

Thanks to CBB reader Irina.

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Sophie on

I know croatian. Do you want me to translate or do you already have someone?

Sanja on

There are two more great pics and a video at:


Also I can translate for you if you need.

CTBmom on

I went to the website to see the other pics. She is so sweet!! If it turns out that this baby is his, how can Goran not want to be apart of her life? I mean, he may be ashamed of what he did, but if Lana is his daughter he should want to be a father to her. It’s not her fault how she came to be.

Brandi on

It’s bad that the babies are the same age. Yikes.

Kat on

At least he’s being a stand up guy and getting the DNA test and everything done.

I hope this doesn’t destroy his marriage.

I would also like to point out the odds are that it isn’t his.

Have you noticed that when a guy is happy to take a DNA test and says the kid isn’t his it usually isn’t… but when a guy doesn’t want to take the test and avoids it (ala Eddie Murphy), then it is his?

I also hope he makes sure he doesn’t cheat on his wife again.

I’m sure if the child is his, he’ll be a good father to her… she’s adorable!

Caroline on

Thanks CBB for posting this picture!

Lana is adorable! Her smile, is Goran’s smile.
She has his eyes, his smile … God what a cute baby! Mirela is a lucky woman for getting such a cute baby.

Caroline on

Sophie, Sanja are any of you Croatians?

I’d like to ask a few questions on the case, would you mind?

Sophie on

I am not Croatian, I am from Serbia, which is a country right next to Croatia. The language is almost exactly the same. Sure ask me anything.

Caroline on

I heard MR lost her job (It seems it’s on her newest article) can that happen? I mean doesn’t she have a maternity lease that lasts 6 months? In my country it is like this and I wondered maybe someone else could be behind this job loss.

Sanja on

Yes, I’m Croatian. You can ask any questions and I’ll try to answer if I can.

As far as the Mirela’s job is concerned I’m not sure what happened, but in Croatia you can take
a year of maternity leave (6 months paid, but it’s state regulated how much you get paid, it has a hight limit that is low, so most women go back to work after 6 month or sooner if they have someone to watch a baby, because kindergartens take only children older than 6 months).
BUT, as I think was the case with Mirela (and a large number of women, if you work for a privately owned company you usually have a contract for 3,6 months to a year. And while the woman is on maternity leave they hire someone else and they don’t extend the mother’s work contract.
In Mirela’s case the publicity probably didn’t help.

Caroline (or anyone else), if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Sanja on

Lidija on

Goran’s mistake is not his little daughter,like he talks about her in magazines,but his mistake is why he didn’t make paternity test when baby was born and avoid all scandal in his and in life of Lana’s mother.
As I conclude from statments and interwiev of him and of MR,he knew about pregnancy since begining but he avoid to accept baby as his own.
If it is truth,as he say,that he heard about pregnancy when MR was 5 months pregnent,why he didn’t make test when Lana was born if he doubt??Especially if he has knew since begining???
Come on,I think that he thought how he could”pay for silence” and present himself in so “bright” light.
He will be full of human shine that he came in Croatia,made test,said yes it is my daughter which I will love and take care of her,etc.And stay in his merriage if he is happy.But no,he said in his interwiev how his daughter could come to him IF she will grow up in kind person?!!Who normal could say words like that??
I have no any words more.

Jane on

Goran’s daughter takes batism on 9.9.2007. on her father’s birthday.
You could see web bellow

And yes…it is so silly when forign media writte how Goran’s wife is academic sculptor.She didn’t even finish high school and also she was deep involved in drugs what is easy to find out on web bellow



Tanja on

On the site bellow there are some pix of Goran Visnjic’s daughter Lana Lourdes:


onecherry on

Little daughter of Goran Visnjic has celebrated her first birthday on 21. March 2008. and on link bellow you could see how she is so adorable and amazing!!!


onecherry on

Little Lana Lourdes is adorable!!!

Sabinabine on

On the link bellow there are pictures of Goran Visnjic’s so adorable daughter from her first birthday party: