Update: Salma Hayek's baby shower gifts; possible baby name

09/07/2007 at 10:30 AM ET

SalmabrowndressUpdate:  Access Hollywood has video footage of some more of Salma’s gear, including a modern pink Bloom ‘Coco’ Lounger ($350) purchased by fellow actress Penelope Cruz, and an Orbit infant system ($899), purchased by her manager.  A representative for NoMi Boutique pointed out the dual-purpose of the infant carrier’s extended sunshade, noting that it can also serve as an ‘anti-paparazzi’ device. 

Originally posted August 29th: Salma Hayek celebrated her baby shower on Saturday, Aug. 25, at her Hollywood Hills home and got a load of presents for her and fiance Francois Henri-Pinault‘s first child. Registered at NoMi Boutique, the actress, who turns 41 on Sunday, received Pentunia Pickle Bottom Cake bags in black ($325) and pink ($425), two Bloom high chairs ($400 each) and Graco SnugRide car seats ($130 each).

Guest Pia Lindstrom said the mother-to-be had a blast at the party.

She was very excited about everything. She was full of pregnancy glow and looked so happy.

Salma has not announced her due date or the sex of her baby, but gift cards were made out to "Valentina."

Source: Us Weekly, September 10 issue, pg 69

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Josie Kay on

I am one of Salma’s BIGGEST fans and I am always here at CBB looking to see if she has had the baby. =)

I guess I am not too surprised by how big she is because I saw “Fools Rush In” about a million times and they made her pretty big in that movie.

I think she is adorable and I bet that she pops this weekend…she looks due at any moment.

I hope that the baby is Healthy first and a girl second…girl or boy that baby is gonna be gorgeous and HOLLYWOOD needs some baby girls!!

~~Josie Kay

gabriella on

I hope she has he baby on her birthday sept 2nd, that would be adorable. I’m pretty sure any day now she will give birth, rumor is it’s a girl, but I have a feeling it’s a boy, so I’m curious to see what it is and what she names it. Baby will be dressed great because salma has great style, and the daddy owns gucci and other cool companies like that. And the baby will be a beauty too I bet. I hope she shows pics, but salma is a pretty private gal. Anyway love her, hope she has an easy delivery and a healthy baby.

Heather on

I can so see her naming her daughter Valentina! Thats such a pretty name.

http://blacktennispros.blogspot.com on

What great friends.

Aleah on

Valentina is a very cute name, and Salma looks great!

Lola on

I am mad at whoever decided to release the name of the baby before it was born.

Sarah’s note: It may not even be the name, we’ll have to wait and see. Remember Kate Hudson has a girl-themed shower as a ruse? We won’t really know until he/she comes out.

cassopolis on

In François-Henri pinault’s family, there is a tradition if it’s a boy François is a part of the name, like his father François Pinaut (senior), François-Henri as a son from a previous marriage named François !

tink1217 on

why 2 high chairs and 2 car seats??? I am assuming for different cars and different homes?? Valentina is a beautiful name!!

Lissette on

I like the name Valentina. Thanks for posting where she was registered. Only problem is I couldnt see her registry list(maybe they deleted it for privacy reasons?).

Sarah’s note: We didn’t post her registry. Just the link to the store. 😉

Tracy on

“tink1217” I was thinking the SAME thing!

You don’t suppose she’s having more than one baby do you?

Mimi on

I am wondering why two bags, two high chairs, and two car seats too! I can see why two car seats, but two high chairs? Hmmm…

Marilyn on

I read she’s getting married to Francois in November in three places: the United States, Mexico, and France. I can see her naming her baby Valentina. It’s a nice name.

gabriella on

I’m thinking two high chairs, two car seats and two bags because since salma and the baby’s daddy aren’t married yet, they probably both have 2 different homes, so one of each for the baby at different places. If the baby’s name is valentina that is pretty. Can’t wait to see what she has, and what the name is.

cassopolis on

She said she wanna a wedding in us and france. Just something her boyfriend names is François-Henri, not François and Henri it’s not his middle name 🙂

PSB on

I think I’d fall over with glee if she had twins. How cute would those little babies be? I love twins – so long as they aren’t mine! I have my hands full with one :>

Valentina is a beautiful name.

J.J. on

I think Salma already knows the sex of her baby and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a girl since the gift cards and the registry were made out to “Valentina”. I don’t think she’d name her baby, if it’s a boy, Valentina, so it’s a pretty good indication that it’s going to be a girl. I hope it’s a girl since we need more celebrity girl babies for this year and that I want to have my prediction right for the first time!! (Whenever I guess the gender of someone’s baby, it always comes out to be the opposite sex). But if it’s a boy, I’d be as thrilled.

FC on

I think Valentina is a beautiful name for a girl, including Salma’s baby, provided that is the name and the baby is going to be a girl. 🙂

I hope she has the baby soon. It seems like she’s been carrying that baby forever.

Shoeaddict on

If the father already has a son with his name, wouldn’t it be silly to name another child the same thing? A sort of George Foreman situation?

I hope it’s a girl with tons of dark hair. I hope she names her Valentina and gives her a few other long middle names that only celebs get away with!

Charity on

The double gifting (2 carseats, 2 highchairs, etc.) piqued my interest as well. Twins? If they are getting married they don’t need 2 sets of everything! But they may have 2 separate houses still. We’ll find out eventually.

Meagan on

The 2 of everything is probably because he lives in France & she was recently quoted as saying she will continue to live in the US after the baby is born to run her production company after there were rumors she was moving to France. So even after they get married they will still be living in 2 houses.

Grenelle on

I love the name Valentina.

Pia Lindstrom (quoted in the article) is a celebrity baby herself. She’s one of Ingrid Bergman’s daughters.

de on

I really like her too and hope she has a perfectly healthy little one.

I have a suggestion for all these celebs with these over the top showers and sometimes multiply over the top showers. All the money and access they have to everything puts them at a great advantage to help others not so blessed.Instead of being outfitted with neccessities(and the not so necessary) they can obviously afford to get themselves several times over, these goodies(or checks in the amounts of these goodies) should be donated to programs that help under privledged “mommies to be” outfit their children with the things they are going to need they can’t afford to get themselves.

I know if I were that rich I would do that.

meghan on

just a side note about the orbit – the extended sunshade is actually called a “paparazzi shield” by orbit.