Isla Fisher out on Wednesday

09/07/2007 at 09:56 AM ET

Actress Isla Fisher, 31, was spotted leaving a Los Angeles grocery store on Wednesday. She and fiance Sacha Baron Cohen, 35, expect their first child early this fall (we hear she’s due quite soon!) — they say they don’t know the sex. More images available at x17 Online.


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Macy on

I think they’ll have a boy. She definitely has a boy belly in this picture!

lucy on

No this is a girl belly boy bellies are low

Gerri on

Its hard to tell with her, I wouldnt be surprised either way but my guess is a girl. Her ankles look a little puffy from the picture but everything else looks great. Her face doesnt look swollen or puffy at all she is very pretty. If you compare her to Bridget Moynahan and Naomi Watts who were definetly “boy” pregnancies she doesnt really look like that to me. on

Some of these maternity clothes are a bit too flattering to me.

Michelle on

Her poor legs and ankles look so puffy. I was the same way, and I had to wear my Birkenstocks for the last few weeks of my pregnancy, too. Even to the office. It was a great look.

anna on

She looks great.

And IMO, all that pointy/round, high/low belly stuff is silly. But her belly does look a bit pointy, isn’t that a sign that it’s a boy?

Diana on

She looks great. I feel for her though in this heat wave — it has been insane here in Southern California.

I’m 39 weeks and wasn’t swelling at all until the heat wave started. Then my feet and ankles turned into big water balloons. I could hardly walk. I feel better now that the weather is back to normal.

finnaryn on

Michelle, I had a pair of black Crocs that I had to wear to the office with my third. I havn’t worn them since. I hate the look of Crocs and think the shouldn’t be in the office, unless you are lugging around a big ol baby belly! 🙂

morgan on

She looks like she is getting close! Werent those the same shoes Naomi Watts wore twords the end of her prgnancy? They must be comfy!

I also think “reading bellies” is ridiculous but i have a gut feeling its going to be a girl!

Jen on

Her belly doesn’t look pointy to me at all. Her navel might be protruding a bit at this stage but that is totally expected.

Her feet look a bit swollen…her poor ankles!!

Aaron on

That is definitely edema in her ankles. Poor thing. I’m 35 and half weeks right now, and at the same stage last pregnancy had to have my wedding ring cut off because I was swelling up everywhere. No swelling this time, thank GOD! Even my ankles are still bony. It’s pretty nice for a change, it took forever to lose all that water after my middle child was born, even with nursing her constantly.
As for judging sex based on the shape of the belly….please, people! That’s just silly! The shape of the belly has to do with the positioning of the baby, whether it’s a first pregnancy or beyond, the tone of the stomach muscles, the height of the person carrying, etc. It has nothing to do with gender. I can’t believe people still believe in stuff like that!

legemc on

Nobody’s belly has ever looked as pointy to me as Bridget Moynahan’s! Most preggo bellies look like an egg standing up, but hers looked like an egg laying on it’s side! LOL

Sarah’s note: Because he was! The transverse lie is why she needed a c-section.

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